Syracuse mass shooting defensive gun use
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By Brandon Curtis

A concealed carry permit holder successfully stopped a gunman who had begun firing into a crowd of people, saving countless lives. The incident happened in Syracuse, New York, on Tuesday at around 2:30 p.m.

The suspect, Demetrius Jackson, had opened fire on a group of people with a 9mm handgun. An armed man at the scene, who is a concealed carry permit holder, drew his firearm and shot the suspect in the head. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

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…District Attorney [William Fitzpatrick] said in a statement that based on preliminary investigation, it appears the man who shot Jackson saved the lives of several individuals.

No information has been released about the armed citizen, but police did mention that he has received threats and sustained property damage in retaliation as a result of the armed self-defense.

This legally armed citizen saved lives in what could have easily ended with numerous victims and lives lost. Instead, it’s yet another successful defensive gun use.

Now the defender needs to protect himself. It’s another example of why having more than one firearm is important. There is no doubt that the police have taken the firearm used in the self-defense shooting as evidence.


This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Own more than one, for sure. Carry one that will not cause emotional damage or financial ruin if it goes into an evidence locker.

    Keep at least one off site so you cannot lose all at once.

    • In New York. That’s the surprising part. He must have made some pretty hefty donations to the right people to qualify for a permit.

      • It’s not NYC. There no issues getting a Pistol permit in Onondaga county where Syracuse is located and that goes for most of the counties throughout the state.

        • Some counties also put restrictions like premise/hunting/target (Albany Rensselaer and Schenectady that I remember offhand) while others just go full cc from issue. Makes for a fun learning curve.

      • Upstate NY. Permits are routinely attainable upstate if you go through the process. It’s something of a mix between may and shall issue in Onondaga and other upstate counties, depending on the local clerk and judges. It’s not like NYC, which is essentially no issue.

      • Falls under upstate and not Albany so more like may/shall issue depending on the judge. I am more surprised he wasn’t arrested justified use of force or not but I am not as familiar with central NY.

  2. Unexpected consequences. Good reminder to thoroughly consider the reward for being an armed citizen. “Consider”, as in have an robust understanding, be willing to undergo the full array of negative outcomes, be financially prepared to protect yourself.

    Evil is not compassionate.

  3. This is reason to carry.

    Mass shootings could be minimized with more people carrying firearms. This is part of the point. The lunatic that starts this craziness needs to be put down quickly. That generally can’t happen without guns being carried by the population.

    This is part of how these things are done. Minimizing the guns that are carried by ‘may issue’ states basically guarantee more death. Stricter gun control does this too.

  4. Someone needs to forward this article and police report to the Capitol Hill police Lieutenant to show him what a justifiable use of deadly force actually looks like.

  5. I lived in Syracuse, Liverpool, for 17 years. If I recall it took several months, after jumping through all the hoops, for my CCW to be issued. To buy a handgun, I had to go to the Sheriff’s office to buy a permission slip. I then took the slip to the LGS to purchase the weapon. The LGS had to enter all the information about it on the slip. I then had to go back to the office to turn in the slip. They then entered the information on my CCW. Once that was done I could then take the CCW back to the LGS and pick up the gun. EVERY handgun that you wanted to carry had to be listed on the CCW. If you were caught carrying an unlisted handgun the cops could immediately seize the gun, your CCW and ALL of the guns you so faithfully registered since you were no longer authorized to possess them, having lost the CCW. Syracuse was one of the worst cities, even more so than NYC, in the state. I shook the dust off my feet in August 97 and never looked back.

    • I thought Illinois was ridiculous but that is insane.
      I moved out of Cook county in 1995 because things were getting a little nutty.
      There was no “legal” concealed carry but my friends kid got his hand on a Bic lighter.
      He was 4 or 5 and started a small fire in the house.
      When the FD and PD showed up it was already out.
      The PD ran my friend, he had a FOID card and got friendly about his guns.
      Long story short, when they found out he had some nice handguns they wanted them.
      “If your kid can get his hand on a lighter, blah, blah, blah.”
      His response was not nice plus he had a gun safe.
      The LEOs wanted his guns. They were going to keep them for themselves.
      We had no doubts about that. I moved to another county in Illinois.
      My friend left the state with his family in 1999.
      The “kid” who started the fire is now 30 and has own family.
      I live in an unincorporated area between two suburbs so I have Sheriffs.
      I get along with my neighbors and we seldom see any Sheriffs back here.
      In 26 years they have never pulled me over but they did break my gate.
      They were chasing the troublemakers on the block who moved years ago.
      I can live with that, they helped me fix it the next day.
      When I retire I’m out of this state, Illinois’s big problems start at the top.

    • Probably not CCW your talking about, you are thinking of a pistol permit. Unless your knew someone or had a deep pocket book, a CCW was impossible to get in Onadoga County for a lonely citizen without connections. If you went north towards Oswego you could probably find more friendly Judge’s who had the finial say in who got one.

      • In NY state, the pistol permit allows you to purchase and own a pistol (so long as you go through the insane purchase process as described above). In many cases, it is also a CCW license, but as you point out, this can vary based on the locale and judge. As a CCW, some are “unrestricted,” but some judges also impose restrictions like “for carry to the range only,” and things like that. Unrestricted doesn’t really mean unrestricted anyway, as you are not permitted to carry in many places by law, and an upstate permit is not recognized in NYC. You have to be careful in NY state; they are looking for reasons to make your life difficult.

        • So, you guys are describing as “judges” some manner of minor dictators who can simply make up laws as they go along. So how does one go about achieving such great power over lesser creatures? My assumption would be 1) become known as a “good” Democrat; 2)convince the people of some little area that you know jack shit; and 3) that you will steal less from them than the current crook. Or is such a dynasty created by buying it from a politician rather than becoming one?

    • I grew up in the Syracuse area as well. Onondaga Hill and Skaneateles. I left at 19 to join the Air Force and never moved back. My family and my wife’s family still lives there so we go back often (my nephew lives in Liverpool we go to “The Retreat” every time I’m back and Heid’s).

      The gun laws in NY are an absolute joke. My mom is getting older now and I’ve considered moving back to help her and her husband, but I just can’t do it. Taxes, gun laws and the crime in the city are all big no-go’s for me. When I was growing up there (80’s and early 90’s) the south side was the place to stay out of. Now it’s the west side, north side, east side and south side.

      • Lol, Baldwinsville here. God those Highschools hated eachother. Baldwinsville had no business being a division one programs, heck the senior class in Liverpool at the time was bigger than the entire Sophomore/Junior and Senior classes put together.

        • Ya, Heid’s. Always went there everytime I went home. Dad died and my mother moved. Haven’t been back since.

  6. Well I bet him shooting the bad guy wasn’t to well received with the media or Our president.
    Your supposed to be able to shoot up a whole bunch of people so the powers that be can scream for more gunm control.

    • The original shooter was probably planning on surrendering, being released w/o bail, maybe suggesting that Suckamoose city pay him $300 not to shoot any more people and then going on the Lefty talk circuit as a downtrodden hero finally striking out against his oppressors.

      That armed citizen ruined a perfectly good crisis that the pimps in Media and government could’ve used. Pretty sure they will anyway…#FactsDontMatter

  7. Typical Leftist news report. No details whatsoever about the fact that the shooter may have saved lives only that police are investigating a “homicide” not the guy shooting at other people but the concealed handgun permit carrier? Give us a break.

    • Homicide is used to convey that there has been an intentional killing of a human being, not that it was necessarily a murder. Justifiable homicide comes to mind as an example of a homicide that is not murder. The police have to investigate to make sure that it was justifiable, i.e., that the shooter was not stalking the dead guy looking for an opportunity to gun him down. Once that is established, it will be labeled a justifiable homicide.

      • The populace has been carefully trained to not believe that description, homicide is clearly murder and must be punished, just give the poor boy space to kill, then train him up to kill only conservatives. If anyone interferes with him on his mission, lock them up, take their guns forever, and tell our pet killer where their families live.

  8. Another 13%er causing trouble, what’s the odds on that in N Y ?,
    But it’s the gun’s fault, right?
    Need to bring back the “Stop & Frisk mandate “
    But of course the people that that proposal entitel’s are the same people that yell’s RACIST all the time.
    Take a look at congress, the same kind of people are constantly yelling RACIST, even though it’s their own doing the dirty…. Screw them all.

      • We need to allow only unarmed police and social workers to pursue firearms offenses, after a few dozen of them are shot to death they will stay in the precinct headquarters and leave the citizenry alone. That process would be Constitutional, stop and frisk was not, and everybody knew it, just paid lip service and occasionally frisked somebody’s invalid grandmother so they could pretend it was applied without prejudice. When the population is 13% black and those frisked are 95% black, it does not take a genius, as our Great Leader, Larry Gatlin, has said, it’s not rocket surgery.

  9. Let’s see…For the incident to be politically correct you need a concealed carry permit to protect yourself and others from an armed perp with no concealed carry permit. Sounds like demoCrap to me.

  10. “… drew his firearm and shot the suspect in the head. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.”


  11. Good guy probably went straight home, turned criminal and killed his old lady for the insurance money… Least that’s how I heard we would ALL end up…

  12. Given this is New York I am willing to bet that the authorities will be real quick to respond to any request for immediate and emergent protection that this now defenseless gun owner will be making just because he DARED use a gun to protect his neighbors from an armed FELON trying to kill other unarmed citizens. (not) I wonder if his death threats are actually coming from anti-gun politicians because he has made them look bad by pancaking their narrative!!! I also bet the State Attorney or whatever they deign to hypocritically call the District Attorney up their is turning over every pebble trying to determine what inane anti gun or other criminal charges he/she can come up with. Just watch!!!

  13. “…but police did mention that he has received threats and sustained property damage in retaliation as a result of the armed self-defense.”

    Apparently, several other people at the scene have been threatened as well. It makes me wonder if the deceased perp was a gang-banger shooting at rivals.

    BTW, the concealed carrier has since been identified by MSN. He’s a property manager at a building in the area, apparently.

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