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“Indianapolis police: Resident opens fire on intruder during break-in,” reports, chronicling a defensive gun use in Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts’ hometown. The sub-head is more than a bit strange – “Attempted thief should be OK” – but hey, result! “Metro police (IMPD) said at roughly 2:50 a.m. Thursday, a shooting was reported in the 900 block of West 34th Street on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Officers on the scene told our RTV6 crew a resident opened fire on someone who had broken into their home . . .

IMPD said medics took the would-be thief to Eskenazi Health, with a gunshot wound to the leg. Investigators said they consider the injury to be non-life-threatening. Medics also checked out the resident on the scene.

Well why not? It’s also good to know that “Investigators said they believe the homeowner legally owns the firearm he used during the break-in.” Because God forbid someone should use an “illegally owned” firearm to defend themselves during a break-in.

Moms Demand Action — which consistently advises the public that it’s safer not to have a gun in the home than to keep a ballistic buddy at hand for events like these — had no comment on the incident. Well, we couldn’t find a phone number for them. But we did leave them a private message through their website. [h/t CR]

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    • Well of course the thief must be the victim. After all, MDA (and Shannon personally) have stated on several occasions that defensive gun uses never actually happen.

      • And that is why she won’t acknowledge any attempts to contact her about this incident. Because it flies in the face of the lie she keeps repeating.

    • Lets not wish harm upon others. Think of the outrage on this site when gun control/disarmament/”gun safety” supporters talk about violence to gun owners

        • Let Watts, and especially her little crew of rabid followers, heap scorn and deadly bad wishes upon us; it defeats their mirage of good intentions. We don’t even have to respond to the ‘MDA’-‘Everytown’ crowd. They defeat themselves with their own words particularly on electronic media.

          As far as Watts-Bloomberg’s attempts to disarm the country; this is America, the Constitution and all that comes with it. Free speech is protected even if it is mostly lies and half-truths to a misinformed public.

          We just have to do better, be better, in portraying ‘reality’.

          The battle goes on!

      • I took that to mean he wishes it was Watts who had shot an intruder with her own pistol that she dose in fact own despite believing it can’t be used defensively and that others should not be allowed to have their own.

  1. Guess the homeowner was not a good enough shot to leave the robber dead. Best way to prevent the police calling a living robber a victim.

  2. a shooting was reported in the 900 block of West 34th Street on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Bad area of Indy. Probably close to the Lafayette shopping area. 34th street has a bad reputation.
    IMPD said medics took the would-be thief to Eskenazi Health, which is right across the street from student housing of IUPUI where my daughter resides..

  3. “Because God forbid someone should use an “illegally owned” firearm to defend themselves during a break-in.”

    If I recall correctly, they arrested a guy in Chicago last year for just that. I don’t know how that case ended.

    • I remember one a couple of years ago (before Moore v. Madigan) where an 80 year old man who ran a “bar” of sorts in the front of his home shot a would-be robber. Not only was the gun illegal, the old man had a prior felony (from many years ago). No charges were filed against him, although they did take his gun. I think he said something about getting another one.

    • One would hope that legally the one wouldn’t effect the other. A local man used a gun in self defense that he wasn’t licensed to carry in the city. Before the incident was even officially determined to be a defensive act he was simply given a citation and sent on his way.

  4. Of course Shannon and her Moms For Massive Stupidity will call this senseless gun violence and rush to the defense of the victim and hold a press conference denouncing Howard Murphy as a deranged gun nut terrorist. Hell, if Shannon had a son he would look just like Concho, don’t ya know?!?!


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