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“Sharon Duvernay, who now wants to move, said she plans to buy guard dogs and update her security system as well as install cameras on all sides of her home. ‘We’re putting better lighting everywhere and we’re thinking about barb-wired or razor-wired fencing,’ she said. ‘Regular activities, like taking out the trash, and every little noise will put me on high alert.'” What’s prompting all of the alarm in little Lake Los Angeles, California? The fact that 63-year-old Christopher Hubbart, aka The Pillowcase Rapist, is being released and will be moving in next door . . .

Hubbart’s attacked 40 women and girls during his prolific career. And according to this account, past attempts at releasing him back into the wild aren’t giving Duvernay or any of her neighbors much comfort.

“He [Hubbart] was released once and he raped 19 women,” Duvernay said. “The second time he was released, he tried to pull a jogger into the bushes. I think he’s very ill and has no impulse control. He will absolutely try to do this again.”

Local LEOs aren’t exactly thrilled about having Hubbart moving into their jurisdiction either.

“Clearly this wasn’t our choice for placement either,” said Capt. Patrick Nelson of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station. “But we’re confident we have a good response plan, at least for the first portion of the reintegration when he [Hubbart] will have 24-hour supervision” by a state contractor who supervises sexually violent predators.

So Duvernay, who was herself a rape victim as a child, is planning on adding lighting, dogs, security cameras, an alarm system and concertina wire as preventive measures. Notable by its absence in her reported security plan, though, is any mention of something like, say, a Remington 870 Express or perhaps a Mossy 500. Ms. Duverany wouldn’t go amiss by home carrying a Ruger LC9 either. Of course, being a resident of the Golden State, her chances of getting a concealed carry permit are about the same as California voters wising up about their Second Amendment rights.

Some will no doubt counsel Ms. Duvernay that if she ever finds Hubbart lurking on her rural property, her default response should be to shoot, shovel and shut the hell up, but we couldn’t possibly comment.

[h/t Dirk Diggler]

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  1. How can someone that attacked 40 women ever get out of prison? How is it possible that this guy is getting released?

    • Gotta free up more cells for the idiot 20somethings that got caught holding a few grams too many.

      In all seriousness, prison overcrowding is a huge problem in CA.

      • Yeah, the War on Drugs is just working out so swell that to keep things going, we need to release the more dangerous criminals. Capt. Patrick Nelson of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station. “But we’re confident we have a good response plan, So…Patrick Nelson, why don’t you buy Sharon’s house and move your Wife and kids in?

        • why doesn’t Bloomy buy her house and move his #1 Shannon Watts and her brood of girls in ?

        • I’ll bet that CCA is posting a dividend every year based just on their California business “properties” alone.

      • One could wish! Isn’t liberalism great! Where in a world we can all get along. Come on, rape is just his way of expressing him self. Sexual deviancy should be celebrated, we have a whole month devoted to “Pride” (dripping with sarcasm).

        • Liberalism, eh? Have you seen the number of conservative fundamentalists that are justifying rape recently? Didn’t George Will lose a newspaper or two for recently writing that a raped woman somehow became “privileged” or some such nonsense?

        • @ John G The difference between the two is when a Conservative says it, he is mocked and loses the campaign. When a Liberal actually implements it, his policies such as restricting 2A and telling victims to pee themselves during an assault are hailed as “Progressive”.

          Funny how Modern Liberalism works like that.

    • Because politicians, in their fervor to appear “tough on crime,” started down the road to “minimum sentencing” laws on federal drug offenses, whereas things like rape and assault, being state crimes, don’t have a mandatory minimum.

      Sooo…. when the prisons are full, who do you release first? The felons who didn’t commit a crime with a mandatory minimum.

        • I was referring to the political movement that started with the Democrats in the US Congress. This cynical ploy spread to the states along the way. In California, it showed up in sentencing guidelines and the “Three Strikes” law.

          Also, you should see the way people who enter the justice system in California on drug offenses get shopped around. Sometimes the Feds will, looking at the prison overcrowding in the federal system in CA, turn the case over to the CA state justice system (eg, for mere possession without intent or quantity to distribute) and keep the “bigger fish.” Last I looked, over 40% of the inmates in the federal prisons in CA are there are drug offenses, and over 20% in the CA state system are.

          As for California’s prisons: They’re now so overcrowded even down to the county jail level that there is legislation moving to allow one county to jail someone in another county’s jail. They’re shipping state felons out of state and to for-profit prisons being built in CA, TX and other states. The federal courts have ordered CA to reduce the state prison population by 10’s of thousands of inmates by a deadline I’m unsure of.

          The system is such a mess (especially in CA), it is the reason why I think we should just legalize all drugs and let the junkies OD and end our misery with them.

          BTW, speaking of mandatory minimums, the worst low-level offenses now with mandatory min’s are DUI’s, thanks to another bunch of meddling women sticking their emotions into issues with much larger ramifications. Rape, robbery, theft, assault, etc in CA have no mandatory minimums, only guidelines.

          Here in Wyoming, we have mandatory min’s for things like rape, kidnapping, child molestation, etc, but none for drug offenses and none for DUI’s, which makes the MADD types gnash their teeth and clutch their strings of pearls with a fury.

    • This is California.
      If the populace is armed, what will the police have to do!
      It’s called “Job Security”!

      • What’s sad is that something like this probably wouldn’t be considered justification for a may-issue permit. Justification for a may-issue permit is a short list that includes being golf-buddies with the Chief of Police.

    • One rape? I can see the point of trying to rehab someone. Maybe they can be saved. Forty rapes? Just kill the person. Not for punishment. Not for deterrence (though if that works, so much the better). But to remove a clear and present danger to society.

      And, if raping 40 women didn’t qualify him for the death penalty, raping another 19 when they let him out should have.

      Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  2. Why a 870 Express? They feel so… crappy.

    $350 for a used 870 Wingmaster and $100 for a brand new shorter barrel. Take it out and shoot trap or skeet or sporting clays or bird hunting or to a 3 gun match with the long barrel and put the short barrel on when you get home. Or just get a slug barrel and use it for everything.

    • I’d feel worse about losing a Wingmaster to the police after shooting an intruder than I would my Express. Hell if I had done it over again I’d have bought an even cheaper Pardner Pump or Maverick 88 specifically for that purpose.

      • This how I feel about self defense weapons.

        They’re like work trucks, fit and finish mean little to nothing, price and reliability are all that matter.

        • Yup.

          If some of my property has to spend time in an evidence locker, I want it to be the Glock.

      • I can attest the H&R Pardner Pump 12g is a solid as hell carbon steel bastard with ~150 shells/slugs through it and no failures or ejecting probs, $180 for that and a Limbsaver and it’s smoothed out considerably. I’m just about to go get some etch primer and chalkboard paint to refinish it right now, actually.

        • Or even better, $159 for the last one in stock, the display model. Doesn’t have the buttery action of, say, an old Ithaca 37 (my personal all time favorite pump). But like the others, I wouldn’t shed a tear if I lost it.

  3. Since he’s a rapist, with that shotgun in mind, AIM LOW. We could keep him alive, thus avoiding a messing investigation and cure all propensity to rape in one swift action.
    Lets see the doctors fix his junk and jewels after having been blasted all to hell with a shotgun.

    • reminds me of a line from 30 Rock:

      “a kraut grenade exploded my genitals…looks like a bowl of spaghetti-o’s down there”

    • reminds me of Pulp Fiction where Marcellus Wallace’s character shot the rapist in the nuts and then gave the famous What Now speech

  4. What a joke. If this guy attacks someone, the state of California should be held liable. Not that they will be of course.

    • It is a joke. There is NO WAY in hell after that many rapes he would be released in Washington. They would have him committed as a sexually violent predator and be put away in a civil commitment.
      Honestly, castrate him. Guys usually are never in the mood with no balls.

      • +1

        I to this day don’t understand why as a society we are ok with taking people’s life on death row, but we balk at castration.

        • Used to be done regularly in mental hospitals.

          In this day and age meds can do the same thing (chemical castration) but for someone like him it’s probably more about terrorizing a woman than penetration. Sad SOB.

    • You just said “California” and “held liable” in the same sentence! Give this man a prize because he did something that no one has ever done before.

  5. I think I’d rather live next to Christopher Hubbart than Thad Cochran. After all, there’s no females living with me, but I do have cats.

  6. And I’ll say this yet again – “the whole if we can’t trust him out in society he should be locked up in jail” theme fails us once again. It works in theory, but overcrowded jails, dimwitted juries and other oversights prevent this reality from occurring.

    • Am I correct that you share my discomfiture about restoring gun rights to felons?

      • I don’t mind him having a gun. As long as he gives up his d^ck to get it…

        That seems to be the common denominator.

    • Pretty good observation. I hadn’t considered it from the prison overcrowding angle.

    • Want the powers-that-be to start thinking about who they let out? Require that halfway houses be located next door to the residences of judges and parole board members.

  7. Geez…whatever happened to execution? 63 and he’s allowed out? BTW Pardner Pump rocks. A lot of folks like ’em better than the new 870’s. Mine was $200. Any cheap Chinese shotgun restrictions in California?

  8. 40 attacks and “no impulse control”, how can it be said that he is not a danger to society?

    • “Rehabilitated? It’s just a bullshit word. So you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and stop wasting my time. Because to tell you the truth, I don’t give a shit.”

  9. Sarsilmaz makes a SAR12 with 24″bbl that patterns like a dream, holds 7 Rds and comes w/3 internal chokes and is a very reliable semi shotty! Think I paid $310 for mine out the door!!
    Shoots 2-3/4 or 3’s with a reversible plug. Love shooting it.
    Or look around for an older .410 pump and load up with PDX1’s. Got a Springfield Savage 410 pump used for $100 at a pawn shop. Cleaned it up and it’s my living room gun. Pre 1968 so no serial numbers either. JMHO.

  10. Even if she could get a concealed carry permit, she couldn’t get a lc9. STRICTLY VERBOTEN! Not on the cali approved handgun roster (thank you micro stamping) made by the department of injustice.

  11. Maybe she’s being smart and not broadcasting her firearm option. Let the sick guy find out just seconds before he makes his last attempt.

  12. …a state contractor who supervises sexually violent predators.

    Huh??? Supervises them doing exactly WHAT? And I guess this is a robot that never sleeps? Yeah, great plan, Sherlock…

  13. What about a SKS and some hunting ammo (SP)? I digress, I honestly don’t understand why they are releasing him. “lets release the violent rapist instead of that guy who had an ounce of cannabis”. Solid logic there.

  14. It is put forth by the anti’s that unconstitutional gun control is required to make society safer. What about the safety of Sharon Duvernay?

  15. It hurts my head just thinking about the “authorities” letting this monster out under any circumstances. I pray that he does not hurt anyone else because he catches a pre-emptive load of lead at the first time he makes any sudden move.

  16. In VA, we have the Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators Act, which I am proud to say my daughter helps enforce for the Attorney General’s Office. Guys like this who get out of the criminal justice system for any reason can be civilly committed and put away in a special facility Chesterfield, VA. That is regardless of where they committed their offense. If this guy moved from CA to VA, the AG would put him away. (Oops, that rhymed!) It is not a perfect law. The civil commitment is expensive for the taxpayer and these guys get their cases reviewed every year, but it keeps them off the street. If that doesn’t work, VA is a shall-issue and open carry state. No intent there, ‘jus sayin’…

  17. Why the fuck is this bastard being released?! This fucker should have been executed with extreme prejudice! The poor woman next door is going to have sleepless nights. To ail those symptoms, I prescribe the Remington 870 with 000 buckshot pills: Blow that fucker to hell and back. And then back again.

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