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It seems to be stiff upper lip week here at TTAG central command. We’ve had an outbreak of no nonsense gentlemen who’ve been around the block a few times, the kind who refuse to be victimized by criminals who apparently figure, “What’s the old codger gonna do?” The first two examples of bloodied attackers came from the Lone Star state. For our latest tale of a perforated perp, we go east to Vicksburg, Mississippi where 82-year-old Mr. Roosevelt Wilson refused to let an overly insistent Meals on Wheels woman into his home. “‘She tried to get in, but I wouldn’t let her in. ‘I’m so and so. I brought you some meals’, and I said put them down on the porch. She wouldn’t. She left and came back again for something else,’ said Wilson. Just before 10 Wednesday morning the woman wouldn’t take no for an answer” . . .

“She beat on the door. I heard her knocking you know. I wouldn’t let her in,” said the 82-year-old. “Well, I keep this 38 under my pillow you know. I was in the bed. So when this door opened, I made three shots up here and shot her yeah.”

He hit Betty Robertson in the leg and sent her scrambling back out the door along with her accomplice, dropping hemoglobin as she went. As it turns out, it wasn’t the first time he’d had problems with meal delivery personnel.

The retired Vicksburg Military Park employee said he was robbed previously this year by another woman who delivered meals to his home. He said Robertson knows her and thought she would also make Wilson her victim, but he had other plans.

As a wise man recently said, don’t mess with an old guy. Especially one who sleeps with a .38.

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  1. As a senior citizen, have a .38 revolver in my pocket anytime I answer the door!
    Wishing people who prey on the weak, elderly, any of the vulnerable among us, a special spot in hell. Good on Mr. Wilson for explaining with lead projectiles “no means no”

    • My wife thinks the Ruger LCR 38 spcl is useless (because it is no where as accurate as the GP100 she shoots and has a bit of a recoil with the +P)…I told her its a pocket pistol. As we get older, I will probably start carrying it in my pocket when I answer the door. Just to be safe. Still legal in your own home to pocket carry here in CA.

  2. Mr. Wilson, I am very thankful you had the tool available to defend yourself.

    Kurt Eichenwald says your fear was unwarranted.

  3. “As a wise man recently said, don’t mess with an old guy. Especially one who sleeps with a .38.”

    ‘Cause…”Old guys rule”.

  4. I know that the people who deliver meals on wheels are all volunteers, but that doesn’t mean they get to volunteer themselves to anything someone might have. If they want to put Mr. Wilson in jail for this let me know city and state and I’ll make the calls to get him the best criminal lawyer in town Pro Bono. I grew up with three attorneys in my family, so I know a little.

  5. Heh, the only way an intruder makes it out alive from my house is if I can’t make up my mind which gun to shoot him with fast enough.

    • Lleyo Snake says:
      October 31, 2014 at 17:29

      Glock 26 with a 17 rounder under the pillow and a S&W MP 40 for backup and an 870 just in case

      COOL Snake; YES SIRREE BOB ….be prepared

      to any bad Guys

      ( bruce willis as Jon McClane DIE HARD)

  6. She didn’t act alone. Her boyfriend was in on it, too, and is currently in police custody, charged with home invasion. If these two had been armed, this could easily have gone another way.

    The gentleman needs more firepower. A .38SPL revolver is great, as a back-up or pre-positioned firearm, but it shouldn’t be one’s only resort, providing other options are available.

    • He’s probably had that .38 since he was a young pup. Chances are pretty good that he’s on a limited income, he’s getting meals on wheels after all.

      How well armed and trained do you think a crew of bad guys robbing a low income senior are going to be? I’m willing to bet that when she got shot her boyfriend took off like a scalded rat and would have done so even if he had an mp5.

      The reality is that outside of a hollywood action flick the .38 revolver will handle 99.9% of the situations we citizens are likely to face. Add a shotgun to that and you’re ready for armageddon.

      • He’s 82, doing poorly financially (else, why the meals-on-wheels?) and that’s what he can afford. And… if he has the typical muscle degeneration that sets in for older people, a revolver is what he needs, a semi-auto is not.

        Everyone thinks that racking the slide on a semi-auto is pud-easy, until they see folks from 75 on up try to do it. Then they start to appreciate that semi-autos are not as simple as they look, never mind the drills necessary to clear malfunctions.

        Revolvers are simple. Double action for when you don’t have time to cock the hammer, a nice light trigger when you do have time to aim fine. Never a stovepipe, never a FTF, FTE, or any of those issues from semi-autos.

        The only thing I wish we could see in revolvers is a resurgence in .44 Specials. I think the .44 Special is a very under-appreciated round that would do very well in self-defense revolvers.

    • “The gentleman needs more firepower. A .38SPL revolver is great, as a back-up or pre-positioned firearm, but it shouldn’t be one’s only resort, providing other options are available.”

      …says the guy who’s probably never been in a gunfight about the firearm choice of a guy who is an undefeated gun fight champion.

    • I don’t really give a crap. I just wanted to see how thick the groupthink factor in here was. Cliquish and reactionary as always…..

      “Can’t argue with success….”
      Uh…..yes, yes you can. Plenty of people drive drunk and don’t crash. Would you advise a six drink minimum for your kid’s school bus driver?

      And what does my background have to do with anything? Suppose I’m Rambo, would you then automatically agree with everything I write?

      No duh he’s on a fixed income. So? He still needs more firepower. That’s a stand alone assessment and does not depend at all upon his ability to pay.

      Anyway, off to real life. Have fun feeling superior and relevant! You jack wagons can all have the last words. I’m done on this topic.

      • Group think? I advocate revolvers and smoothbores on a site plagued by rambo wannabes. I’m doing good to get 2 people(in this case just one) to agree with me and I’m part of the group think.

      • This is the best case of butthurt I’ve seen on this site in a while. Yes, if you are going to hold yourself out as an expert on gunfighting, then probably a little gunfighting experience would help.

  7. She’s absolute scum. I’ve done Meals on Wheels before and the recipients of this program do tend to be the most vulnerable. She deserved every round.

  8. I can only hope this kind of story gives heart to people who fear that inability to afford five days at Gunsite, Asymetric, or Akademi means they can’t defend their home or person. Joe always says too much. Get a shotgun, get a shotgun. Learn to operate it, load it, shoot it, store it safely. Those of us who have the time, money, or inclination to do more -can. Those who can’t -can defend. Still.

  9. Any word on what kind of chest rig this guy was wearing? What kind of optic was he running? Did he slice the pie as he made entry into the room? How long has it been since he trained with Vickers?

  10. But the perps were only just trying to “feed” the elderly, just turning their lives around, giving back to their community, volunteering to assist those in time of need, working on their college educations….. ad nauseum.

  11. No one has actually said or reported ( to my knowledge) that she ACTUALLY worked with “meals on wheels”, have they?

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