Aubrey Bowlin motorcycle road rage
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“Aubrey Bowlin, 24, never thought she’d find herself in a fight for her life — much less a fight that began with road rage — while commuting home from work on her motorcycle.” No one ever does. And that’s why over 17 million American are now licensed to carry.

During the Seattle woman’s commute, another car repeatedly tried to run her off the road. Then traffic came to a halt . . .

While stopped in the next slowdown, Bowlin could not believe what she saw in her mirror. (Sixty-year-old Bruce) Jones had stopped his car and was coming toward her. She put her kickstand down, preparing for a fight.

Bowlin knew already that a physical fight would be heavily weighed against her. Not only did Jones have several inches of height on her, but she was wearing a tracksuit that did not allow her to move very easily.

Jones first hit her with a chest bump, to which Bowlin retaliated with a head butt, sending him into the guard rail.

Jones grabbed her and tried to remove her helmet, most likely to inflict more damage.

In the fetal position against the barrier as Jones weighed down on her, Bowlin began to slip in and out of consciousness due to the tightness of her helmet’s chin strap. Bowlin realized in her lucid moments that Jones was going to choke her to death.

“If he had gotten my helmet off, I would’ve been dead,” she said.

It was at this point that Bowlin suddenly remembered that she had a firearm. She knew that she had to save her life.

Bowlin drew and fired, hitting Jones once with a fatal shot to the stomach.

By now, other drivers were stopped and getting out to help Bowlin as she crawled away, throwing up. Compassionate toward her attacker, she told them to help Jones, who was lying on the ground a few feet away.

Just another life saved thanks to the defensive use of a firearm.

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      • “1 dead after road rage shooting”

        Does dishonesty like that require training or does it come naturally to the people who run the media?

        • They figure it out real quick. If they word anything in any semi neutral way, their editors “fix” that, and then call them aside for the old rookie talk: “what do you think this is, a democracy? I’m your boss and only my vote counts. Get with the program and please ME, or else go find another job.”
          Usually, only a couple of those are needed to create a sheep who willingly does anything they’re told.

      • Just donated.

        That’s one tough woman, and a biker, and a 2A, and she fought off a murderous psycho and held off on the deadly force until the last minute.

        If I was still in my 30’s I think I’d have to try to marry her. That’s one hell of a woman.

    • **As it is now**, with all the glorious –not enough details being provided–, a reasonable person would think, or wonder, why the older (more seasoned) of the involved individuals –did not recognize the road rage ingredients (trigger), and the potential for escalation.

      Then, as a senior and a male, aggressively, from behind and against a younger female, regardless of a possible unfriendly gesture from the younger female, –said senior, with hopefully more life experience, continues and physically attacks the younger female **in public**?

      He is truly a four-star (****) moron.

      Other than that, only eyewitness accounts, timestamped video(s), a review of both the participants driving history and/or other documents that may reveal behavioral traits can be of any further value to this discussion. I am not suggesting people to not voice their opinion but, no matter what, –Mr. Senior, who could have seen this coming -long before he exited his vehicle, will not return to this life cycle.

      How can anyone not agree this is another Mental Health concern. I do not believe for one moment the DGUser forgot she was armed, but that’s beside the point that Mr. Senior has/had more life experience.

      • Nothing else matters but what happened in those few minutes, period. If we weren’t there all we can guess what was happening based on the information we get from others.
        In court stating what others said is hearsay and inadmissible in court.

        The whole deal is very unfortunate. If the man in the situation had kept his rage under control, for what ever reason he gave in to it, he would still be steaming down the road. Self-control and tolerance are two attributes people seem to have forgotten today, right along with what was once known as social graces.

  1. Another happy ending.

    Shed have been justified drawing down on him as soon as he got out of his car and moved aggressively towards her.

    • Drawing maybe but not shooting. To ensure you don’t end up in prison the other person really need To get physical

      • IF you draw your gun and the person keeps coming you need to shoot or he’ll do it for you. Can’t let him “get physical”. The whole point of a gun is nullified when that happens.

        That might mean you shouldn’t draw your gun quickly. Depends on disparity of force. Would have been useful here.

      Wes in oregon says:
      August 20, 2018 at 15:07

      Another happy ending.

      Shed have been justified drawing down on him as soon as he got out of his car and moved aggressively towards her.

      You are only allowed to use a weapon in self-defense if you are concerned for your life. If this woman had shot the man when he got out of his car she would be in jail for murder. She did the right thing and was afraid for her life before she used her weapon.

      • Wrong. You do not get put in jail for murder by drawing your gun. It might have ended the situation right there if he decided he didn’t want to die.

        If he continued to attack her she ALSO wouldn’t be jailed for murder. If a large man attacks a small female who is, at the moment, pointing a gun at him, it’s justified. At that point not only can she make the case that he’s trying to beat her face in but that he’s going to disarm her.

      • You’ve never ridden a motorcycle have you. People like to try and run you off the road for no good reason. My life is threatened directly and sometimes aggressively nearly every day by car drivers. We ought to have the right to shoot these fucks before the idea to get out of their car even pops into their head.

  2. Illegal use of helmet. No Fun League would eject her and impose a fine.

    What caliber caused a one shot stop in the gut? Soul ripper .45? .9mm? Creedmore?

    • It’s not about the caliber, it’s about the placement. Many people have been killed by .22’s because of where the bullet landed.

  3. Jones first hit her with a chest bump, to which Bowlin retaliated with a head butt, sending him into the guard rail.

    False News.

    He did the chest bump, she pushed him away and yelled at him to get away from her.
    He grabbed her by the shoulders, she struggled to get free, and when she couldn’t, she head butted him to break away from him.
    The head butt got him off her momentarily, then he grabbed her by the helmet, dragged her over to the jersey barrier, and started getting really serious about injuring her.

  4. What was his motive? Or was he just a self appointed asshole like the guy guarding parking spaces at the 7-11?

    I’ve seen this my whole life. People believe in their very souls that they have the right to assault another without consequence.

    How does a person make it to adult hood and remain that stupid?

    • jwm,

      How does a person make it to adult hood and remain that stupid?

      Because no one ever seriously kicked the dead guy’s @ss before his last hurrah featured in this story.

      The overwhelming majority of people recognize the risks of getting physical and therefore go to great lengths to avoid getting physical. Everyone up to that point in that dead guy’s life either stood down or took a beating. This time, his victim turned the tables.

      I wonder how many other people the dead dude terrorized in his life?

    • Try searching Youtube for Road Rage. Its amazing what people do for no real reason at all.

      While you are at it, look over some of the videos of crotch-rocket riders, I find it amazing that more of these idiots are not running into angry drivers.

  5. 65 years old you say?!? What a dead jagoff. I would have “remembered” I already had a gat…

  6. Umm… not to be a dick about it but I see this whole thing as unnecessary.

    She has a bike. It’s capable of riding the shoulder or lane splitting. Pick one, based on circumstances, and ride away. No need for a confrontation just a bit more gas than idle in 1st and there’s no way any human being is going to catch you on foot. I’ve done it numerous times with people who just wanna rage on someone who rides a motorcycle.

    • No lane splitting in Washington, It’s probably a habit for her to stop in traffic, and she never expected a confrontation. He never would have gotten out of his car in California because she would have been long gone.

      • Lane splitting is illegal in every state I know of but no cop is going to ticket you in this situation.

        She may be used to stopping in traffic but in this case she saw the guy and elected to put down her kickstand rather than ride off.

        Riding off then reporting the guy to the cops was the best option. If a situation like this unfolded too fast for her then she has no business being on a bike where everything happens fast and a singular fuckup is a trip to the hospital, morgue or at least a fun case of roadrash. I ride at least 6 months a year.

        Lots of people will fuxk with you just for riding a bike, especially a crotchrocket. On top of that a LOT of people don’t see you.

        No matter how you cut this, IMHO, she made serious mistakes in either her judgement of the situation or the way she was riding.

        • Wrong. I watched the video and looked it up, they have a stand your ground law that does not require retreat.

        • Embrace the power of “and.”

          Yes, she could have avoided the whole encounter with better decision-making. AND she was also completely justified in shooting the guy.

          This reminds me of all those encounters we’ve seen or heard of where people stop their vehicles and allow assholes on foot or on bikes to attack them — forgetting that they’re driving a 2-ton mobile weapon. She seems to have forgotten that her bike’s mobility was an advantage the other guy couldn’t counter. Either that, or she was in normalcy-bias denial until it was too late.

        • Hmm… I don’t know, I-5 down in that area between south King County, north Pierce County is truly crappy. I could see maybe actually not having enough maneuvering space to get away in time.

        • “Lane splitting was legally defined for the first time in California by a bill signed into law in August, 2016.”
          it is illegal in the other 49 states. the ama and abate of illinois are lobbying for “stipolight filtering”, which allows for squeezing to the head of the pack at redlights.
          i respect individuals who back down from no one. that ain’t me, i’d never get where i’m going if i stopped to battle every traffic transgression i encounter in cook county. and you just aren’t going to catch my 40+ yr old guzzi.
          there’s a lot of frustration out there; the commuting part of life doesn’t help much. people get butthurt about fun that they’re not having. if they can’t make progress then you shouldn’t be able to either. grow some and experience the superiority of single track conveyance. they truly are, until they’re not.

    • Don’t be a dick, she may not have been able to do that, and sometimes things happen so fast you forget there are other options, I am so glad you are a perfect dick.

      • You should probably calm down a little and have a snickers. Also, she’s not going to bang you for coming bravely to her defense on the internet.

      • You’re.

        Hannibal is right. If she decided to shift in first and pull off instead of putting the kick stand down, she wouldn’t have her helmet smelling like puke.

    • It’s not being a dick, it’s pointing out options that would have been much better. Those who are too myopic to see them now will probably be the ones to end up in a stupid situation later. A motorcycle is a perfect escape vehicle from a car- especially in stopped or slowed traffic. But instead she “put the kickstand down” to be a man and face the asshole instead of taking the easy way out.

      It’s not that she did anything illegal or wasn’t justified, it’s just a good reminder that there are often a lot of decisions we make or options we forgo without thinking about it that lead to the tough choices later. By the time he’s beating on her she has almost no options- but before then, there were multiple. Avoid confrontations if you can, because they turn bad quickly. Especially over bullshit like road rage.

    • I get where you’re coming from with avoiding a confrontational retard if possible and agree with you entirely, but I don’t think that 1) There should be any obligation to drive dangerously to avoid them (not that you said there was) and 2) The victim here might have made that assessment and decided driving in a hazardous way to get away was impractical or too dangerous in this case. I personally wouldn’t want to blow a red light on a motorcycle unless I really, really, had no other choice because I don’t want to be a Honda civic hood ornament.

  7. Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Having one on my hip is not something I forget about, especially if an ugly confrontation is headed my way.

    • I will agree with you there, the wife and I had a bear encounter south of estes park a few weeks ago, the first thing we both went for were our firearms, luckily the bear went the other way once we got the dog in the truck.

    • The whole thing sounds like something a lawyer would come up with to minimize risk of indictment.

  8. I want to side with a fellow gun owner, but I’ve seen way too many dicks- and dickettes -on sport bikes to automatically take her testimony at face value without some go pro or other eyewitness collaboration of the events leading up to the discharge. I’ve likewise had to disuade said sport bike dicks with a firearm from escalating into violent sport bike dicks. Sorry, but I will not hesitate to use defensive force when an “unarmed” biker can cold cock you with their helmet.

    “Jones first hit her with a chest bump, to which Bowlin retaliated with a head butt, sending him into the guard rail.” –A favorite of helmeted bikers everywhere.

    “Bowlin does not believe she flipped the driver off, but she said that she did make a “What are you doing?” gesture to him.” The wording of this particular passage is troubling and sorry, I’m going to bet you did flip him off.

    Before you get your panties in a bind, I have friends with sport bikes and yes, dicks drive cars too. But I’m not automatically taking her side just because she has the tags /guns and /female attached to her. No video collaboration, no eye-witness testimony in any of the articles.

    • Flipping someone off is not grounds for the recipient to escalate to a full blown road rage incident. Yes, I know it happens, but again, there is no excuse for it.

      • I never said there was an excuse for it. I’m only questioning the one-sided validity of her innocence. About the only real take away from this article is that you can’t argue testimony if your dead.

        But since we’re discussing escalation, she could have simply driven off the moment he left the car. She’s on a motorcycle. Even if you have to do a traffic violation and call the police afterward because a psycho is stalking you, the option to disengage is clearly in her hand with the higher acceleration, more nimble mode of transportation.

        But yeah, I’m questioning a lot of this.

    • They were stopped in traffic. He dismounted his car to approach her. There were witnesses, some of whom left their vehicles to try and assist.

      Other than your opinion that some bike riders are assholes, which is true, do you have any other evidence that she was anything other than a victim?

      • “do you have any other evidence that she was anything other than a victim?”

        Which is the point, my irritable friend. You’re right– All the testimony and eyewitness accounts are at the scene of the confrontation. Everything else prior to that is her testimony alone, and that’s where the initial escalation(s) occurred. Somebody pissed somebody off through action. What? I have no idea save that she was driving along and all of a sudden a guy went nuts for no reason!

        …Again, you’re right. I can’t prove a negative with only her testimony of the events leading up to the confrontation, and that’s a lesson unto itself in terms of defensive gun use.

    • Someone else has a different take on what happened…

      FedUp says:
      August 20, 2018 at 15:40

      “Jones first hit her with a chest bump, to which Bowlin retaliated with a head butt, sending him into the guard rail.”

      False News.

      He did the chest bump, she pushed him away and yelled at him to get away from her.
      He grabbed her by the shoulders, she struggled to get free, and when she couldn’t, she head butted him to break away from him.
      The head butt got him off her momentarily, then he grabbed her by the helmet, dragged her over to the jersey barrier, and started getting really serious about injuring her.

      • I am amazed how many are blaming the motorcyclist. He touched her first. I would of gone off on him too! I am a female and I use to ride till I got ill. He was raging before he left the car. Over what? Some perceived slight??

  9. First, even IF the motorcycle rider did something in traffic to endanger the other driver, once that situation ended the driver had no cause to attack. Second, this blows the myth that carrying a gun makes you eager to shoot someone. It seems she had every right to fire at a hostile man behaving erratically by exiting his vehicle and menacing her in traffic, but she didn’t. Third, once carrying becomes a habit, I can see why she might not immediately think “oh yeah, my gun” when the guy approached. Most criminals have really poor manners and don’t announce a pending beating or assault with written notice. That’s what makes these situations so dangerous- you really don’t know whether someone is just going to yell, or if they will attack. No one who cc’s does so bcz they are eager to shoot someone. They do so bcz they know that they are their own first responder and that the police are primarily tasked with investigating crimes AFTER the fact. CCing a gun is a little like wearing a helmet. No one wears a helmet because they are eager to need it, but when you need it there is no other substitute- even if you are well insured.

    • Judging by the outcome he was obiously in the wrong. Shame someones life ended that day but dont mess with people over trivial things

  10. Gee…I have had little old ladies in Buicks about pick me off with no effort. As a matter of fact, they did not even know I was there.
    Jones had stopped his car and was coming toward her.
    The little old ladies just drive?? the Buick and run you down.

    • I did freeway work 30 years ago. I set up the ‘cone zone’. The closest I came to a violent ending was a white haired grandmother who was aiming her car at me with a demonic look of joy on her face.

      2 guys I worked with were killed by a drunk and another was shot in seperate incidents. Freeways, Hi ways and interstates are no place for sane folk.

  11. Thank you for telling your story. I am glad you survived. I have thankfully avoided some very potentially deadly events while riding a bicycle. I will never forget them. Look to Jesus for healing of you memories and emotions. Please sanitize your vocabulary. It takes away from your beauty.

  12. I did a multi state bike tour a few years ago and carried in a holster under my jacket where I could. A .380 hollowpoint at point blank range will get someone off you pretty fast.
    You are pretty vulnerable on a bike. When you’re stopped you have to hold the bike up. You dismount you have to kickstand it. It’s not a shelter like a car. And like she says the gear is heavy and hard to move in.
    And she’s a girl. You don’t pick a fight with a girl. Especially hot ones.

  13. Given that motorcycle riders, especially speed bike riders, are extremely cocky and disrespectful of other drivers, I’d wager she did something to piss the guy off. Now, just because you’re an asshole on the road, doesn’t mean you should be killed for it (usually) but on the other hand, I can see how she couldn’t tell if she was going to get a beating, or get killed. That said, if this is all I have to go on, I’d have to reluctantly say this was a proper case of self defense.

    • “Given that motorcycle riders, especially speed bike riders, are extremely cocky and disrespectful of other drivers, I’d wager she did something to piss the guy off.”

      I ride and know plenty others that do. It’s not a given that we are cocky and disrespectful of other drivers as a rule.
      We view the cars as potential problems which they are. Riders I know want to go about their business and do their thing. Just because you notice a few acting a fool doesn’t paint them all. Haven’t you noticed the Honda Civic with big mufflers cutting in and out of traffic too?

      • Actually, yes. However, the Civic with fart cans on the back and a 747 landing flap attached to the trunk is so rare, they are barely noticed. Speed bikes, however, as well as choppers, are very noticeable and common. Have you ever gone out to a serene wilderness campground or park, tried to have a nice peaceful day, only for that peace to be shattered by some asswipe on an obnoxiously loud motorcycle who feels it necessary to go and ruin everyone’s day, just because he has no hearing left?

    • Nice victim blaming, asshole. If you attack someone on the road you should expect to get shot. You sound like the kind of person who goes after motorcycle riders because you had a bad day.

  14. If I’m going to do an interview about it, I’d probably not use the F word every fifth word or so . Then the motorcyclist interviewer said he’d had at least ten other drivers get out of their cars and come after him !

    I’ve put over 100,000 on my two bikes back when I rode , and not once did I have that happen . I came away with the feeling that neither is the kind of rider I want to be around .

    • I agree he’s clearly doing something to warrant attention of drivers. I’ve been on 2 wheels for decades and never had an argument like that and I have ridden in a lot of urban areas where things get testy.

      The interview may hurt her in a civil proceeding if they try to portray her as a hothead or the wife claims Aubrey flipped him off and goaded her husband into confronting her.

      Still though exiting the vehicle sealed his fate.

  15. After reading the comments here, it seems like some of you guys are saying that she was asking for it.

    Silly me, I thought that Neanderthals were extinct.

    • No video, so who can fairly judge what really happened?

      Regardless, a bike can always get away from a car in stalled traffic.

      Always. Especially from her interview.

      I believe you should be able to be a supermodel, jog naked through Central Park, alone, at 3 AM. With bricks of c-notes taped to your arms and legs. That said…

    • Some people forget a 4000 lb car is a deadly weapon against a motorcycle. In my opinion the car driver drew a weapon on her when he tried to run her off the road, a fact supported by witnesses.

      • Right. A 4000lb weapon against a smaller, much faster, much more agile, speedbike. You ride dangerously, make a habit of pissing people off, then get surprised when someone tries to beat the shit out of you. That’s called provocation. With any luck, she’ll be charged with murder.

        • Watch the video, read the eyewitness accounts. He pulled left to the curb and pulled up on her in parked traffic, effectively blocking her in. She judged that the time required to walk her bike back and maybe get an angle to get out was more than required for him to get to her and push her and the bike over. He threatened her life over nothing and got what he deserved. His wife was in the passenger seat, she hasn’t countered anything claimed by the young lady involved in this.

  16. Hearing this happened in Seattle comes as no surprise to me as it’s typical of what a motorcyclist deals with there. Having ridden for more than a decade in cities like Washington D.C. and Chicago before moving to Seattle I could count on three fingers how many near death experiences I had on a bike. After moving there it changed to a near death experience almost every time I got on my motorcycle and it ultimately led my stopping riding. Every ride I’d get at least one if not two aholes that believed because they were in a 3,500 LB car that they had the right to run me off the road or push me out of my lane. The fact that she was a woman on a motorcycle no doubt empowered him even more. Don’t know what is wrong with Seattle but there are some seriously disturbed individuals there.

    Just watched the video, I freakin knew it was the i5 when I first heard it. The most dangerous stretch of road for motorcyclists in the country is the ten mile stretch just south of Seattle because the drivers are just so entitled.

  17. Good for you, Audrey It’s infuriating that she had to endure that… but damned if she didn’t do the right thing.

    Outstanding. These stories must be told, retold, and told again.

    • ooops 🙂 I guess it is Aubrey… I thought “Aubrey” was the fellow, and “Audrey” was the gal… but I’m just old and slow at four in the morning.

      Good for you, Aubrey

  18. Apparently from reports I have seen online Jones had a dash cam and it showed him as the instigator.

  19. A few takeaways from her interview.
    1. The bullshit about you in the media will cause you to go dark and underground.
    2. Anything they can dig up will be used to try you in the court of public opinion.
    3. No matter what happens it’s going to be expensive.
    4. You stand a better chance if there are others around when it happens to act as witnesses and render aid.
    5. You need support of family, friends and even employers after a DGU to make it through.

    Watching her tell her story reminds us all that pulling a trigger needs to be a last ditch effort and hopefully we’ll have time and chance to make that decision carefully.

  20. Another good reason to have carry insurance!
    I have the one from USCCA
    I think I pay $400 per year for it
    What do you suppose it cost her to get the lawyer?
    A $10,000 retainer? Maybe $15,000?
    The $ 400 seems like a great deal!

  21. I live about 5 miles from where this happened and I’ve followed the story closely. This coverage on TTAG is incomplete and, as a result, not merely slanted but just plain wrong. I believe Bowlin should have been charged, but wasn’t because she’s female.

    One thing missing from the story is that Bowlin was observed by witnesses riding her high performance motorcycle extremely aggressively, weaving through VERY heavy traffic at high speeds. Why is that important? Because it speaks to her state of mind, and because helps to illustrate that she had better–and obvious–options to de-escalate the situation.

    Another problem is that the statement Bowlin was “boxed in” is just plain false. Bowling stopped her motorcycle on the shoulder; she had hundreds of yards of empty pavement ahead of her. Photos taken at the scene clearly show the attacker’s vehicle BEHIND Bowlin’s motorcycle. One blip of the throttle would have put her a dozen car lengths down the road in less than 2 seconds, yet Bowlin, who is now given the benefit of the doubt because she is smaller and weaker than her attacker (i.e., she’s female), instead chose to get off her motorcycle and face an enraged male. Why? Because she was armed, duh.

    Which leads me to this howler: “It was at this point that Bowlin suddenly remembered that she had a firearm.” Suddenly remembered? Puh-lease.

    When you willingly enter into an altercation with a visibly enraged stranger, having the idea in the back of your mind that you can end it with a firearm should it not go well, you are committing 2nd Degree Murder, at least in my state.

    Bowlin is the beneficiary of a politically-troubled prosecutor in a state and county where women’s issues are seen as the transcendent driving force of social change. A man in the same circumstances would not be so lucky.

    • If what you say is true, then she definitely deserves the beatdown she was about to get, just because of her dangerous weaving. However, now that she shot someone, I’d say she deserves to get charged with murder in court, and run over by a semi out of court. I despise hotshot motorcyclists who think that traffic rules don’t apply to them, just because they are smaller and faster. Now we have murderers on bikes who perform dangerous and risky stunts with their crotch rockets, then start shooting when someone is about to give them the beatdown they rightly deserve.

      • So, if you’re angry you believe you have the right to beat down some one and if they fight back they get charged?

        You sound as unstable and dangerous as the dude that got killed.

        • I believe stupidity should have consequences, up to and including beatings. There are exceptions, and most infractions should require nothing more than something thrown at the offender, but if she warrented a beating, she has no right to shoot the guy and claim self defense.

        • You hang around 7-11s and do volunteer parking lot patrol?

          You got stuffed in a lot of lockers in school, didn’t you?

        • I’ve been cut off, slowed down (read 25 in a 45 for no reason) and brake checked enough to know that these people will continue to do such things unless they receive some sort of punishment. If possible, I’ll throw 64 ounces of something or other at their car. If someone makes contact with my car and then either tries to blame me, or run, I’ll chase them down and give them a beating. This woman clearly did something to enrage the other driver. However, I will again state that it is impossible to know if the guy is going to beat the stuffing out of you, or actually kill you. Drawing a firearm might be justified, but murdering the guy? Absolutely not. Driving recklessly, making others take evasive action, she deserved the beating. Either that, or she should have had her bike smashed. At least, that’s what I would have done if I was there. Oh well, karma will catch up to those who evade punishment. Judging by your little profile pic, it should catch up to you too, if you don’t either encounter the law, or someone else unwilling to let you cut them off or smash a side mirror.

        • Granlok- Stupidity did have consequences. The stupid guy attacked someone on the highway and is now room temperature. You sound pretty unstable yourself, are you sure you should own firearms?

      • Your a real dumbass. You better think twice about who your gonna give a beating because you could very well get your stupid ass shot. Sounds like you need to have your license taken away or maybe start taking your meds

    • Her aggressive riding doesn’t preclude her from using self defense as a claim if someone is trying to kill her simply due to her riding style. Even if it made that person mad. Being angry at someone for their driving is not permission to beat them up or try to kill them-even if she flipped him a bird (which I can all but guarantee she did). Get a plate # and call the cops. Not that they can really do anything unless they witness the aggressive riding firsthand.

      • I think I made it fairly clear that her riding was only important because of what it says about her State of Mind, which is usually pretty important in a murder case.

      • Actually, depending on the infraction, it can warrant anything from something being thrown at them, all the way up to a severe beating. Usually nothing requires more than a soft drink being hurled at the car or rider, but again, it depends greatly on the stupidity and arrogance of the offender.

        • My God son, take a deep breath and calm down behind the wheel. And please don’t carry, or maybe even own a firearm if you get that upset all the time. In fact, maybe you shouldn’t even internet? Just wow…

    • Were the photos taken long after the encounter, when traffic would have moved on and her motorcycle and the GMC stayed back?

        • She didn’t remove her helmet until long after the confrontation, how’s that? Like I said, read the report, watch the interview.

          • Do you propose that she kept her helmet on throughout questioning by officers on the scene? Because I’m not buying that.

            • I am proposing you watch the video and read the witness accounts. She kept her helmet on after the encounter. You suggested she took it off right away. You are wrong.

              • I propose no such thing; I merely reject the suggestion that police officers on the scene moved the cars within a potential crime scene before Bowlin had even taken her helmet off. Again, I don’t need to hear Bowlin’s spin when there are actual photos in existence disproving the narrative KIRO Radio is trying to sell.

                Do you have ANY point to make that doesn’t rely on a strawman argument or the shooter’s version of the event? Doesn’t seem that way.

  22. You commenters are a very confusing bunch. The ‘logic’ you use is highly inconsistent from case to case. Why just last week you were all behind that Drejka fellow who shot and killed a man after being shoved in an argument that HE instigated.

    • Starting the argument means diddly. Giving some uptight dude the finger in traffic means nothing. The first person that gets physical gives up the right to complain if they lose the fight.

      Are you another Gralnok that believes you have the right to attack folks you don’t like?

  23. In slow or stopped traffic there it is stupid as hell to stop and have a confrontation when you’re on a motorcycle.

    I carry on my bike but with my gloves, jacket etc I’d be in real trouble drawing… unless I knew I was going to be needing it. And if I had that amount of foresight you can bet I would just split lanes out of there.

  24. In my opinion I believe as a legal firearm carrier myself, she did the only thing she could do to get out of that situation. If she had NOT used her firearm she would be the one dead and the man would be a murderer.
    I’m glad to hear the young lady is ok and getting the care and medical attention she needs but on the other hand it’s sad a life was lost.
    What I WOULD like to know is WHY no one stepped in to assist a woman being assaulted for no obvious reason. There we plenty of people not even 10 feet away from the scuffle. Are Americian’s so afraid of other people so that they will just stand by and watch an innocent person get murdered? Growing up I was raised to assist people in need however I could. Even if that meant get involved and get the attacker off of someone. I would in a heartbeat.
    Since the elder man is no longer alive all we can do is speculate why he snapped and that’s all.

  25. In seeing him coming and felt in danger, she should have pulled her weapon and stuck it in his face and he certainly would have backed off! He was stupid to do what he did and got what he was entitled to get under the circumstances!

  26. Regardless of her behavior driving bike, her use of gun last chance and remembered she had it when confrontation half over because it happened so quickly shows her innocence. He retaliated first showing his action. She felt forced to confrontation and would have died if force wasn’t used. This was very brave an effort.

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