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Ice-T and his grandson (courtesy

The headline sure ain’t passive: Ice-T’s grandson arrested, accused of killing roommate. But the text soon lives up to our expectations of passivity when it comes to negligent discharges – especially when the shooter is a cop or a celebrity. In this case, the grandson of a TV cop. “Elyjah Marrow, 19, was playing around with a handgun in his apartment on Tuesday when it accidentally went off, fatally wounding pal Daryus Johnson. Marrow has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless conduct. He was also hit with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm.” Why is it that so many of these NDs involve drug-addled criminals? You might say it has something to do with natural selection but I couldn’t possibly comment. [h/t Pascal]

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  1. A young black man related to a famous gangster rapper accused of drug and gun crimes? Shocking and completely unexpected, I tell you.

    • Too bad it didn’t happen earlier, like three generations ago. Lest we for get I-Tea was the great artist that brought us the song “Cop Killer”. I hope they throw the book at this little P.O.S!

      • Cut the guy some slack. He is an outspoken 2nd Amendment supporter and is actually quite an intelligent and honest guy.

        • yeah, he is a decent guy, cant hold him responsible if one of the grandkids turned out to be less then stellar citizen.

        • So is thugism nature or nurture? Either way grandpa dimwit is 2 levels up the family tree.

      • Cop killer was hyperbole. If you find it upsetting, you ought to find what the police do to be far more upsetting. That’s the point of the song, to bring hypocrites like you out into the light.

  2. Well on the plus side he won’t be gone long… DA will probably drop the gun charges & probably downgrade the one on the stolen gun, in the end he’ll only go down for the pot. actually that’s just depressing…

    • According to federal law if a drug dealer has a firearm, there is a statute that mandates 5 years for the gun in addition to any time for other charges.
      Whether or not celebrity connections come into play, remains to be seen.

      • Don’t forget this happened in Filthadelphia. Federal statute Schmederal statute. He’ll cop a plea and get community service. Grandpa’s hooked up.

        • No doubt he’ll get a sweetheart plea deal. Just spitballin to see what all the DA will drop/ downgrade to get that plea. I don’t think the drug charge will stay where it is they’ll probably drop it to a less serious possession, doing that they’ll drop the felony gun thing, the stolen gun will probably become possession of stolen property and the manslaughter is the only one that may stick. NOTE: I AIN’T A DOGGONE LAWYER

  3. Muzzle pointed in a safe direction? Nope.
    Finger off trigger? Nope.
    Gun loaded? Yep.
    Gun stolen? Maybe.
    Sure of target? Nope.
    Result? Death.

    It looks like police are charging everything they can find, which is exactly what I would do in the event of a negligent death.

      • I love these “high on drugs” comments from people that have never experienced the drug in question. I’ll enlighten you a little, smoking the wacky tobaccy doesn’t disorient you 1/100th as much as getting drunk. Get a clue before you spout off nonsense.

  4. Modern firearms never accidentally go off. The trigger has to be pulled. With that said, trying to decock a firearm can accidentally discharge the firearm when not intended. But still the trigger does need to be pulled. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • You should remove the ammunition and its source before decocking then. If you don’t know how the firearm functions and how to operate it safely, then that’s operator error, not equipment deficiency. Regardless, had the other other rules been abided by, there’d still have been no injury. Quit blaming the guns!

  5. They were probably both practicing their gangsta pose and mouthing off obscenities (N*) at each other while completely stoned.

  6. Why in the h#ll are any of you RAGGING on Ice T? He is pro2A & narrated a pro gun documentary last year. Direct your ire at some other worthy subject. Ice T is one of the good guys. I have no idea about his idiot grandson. I’m certain Ice T gained NO career advancement by siding with US.

  7. @FormerWaterWalker (since TTAG still ain’t fixed mobile replies) I wasn’t raggin on T personally I like the guy he’s turned out to be a decent actor (well better than LL Cool Jay anyway) & he’s pro 2A. then again I’m not all that old and don’t hold his gangsta rap days against him that’s just how he made money till he could get more “acceptable” employment and lets face it if rappers really rapped about true gang life or proper gun use rap wouldn’t rhyme and would be more boring than episodic spoken word opera performed by Ben Stein.

  8. Actually Ice-T is an avid 2nd Amendment supporter. Don’t knock him for something his grandson did. That’s like blaming us white folk for slaving 150 years ago!

  9. I stand by what I said RF. I don’t expect every 2A supporter to agree. I think some OC demonstrators are acting like lunatics. I give IceT props for committing possible career suicide. No tea with Barry Soetero.and yes I clicked the link…

  10. just another stupid nigger “playing” with a gun and someone else just happens to get killed………..any surprise there? not from me……………

    • Lets get some comment moderated action up in here before this guy gives the other 99% of gun owners a horrible rep.

      • +1 Seriously I got modded for a Team America quote and this slur gets through??? Kinda bass ackwards ain’t it?

    • ah, good to see we’re doing our best to make gun owners look classy with both racial slurs AND justifications for racial slurs…

    • Really? Stupid wasn’t enough? Why the derogatory racist remark?
      why even bother asking…….
      when a person shows their TRUE colors.

    • Watch this one comment get pulled from the page while the 7 comments calling for the racist remark to be removed get ignored/cut out of the image.

    • I’d be offended, if only that didn’t sound like an old Ice-T lyric. Life imitating “art”, perhaps?

    • Carter, I think that the black culture has a lot of problems and a lot of black people refuse to look in the mirror and all that but there is simply nothing constructive to be gained by that kind of language, even in a fit of pique. Even if it came to pass that old man Tracy just screwed the pooch somehow on this, which I doubt. Remember, he’s his GRANDfather. So far as I’m aware, his grandson wasn’t living in his house. (Somebody feel free to update or correct me if I’m wrong.). Criticism is essential and entirely appropriate here, but only if you use your own head in the meantime. I’d say most of the gun haters are the real racists in all this, but you being a pinhead is only going to advance their cause, especially when the media deliberately smears all of us with your ignorant language (and trust me, they will).


        • Including electing Barak Hussein Obuma? Think this was because of the color of his skin or despite the color of his skin?

        • All too true, jamesii….all too true. Lord knows I dealt with so many tweakers at that Hellmart back in Misery it wasn’t the slightest bit funny. And if I’d owned my LCP/CCW permit while still in their employ you can be damn sure I would have carried it each and every night, too.

          neiowa’s comment is also all too true. The fact is that millions of white (and Hispanic, and so on) citizens voted for Obama for all too selfish, shallow, ignorant reasons….in other words, all the wrong reasons. There’s no other way he could have been elected. And his presidency has been pretty much everything I’ve expected and worse. Race didn’t have anything to do with it. Stupidity, writ large, did.


        • @neiowa I figure about as much as Neo-Confederate sympathizers voted for that grabber Romney because *only* because he was not black. Blacks switched sides and started voting Democrat right about the time most of the Dixiecrats switched sides and became hardened Republicans, and both sides keep voting for the same pandering crooks over the same culture-war nonsense. “A pox on both their houses.”

  11. Man that “possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony” is one of the broadest, most badly written p.o.s. laws ever enacted. I remember an elderly farm couple who were growing a couple plants (because one of them was undergoing chemo) get nailed with that one. For a 12 gauge and a .22 in the hall closet. On a farm.

    • It exists because when the bill demanding it was written, convicted criminals were polled and 70 or 80% said they were less likely to use a firearm in a crime when the punishments had a minimum time.

      Should probably be revised to only include violent crime, but in his case I think it won’t make a huge difference.

  12. I could swear I’ve seen this exact story, minus the names, on TTAG before (including the drug addled comment).

  13. So much for personal responsibility. Most in this thread seem to want to blame the grandfather for an album he wrote decades ago. Pathetic on a level up there with the antis. Keep it classy.

  14. How about cutting the guy a little slack till we hear the facts of the case. It could of been just another careless accident with an over zealous prosecutor piling on charges on top of charges because hes black and the relative of a celebrity. Don’t trust the police to tell you the truth, they only tell you what they want you to believe.


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