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If you’re a regular reader, you’re familiar with the saga of Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed and their years-long battle to make files for producing their 3-D printed firearms available online. After finally settling with the Justice Department, they were cleared to distribute the files beginning August 1. But a last minute restraining order put up another roadblock.

So while Defense Distributed’s designs are still widely available thanks to Al Gore’s greatest invention (just click here to download the files) Wilson’s still left to fight for his First and Second Amendment rights. It’s a battle that we all have a stake in.

Defense Distributed just issued an email blast asking for help in covering the mounting costs of carrying on that fight. Here’s their appeal:

In July, you may have heard that Defense Distributed won a settlement from the US Dept of State to publish gun blueprints online. We in fact received a license to publish our software, and we consider it a landmark victory for the 1st and 2nd Amendments, hard won after many years in federal court. But on the day we began publishing files at, we faced a tidal wave of lawsuits from Blue State Democrat attorneys general.

We are being sued by 21* states across four venues in this country. Having funded the last five years of fighting exclusively through this business, we must ask for additional help shouldering the burden. We thank you for you years of interest in our cause, and ask to you watch the video below.


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    • They could win a lot of support back by fighting this fight. The people who oppose this are already in the trenches against us. They will never be convinced – time to show these blue state authoritarians that we will not allow them to dictate to us free citizens.

      • Im with you JWT! In fact I’m going to up your ante by tying my support for the NRA directly to their actions here. No DD support, no NRA support. Simple as that.

        The crickets be thick these days around the NRA HQ.

        • I’m so tired of hearing about the trouble that poorly raised little dolt is still causing…Eff Cody Wilson, and more importantly all the short-sighted idiots who have supported this strategically bumbling fame-whore from day one, until right now.

          When you’re doing something that is either A: “objectionable” to the sheep at large, or B: doing something marginally/completely illegal you establish facts on the ground before you go poking the bear.

          (See: Uber, AirBnB, Lyft, Tesla, etc. ) All breaking dozens (or more) laws, yet they established wide acceptance before sleeping .gov ever noticed. Guess what? They’re still breaking laws, but the .gov will work with them because they weren’t inbred stupid.

          Thanks 100% to Cody Wilson running his big mouth, there is now a spotlight firmly on the maker-of-guns community. They didn’t even know we existed before him. The hobbyist gun movement was just fine and growing before he showed up, the only people in his camp of “converts” are keyboard warriors, maybe a dozen of so have actually made anything with his ‘plans’. Oooh boy, what a freedom martyr.

          Meanwhile, they’re figuring out how to regulate home machine shops, and ban people from making their own guns. THANKS CODY!

          That people don’t instantly recognize him as just another self-interested carnival barker is really beyond comprehension.

        • @16V “That people don’t instantly recognize him as just another self-interested carnival barker is really beyond comprehension.”

          Cody is absolutely stirring things up that does have negative side affects for both the tech industry, as well as the firearms industry. I’d agree even that my opinion, not knowing the man personally, is that Cody is trying to make a name for himself and is stirring the pot just for fame.

          Regardless of how we got here, we are in fact here now. While I may not support Cody directly, I do support both the 1st and 2nd amendment implications of this case. DefDist needs to win this case or there will be significant repercussions for both hobby gunmaking, 3d printing of all types, as well as free speech. While I can appreciate the desire to have the “pot slowly boiled” as our rights are eroded, there’s certainly a benefit to forcing the opposition to turn up the heat faster. The question is, do you remain in the pot to be boiled alive, or do you fight for what is right. Obviously limiting firearms production to multi-million dollar companies isn’t going to keep guns out of criminals hands, so why can’t it be free? Why can’t you make a gun in your garage? What exactly are they afraid of?

          Advancing technology does make gun control somewhat of a moot point. By eroding the false dream that somehow criminals can’t get guns it puts the focus on treating the actual issue: violent individuals being released to become repeat offenders. If you can’t in good conscience release a violent felon because he can print up a gun in his garage, then maybe you keep him in prison? Maybe you reintroduce the death penalty? If some kid in high school keeps beating up other students and is making death threats, maybe you need to get them the psychiatric help they need, or hold them accountable for their violent behavior rather than say “he’s just a kid, it’s not like he can get a gun and shoot up the school”.

          So sure, perhaps Cody is a bit of a sideshow act… but maybe the important thing isn’t the man in front of the lawsuit, but instead the idea of gun control in and of itself. That is why I do support DefDist in this case, and why we need to win this so badly. And it’s not like the NRA is likely to support this case, not when you can buy a nice pump action shotgun from the “Freedom Group” which is all you really need… Heck you just might print a bumpstock on that 3d printer, and we know the NRA’s stance on that piece of plastic…

        • @16V, just go sniveling back to your basement and keep making your garbage guns with your garbage safety harbor drill press. If you decide to come back out of your basement and grow a spine, a set of balls, and follow in the example set forth by our founding fathers, of not being a little b!tch, we’ll be happy to have you. Until then, step away from the computer and tell your wife that you posted something mean without her permission.

    • Well, the last I heard Trump claimed he had met with the NRA before tweeting he thought 3D printed guns were a bad idea (or some similarly vacuous sentiment). Probably means nothing…but nothing speaks volumes, frankly.

      While I’d love for Trump to send National Guard troops into New York and San Francisco to oversee the unrestricted sale of AR15s and 30rnd Pmags despite the protests of the governors…he’s just not that president. It also speaks volumes that despite electing a ‘rebel’ with explicit NRA backing, gun rights still get the very lowest priority and a holding pattern is the best we can do.

    • They can and should support DD but I won’t support the NRA either way. There’s no reason to when I can support DD directly.

      More likely they NRA will nose around like hyenas after a leopard has scored prey, trying to take control and credit with minimal risk. Hopefully Wilson will keep distancing himself from them.

    • I wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Miller had joined that lawsuit. We really do need to vote that decrepit old fossil out of office.

    • I know WA is one of them.

      Our preening progtard Democrat attorney general is up to his eyeballs in all the anti-gun shenanigans and leftist control-freak garbage going on in this state.

    • The states suing are: Washington, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.
      Missing one.

  1. I promptly went to donate $200, ALMOST dropped it due to excessive “required fields”. WTF do you need my email or phone # for, to process my credit card? You’re throwing away donations, who wishes to get on another sucker list?

      • And the local gas station does not? What if I don’t have an email, since I don’t believe I am required to? I buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries from area stores, and absolutely NONE of them subject me to such indignity. No, sorry, I don’t believe it, they want to send me more requests for money. If “something trips their fraud detector”, call the police, I gave name and address, there is NO excuse for demanding phone and email. As I said, under most circumstances (including another of hundreds of requests from SAF), I would have cancelled. But DD is working hard for me, and SAF already has too much info about me, so WTF, over.

        • I’m with you Larry. That’s some silly chit…or why I don’t do almost anything online.

        • Card present transactions (like a swiped card at a gas station) are more easily verified than card not present transactions (like numbers typed on a web page).

        • So when I order a thousand dollars worth of crappola from Amazon, there’s no problem, but when I want to *give* away some bucks there is? That is stupid.

        • You’re 100% right, and the sheep are rationalizing slave-think nonsense.

          I routinely order thousand+ dollar items from vendors that have never heard of me, seen me, or done anything but put up a website.

          No phone required.

        • WADR, unless it’s a company I have an online account with where they already have my tel # and email address, I have NEVER bought anything or donated online with a credit card that did NOT require my tel and email.

          It’s to protect you and them.

          Don’t want their further contact? Block their number, mark their email as junk, or contact them and ask to be removed from their list.

        • True, but I opened an Amazon account because I had ALREADY ordered thousands of dollars of merchandise from them, without a phone or email attached.

    • You have to open an account on a cryptocurrency brokerage, like Coinbase or Gemini, go through a bunch of identity-verification stuff (takes a few days), and then you can buy crypto with USD. Look up some tutorials on how to deal with cryptocurrency before jumping right in, though, because a slip of the hand can cause you to lose a transaction. It’s also not backed up by any government (feature, not a bug) so there is no possibility of arbitrating a return of lost funds.

      • So, just throw the money out the window, at midnight! So easy! OMG, don’t let me lose a transaction!

        When your bucks measure 8 digits, worry about it.

        • They’re backed in oil, lead, and uranium, at least for now. Those are sufficient reasons for the world & our fellow citizens to do business in dollars. Which is why the dollar is rising in value, and Bitcoin is decaying as world powers learn how to effectively neutralize it’s single advantage (anonymity/deregulation) just like many skeptics said would inevitably happen from the get-go. The imperfectly-managed inflationary dollar remains a useful form of transmitting value…and even remains fairly anonymous so long as actual cash is used.

        • Bitcoin value can vary up or down 10,000% in a month, and more. That is not a currency, it is gambling, where somebody else tells you the rules and controls the outcome. Most of us are not that stupid. If you are doing something so illegal it could get you hung, you might find a reason to be involved for a day, otherwise run for your life!

    • Keep in mind is run by Roger Ver, who uses his ownership of to try to convince idiots that BCH is “bitcoin”, while in all honesty BTC is Bitcoin. Which was first? BTC. Which has the higher value (by about 10x), BTC. If you talk to any cryptocurrency expert THAT ISN’T DIRECTLY TIED TO BCH “BITCOIN CASH”, they’ll tell you BTC is bitcoin, NOT BCH.

      I’m not saying BCH doesn’t have a future, but con artists like Roger Ver trying to deceive people into buying into a coin he has a significant financial interest in by lying to them is pretty scummy. That being said I have no problem taking him up on his offer to match BCH donations, I’ll just use ShapeShift to convert real bitcoin into “bitcoin cash” BCH. I’ve already made a credit card donation weeks ago, but I’ll throw some more at it since it’s being effectively doubled.

      And it’s fairly easy to get scammed in cryptocurrencies, or have your computer hacked, or for the exchange you use to get hacked, etc… If you’re only wanting to buy BitCoin Cash to support DefDist, I’d see if any of your trusted friends, or friends of trusted friends are into cryptocurrency, and see if you can give them cash to do the legwork for you WITH YOU PRESENT… or just use a credit card and skip crypto entirely until you’re willing to put in the time and effort to do it right. Be careful out there, if you didn’t know “bitcoin = BTC” then you still have a lot to learn…

      • So, just throw ALL your money out the window, all the time! Nobody can be that stupid! You cannot make this shit up!

        • You’re right, you can’t make BTC up, but you can make US Dollars! Might as well throw all your money out the window since the feds are just going to keep printing more funny-money and making the stuff you keep in your mattress worthless. Nothing bad will happen when the US defaults on it’s debt, no siree, the USD will be here forever!

        • Mr. Cool numbers for letters hacker name assumes we keep all our worldly assets in the form of paper currency. 😂

        • Funny money in my pocket does not vary from a value of $1 to $20,000 and back again within a year, without any visible reason. That is clearly a crooked gambling enterprise, based on a pyramid scheme. And if you want to buy some anyway, I’ll sell them to you for 20% off, honest, they’re real! NOBODY is that stupid, but a lot of people are that crooked.

  2. What are the 21 states?

    Originally there were 20, of which 7 and the District of Columbia were actually planning to sue:

    Washington, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and also the District of Columbia. A total of 20 states (and DC) have sent a separate letter expressing their support, but for now, only the group lead by Washington is officially part of the lawsuit.

    Here are the signers of the July 30 Maura Healey letter, and yes, neiowa, your AG is on that list:

    Maura Healey
    Attorney General of Massachusetts
    Xavier Becerra
    Attorney General of California
    Cynthia Coffman
    Attorney General of Colorado
    George Jepsen
    Attorney General of Connecticut
    Matthew P. Denn
    Attorney General of Delaware
    Karl A. Racine
    Attorney General of the District of Columbia
    Russell A. Suzuki
    Attorney General of Hawaii
    Lisa M. Madigan
    Attorney General of Illinois
    Thomas J. Miller
    Attorney General of Iowa
    Janet T. Mills
    Attorney General of Maine
    Brian E. Frosh
    Attorney General of Maryland
    Lori Swanson
    Attorney General of Minnesota
    Gurbir S. Grewal
    Attorney General of New Jersey
    Hector Balderas
    Attorney General of New Mexico
    Barbara D. Underwood
    Attorney General of New York
    Ellen Rosenblum
    Attorney General of Oregon
    Josh Shapiro
    Attorney General of Pennsylvania
    Peter F. Kilmartin
    Attorney General of Rhode Island
    Thomas J. Donovan, Jr.
    Attorney General of Vermont
    Mark R. Herring
    Attorney General of Virginia
    Bob Ferguson
    Attorney General of Washington

      • If they can stay afloat long enough to win, that is.

        Thus the request for donations. The bad guys have a very deep magazine, as it were n

    • Except for Iowa and Pennsylvania, the 20 signers of the Healey letter were all from Hillary states in the 2016 election.

  3. so, send an email to nra-ilo telling them that you (we) expect them to do the right thing and support DD in this matter. They may or may not listen, but they need to know we care.

  4. He could send it to a number of people who could then make it available to the general public. If it kept getting passed on, there would be no need to sue. It would be a fait accompli.

  5. I’ll admit I don’t understand the law anymore, but how can states sue a legal organization that’s been given legal permission to do what they are doing?

    • You can sue anybody for anything.
      And if you’re a government lawyer, it doesn’t even cost you anything, you get to use taxpayer dollars to fund your personal political agenda.

  6. Much ado about nothing with regards to plastic printed guns and bumpstocks. Both are POS devices in my opinion. I have been a gun enthusiast for well over 50 years now and because of the before mentioned items things have been relatively uneventful. Why, because the of NRA that’s why. Many supposed gun rights organizations have come and gone over the last 50 years but the NRA has already been there throughout the turmoil. The problem now is the NRA is being bleed to death by not only those who would love to see your 2nd amendment RIGHTS be eliminated, but by all these little SHIT organizations who purport to be defenders of your 2nd amendment RIGHTS but in actually don’t have the resources or infrastructure to actually fight the fight as the NRA does. If all the same imbeciles that support would join those little POS organizations would instead join the NRA maybe the NRA would be able to be a little more effective in their fight. You see It’s really simple, anyone with an IQ of over 70 knows that the best way to defeat an overwhelming enemy is to divide and conquer them. In this case by joining a POS organization to defend your RIGHTS instead of making a powerful established more powerful with your support you’re making the whole system weaker. It’s like hiring an Ambulance Chaser attorney to defend you in a murder case, it just ain’t going to work folks. MAKE THE NRA STRONGER WITH YOUR SUPPORT, IF YOU DON’T YOU LOSE YOUR RIGHTS!!! It’s not rocket science folks.


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