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Dear Shannon and Moms Demand Action moms: More and more People of The Gun are picking up baby strollers on Craigslist and retasking them as gun carts. Isn’t that just fabulous?



So as your little tykes grow and you no longer need those Graco or Evenflo three-wheelers, we’d be happy to take them off your hands.


As seen at the Aurora Sportsman’s Club Zombie Shoot. Photos by John Boch.


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  1. Yeah… I can’t look at those abominations with a straight face. From where I sit, if you can’t hump your gear across the same range as a 1.8 legged cripple, I reserve the right to mock you.

    • As a 1.5 legged crippled (or 3.5 legged depending on how you want to count it). Carts are the greatest thing ever invented for shooting.

      For a major USPSA match, unless you are relying on using things provided by other people (water, tools, et al) you can have too much gear to hump and have a good time. Particularly when the weather is hot. 3 Gunners have it even worse.

      • Yeah, it’s not that bad. I did a five stage match with all my ammo either in my day pack or on my plate carrier. The only hard part was finding a shotgun scabbard that will attach easily to the pack. Hydration is easy, just pop a 100oz bladder on the back of your carrier. It’s actually not that much more than a combat load. 90% of my gear was already mounted on either my battle belt or on the carrier.

        • 5 stages is a little smaller than a local match for me (we often have 6). During a summer major match (typically 10-12 stages), I’ll probably go through 10 water bottles, and even then I am sucking wind at the end of the match.

          I can condense it down to a backpack if I have to. But it isn’t fun on some of the ranges with long walks or hills. I think I am running 40-50 pounds in my pack with ammo and water.

          Just because I can abuse myself, doesn’t mean I have to. I view it like shooting in the rain or the cold, some guys enjoy it because the suck makes them moto. I do it when I have to at a match, but I never needlessly subject myself or my gear to it.

        • Well, you can take the man out of the Corps…

          My full battle rattle is ~60 lbs between the carrier, rifle, rifle ammo, battle belt, pistol, and pistol ammo. Adding a shotgun with ~100 rounds doesn’t do much to that weight.

          But I will happily confess to being one of your “motto” examples. I have never felt better in my life than when I got home after that event and collapsed.

        • A 100 oz bladder? If my gut had one of those, my prostate would have a field day with that, a few ounces at a time.

    • apparently you have not shot a lot of three gun, trap/skeet or major USPSA matches…those of us well over 25 will keep using carts so we can compete. You go ahead and have your mental anguish

      • Unfortunately, I am also well over 25 and partially crippled. I still can’t do it with a straight face. Oh, and I try to shoot at least one class or match a month.

    • My range is deep in the woods down a single tract trail, if you want to bring several long guns, several handguns, targets and ammo for me, be my guest, until you show up Gimpy, my converted dual baby jogging stroller works like a charm. It also gets bonus points for being a bug out vehicle for after the power grid goes out.

    • I have to agree to an extent. If the only training you do for self defense is shooting than you’re missing 2/3 of self defense.

  2. Anything that gets under Shannon Watts’ skin is good by me. I see no problem with transporting guns in these versus carrying them. A lot of long range guys might be humping over 100lbs worth of guns, optics and ammo. What’s wrong with working smarter?

        • I’m not under the illusion that I can place anywhere near the top. I’m just happy to have a day out in the sun doing something I enjoy, If I can turn it into a good workout, so much the better.

          Hell, I run 3gun in practically full battle rattle.

  3. Best range trolly I’ve seen was a western action shooter whose id was undertaker.
    He had made a half size coffin that held all his gear

    Plain stroller no thanks

  4. I’m 70 years old and when I was 18 and had 20/18 vision, I could castrate a gnat at 500 yards with a single 7.62 x 51 round without so much as a sight-in round or two. Now I’m lucky if I can hit a bull in the ass with a baseball bat. Be that as it may, I’ve looked for and tried for years (and wasted considerable cash) to find a suitable conveyance for all of my shooting paraphernalia. Thank you, TTAG.

    • Yup. When I was 18, fifty long years ago, I had 20/10 vision — and I was a bit farsighted — so I could castrate a gnat at 100 yards with a .22.

      Now, I’m 20/30 corrected in my weak eye (as if I have a strong eye) and life isn’t quite as good. Sigh.

      Youth is wasted on the young.

  5. I could see the appeal in this considering it is typically a limited duration you can use one. A good one is not cheap either, and it is designed to carry around quite a bit of stuff because you bring half a house of crap with you as a parent at times.

    Besides we all have a gun or two that’s like an extra child right?

  6. Made my own guncart for SASS back when I was shooting with those guys. Anytime you don’t have to lug around a rifle and shotgun and two revolvers, and ammo and drinks and tools and a one piece rod and cleaning gear, and a sweat rag and a note pad and maybe a timer…..

  7. I use a little red wagon. Well, it’s not that little at 80″ x 30″. It has oversized wheels and is sturdy enough to carry a grown man in a pinch. Best of all, people love it. I guess it brings back memories to people of a certain age.

  8. If you’re taking so much gear to the range, especially for a shoot, that you can’t carry it all on your person you need one of the following:

    1) A better selection process for your gear because you’re humping extraneous stuff, or…

    2) To not be a fat and/or lazy fuck. Sorry, but I said it. I can carry a SKB ATA Quad-Rifle Case with four rifles, ammo and accessories in one hand while I have a pack on my back and a range bag of ammo in my other hand. It’s good for you to do this. If you can’t carry your gear you need to hit the damn gym.* If you can’t wear your plate carrier, a backpack and carry your rifle case (picture #1 for example) you’re just lazy.

    *Does not apply to those who are legitimately disabled or of extremely age.

    • My point exactly. Even for those of us in less than factory condition, it’s good to push your limits. Doing so is the reason I haven’t used a cane in almost five years.

      • I know the cane situation. I used one for a year. Still have it, a really nice wood one. My wife wants me to get rid of it but it’s too nice to junk, plus it’s a reminder to me of what prizes you win when you play stupid games.

        As for the topic at hand: It boggles my mind how lazy people are. Look, I’m not going to tell you that I’m in the same PFT category I was back in the day, but FFS if you can’t carry your basic loadout on your person (without a stroller) how the hell are you going to move more than 25 yards under serious stress and put rounds on target in a real, high pressure situation? If you don’t have even basic fitness down you’re fucked when adrenaline is added to the situation in an actual shootout. I’d wager that if you have to push your rifle around on a cart you probably can’t run 100 yards without shaking like a leaf. You’re combat ineffective at that point and now everything you’re doing is bullshit.

        Carry your stuff, treat it like a workout and embrace the suck. Is walking healthy for you? Sure. Is walking around with 35lbs on your back better? You bet.

        The whole idea of pushing stuff around in a stroller… all I can say is that I’d be embarrassed to do such a thing.

    • I run 100 mile races. I would not be ABLE to run 100 mile races if I did not understand how to conserve energy. If I can conserve energy by pushing a pink stroller with a life size stuffed Barney the Dinosaur, then I’m gonna push the stroller.

      The Indians lost this country because they never invented the wheel (Jared Diamond.)

  9. Smarter, not harder. Besides, if you mount your long guns right, there is still room for junior. The fact that it causes constipation for Shannon Watts is a priceless bonus.

  10. “Happy to take them off your hands”?

    Wouldn’t we rather that the toddlers would grow up to use them to haul their own guns?

  11. Go to a SASS match and you’ll see lots of those – and unless home-brewed, they probably AREN’T strollers, they’re just built the same.

    When you need to lug 2 rifles, 2 shotguns (primary and spare) and ammo for all day, plus drinks and tools, they’re well worth the $400+ price (4 gun – some are a little cheaper). These are more rugged than the Graco jogging strollers as they’re built for rough ground, not sidewalks/jogging trails.

  12. Most of the Demanding “Moms” that I’ve encountered have been decades beyond the possibility of becoming a mom. Just sayin…


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