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Salem, Oregon isn’t exactly East St. Louis, Illinois. People don’t double check that their car doors are locked and floor it until they cross the city limits if they take the wrong exit and end up there unintentionally. But that doesn’t mean leaving your doors open at night is really a good way to go in the capitol city. So when his dog barked, “I figured a skunk or squirrel got into the house because I have a door that I keep cracked for (the dog) to go in and out of,” admitted Dan Strasser. We know you’ll be surprised to find out it wasn’t a squirrel that upset his dog . . .

Actually, it was Tommy Lowell who was trying to make off with Strasser’s computer.

Just after 6 a.m., Dan Strasser awoke to find an intruder in his home trying to make off with a laptop, so he yelled at his girlfriend to bring him his gun.

Strasser cornered Lowell in his garage, where the bungling burglar pulled a knife…and promptly dropped it when Strasser showed him his gun.

“This sounds weird. I was thankful to have a gun because what that did is make sure nobody got hurt. I don’t know what he would do. I’m a fairly old guy so he could have thought I can get through you, but he decided not to do that when I had a weapon,” he said.

Whoa. A gun that prevented violence. Go figure. Colin Goddard, please call your office.

Lowell likely resorted to burglary because he didn’t stand much of a chance at getting into the University of Oregon’s molecular physics program.

Strasser’s deaf 3-year-old Springer Spaniel “Bonnie” then sat on Lowell until police arrived. Police said Lowell thought the dog was a police dog and was too scared to move.

And that’s where he was when the local PD arrived to collect him. Strasser’s probably installing a locking dog door as we speak. [h/t Christian C.]

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  1. well, at least we can drive over the I-64 bridge into E. St Louis if we miss our exit into downtown st louis without worrying about being in possession of a loaded weapon . . . .

    • You will have to unload your weapon and store it in a locked container if you get out of the car in ESTL. But you wouldn’t do that unless you had a serious death wish.

      • well aware of that – my bigger concern was even driving through on the way to Indiana/Michigan without an armed escort. . . .

      • I once drove clear from Atlanta to East St. Louis, by way of Paducah, nonstop except for gas without a single restroom break. Upon reaching a gas station off I-64 just outside ESL, I stepped out, locked the car, took one look at the, ah….wildlife going in and out. Got back into my dad’s new car, and kept going west until I found the Steak n’ Shake in Chesterfield. That was much better.


        • wow – I eat at that steak n shake. Long drive from E St louis. You could have stopped much much closer than that

    • Nah, they’ll read it and and figure if they had only turned more of my tax dollars in to handouts, misguided Tommy would not have been compelled by his “situation” to steal and threaten assault.

      Assuaging the desires of evil through compliance is stupid. Hitler wasn’t content with Poland.

    • no, they will just never read it. the media will do a good job of covering up any story that shows the purpose of the 2A.

  2. Anti-gun people are not stupid. They understand what they want and they want to make sure YOU don’t have a firearm. Maybe the are societal elitists looking down their nose at the common man, maybe they are wimps who follow along with what their favorite media stars tell them to think or maybe they have an authoritarian streak and a pathological desire to control others…whatever it is, it is not stupidity that motivates them.

    • It’s isn’t. There sometimes may be ignorance involved, but that’s not the same as stupidity. And the ignorance is often of the willful sort.

  3. Next up on the loonie ban-list: deaf “police dogs” since one of their own was “scared” by it. Oh, the mental trauma….and the requisite undie change.

  4. we’ve got a pair of them Assault Springers… if anyone wishing harm gets past those 2…. they are gonna wish we had 4.

  5. I used to leave a back door open for the dogs and cats, until the neighborhood opossums started to come in to eat the cat food.

    I tried to drive them out with an old Webley air pistol I had at the time. Pellets bounced off, they kept chowing down. Thick skinned critters, they are. I finally shoved them out the door with a push broom, whereupon they decided to have a “romantic interlude” on the back porch.

    The dogs and cats thought the whole affair was very entertaining.

    • Bump in the night, armed but not armed?

      It’s not quite like “Honey, I dropped the jug of milk, can you bring me the mop?”

  6. Watched the news broadcast of this. Mr. Strasser said he held the guy in his garage for “5 minutes”!
    5 minutes. With them knowing a suspect is being held at gunpoint.
    Yes, when seconds count, the police are only 5 minutes away.

  7. I can’t believe it, I read all the way through and there wasn’t one reference to the purp having brought a knife to a gunfight.

    One does wonder what the housebreaker was on to have mistaken a Springer Spaniel which had been there from the start was a police dog despite there being no police about. That had to have been some good stuff! It seems he didn’t take Towelie’s advice, paraphrasing; ‘you have to get stuff done first, then you can get high and reward your self’.

  8. The editorial refers to the Salem that existed prior to Kitzhaber and his Progressive Cronnys took control and opened Oregon to Undocumented Immigrants, Drive-By-Voter (Motor-Voter) Free-everything for illegals, Socialist ‘Community Planning’ et al.
    Salem is NOT a safe town

  9. It appears that I’m not the only one who has taken that wrong turn into East St. Louis around midnight on a Saturday night.

    • I did that once in a government van on the way back to Scott AFB – dang GPS let me down again. It turned into a “let’s just not stop at any stoplights and get the hell back on the freeway” kind of situation.

  10. “Whoa. A gun that prevented violence. Go figure.”

    Every second of every day, all around the world, somewhere, a gun is preventing violence. That’s the half of the gun discussion that rarely gets publicity. Yes, guns prevent violence. Don’t bother alerting the media, they know that guns prevent violence, they just can’t admit it publicly. Endanger their liberal party invites to all the tony Hampton soirees? Whha-a-at?

  11. Door left open at night, and checked the house without his gun in hand, then yelled at his girlfriend to bring him his gun? Please! This is a study in stupid.

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