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As tech giants AppleFacebookGoogleAmazonTwitterYouTube and other eCommerce platforms and financial institutions continue to boot firearms-related companies and content producers with whom they disagree politically, more companies are stepping up to take advantage of the opportunities and fill the void. Now two video platform providers — UGETube and GUNSTREAMER — have announced that they’re merging to provide a bigger, more robust platform with more free speech options for users.

Here’s their press release announcing the move:

UGETube and GUNSTREAMER agree to merger creating powerful free-speech alliance

On August 18, 2018, UGETube and GUNSTREAMER successfully concluded negotiations to merge the companies. “Effective immediately, the two platforms will begin sharing technology which will reduce the overall cost of operations and enhance satisfaction for both viewers and content creators alike,” said Sam Robinson, UGETube’s co-founder and co-owner stated. “This is a very good fit and we welcome the GUNSTREAMER Team.”

GUNSTREAMER’s owners and staff will join in the effort to deploy the company’s broader vision known as UGEWorld. UGEWorld is a series of advanced interconnected social media websites that seek to preserve Constitutional values and capture audiences excluded by FaceBook, YouTube, or others. UGEMart, an Amazon style marketplace, is UGEWorlds next website launch.

GUNSTREAMER’s founder Austin Roberts commented, “We are delighted to join the UGEWorld team. Our collective vision to serve the 1st & 2nd Amendment community by leveraging our skills and our passion for freedom is becoming a reality. In this case, we really do have a two, plus two, equals five scenario. In the coming months, our collective audiences will experience a bounty of freedom enhancing social media tools, and products and services because of this merger. May God bless the USA.”

To learn more visit UGETube or GUNSTREAMER.

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    • Me too. However, I wish they had chosen a different name. Streaming a gun video AT WORK from YouTube is less visible in the logs than GUNSTREAMER.

      Not that I watch gun videos at work or anything…

  1. When content creators like nutnfancy and hickok45 (plus a few others, of course) announce content there, it’ll be a juggernaut.

  2. Hope it works…one of the large YouTube groups I belong to(Budget Firearms) was kicked off last week. For what it is difficult to ascertain! Not to mention the attacks on conservative and Christian viewpoints…

  3. It’s going to be yUGE…

    Wake me up when they offer streaming apps on roku, xbox, playstation, and a chromecast compatible app for Android. Until then I’ll continue to watch Forgotten Weapons on youtube and contribute via Patreon. Yes we need more competition, but you need to be close to feature parity to get things off the ground.

    Hopefully we’ll see something tied to a competitive marketplace to help keep things funded. An “Amazon for guns” where multiple vendors can market and compete in the same marketplace would be great to see. Then sink some of that profit into a streaming service where these products can be seen/tested/reviewed. Then again, it took Amazon how long to turn a profit???

  4. Stick it to the man, I mean stick it to “AppleFacebookGoogleAmazonTwitterYouTube”. I cant believe the gun related vendors and clubs/ranges that still use FB and YT to have a net presence and go to market. Shame on you for supporting these commie loving bastards.

    • We all have our causes, but you might as well curse the wind and claim you’re doing something by being upset with clubs/ranges using Youtube, which is the de-facto “internet TV” website. I don’t like it either, but it’s about disseminating information out to the masses, and if I can get guns normalized to the public by reaching 100 million people on youtube, that’s a lot more beneficial than reaching 100 thousand already converted “gunnies” on full30 or some other service. I certainly wouldn’t wish anyone ill-will for putting together a factually-based firearms educational program on NPR or PBS even if I can’t stand those media outlets either.

      But hey, you can hate ranges/clubs for using Facebook, and I can hate them for requiring a NegotiatingRightsAway membership… Everyone’s got to be bitter about something!

  5. a/ I hope they run it better than Full30. I have had login and PW changing issues with them for months and no one answers their email.

    b/ A lot of gun-guys doing videos have a lot of interesting stuff to teach, but a lot of them


    They MUST put in the ability to speed up and slow down the videos, and total control via the keyboard.

    c/ Please make sure the video playback window also includes buttons to jump back and skip forward 10-15 seconds so the viewer can get to see what they want to see/missed.

    d/ if not android and iOS app players, then at least make pages that play well on a mobile screen. A ROKU channel (even if “unofficial” would be nice as well.

    I hope they are free to watch and sell a lot of gun advertising,

    Time to say PHUCK-U and BYE BYE to scrUtube, FAPple, Goolag and Schmuckbook!

  6. So – we’ve got gun friendly social media, gun friendly use-created media platforms, and gun friendly electronic pay services . . . . it’s almost like we’re being forced to create two separate internets.

    • Sounds like the thing to do to me. The current internet is overrun with idiot sites like Facebook and Tumblr (neither of which we use around my house). There needs to be an alternative to the Left Wing controlled internet we have now.

  7. Partner up?, give me a break. These sites are both running contus vplay or some other cheap streaming setup with no monetization. Doesn’t take a PHD to see that they aren’t making any money! More than likely they spent 30k getting this set up and know they are both looking for third company to make money with so they can keep these alive.

  8. Success of this venture can be summed up in one word: ROKU. Whatever comes out of this merger, and even without a merger, ROKU (or Chromecast, Apple TV, or Samsung’s in-house smart TV app store, etc) is the way to reach the masses through the “communal prism”. It is not enough to simply be available, it has to be easily accessible ….and that means a Roku channel (which I am sure will be “unofficial”, but that’s not important so long as one can add it to one’s ROKU). It’s hard to believe there are that many people that are not aware of the seismic shift created by cord-cutters who have replaced their cable TV and DirecTV boxes with a Roku box to command the Big Screen.

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