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Archie about to get it (courtesy

“The famous freckle-faced comic book icon is meeting his demise in Wednesday’s installment of ‘Life with Archie’ when he intervenes in an assassination attempt on Kevin Keller, Archie Comics’ first openly gay character,” reports. A story TTAG reported back in April. Regardless, this should have been a defensive gun use (DGU). What better way to introduce impressionable comic book fans (if such a thing exists) to the importance of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms than to have Archie taking out an assassin with a legally-owned firearm? Maybe have the gay candidate defend himself? But then if Archie had lived, we’d have had to live with him. I’m not so sure if that would have been a desirable outcome. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Pro-gay and anti-gun. Why are any of us surprised? Not like the publishers have an agenda…………./Sarc.

  2. Well it was just a matter of time. If the bullet hadn’t gotten him, then the gay lifestyle would have. The comic book authors saved him a lot of pain.

      • Blah blah BLAH blaH bLAh

        So tell us about the pathetic aging city boomer queer (who votes for every libtard progressive the dems put on the ballot).

      • No my friend. I was supportive of the gay lifestyle until my brother and his partner both became HIV positive. They don’t know where or whom or when the got it, or worse who they gave it to. Years of partying and easy sex has caught up with them. They are good people, not violent who otherwise have never hurt anyone. They work and pay taxes. I have since learned to differentiate between homosexuals who are just people like the rest of us, and the pop culture gay lifestyle which kills many, ruins lives, and waste resources. I havel
        Learned this from my gay friends who don’t live the lifestyle. They are dedicated, mature monogamous adults who don’t live Archie’s gay swinger lifestyle. To bring it back full circle, In the new comics Archie lives the gay lifestyle. The propaganda is everywhere and it is very influential.

        • In the new comic Archie lives the gay lifestyle? Will you PLEASE check yourself into treatment for delusion…

          I don’t know if you were trolling and that was an attempt at humor, but in the new comic, there are actually two versions of Archie who end up getting killed the same way, one married to Betty and one married to Veronica. He’s not sexual with any dudes.

      • Why does this have anything to do with a gun blog? These types of comments turn fence sitters into anti’s. Keep it on topic, take the social commentary elsewhere.

        • The Archie character was killed by a gun.

          From the “Who We Are” section – “Robert Farago founded The Truth About Guns in February of 2010 to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns.”

          IOW, pretty much all things guns.

  3. Isn’t the CEO of Archie’s comic company being charged with sexual harassment for calling her male employees by the name “penis”?

    • Yes. The owner of Archie Comics is completely insane. She’s being sued for sexual harassment by her male employees and she’s misandric as all hell.


      Then in October came the $32.5 million suit by the Archie employees. They’re seeking a court order keeping her two miles away from the office, and say her “deliberate and disturbed campaign of outrageous conduct” has them so freaked out an armed guard’s been posted in the office.

      “Silberkleit, they say, invited Hell’s Angels to Archie’s Mamaroneck offices in an apparent effort to “intimidate” them, and has repeatedly inquired about the whereabouts of the handgun and 750 rounds of ammo her husband kept at the office. She’s also stalked the employees and their families, the suit says.”

      Silberkleit called the accusations “untrue and twisted.”

      “Silberkleit, 59, took over as co-CEO of the iconic comic book company – home of Archie, Jughead, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch – after her husband’s death in 2008.”

      And I thought I had a female boss once who was a whacko…

  4. Back in the day, you were a Betty guy or a Veronica guy. Now you’re either a Betty guy or a Veronica guy or an Archie guy or a Betty girl or a Veronica girl. It’a all so confusing!

    But some things never change: there are no Jughead girls. Or guys. And I’m good with that.

  5. It was waaaay past time for Archie to pass from this life. Talk about outliving your time…the Cumaean Sybil had nothing on this loser.

  6. why is some chick trying to kill that guy? and who’s the other women with the revolver in the background?

  7. This is exactly what the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex wants, though: more victims. Martyrs, to be more accurate. They’ll happily sacrifice their own, and openly celebrate (and demand) the blood of the innocent who happen not to be — and even castigate these people as villains. It’s just another part of their plot to paint guns and everyone who owns them (even on their side) as evil incarnate for which there is no low that’s too low to reach in order to fulfill their blood-lust, all the while they are the ones who are actively engaged in not only blood-dancing on the corpses and graves of dead children but actively killing innocent people (James Eagan Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, Karl Peirson, et. al.) and blaming innocent people for it (which would be us).

  8. Because we still live in the past.
    I guess archie is ancient enough to show bigotry in the comics. Yes, I know people still get harassed for their private beliefs, but I would like to think the lady with a revolver in the background of the picture was actually trying to help.

  9. The anti-gun comics fans are usually DC fans, even though DC is largely confused on it’s stance on guns (It’s okay when Pa Kent or Gordon use a gun but all the heroes outside of Jonah Hex view guns as something only evil people use). The pro-gun comics fans are usually marvel or indie. (Marvel largely for The Punisher though lots of marvel heroes/anti-heroes use guns, indie for all the war comics and other stuff)

    • The marvel comics are actually pretty great when it comes to a pro 2a and resisting government encroach over all our rights. Im not a huge comic book fan but after seeing some of their movies, I read up on them, and the Captain America story goes full balls into a second civil war in America, where Captain America leads a rebel army against the government heavily supported by Iron Man, who is at the head of the Government effort. The war occurs over the governments attempt to confiscate anyone with superpowers. Now whats the symbology in that, gee I wonder?, I believe the title of that series was actually “civil war.”

  10. Just posting to say, there are pro-gun and pro-gay people. They’re called actual Libertarians. Not the corporatist RINOs that currently occupy the “Republican” party. Gun rights is civil rights the same way not getting murdered for liking someone with the same set of genitals.

    • Now that is stupid statement if I have read one. Someone can be pro gun and pro gay and be a Progressive, RINO, DINO and any other possible political combination. The problem with you faux Libertarians is that you equate a political right like the right to bear arms with a social right like sex. The former is based on the Constitution while the later is social convention.

      • freedom of expression?

        ever hear of that?

        (let me give you a clue. its the enumerated right before the right to bear arms).

        Your rant against libertarians is noted. You authoritarian republicans are no different than your democrat rivals. Proof that the horseshoe theory reigns supreme in fanatical politics.

        • Read that post again you fucking idiots. That was not a rant against Libertarianism.

          Oh and you guys talking about how social convention is not part of the rights enumerated in the Constitution. There’s something called “natural rights”. Among those natural rights is the right to live your life how you want to live it *and* defend said life.

          But no no. Continue with the anti-gay shit and keep calling yourselves “Libertarians”. Robert Farago’s opinion on these matters is fairly well documented. “I want gay married couples to be able to defend their marijuana plants with machine guns.”

        • I am getting tire dof your badass NCO routine so I am going give you my lost his patience 0-6 routine. (To be upfront I was not an 0-6 I just got quartered like one except on a few occasions when I got upgrade flag quarters) Despite what the current social convention is Freedom of Expression originally meant freedom of opinion, i.e., the written word and speech. It didn’t necessarily apply to behaviors that are independent of speech. It is perfectly consistent with constitutional values to be unwilling to socially sanction behavior. Constructional values only require you to tolerate it. This is difference is what puts the faux in the faux Libertarian. The faux Libertarian agrees with the Progressive that anything short of full affirmation is unacceptable. Faux Libertarianism is merely Fascism of the mob.

          Now, as pointed out by Roger below my object to the statement was his equation of pro-gun and pro-gay with Libertarianism. That is demonstrably false statement. That combination of views can be held by a person of any political stripe.


        • Um, yeah dude there’s like one comment that you could take anti gay if your a sensitive little girl, which was more written to be funny rather than serious. Maybe you need thicker skin. Other than that I see a whole lot of Archie bashing, and that’s it. Nothing wrong with that.

        • I counted possible one comment that could be considered “anti-gay” but even that was a stretch. Most criticism was regarding the comic’s approach to the issues.

    • Yes, please, do tell us exactly where we’ve bashed gays anywhere. Don’t rush. I’ll wait (forever since it didn’t happen).

      • Second comment from the top was either a failed attempt to be funny or an excellent attempt at being a douche. Either way it has no place on a site for discussing guns.

        • We are all so sorry. To make up for our insensitivity I propose to TTAG that the Archie Award be created and awarded to each person who makes the blog by being unarmed when attacked, robbed or brutalized.
          The two women who had their car jacked while they were checking the tire pressure is a good example.
          Happy now?

  11. I’m pretty sure Archie is, even after all these years, still underage so he can’t carry a gun. That would have been an interesting story though, seeing Archie on trial for carrying a gun despite saving someone’s life with it.

    • No, this is (groan) an alternate future. He’s old enough for one of his classmates to be elected Senator(on an antigun platform)

  12. They really missed a potential artistic moment with the cover. They could have put Archie in the Christ pose with Betty cradling him in her lap (like the Pieta) and Veronica sobbing at his feet like Mary Magdalene.

    • Don’t even engage with idiots like that. “Political” and “Social” are silly qualifiers used by dishonest people in order to cheapen a position they dislike. Much the way the anti-2A movement marginalizes gun owners by calling us “ammosexuals” and “gun nuts.” These people are all about freedom, so long it’s their favorite flavor.

  13. The assassin is apparently motivated by senator whothefckever’s civilian disarmament push. The holy trinity of progressive wet dreams. Teabagger tries to kill gay messiah because guns.

  14. The intended victim Keller is a politician so I would think the woman with the revolver is his security detail. Yes, we know security carries semi autos which reflects the author’s and artist’s lack of factual details.

  15. Wait, the assassination attempt isn’t because the Senator is gay but because he’s a gun grabber. He was elected on a gun control platform after his “husband” was injured in a shooting. And they’re both veterans. Yes it rings all the bells.

    So I’m sure the shooter will be waving a Gadsden flag.

  16. DC and Marvel should just merge under the name “Cultural Marxist Comics.”

    Its like seriously…. Gay Green Lantern. Gay Archies friend. Mexican undocumented worker Spiderman. Thor is now a woman. What else am I missing?

    Where’s all the posts about anti-white hate crimes RF? White women are more important to the future.

  17. I you guys are interested in comics, or graphic novels, go check out The Activity and Black Powder Red Earth. I haven’t read them myself yet but I’ve heard good things

  18. Anyone else notice the business woman in the background holding the revolver? If Archie had used his head to GTFO instead of as a shield he’d still be alive and the responsible carrier behind him would be able to take the dude out. Rule 1: if the guy has a gun don’t be a hero.
    Of course, the lady could just be a murderer too, because as far as liberals are concerned everyone with a gun is one.

  19. So when exactly did Archie start doing gritty storylines… It was for the under 12 crowd when I was a kid.

  20. I remember seeing the cover with Archie bleeding out that has been going around and hearing Archie was going to be killed off some time ago, like maybe two years. It is like they were waiting for the right moment to publish it. This is nothing less than a propaganda campaign, pro-gay and anti-gun.

    The powers that be are using these issues as a wedge to turn the screws on Americans. The reality is that gay people make up a tiny slice of the population and unfortunately their community has become a hotbed of disease. The WHO is recommending all gay men start taking antiretroviral drugs whether they have HIV or not due to the increasing risk of infection through casual sex. Meanwhile our own government seems intent on mainstreaming this lifestyle… I don’t care what people do behind closed doors, but it is clear that the gay issue is being misrepresented and exploited by certain parties. There would be no debate over gay marriage if the state didn’t require people to submit the marriage to their approval for tax reasons.

    The anti-gun issue goes hand in hand with the dishonest narrative being put forward regarding homosexuality. The people behind this are statists, they want control and control is achieved most easily by scaring people into submitting to authority. Some of the recent highly publicized incidents of gun violence stink to high heaven, it is hard to swallow that they happened the way we are being told if at all. A culture war is being waged and the objective seems to be gutting America as we know it from the inside out.

  21. Meh, at that range, if your job is to safeguard someone, the best move is to go hands-on anyway. There’s a reason the Secret Service didn’t open up on Hinkley…

  22. Remember this is an alternate timeline on one of the lowest sales comics on the market. And I’m not talking about the Archie digest at the supermarket checkout; I’m talking the actual comic.

    It’s about as much of a publicity stunt as it gets. On the bright side, the only people reading this are going to be people who already share the same opinion.

    I put my full thoughts on this at The Conservative Lefty yesterday:

  23. The whole scenario is BS. The only groups that commits political assassinations in the US are Lefties and Democrats. Not US Vets.

    The more likely theme would have been the Vet shot Archie just as Archie was about to pull the trigger on his stolen pistol to kill his so called friend.


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