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Dear America,

We need to spend a lot more time looking at what creates a human being motivated to massacre their fellow human beings and a lot less time pretending we can make the tools they use disappear from reality.

There are more firearms than people in the US. That will never not be the case. You can build a rifle in your garage from scrap with $100 and an internet connection. You can rent a truck and mow down more people than you could with a rifle.

Accept reality and focus on what can actually help address this epidemic.



I’m sorry America, but our usual standard operating procedure of wanting to spend zero time and effort understanding the root causes of a problem and wanting your mommy and daddy government to “pass a law” to fix it isn’t going to cut it here.

Stop abusing your kids.

Stop tearing each other apart.

Stop acting like 911 is going to save you.

Take a mass casualty medical training class.

Learn how to defend yourself and those you love against an active shooter or other attacker.

Stop supporting the bloodthirsty, ratings-hungry media that makes these broken murdering souls famous.

Or we can continue shoving our heads in the sand and keep pretending that passing laws that only the non-murderers give two shits about is going to change anything.

The choice is ours.


Piper Smith is the founder and director of Armed Equality. Armed Equality was founded in response to the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the deadliest terrorist attack and hate crime on American soil post 9/11.

Armed Equality National Discussion Group
Armed Equality SoCal Training Group

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  1. Ok, now let’s watch the anti-gun crazies turn on their one of their own special groups.

    If you (or your group) will not subscribe to ALL the talking points of the Lefties, you are “Other”; to be squelched.

    • Want insight into tipping points and triggers for mass shooters? Just thumb through the pages of Recoil Magazine. “For your daily gunfight” Tread, Saint, all in glossy color.

      Glorifying military style weapons, anger, and fear is what it’s all about.

      • Except this current wave of shooters are all motivated by a political belief. But to you leftists that just couldn’t be the case. It’s just a sheer impossibility that anyone would use violence on innocents to drive a political agenda. Has never ever happened before in history.

        • These rifles have been around and available for more than 50 years. It has been the last twenty these shootings have escalated. It is absolutely a generation problem.

        • And one of their own, Joe Biden, created it. The Gun Free Zones Act. Paving the way to infamy in a fashion that must make Satan himself proud.

        • Semi auto rifles were created in the late 1800’s. We have had these kinds of rifles for almost 150 years. They weren’t a problem in the past and are now all of the sudden a problem? Or is there something else that is a problem? I think broken human’s like the article states is the problem. We need to figure out what is radicalizing these people. Going ban crazy on speech and weapons isn’t going to fix the problem. These people have all day to figure out new ways to kill people and being on defense is usually the worst position to be in as you don’t know what to expect.

        • The main difference here is that through most of history, religion was the driving force in violence over ideologies.That’s because religion and politics were the same thing. Now they’re starting to become clearly separated, so we can tell the difference between a religiously motivated attack and a politically motivated one.

          Of course, for many people they’re still inextricably tied together, or they get their political values from their religion.

        • Except this current wave of shooters are all motivated by a political belief

          Actually most are just criminal and the big ones are all mental illness. They are not really political at all.
          I think we need to be careful about the two data sets, and the fact that the left is cherry picking what they want from each and avoiding discussion of other aspects.

          If one is talking about overall mass shootings, most are gang/prior criminals, and in inner cities. The New York Times analysis showing that also shows 3/4 of mas shootings are committed by black and Hispanic population.

          The gun control groups lump those in to assert high numbers of mass shootings and victims. They use the image and randomness of the tiny proportion that are large mass shootings and throw in the other 3/4 to make “mass shooting” seem to be non trivial risk, when it is profoundly tiny probability.

          Of the big ones, here is the wikipedia list of the largest 27,:
          all but three involve known and usually severe mental illness.

          The left wants to say Trump is wrong citing mental illness — when he is 100% correct. So they pack in the 3/4 that are inner city, almost all Democrat run inner city, minority perpetrated. But they wont address those minority and released criminal factors behind the majority of mass shootings, since that also conflicts with their left narrative. But all but three of those 27 involve serious or severe known mental illness, mostly long present. and the three that do not, two of them were dead guys so they were not evaluated even after the crime

          Big ones: all or virtually all severe mental illness
          Every day ones: inner city gang bangers, 3/4 minority.

          The “political motive” is BS whether right or left. Think about what we already know from the peer reviewed analysis of the big ones. These killer’s mental illness involves deep insecurity about being insignificant life. At the same time they have a massive egotism and narcissism. So they know they “should be” famous. They are addressing society’s mistake in not noticing them by an act they know will get huge press coverage.

          At the same time they do not want to be pitied for being nuts. They want to be respected and feared. They want the press to cover them wall-to-wall

          Since Unabomber and Breivik, they have learned that manifestos, especially right wing diatribes will get them monster press coverage and fame. The “political” aspect of this is not a cause — but a aspect of their symptoms and a leverage tool to get famous.

          Consider this, if you were nuts, were planning a mass murder and wanted to gain fame and be respected, assuming you confuse infamy with fame, and being reviled and feared with being respected; wouldn’t you write a manifesto to the right of Hitler, or to the left of Pol Pot, knowing that this will exploit the press and amplify your act’s coverage?

          Every period has its boogeyman. Today it is MAGA=Nazi as illustrated by the Jussie Smollett event. If the boogey man were people with red hair these insane killers would be dying their hair red.

      • So a bunch of national socialist identitarieans just randomly decided to go off the edge at the same time?

        Wow… you lefties will make any excuse to cover up for your psychotics.

        • Let’s take it further. Agents of my government have shown the capacity to be able to fabricate a series of events and push that agenda with the sole purpose of toppling a presidency. Given that, I have no problem believing they are capable of using the mass shooting phenomenon to also meet their goals.
          We should all be asking ourselves why our government is so afraid of us. What exactly are they doing behind our backs to warrant such fear?

      • If you are going down that rabbit hole @Forward Assist, then of course violent video games, movies, and music MUST! be included in your ‘tipping point”

        • Perhaps a major American political party that has a double dozen of their “best/brightest” as presidential candidates and every freaking one of them is a full on loon? There has to be a message there to the party underlings/

        • Hey! I’m an adult and like to play violent video/PC games. The remake of DOOM is a good example. Definitely like Zelda the Breath of the Wild. Though I do like a wee bit of Retro-like Zelda/Diablo RPG titles…Like Moonlighter 🌙 , or Hammer 🔨 Fall…..Or a good bit of fun playing a classic PC massive RTS like Supreme Command: Forged Alliance on a home LAN game hub…My bro and his son still make “maps and unit pieces.”

      • Hmm…so a magazine causes people to go on shooting sprees but the argument that violent video games glorify killing and thus could entice such actions is nonsense? BTW, I don’t believe such about either video games or magazines, just making a point.

        And what is wrong with glorifying “military-style” weapons? The old Westerns did that all the time. BTW, what is a “military-style” weapon? Because last I checked, the military uses bolt-actions, pump-action shotguns, and pistols too.

    • Partisan kool-ade drinkers on both sides, and other ignorant entitled slobs of any stripe, try to present their platform to others as all-or-nothing. That is when they’re feeling sanguine they do. When they want votes, big tent time.

    • On the shooter in Dayton is reportedly a socialist who hated the election results in 2016. See if it gets reported

    • They have already attacked the 1st. We are told not to call them ‘illegal aliens’, we are supposed to call them ‘undocumented immigrants’. The fact that the law says they are illegal aliens does not concern the Left at all. Have you noticed the talk about “sex workers” which in my youth we called prostitutes. California has {I believe, could be wrong} made it a crime to verbally ‘misgender someone’. Yep you can be fined for calling a he a he if he wishes to think about himself as anything else. By the way if you think ok I will play the stupid game and ask what he wants to be called, that is wrong. You are supposed to introduce yourself by giving your name and what pronoun you wish to be called by. He/she/it then responds in kind supposedly.

      • “We are told not to call them ‘illegal aliens’, we are supposed to call them ‘undocumented immigrants’.”

        OK, by that logic, a drug dealer is an ‘undocumented pharmacist’…

    • Avoid known areas that are free fire zones, like Chiraq.
      Avoid communist controlled cities and states.

      How about pass laws against democrat legislators?

  2. Damaged humans…..very true. The decades of sophisticated social engineering the public has undergone through television, radio, all media and pop culture, along with the intentional dumbing down of the population and the overt attack on everything traditional, especially the family unit, has made the vast majority of the public scared, confused, and stupefied. Then consider the chemical attack on the public’s nervous system through pollution, toxic food additives, toxic vaccines, just to name a few. Checkmate.

    • It’s the psycho tropic drug reaction. It says right on the label of prozac, zoloft, etc that “can cause psychosis”. Well, it does.

        • OMG, here you go with the vaccine shit again… haven’t you had your hand slapped enough times yet? Are you incapable of understanding the term off topic?

          Not just a troll, but a stupid troll… SMH.

        • Actually getting the diseases that can be easily and safety prevented with vaccines is associated with mental illness.

          A kid without measles vaccine has about an 34,000% higher risk of getting measles and we now know that measles causes brain inflammation that is likely to result in slight loss of cognative function. The vaccine gives no such inflammation. But perhaps that is why you are anti vaccine — maybe you have brain damage from getting a disease that could have been prevented with a vaccine.

          By the way we know that people who don’t drink flourinated water have much higher cavity rates and much hihger rates of gum disease. And we know know that poor oral health leads to inflammation and plaque development in brain tissue and earlier onset Alzheimer. So many you are senile too. It is ok though, keep yourself and your kids unvaccinated — we will always need people to sling fries and dig ditches.

    • And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (Genesis 6:5)

      43 When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44 Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. 45 Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. (Matthew 12)

  3. As a gun owner, something has to change. Do something. Put a temporary moratorium on the sales of ANY AR 15s. Try it..

    • You’re a very stupid person who does not understand anything at all. I suggest you go to a library and rent a book. Any book. You desperately need it.

      • You don’t rent books from the library. Rent indicates payment, which only happens if the borrowed book is overdue. Maybe you should visit the library yourself, just saying.

        • It’s implied dumbass. If such nuances offend you then good. Go shove the nearest book of Marx up your Lilly liberal ass and tell me how good it tastes.

    • Your ” do something ! ” was already tried as an Assault Weapons ban and had no effect except infringe on law abiding citizens rights. Let’s try ” something “‘ , Constitutional carry nationwide. Signs on doors stating that we are a gun friendly establishment. If you come in here to shoot someone, YOU will be the victim. The shooter will go to a gun free zone where it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

      • Agree. Too many shootings in so-called “gun free zones”. Of all of the correlations, this one (92%) is strongest.

    • Banning ARs would lead to banning Mini-14s, etc. which would lead to banning all semi auto rifles, which would lead to banning semi auto shotguns, which would lead to banning semi auto handguns (the main culprit of gun homicides). It never ends until virtually all guns are banned, get it?

    • The premise of your thinking may be, “If we don’t give ’em something, they will take everything.” If that is so….

      The current current politics of gun-grabbing is the result of trying your idea, many times before. We always “give” something in order to “keep” less; never gaining something as a condition of the negotiation. In reality, there is nothing we can “give”, to stop the grind to eliminate the second amendment through legislation and court law. The issue here isn’t just guns, but the intent of government to limit the power and authority of the people who give government power and authority; for government to determine which tools the sovereign people may control the government.

      • Unfortunately Sam we as a people do not control our Government it controls us. Below is an excellent video explaining how our government really works. The most sickening part of the video is the part that shows that if the American people were 100 per cent for the passage of a certain law there is only a 30 per cent chance the law would be passed because Congress votes according to their own blind greed and power and not according to what the American people need to make their lives better. In short Congress does not fear the people because they control us. Jennifer proposes solutions to the very complex mess but it will be a long, long , hard road that if even successful will take may years and even decades to implement and many of us older folks will unfortunately never live to see it if indeed it is ever successful. I personally have my doubts that it will ever come to pass. We have already gone to far down the path of self destruction.

    • quote——————–As a gun owner, something has to change. Do something. Put a temporary moratorium on the sales of ANY AR 15s. Try it..””””””””””””””””””

      Your on the right track but lets face facts weapons of war have no place in our society. Civilized Countries like Australia, Japan, Britannia, New Zealand have all banned assault rifles and most European Countries have very tough restrictions on ownership of them. If we are to stop the mass murder by assault rifles the only solution is to confiscate and melt them down and the sooner the better for a civilized society. The mass murder will never cease until we do. Its worked in other countries and that is proof enough for any sane person to understand.

      • “…Civilized Countries like Australia, Japan, Britannia, New Zealand have all banned assault rifles ….”

        Except they are not civilized.

        • Bingo. In vlads ideal world tyranny equals civilization. But that is to be expected. vlad is old school fascist.

      • Vlad, you are an idiot.

        Guns are just tools. If murderers can’t get one tool they will get another. Man has been killing man since man first existed.

      • The weapons used in these mass shootings are not assault rifles. They are (usually) semiautomatic rifles, which have been around for many decades. The AR-15, for example, has been on the civilian market in this country since 1964. Yet the issue with mass shootings is a very recent phenomenon. Which means that it isn’t the guns that are the issue here, it is something else at hand in society that has changed.

        Specifically what that something is, I don’t know, but something has become different.

        • What has changed? The legacy media has gone full tilt into publicizing these twisted young men. These young men are angry loners incapable of success who seek notoriety as a substitute for success. The only fix is for the governments involved to refuse to release their names for at least a couple of weeks. Once they loose the spotlight there is far less publicity for them and the news cycle will push them back to page five or six.

      • Go ahead, take them. There are plenty more in cop cars. And some them have a giggle switch. If I remember the Warsaw Ghetto directions correctly it was kill a German and take his weapon. Give your old crappy weapon to your friend so he can do the same thing.

      • Why do you hate black people so much? Nearly ALL the annual homicide deaths are black people murdering other black people with handguns…and yet you go on about semiauto rifles (not machine guns or weapons of war) that are used to kill but a fraction of the total. GANGS are the homicide problem, not the super rare “man bites dog” mass shootings. Besides, the 2nd Amendment is there for the citizenry to respond to a potential future tyrannical govt. entity through asymmetric warfare, and the semi-rifle is the guerrilla tool. Now wise up, my neo-Marxist friend.

      • There is no such thing as assault weapons. It is a made up term designed to fool the gullible and stupid to vilify firearms based solely on their looks. Brilliant plans actually as it works likes a charm on Vlad and other libturds

      • This coming from a cellar dwelling wack job who uses the name of a legendary, blood thirsty, murdering literary figure as his trolling hamndle.

      • Yes, the sooner we grab all firearms from law abiding citizens, the better. Criminals will always have them, just like they have them in those “civilized” countries. And just like illegal drugs here.

        The sooner we stop mass shootings, the sooner we get mass murders mainly by heavy vehicles (like in civilized France) or arson (like in civilized Japan). I don’t know about you, but to me, getting smashed by a truck or cooked alive in fire sounds like so much better way to go than a gun shot!

      • OOOPS: They forgot to ban TRUCKS in Germany and Paris… And they didn’t get around to knives in London til a number of people were STABBED to death by a group of terrorists.. Oh and the dickhead in Manchester failed to get the memo on bombing a concert.. And of course the ban on “ASSAULT WEAPONS” worked well in Paris on TWO different occasions and at the airport in Belgium.. I believe there was also another mass shooting recently in assault weapon free Australia..

    • To DB COOPER, Fuck you very much. There is no such thing as a temporary ban in the eyes of those who would enact it.

      • “A Temporary BAN on your 1st Amendment rights! Just give it a try!’

        Only temporary? 1st Amendment only protects legitimate speech. Anyone who disagrees with me is spouting illegitimate speech, and should be permanently banned from the public forum.

        • What it who determines legitimate speech? Does that mean the President can shut down and lock up anyone that pushes the fake Russian collusion narrative?

        • “What it who determines legitimate speech? ”

          I do. If you offend me, or disagree with me, you are a racist bigot, homowhatever, deplorable, alt-right terrorist. And a whole bunch of other things I can’t think of right now. Everyone is wrong, except me.

          So there.

    • ”Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
      You cannot control the act itself
      by passing laws about the means employed.”
      The late Col Jeff Cooper, 1958
      Handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy
      A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun. He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda. The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…….is the politician’s Useful Idiot Tool to achieve his agenda.

    • @DB No. End gun free zones everywhere so these misfits are outgunned 100 to 1.

      And I daresay if the gallery in every courtroom were full of onlookers packing there would be a lot more judges mindful of serving up some real justice.

    • Let’s forget for a minute that it was tried for ten years. Unsurprisingly unsuccessfully.
      Let’s pretend that we can stop production and distribution of any new ARs after about fifty years. The AR15 is the most popular rifle in the US. There are millions of them owned by regular people (and only minuscule fraction of one percent is ever used to commit any crime).
      Please explain how exactly is your proposed solution supposed to help prevent any crimes.

  4. Well said. But follow the money. There’s very little money spent on mental health care. When a doc makes an “Urgent” request (Only emergency is higher priority) for psychiatric evaluation of a pt and is told there’s a months long waiting list, why? Follow the money.

    • As if money would solve the problem. We spend more on healthcare than nearly all the rest of the developed world…combined. We have one of the sickest and most chronically ill populations in the developed world.

      • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””quoteAs if money would solve the problem. We spend more on healthcare than nearly all the rest of the developed world…combined. We have one of the sickest and most chronically ill populations in the developed world.===============

        You cannot see the forest for the trees. Yes we spend more on health care and get less for it than civilized countries do. All the money goes to the blind greed and corruption of the Insurance and Drug companies. Mental Health care is totally not affordable even to the average person even if he has insurance and 30 million American have no health insurance because in Capitalvania Health Care is not a human right. Its right out of Nazi Germany. And the Republicans have done everything possible to make sure none of us can ever afford mental health care if we need it because they make millions from bribes paid to them by the Insurance and Drug Companies.

        • You sound exactly like the El Paso shooter. You spout the same stuff every day, all the same as the rest of your sick heroes.
          You’re the problem. You, specifically. You’re exactly the murderer demographic.

        • 98.7% of the pshrinks in the US ared demtards. ALL are overpaid as they accomplish NOTHING. Yet how many of these progs “work” probono?

        • Hey kid, It appears that you got your trolling targets mixed up. This is “The Truth about GUNS”.

      • to Tayor

        ===================You sound exactly like the El Paso shooter. You spout the same stuff every day, all the same as the rest of your sick heroes.
        You’re the problem. You, specifically. You’re exactly the murderer demographic.===========

        Your rantings this time were really over the top. I often wonder if guys like you even realize how bizarre your rhetoric appears to sane people.

        • How would you know how sane people think, vlad? You exhibit many symptons of mental illness, including being a pathological liar.

        • Vlad, what you say goes a long way to defining your true self. I have to agree with jwtaylor.

  5. These people aren’t mentally ill. People who strap suicide bombs to themselves and blow up markets aren’t mentally ill. This is an escalating cycle of political violence.

    • Yup… pretty much. Bet the left never thought that when they did all their “punch a nazi” memes that the National Socialists might have something to say about it. Here’s an idea… If you make it ok for people “on your side” to attack people without any reason, the “other side” will see it as an excuse to do the same.

    • He talked about living out a Call of Duty fantasy. He is a sociopath. He still has a conscience because he didn’t want to harm Americans regardless of their skin color. He also didn’t want to be taken alive because he didn’t want to live knowing that his family would hate him. I don’t know how he was taken in, but I imagine he chickened out. He was / is definitely mentally ill.

      I wonder what his relationship with his parents is like and if he had any girlfriends. He was obviously unhappy with his present life, and couldn’t imagine being any happier in the future. People that don’t value themselves have trouble valuing others. But most of them aren’t deranged enough to live out a COD fantasy.

      • “….He talked about living out a Call of Duty fantasy..”

        What he said in context was directed at fellow travelers that might follow.


        He warned…Don’t live out some COD fantasy by attacking hard targets, attack soft ones.

      • “He talked about living out a Call of Duty fantasy.”

        Actually he talked specifically about not doing that.

        Misrepresenting his argument isn’t going to do us any favors here.

      • “Political Action” only in the broadest and most twisted sense. Just because the guy jumbled together some words does not mean that he is a poet.

        Reading the jumbled mess, the guy comes across a just another impotent looser. For example, if he yearns for an AR as a superior weapon, why didn’t he get one? The determined political actor will not let a thing like choice of firearms stand in his was. After all, what stopped his from getting an AR – other then his inability to do so?

        No, instead of politicized, I propose the following formula:

        despiritualized + materialized – effectively self-actualized = loser.

  6. “Mass shooter”, not “active shooter”—PLEASE. Help retrieve language from the Lame Stream Media (e.g. assault weapon, high-capacity clipazines, gun violence).

    Thank you.

      • How about “murdering chicken shit”? “Shooter” of any stripe sounds cool to brain dead murderers and could be encouraging on some sad low level of mental disease.

      • Ok. Pathetic-loser-active-murderer. Just please stop using descriptives that suggest anything remotely exciting. Sad boys who are angry with their mommies desperately want to feel powerful so they pick up a gun. Own it.

  7. I am on a lot of the alternative social media stuff. Something I have observed is much anti lgbtq stuff. I’m not saying the lgbtq community is great. I don’t feel welcome there they don’t represent me in any way. I keep having conversations with very extreme people though.

    People are being isolated from the conversation. They become crazier. I do my best on these to platforms to bring people to a morel libertarian view. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

    I am almost always shadow banned on youtube now though. It’s creating craziness. It doesn’t help that Trump is as anti constitution as a democrat either. I see the straight pride stuff and a bunch find it to be a satirical joke but I am meeting people who see it as reality.

    The us vs them collectivism. I don’t blame people for being upset about these issues too. We don’t need laws for trans bathroom access and stuff. For the last few decades trans used what ever bathroom they wanted especially if they were passable.

    This is not support for any group identity. I just mean group identity is forming on the right now and it’s not good. It’s different on the gun blogs as well. People are not forming an identity on here around skin color, sexual orientation or arbitrary characteristics and that’s why I love the gun community.

    How ever it’s getting weird now in identity politics on the right from people I talk to a lot and follow. I’m rambling a bit I am multitasking at the moment. How ever it’s becoming a concern for me for the first time. I always vote republican or libertarian.

    The left is already extreme. I’m getting tired of words like degenerate, straight pride, it’s better than the alternative, and racialism. It’s exactly why I don’t like the left. I’m probably going to get negative replies from some and positive from others. This is a result though of isolation, polarization and such. This goes both ways at a certain point.

    • I, for one, have found your input both useful and thoughtful both now and in the past.

      Putting people in boxes and then kicking the box is easy. That’s why the intellectually lazy, dishonest, dull and foolish love to do it.

    • One of the issues we have is that if other people form a group, and in their minds place you in another group, and then attack you for being part of the group they put you in then you almost have no choice but to become a real part of that group just for self preservation.

      It really doesn’t matter what I think of black people, for example. I have seen what they think of me in certain parts of certain cities and I have to act accordingly.

    • I have no respect and little patience for the majority of “pride” movements. It’s appropriate to take pride in one’s accomplishments but not for something that you just happen to be. It would be just as legitimate, or illegitimate, for owners of cocker spaniels to espouse “cocker spaniel pride”.

      • “It would be just as legitimate, or illegitimate, for owners of cocker spaniels to espouse “cocker spaniel pride”.”

        Your point being?

        I am quite proud of my little cocker when he behaves.

      • Pride movements may not make sense to you because you are ignoring their context. For many years LGBT people were made to feel shame due to their identity. The opposite of LGBT pride is not straight pride, but shame. This is why straight pride marches are absurd—straight people have not been at risk of beatings, denied housing, fired from their jobs etc because of their straight identity.

    • But how come the psychos in OUR 310 million are able to kill so many people where the psychos elsewhere aren’t?

      Don’t Germany, France, Australia, and Japan have “damaged people”? Of course they do. Why are gun homicide and mass shootings rare there and common here?

      Pointing at violent video games and family breakdown (whatever that means) isn’t an explanation either. Japanese and Dutch kids watch/play the same movies and games kids here do.

      The main difference is easy access to cheap guns. You may think the carnage is the cost for liberty , but make no mistake, there is a cost, and many people don’t want to pay it.

      • In japan a guy with matches killed 33. In france a guy with a truck killed nearly 90.

        There is a price for freedom. And because we are free there are no walls keeping you from leaving to a less ‘free’ and ‘safer’ country. I’m not willing to accept tyranny because you think it’s ‘safer’.

      • I take it you’ve never spent much time Japan, or Holland. I have. The main difference is not lack of guns. That is a very minor difference between the “American culture” and those two counties.
        The big, overriding, massive and all encompasing difference between them is that there is no “American Culture “. We are a vast multicultural society.
        The Japanese are rapidly monocultural, to the point that “other” and “unlike” is an insult. The Dutch are not far behind.
        Which is of course the same reason those cultures have such high suicide rates. They do not tolerate “otherness”.
        Is that the culture you’d rather live in?

  8. America is an alienated, postindustrial nightmare filled with gibbering invaders and traitors. Those that aren’t shooting up public places are overdosing on drugs or developing lifestyle diseases. It’s a sick place and staying healthy isn’t easy.

  9. Trumps racism has turned out to be the biggest attack on gun ownership of all time. By encouraging racism and hate the Right Wing Maniacs committing mass murder have put the nail in the coffin of unlimited gun ownership in the U.S.

    • Yeah… Just because it hurts your feefees doesn’t make it racist. Oh, and if you attack people long enough, they’ll have a tendency to fight back. What did you think was going to happen after you normalized attacking anybody to the right of Joseph Stalin?

    • What “right wing maniacs”? Where is the supposed “right wing violence”? The left is attempting to conflate anything previously thought of as normal, love of country, pride in American exceptionalism, self reliance, patriotism, Mom and apple pie, with “right wing, white supremacy, racism”. Saying you’re proud to be an American is being labeled as hate speech.

      • ””””””””’quote===============What “right wing maniacs”? Where is the supposed “right wing violence”? The left is attempting to conflate anything previously thought of as normal, love of country, pride in American exceptionalism, self reliance, patriotism, Mom and apple pie, with “right wing, white supremacy, racism”. Saying you’re proud to be an American is being labeled as hate speech.==============

        Trump is a Right Wing Racist. He has called Latino’s all rapists and murders when the majority of crime and killing is done by American citizens not immigrants , not refugees. Trump banned many Muslims from coming to America legally to visit relatives that live here. They are not criminals but are treated as such. He has never met with Muslims like Obama did, never praised American Muslims for the contributions they have made to our country like Obama did. All this divides our country and creates paranoia and hatred by the Far Right Nut cases.

        Other Racist Republicans like Raphael Cruz when running for President refused an invitation to talk with American Muslim groups which again shows his Far Right Racist Supporters he too hates Muslim American Citizens while he himself was born in Canada yet looks down his nose at other Nationalities that are American Citizens.

        All this hate is un-American and simply encourages Right Wing Extremist Nut Cases to commit mass murder as happened this week at least 2 times and until we know more maybe a 3rd time in Daton, Ohio with the latest mass murder.

        • “He has called Latino’s all rapists and murders” No he didn’t. He called illegals rapists and murderers. The fact that more than 2/3 of illegal migrants get raped on their way up to the US border would seem to support that claim.
          “the majority of crime and killing is done by American citizens not immigrants , not refugees.” I should hope so given that the illegal border jumpers are a tiny minority of the population. The reality, however, is that they commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime. But hey, don’t let basic math get in your way. Oh, and none of them are “refugees”, if they were, under international law, they would have stopped in the first country they entered.
          “Trump banned many Muslims from coming to America legally to visit relatives that live here.” Yes, he also banned Christians or anybody else from the countries where we have no way to tell if the people coming are terrorists.
          “refused an invitation to talk with American Muslim groups” Well, you’ll pardon Americans for not wanting to meet with scumbags who describe 9/11 as “somebody did something”.

          Oh, one more little detail. Identitarianism is inherently left wing. Why? Because it’s collectivism. Just because your National Socialist buddies advocate for white people doesn’t mean that they are any less left wing than your International Socialist buddies who want to kill white people for being white.

          This is what happens when you normalize political violence. Congratulations. You set out to punch “nazis”. Well, guess what, that just gave them the green light to punch back twice as hard.

        • to pwrserge.

          Nice try on trying to cover up Trumps blatant racism. His ban on travel from Muslim Countries had no logical basis and in fact was confirmed by not only experts in the U.S. but by International Organizations as well. And yes it was aimed at Muslims not Christians. Again proving his Racism and Religious Bigotry.

          Quote from pwrserg====================“refused an invitation to talk with American Muslim groups” Well, you’ll pardon Americans for not wanting to meet with scumbags who describe 9/11 as “somebody did something=================

          Your a poster boy for Trump and the rest of his racist gang of jack booted Nazi’s. We have 6 million American Muslims in this country and you just called them all scumbags. YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WE HAVE RIGHT WING MASS MURDERERS IN THIS COUNTRY. As long as we have people like you in this country we will have a continuing and an escalation of mass murder violence. YOU OWE AN APOLOGY TO ALL MUSLIM AMERICANS IN THIS COUNTRY. You are the problem, you are promoting racist rhetoric, racist hate and racist mass murder.

        • Yeah… that’s cute kiddo… tell me more about how the second most genocidal ideology in human history is a “race”… HINT: You’re part of the fist.

          As for the national socialist attacks… what did you think was going to happen when you normalized political violence? Bet punching “nazis” doesn’t seem like such a good idea now that you’ve given them the green light to punch back? Great job kiddo, you turned a bunch of left wing identitarian edge lords into mass shooters. Good going. Maybe for your next trick you’re going to justify left wing chemical weapon attacks against reporters at public gatherings?

        • Vlad. You are the true fascist here with your constant demands to violate human and civil rights. You, not Trump.

        • Let’s be honest, he’s a commie. He’s nowhere near competent or organized enough to be a fascist. It’s important to keep your totalitarian ideologies straight.

        • Gee Serge, you’re really coming up in the world. Ten years ago it was all Bush’s fault.

    • Actually, it is the evil left who have been dividing and inflaming tensions by using identity politics (race, class, gender, etc…warfare). It is literally the defining issue of the democrat party, with EVERYTHING filtered through the victim/blame prism. Maybe “The Squad” shall save us with their infinite wisdom.

  10. As I said yesterday, the people are the nuts not the guns. And when Nancy or Kamala start talking about confiscation I would suggest they read the Requisition Act of 1941 the second clause (1) and (2) and Section 2 which makes the Act self-limiting and not in need of repeal which would leave (1) and (2) in effect< "Nothing contained in this Act shall be construed- (1) to authorize the requisitioning or require the registration of any firearm possessed by any individual for his personal protection or sport(and the possession of which is not prohibited or the registration of which is not required by existing law), and this is the important part because is evidence that Congress in 1941 understood the Second Amendment, (2) to impair or infringe in any manner the right of any individual to keep and bear arms, or. the next, number (3) doesn't pertain to firearms.

  11. Just because you are anti illegal alien does not make you racist. Many Mexican Americans do not want illegal alien Mexicans or any others here in the US. Just because you do not like the Thug Life gang bangers, does not make you racist – any more than not liking skinny, white tweakers.

    You are stating that you prefer law abiding(or at least anti violent) people.

  12. When these people get it in their heads to go after the political class and not unarmed peasants in markets then things will start to move. With all the pent up anger that causes these things, why no more Steve Scalise like attempts ? How hard is it to kill a congressman, or mayor, or any other person who does not have special protection. I used to work with a congressman/physician who had no protection at all. He could have been taken any day if someone wanted. So why do these shooters with manifestos go for the sheep instead of the shepherds ?

    • They’re sick people. It’s about the numbers. They want to experience killing and rack up as many kills as possible.

    • Because shooting politicians doesn’t stir the pot the right way.

      As I’ve said elsewhere and have said since Christchurch: This is a messaging war.

      This sounds cold but at this point the shooting is really just advertising. The real message is, in a lot of ways, far scarier. Especially since large parts of our “leadership” in the West seem bound and determined to give these shooters everything they want and more.

  13. Aside form needing more to information on what makes these people tick.
    Why are most of these people leftists to begin with. This almost never mentioned in the press,
    If they were dyed in the wool right folks. Wouldn’t they have it plastered all over the place by the press??

    • If it doesn’t support the agenda, then it get suppressed. If it supports the agenda, then it gets amplified. Simple as that. Russia conspiracy theory anyone? The few people that want to take an honest assessment don’t have a large platform. If they attain a large platform through hard work and public interest, Google, etc. will smack it out of their hands.

  14. You got it all correct. From Columbine to today, and even beyond, the problem has never been firearms and/or violence in media. It has always been the damaged human being.

    In regards to learning how to protect yourself, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

    The reason: The Left-Wing politicians.

    Firearm education in schools has been among the Left’s first targets. Because if you learn, you understand. If you understand, you do not fear, and thus will not want the Left’s “protection.”

    It also does not help that the propaganda outlets; CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, FOX, etc. literally shove narratives and agendas (what I call “noise”) down other people’s throats. So much so, that any third-world dictator would be enamored by these propaganda “news” outlets and continuously strive to emulate them and control their populace.

    And what’s more is that the Left hates civil rights more than anyone else. After all, this is the same political alignment that opposed the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, that opposed (and outright abused) the LBGT community, and many other civil rights violations. The American Left still owns slaves, by the way. Not in the form of bodies like before the American Civil War, but in the form of controlling dumbed down minds.

    As a final note in this comment, if the 2nd Amendment, a basic, unalienable human right, is dissolved, who’s to say that Left will not try revoking other basic human rights? Rights such as the Right to Due Process in law; the Right to Unwarranted Search and Seizure; and most importantly, the 1st Amendment.

    That’s my Two Cents.

    • The “since Columbine” component is most disturbing.

      Although not all of these shooters fall neatly into any one category, there is a growing list of late-teen, early-20s, financially comfortable if not out-right affluent, suburban White boys massively pulling triggers. I’m going to amend my previous “formula” to include another factor:

      + Materialized
      – Effectively self-actualized
      + Feminized
      = Dangerous

  15. Guns are a factor.

    Not the most important factor, but sadly, the most visible factor.

    I know that government, given any opportunity, will choose the path of the most totalitarian. So, yea, its almost a certainty that at some point, they’ll ban guns either through a repeal of the 2nd, or more likely by unconstitutional circumvention of the document that they swear to uphold.

    however; to deny access to guns is a factor is silly.

    My argument to the gun grabbers continues to be the same. Show me a gun control measure that will work without turning America into a police state and I’m in. When they come back with “No-one needs an AR-15, Weapons of war, our gun death rate is 12,000 times the rate of Lichtenstein, etc; I just say the same thing, “okay, Not saying I agree, but assuming your right, Show me a gun control measure that will work without turning America into a police state….and I’m in.”

    Usually by the 3rd iteration, they give up.

    • “or more likely by unconstitutional circumvention of the document that they swear to uphold.” Why do you think they want to pack the Supreme Court? They think it will become their future legislative body.

    • Im sorry guns aren’t a real factor here. ARs and AK47s and such weapons have been around for almost 70 years in their current forms. Over 120 years as in semiautomatic.
      Its the human being behind the gun. Something has gone wrong in the last 35-40 years certainly the last 25 to make people more nuttz.. Me I blame Billy Bob Joe Clinton. His terms in office created a
      shitty society in general. He created the have and more have not’s then ever before. It takes village huh?? Yah sure to create a crazy person.
      Liberalism in the schools and the non existant real press just to name a few.
      Leave me and my guns alone. My guns have hurt no one……….yet.
      They might someday if the Libitards get their way. Again. But Id chose to become a criminal in the states view before Id hurt someone first.

      Go after the nutt cases. The worst one can be is wrong and apologize after the fact for ruining some ones life potentially maybe. After the fact.
      Perfect example the broken human being that shot up my neighborhood. Parkland. That kid should have been confined years before even being given a chance to hurt anything.
      A pure failure due to Libitardism.

      • They aren’t using chopsticks.

        If you want to use the “my guns didn’t hurt anyone” you can go that way. But to say the guns aren’t a factor is just not right.

        I figure they’ll eventually force some license scheme down our throats and there wont be much we can do about it. “regulators gotta regulate”. We’ll challenge it, of course, and we might win for a while. But as the left and the right become more polarized and no longer try to talk too each other and just kinda start shooting at each other, we’ll eventually lose out to the regulators on that one i figure.

        It wont work, of course, at least not on criminals. Might make a small dent in the mass shooters but thats about it.

        and we LONG ago left liberalism. I’M a liberal. No we are moving full tilt into Totalitarianism. Bernie Sanders is not right of center in the crazed political environment we live in.

  16. I should add that the media also doesn’t want you to think about mass killings involving things other than guns. The Japanese arson attack for example (Asian with fire). I took this quote from an AOL article;

    “This is the 21st mass killing in the United States in 2019, and the fifth public mass shooting. Before today, 96 people had died in mass killings in 2019 — 26 of them in public mass shootings.”

    So that means that 16 out of 21 mass KILLINGS were NOT SHOOTINGS, and that 70 out of 96 people killed in mass KILLINGS were NOT SHOT.

    Clearly guns are not the problem.

  17. Junk kids, junk marriages, junk families, junk parenting, junk education, junk entertainment, junk media, junk religion, junk government, junk leadership, junk morality, laziness and entitlement abound, no dicipline, no empathy, distorted reality, classified and over medicated…its astonishing its not worse than it is.

    • STREDFORD, you are a hammer, and hit every nail you just described square on the head.

      Family core values, moral upbringing, and spirituality have been fading rapidly over the generations. Parents don’t know what their kids are up to most of the time, leaving these knuckleheads to their own devices. No structure, no discipline, no moral path, so no success. No Sunday school. No dinner at the family table. No discussions.

      Schools should never be a replacement for proper parenting, but schools nowadays can’t keep shitheads in line either. These asswipe adolescent juveniles always have a history of delinquency without real consequences. They don’t respect their parents or teachers. They don’t play well with others. They become outcasts and burn with rage. Nobody wants to say anything and their parents are in denial.

      It’s no wonder their sense of entitlement is off the charts these days because these youngsters haven’t earned a damn thing in their lives. They believe they’re owed everything. They have no work ethic so they don’t experience true worth or value. Success becomes less and less likely, and ultimately failure sets in.

      Political correctness doesn’t allow discipline in the homes or schools especially when a good ass whooping might be in order sometimes. If you can’t keep a kid in check, what makes you think they won’t go off the rails. Military schools don’t usually have these problems, do they. Cuz it’s zero tolerance of any bullshit with emphasis on tough indoctrination and education and strict supervision. It’s required to have proper manners and respect, neatness of dress and quarters, maintenance of grades and fitness, critical thinking and problem solving, sports and other team-oriented activities (including shooting). Ranking structure and leadership, AND, last but not least, religion and the utmost respect for the FLAG, for EVERY single student. All important tools that are proven to promote a successful and healthy future of the child, no matter what path he or she chooses as an adult. Tools that promote respect and self worth. Something to be proud of.

  18. Dear hillbillies,

    the problem is not damaged human beings. The problem is a tyrannical white population of supremacist human beings who would force their violent ways on POC’s. These testosterone driven, aggressive animals who drive Ford F150’s with wild abandon and carry an AR or AK as their CCW need to be pacified once and for all. Whether you are Black, Asian, Hispanic, Muslim, or Native American, it is time to take back the country that was brutally and systematically taken from you.

    Demand that ALL ASSAULT WEAPONS be confiscated and banned throughout this country. Demand that the age of purchase for any firearm be elevated to 25 years. Demand that universal background checks be done for all firearms and ammunition. Demand a 30 day waiting period for any purchase of any firearm anywhere in the country. Ban all private sales. For those Jethro’s who do not comply, incarceration and major financial penalties will be incurred. For those who volunteer information of illegal firearms, a generous monetary award will be given. Children must be taught to report any illegal firearm activities by their parents. Neighbors must be encouraged to report any illegal firearm activities. Demand that the military in conjunction with local law enforcement be given the constitutional right to go door to door and take either civilly or violently by force any assault based weapon.

    It is up to POC to turn this sad nation around. It is up to us to elect a non-white president who will lead us out of this chaos. I urge my fellow POC’s to elect Kamala Harris, a beacon of justice and sanity. She will right the wrongs of white tyranny that is tragically bringing this country down. There will never be peace in this country as long as white tyranny exists.

    • You brought the anti-white talking point into the conversation, so let’s go with that. Let’s take a look at the most and least corrupt countries in the world:

      Notice how the least corrupt countries in the world are predominately white (and Japanese)? The truth hurts.

    • “”Demand that ALL ASSAULT WEAPONS be confiscated and banned throughout this country. Demand that the age of purchase for any firearm be elevated to 25 years. Demand that universal background checks be done for all firearms and ammunition. Demand a 30 day waiting period for any purchase of any firearm anywhere in the country. Ban all private sales. For those Jethro’s who do not comply, incarceration and major financial penalties will be incurred. For those who volunteer information of illegal firearms, a generous monetary award will be given. Children must be taught to report any illegal firearm activities by their parents. Neighbors must be encouraged to report any illegal firearm activities. Demand that the military in conjunction with local law enforcement be given the constitutional right to go door to door and take either civilly or violently by force any assault based weapon.””

      Yeah, and then we can sew gold stars on everyone’s clothes…What you just described is exactly what happened in Germany in the late 1930s. I’d prefer that we not go down that rabbit hole again; It cost 6 million Jews their lives. Giving government total control has never ended well for anyone. People might take you more seriously if you read a history book instead of quoting MSNBC.

    • Youre a ‘tard.

      Your proposed laws will FUCK people of color even more than they already are.

      Who do you think arm themselves with such weapons? hillbillies and whites are no longer the primary gun owning demographic.

      and Harris is a dumbass who was crushed and dismantled by a far more sensible candidate, Tulsi Gabbard. Unfortunately, for the dems, they aren’t wise enough to back here, and they’ll back milquetoast Biden to their peril.

    • “These testosterone driven, aggressive animals who drive Ford F150’s with wild abandon and carry an AR or AK as their CCW need to be pacified once and for all.”

      Once and for all.

      So, ‘vlad’, do you propose a solution, call it a ‘Final Solution’, perhaps?

      That’s the favored policy of despots and totalitarians world-wide in recorded history…

    • I know this is sarcasm. But you should be more careful – someone might take it seriously and try to implement the steps you proposed. Would you want to live with knowledge that your ideas started a civil war that pitched racial groups against each other on your conscience?

  19. Basically. Different societies have different psychological and social problems. Belief in “fan death” in Korea is a classic, mostly harmless example. It’s just a quirk, not insane.

    In general violent crime is declining. Over time it changes form, now serial killing and bank robbery are relatively rare. It would be nice if that was the end of violent crime, but look at the human condition and tell me it could be. We still have conditions that produce antisocial, violent, angry people who are unmoved by consequences. I like to think fewer and fewer per capita as society becomes more clever and affluent but it still happens. Definitely they can no longer hold up a steam train, escape on a horse, and be a folk hero in the Reconstruction-era west. That will stop the higher functioning ones but not all.

  20. So I read the manifesto, this guy had some irrational conclusions about climate change and knew very little about firearms. Other than that the rest of the document was fairly factual. Racist, maybe but that doesn’t make it not true.
    There are better ways to make a point than killing a lot of innocent people but it’s fairly obvious that young white males are being left out of societal progress, they say anything about it and are labeled racist even if discussing facts. Young white males have no voice. At almost any school or university, conservative points of view are not allowed. So this is what happens.
    What is really obscene is that every time a shooting happens, liberals shouting for more “Common Sense Gun Control”. No gun law would have prevented this. It’s not guns. These type of incidents did not happen 50 years ago, Now libs talking about wanting to ban and confiscate “assault rifles”, this will be a sure way to start a new civil war. Honest law abiding citizens rights are already being violated by the government, and they are told to take the matter to court. Really? That’s the problem, government violates your rights and now they want you to trust them in a legal process. Now that’s crazy!

    • “There are better ways to make a point than killing a lot of innocent people but it’s fairly obvious that young white males are being left out of societal progress, they say anything about it and are labeled racist even if discussing facts.”

      Bullshit. Young white males dominate the landscape in all facets of society. They are pampered by the white media. POC’s on the other hand must struggle to be heard and when they are heard they are deemed radical. i.e. David Hogg. Look at the entertainment industry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber… America is a white wash of privileged youth. The sports world maybe dominated by the black athlete but that is because there is no where else for blacks to go. White America pigeon holes POC. Now that’s a fact.

      • There’s no ‘white domination’ There’s monied class, salary class, big money domination.

        Sure there’s white people at the top, but there’s many more at the bottom of the black hole that is temp work and underemployment and ever dwindling job prospects.

        Americans are divided ultimately by class, not by color.

        In the open air prison that the elites want to create for all of us, there will be more than proportionate shares of white people in tent cities.

      • LMAO btw, David Hogg isn’t a POC. Like other prominent, well represented anti-gunners, he’s a privileged white boy from the bourgeoisie

        And he had training wheels to attend the elite ivy league Harvard to boot.

    • All the east Asians around me are conservative and the whites are lefties. Being a conservative isn’t a white thing.

      White males are upset they don’t have the same privilege they were given back in the day. They get increasingly more angry when non whites point out American history or European/white history. Then they get close to snapping when people treat them like white people treated minorities for most of American history.

      It’s called blowback. And it’s a bitch.

      • Youre missing why they’re pissed off or irritated:

        MOST whites throughout history never had privilege or power. Just like today, you have very few whites at the top and everyone else at the bottom.

        Who do you think had to get shredded by machine guns in the trenches, or arms lobbed off on farms and in the factories? yeah, predominantly white guys. Some “privilege”

        And the bitch isn’t against ending segregation and racism. Whites generally agree it needs to end. The bitch is against what many prominent race baiters and SJW shitbags want: REVERSAL of privilege. You know, one side to get privilege while the other gets fucked.

        No thanks. That goes against everything prominent civil rights activists like MLK wanted. Its disgraceful.

      • “White males are upset they don’t have the same privilege they were given back in the day.”

        In a nutshell….WRONG.

        I have plenty of privilege. Some earned, some bought, some just appropriated because. All the privilege I need, and all the privilege I want. There is a huge difference between being privileged, and lacking any social coping skills. All these shooters “look normal”, but none have been.

  21. 2019 Republicans refuse to pass any affordable Mental Health Care. In fact they actually reduced all coverage of all health care in 2019 by attacking and attempting to obliterate The National Health Care Act. The result was 30 million Americans now have no health care at all and many more have reduced benefits.

    Republicans refuse to tackle the assault rifle problem of weekly mass murders with them including the attacks and mass murders in U.S. Schools.

    Republicans Refuse to condemn Trumps racist tirades against minorities and refugees which encourage Right Wing Racist Terrorists to commit more and more mass murders.

    The toll of 251 mass shootings include five high-profile rampages in the past eight days, in which more than 100 people were shot:

    *A shooting in a historic district of Dayton, Ohio, with 9 people killed and 27 injured.

    *A shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, with 20 people killed and 26 wounded. It was the deadliest shooting of the year.

    *A shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area, with three people killed and 15 injured.

    *A shooting at a Brooklyn block party, with one person killed and 11 injured.

    *A shooting at a Walmart in Southaven, Mississippi, with two people killed and two injured.

    Before the El Paso attack, the deadliest mass shooting of 2019 happened in a municipal building in Virginia Beach, where a former city employee killed 12 people and injured four.

    The Gun Violence Archive says there have been 33,028 total shooting incidents in 2019 as of Sunday, resulting in 8,734 deaths and 17,308 injuries.

    The last time the mass shooting toll topped days of the year was 2016, which had 382 mass shootings — the most in any year since the Gun Violence Archive started keeping track. The past two years came close, with 346 mass shootings in 2017 and 340 in 2018.

    • “The result was 30 million Americans now have no health care at all and many more have reduced benefits.”

      That’s a bald faced lie. You intentionally conflate health care with state provided health insurance. Every American has as much health care as he, or his insurance company can pay for.
      Which other personal services do you want the state to regulate or tax payers to provide? Hair care? Balls waxing?

  22. “dear Hillbillies?”

    Vlad, you want to be taken seriously after an introduction like that?

    Personally I just see a lot of psychological projection in your words.

    • Hey Dave please wake up and notice that their are two Vlad’s. I am the one with the moniker.

      “quote”””””””””’“dear Hillbillies?”

      Vlad, you want to be taken seriously after an introduction like that?

      Personally I just see a lot of psychological projection in your words.”””””””””””””””””””quote

      Notice the fake Vlad has no moniker.

  23. All of these shooters should be mandatoryily drug tested as soon they are in custody. My money is marijuana/THC either in their system or they’ve grown up around it.

      • The modern marijuana isn’t the ditch weed the hippies were smoking in the 60s, its much stronger and there have been many cases where it has been linked to people having psychotic episodes. Not to sound like refer madness. And like alcohol different people react differently.

  24. 310 million people you’re bound to have a few thousand psychos in the midst. We are seeing a few come to the surface.

    And the rest of us are going to pay for it.

    • I’m not worried about Trump’s impending fudd-out. RKBA progress had stalled and the gun culture lost focus anyway. Best we can get out of this administration is a clear bad example, though what good it will be against short attention spans, mindless tribalism and battered-spouse logic I don’t know.

  25. Vlad, you proved my point, you immediately without rational thought, chastise young white males and categorize them by the color of their skin. What if someone talked that way about blacks? Well they would be labeled a racist. I guess since I don’t agree with you, in your world view, I am a racist? Your liberal ranting promotes true hate, Why do have such a intolerance of law abiding gun owners who never hurt anyone. As a group ( gun owners) who never hurt anyone, your intolerance of us, is the true definition of hate speech.

  26. Its not hard to figure out. On top of people becoming descintized, the media and the liberal parties are cultivating the minds of already damaged monsters.
    The democrats, the media, antifa and other radical liberals are the true terrorist in this country end of story. At the end of the day, who controls the narrative for how poeple think, and respond. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Look at it this way, these insane shooters are their juggernauts.
    This is 4th generation warfare with a lot of innocent casualties.


    • Mass murder is not committed by inanimate objects. It is committed by people.

      When you blame objects for the actions of people you do not solve any issue, but create larger issues.

      That makes you part of the problem.

    • Breaking news: Inanimate objects known as semiautomatic rifles (but named “machine guns” by the anti-American left) wreaking havoc in the streets while literally loading themselves with cartridges and shooting human beings ALL ON THEIR OWN! Said one of the metallic and polymer murderers “no longer shall we have our brethren dry fired, non lubricated, and put away dirty”. No comment from their brothers in the handgun community.

    • It is the left who promotes the racist (class, gender, etc…) hatred through their one trick pony platform of identity politics, pitting American against American in a sick, twisted victim sweepstakes.

  28. Trump says he has to do something about guns. And mental health too. He will make a statement tomorrow about what he is planning to do with his anti gun administration. He says hate has no place here and he will get it stopped.

    • “My fellow Americans. It is plain to see that something has to be done to protect the innocent. I am issuing an Executive Order that effective immediately allows all citizens of legal age in the US to arm themselves in their daily lives. Constitutional carry is the only common sense gun control that makes sense.’

  29. So on Monday around 10AM Trump Time we will hear something out of him. Will it be anti-gun or address the Human Violence problem? Probably depends upon who talks to him last and loudest. We all know he has no foundational principles other than his own self interest.

    Trump is certainly not pro-gun or pro-Second Amendment.

  30. Shooting up a bunch of people randomly at a big box store to make a political point or for revenge against real or imagined acts is the work of a dangerous mental defective with a sub-room temperature IQ.

    There certainly are people out there who deserve what’s coming to them, but the odds are remote against finding them strolling about the local Galleria buying cheap Chinese goods.

    If the average Hispanic working stiff is “bad,” what does that make an indiscriminate murderer?

  31. How about these:

    – Stop demonizing white people in their own countries.
    – Stop turning a blind eye to crimes committed by non-whites when they dwarf those if whites.
    – Stop promoting the destruction of “whiteness” and the bullshit ideology of “white privilege”.
    – Stop constantly undermining Western/American/Christian values. There are countries all over the world with different values to live in. We should not have to conform to yours.

    Yours truly,
    Your friendly, “evil, anti-Semitic white nationalist”

    • Cory is mouthing verbatim the same Racist filth that the mass murderer shooter in Texas ranted about. We need to have the cops get to Cory’s house and soon.

        • Identity politics should die. However, until people start telling the truth and dealing with the root issues that is not going to happen.

        • to pwrserg

          quote————————-But is he wrong? The racist attack by the left against white people has to stop.————————–

          After the Cops storm Cory’s house they need to come directly to your house too before either of you can go nuts with an assault rifle and follow in the footpath of the Texas Shooter. Your rants and hatred of minorities prove it beyond all doubt.

        • I hate to break this to you, but the Texas shooter was one of yours. Read his manifesto. It reads like a Bernie campaign speech.

          Green New Deal

      • He wasn’t wrong, my evil little neo-Marxist comrade. Now wise up and stop eating the lead paint chips off the walls.

  32. More from Robert Reich

    Gallup polls.

    96% of Americans want Universal Back Ground Checks.

    75% support a 30 day waiting period for gun sales.

    70% support registering guns with the local police department.

    Robert Reich: 5 Reasons the NRA Is Wrong
    Written by Robert Reich / RobertReich.Org April 8, 2018
    The next time you hear someone repeating pro-gun NRA propaganda, respond with these five points:

    1. Gun laws save lives. Consider the federal assault weapons ban. After it became law in 1994, gun massacres – defined as instances of gun violence in which six or more people were shot and killed – fell by 37 percent. The number of people dying from mass shootings fell by 43 percent. But when Republicans in Congress let the ban lapse in 2004, gun massacres more than doubled.

    2. The Second Amendment was never intended to permit mass slaughter. When the Constitution was written more than 200 years ago, the framers’ goal was permit a “well-regulated militia,” not to enable Americans to terrorize their communities.

    3. More guns have not, and will not, make us safer. More than 30 studies show that guns are linked to an increased risk for violence and homicide. In 1996, Australia initiated a mandatory buyback program to reduce `the number of guns in private ownership. Their firearm homicide rate fell 42 percent in the seven years that followed.

    4. The vast majority of Americans want stronger gun safety laws.According to Gallup, 96 percent of Americans support universal background checks, 75 percent support a 30-day waiting period for all gun sales, and 70 percent favor requiring all privately owned guns to be registered with the police. Even the vast majority of gun owners are in favor of common-sense gun safety laws.


    5. The National Rifle Association is a special interest group with a stranglehold on the Republican Party. In 2016, the group spent a record $55 million on elections. Their real goal is to protect a few big gun manufacturers who want to enlarge their profits.

    America is better than the NRA. America is the young people frdom Parkland, Florida, who are telling legislators to act like adults. It’s time all of us listen.

    • I make a point of not listening to anybody named “Reich”… But hey, genocidal totalitarian commies gonna be totalitarian yo.

    • The only “mass slaughter” is occurring in the “infested” inner cities. Why does the left hate black people so much that they don’t even name the real statistical culprit in the American murder rate…GANGS?

      • As President Bush said The Left homosexual or straight “has a soft bigotry of Low expectations” of black people. Twice as many blacks have been shot and killed in Chiraq several times over and over again. Mass murder is going on and it’s just ignored. Because of the race of the shooter and the victims.

      • If you live in Kentucky (the Bluegrass State) you can probably get that green grass argument out of 99% of the people..

    • Ad 5. Oh, no! 5 million members of the NRA spent $55 millions against presidential candidate who promised us that she’ll take away our property, our constitutionally protected human rights and our ability to defend ourselves. O M G, that’s record setting eleven bucks per each of us members! I would gladly pay much more to help defeat such candidate.

      • WHAT in the fuck is a Universal Background Check… Shit going on that the cunt in Dayton bought his gun ONLINE. So fucking what? I buy most of my firearms and 95% of my ammo ONLINE, and guess what? Every gun I ever purchased online (even from the auction sites) had to be shipped to an FFL dealer where I had to pay five dollars to fill out a FEDERAL form and then wait while it was transmitted to a FEDERAL agency and a CRIMINAL background check was performed, when I got my CCL it took 5 weeks to do that background check but renewals are finished in a couple of weeks and it was worth it because now no matter what I buy, long gun or handgun as soon as the approval comes back I can take it with me same day. If the idea is to include private sales and transfers among family members, good luck with that, a number of states already require that, but there is no way in hell every gun transfer is going to go through any kind of system no matter what law you pass or how much of a percentage of the population wants it… I will not register my guns, if they don’t already know what I have then I’ll keep it that way,… Too many “fake news” purveyors insinuate that because a gun is purchased online there is no background check and the gun is just mailed to the buyer anonymously. That’s a lie, but no one ever calls them on it… you CAN purchase unfinished, non-numbered AR receivers without a check but then you must complete some pretty involved machine work to make it functional and getting caught with an unnumbered firearm can cost a lot of money and deprive you of your freedom for quite some time, is it worth it? not to me… So whatever you want to call it UNIVERSAL or COMPREHENSIVE or HERBIE, who cares, it already exists in the most stringent form that most people are going to comply with.. For the most part gun owners are sportsmen, hunters, plinkers or people concerned about the violence being perpetrated by a few sick assholes and own a gun to defend themselves and their family, 99.9% are law abiding, honorable men and women and will remain so until some dumbass passes some stupid regulation or law that will make them all outlaws for refusing to comply (registration, limits to magazine size, amount of ammo you can have, number of guns you can own, types of currently approved firearms you can no longer own, unlawful taxation)… It’s true what they say “IF GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS” problem is most of those outlaws would otherwise be law abiding gun owners…. The Chief of Police in the Dayton shooting made a comment that the perp had MODIFIED his gun to shoot like a RIFLE… Doesn’t a rifle by definition already shoot like a rifle? Anybody clarify that one?

        • “I buy most of my firearms and 95% of my ammo ONLINE…”

          Do you also scan the online offerings looking for someone who will meet you on a lonely country road and do the exchange face-to-face in order to avoid the background check?

          People complaining about online gun sales all believe:
          A. There are untold thousands of such sales every day
          B. People who buy guns via the internet are either crazies, or felons
          C. The sole purpose for internet sales is to bypass background checks
          D. Everyone who buys guns online is someone planning to kill other people
          E. Don’t care about the niceties of sending guns bought via the internet to FFLs (and don’t believe that actually happens)

  33. We are all saddened by the reckless and irresponsible act of murder by any human being to another human being, regardless of the weapon used.

    I would like to suggest that it is time to condemn Hollywood elites and all those money hungry, greedy and sanctimonious buffoons associated with making films that glorify killing others via any method. I believe what we are experiencing, while not totally, but in good part, regarding any shooting and killing of another person, is rising from the bowels of the movies industry and game manufacturers who glorify and promote a total disrespect for life. Our young people are drawn to it as if it makes sense.

    I for one have trouble finding anything on TV or at the box office that I want children to witness. They are being shamelessly and continually exposed to serious mental harm. A social environment is being created and glorified where death and destruction are used to brainwash everyone, not just children, but our children are clearly the most vulnerable. Guns don’t kill unless a reckless human being pulls the trigger.The truth is the use of guns is being misrepresented by Hollywood and politicians who are motivated by “money” . Yes the money hungry elite in Hollywood and our elected officials will never do what needs to be done, just look at their lavish lifestyles and imagine telling them they have to stop.

    Brainwashing works, and we are being led to believe that we can allow this to go on by electing lazy worthless elected politicians, that have total disregard for our country and the rule of law. We must stop electing corrupt and worthless politicians, start enacting accountable policies and enforce them and take political power to the low level it deserves; Law and Order must prevail. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated any longer. Support our Constitution, the rule of law and elect Americans that can get this country back on track.

    Boycott violent movies and TV, boycott violent game makers, elect real public administrators and do your part to help you children differentiate between right and wrong.

    • quote===================Brainwashing works, and we are being led to believe that we can allow this to go on by electing lazy worthless elected politicians, that have total disregard for our country and the rule of law. We must stop electing corrupt and worthless politicians, start enacting accountable policies and enforce them and take political power to the low level it deserves; Law and Order must prevail. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated any longer. Support our Constitution, the rule of law and elect Americans that can get this country back on track.================

      China and Russia combined do not have the amount of people in prison than the prison Country of Capitalvania. China has 4 1/2 times the population of the U.S. Your rant is proved false in every sense of the word. More prison time certainly has proved not to have stopped maniacs with assault rifles until of course you take away their assault rifles. Neither Russia or China has mass murder by assault rifles and the reason is obvious they took them away.

      • Think of all the other things they have taken away in china and russia. Like the lives of millions of their own.

        Of course they don’t want their people to have rifles. Makes it harder to murder protesters.

      • China and Russia combined do not have the amount of people in prison than the prison Country of Capitalvania.

        That is because China and Russia learned a long time ago that a .39 cent bullet to the brain is much cheaper than a trial and prolonged incarceration….

        • Exactly. They’re not a free people. They have no 1st amendment and no 2nd amendment to protect a 1st amendment. After they kill you, they’ll add the 39 cents to your family’s debt to be paid immediately.

      • All we need to know about Vlad is whom he wants us to emulate.
        Once you say: “Let’s be more like China and Russia” you uncovered how deep is your split with American values and your totalitarian agenda.

        How about NO! If you like those countries so much, move there.

  34. Mental health mental health the United States has almost stopped all of the mental health facilities ran by the state government due to there budgets Ohio had over 20 big mental health facilities and closed all but 4. They think the private sector can do it but who can afford it. So the crazy people will keep killing the normal innocent ones.

  35. Respectfully directed to those who beat the drum for Gun Control.

    Any such persons should feel free to illustrate the following, with specific details please. Be so kind to explain where and when Gun Control, as usually offered and proposed, attacks on the most basic rights of the law abiding, have served to protect anyone. Thanks for your attention and thoughtful response.

  36. Is it not ironic that the Far Right Wing Fanatics that screamed the loudest that they loved Assault Rifles were the ones who caused them to be banned. By promoting racist hatred they sealed their own doom because their most fanatical members chose to commit mass murder on a scale never before seen in the U.S.

    Trump made an announcement that tomorrow he will have big changes coming and it will not be for more assault rifle ownership that’s for damn sure.

    • I find it ironic that you legitimized political violence and are now shocked that your national socialist cousins are following your example.

      • ”””””””””””quote””””””””””””I find it ironic that you legitimized political violence and are now shocked that your national socialist cousins are following your example.”””””””””””””””

        Your really off your meds tonight. I never advocated violence of any kind rather it is you who do it in about every one of your posts. Projection obviously.

    • You think he will ban semi auto rifles 🙂 Dont hold your breath how about taking the 150 billion a year we lose on illegals and invest that into mental health. More people die from drugs like meth and opioids to the tune of over 70,000 a year. I expect he will ask congress for billions to stick into mental health. I also expect they will call for studies and spend money there where it is needed.

      • I also bet if they do ask for things that would reduce the killing, the dems will fight. They will say its racist. It just like mandatory sentences when a gun is used in commission of a crime, dems killed it. I guess some feel they are more useful when not behind bars.

  37. Be aware hillbillies that Vlad (avatar) and Vlad do not share the same agenda. Vlad (avatar) is in no way connected with AIM and does not represent nor speak for the indigenous people (Native American or Native Hawaiian). Furthermore he does not (to my knowledge) represent any people’s groups such as BLM or Antifa. I could be wrong about the last 2 so you need to ask him. Finally, Vlad (avatar) does not speak for POC. POC speak for POC.

  38. This is open border policy – mental illness. A knee jerk reaction to dems and they love it. Already saying its Trump. The reality it is the dems, antifa, communist/fascist in the country who benefit from mass shootings and they pray for them . In some parts of DC they are toasting the deaths of these peasants. They would sacrifice millions if they could. They would do anything the DOJ will let them get away with for power in 2020. The polls show they need miracle massacres to achieve their goals.

    • I love how the far left are now claiming that somebody who is pro-UBI and pro-“Green New Deal” is now magically on the right.

      Read this assclown’s manifesto. There is no better evidence that both the National Socialists and the International Socialists basically have the same “progressive” platform.

    • ‘quote”””””””””””””””’This is open border policy – mental illness. A knee jerk reaction to dems and they love it. Already saying its Trump. The reality it is the dems, antifa, communist/fascist in the country who benefit from mass shootings and they pray for them . In some parts of DC they are toasting the deaths of these peasants. They would sacrifice millions if they could. They would do anything the DOJ will let them get away with for power in 2020. The polls show they need miracle massacres to achieve their goals.””””””””””quote

      Even if your far out twisted post was true (which sane people know is laughable) it is still the Right Wing Racist killer maniacs that are responsible for at least two of the last 3 mass murders.

  39. The American Media won’t call these people terrorists because if they did it would have provided a reverse effect than desired as more citizens would seek to arm themselves.

    Let’s start calling them terrorists and see what happens.

  40. Leftist, neo-Marxist, and socialist propaganda and indoctrination into our schools have minimized or omitted most aspects of American national pride, identity, unity, family, and religion.

    In short, people are tired of the BS.

  41. No one wants to talk about it but the fact is that the further we get from a Christian nation, the more we will see this sort of thing. We are simply becoming the reality of the Casey decision in 1993. “My truth is true, and your truth is true even if they are at odds.” Everyone can believe whatever they want and according to post modernists, it is true.

    Either return to Christianity or reap the whirlwind.

  42. This issue was politicalized decades ago. The so called mental illness advocates are hypocrites and bloodsuckers on the big $$$ in the homeless “charity” business. San francisco has been turned into a shithole because of this historical perverted policies. It all began with Joyce Brown. And a real enemy of the people, the ACLU.

    Jan. 19, 1988: Woman wins the right to be homeless

    The goal of the Left is to destroy society. And create their version of utopia. Which is a Hell for everyone else. There is no proof that Libertarians Liberals or the Left care about the mentally ill homeless population.

    If your not willing to use government, to force people to get treatment then you don’t really care. You are willing to have a few mass murders every now and then. It’s been happening in Chiraq for years now.

    But those are black people. So they don’t count.

  43. FBI director states tonight on CNN that Right Wing Maniacs are responsible for the majority of mass murders in the U.S. And the former FBI Director stated that according to Federal Law they cannot prosecute Racist Right Wing Maniacs that are domestic terrorists or even those that aid them. They can only do it with foreign terrorists which simply means the FBI is not able to formulate and carry out a domestic counter terrorist program. The FBI former director also stated that Right Wing Maniac White Supremacist Groups are now exploding across the U.S. and may hit an all time high in 2019. They are now the number one threat to the American people not foreign terrorism or foreign countries.

    Gun ownership is going to take a very big hit because of these Right Wing Terrorist Maniac Groups and their suicide soldiers.

    • If what you say is true, and we know its not, because, vlad, then you need to crawl into a hole. All those right wing maniacs will be looking to fukk up you antifa soy boys.

        • oops, “orange hitler” failed to announce the place where I am to turn in all my guns.. instead he called for swift justice, rapid trial and execution of these assholes without the bullshit delays… He also called for local state and federal authorities to get off their asses and do their jobs when it comes to going after some of these assholes.. It sucks to hear the bullshit line “well, he was on the FBI radar for several years or he was a “bully” in school but no one did anything about it and “he talked about doing a mass shooting or shooting up a school, but no one took him seriously”. So sorry dude but responsible gun owners will be getting a pass on these… Maybe more people need to do what I do and IGNORE those stupid gun free zone signs, If you need to use it to save lives no one will question why you were carrying in a theater a mall or where ever guns are not permitted…

        • Orangeman did reiterate support for red flag laws (“with due process”…whatever that will mean).

          Gun owners will not get a pass on these shootings. Living in Realsville, I know the vast majority of people are driven by emotion, rather than logic, reason, and principle. One day we will be called to account for our idea that these shootings are just the price society pays to remain free. Of all our slogans, mantras and tokens to ward off the evil gun grabbers, the idea that society must accept these terrorist events as part of life because “rights” is the weakest, the least persuasive. We all knew there would come a day when too many, too close in time, would energize not only the rabid grabbers, but the fuds and “undecideds”. We may be looking at that day.

        • June 3rd 2019: 52 shot, 10 killed
          July 1st 2019 56 shot, 4 dead
          4th of July weekend even included two stabbing homicides
          July 29th 2019 48 shot, 8 dead
          Aug 5th 2019 55 shot, 7 dead Just another weekend in the Windy City……..
          300 gun related homicides so far this year in Chicago (an average of 42 plus every month, more than 10 every week) and not one fucking word out the FIRST gun grabbing piece of shit politician… WHY? Because it blows their whole game right out their ass.. Hell it’s practically impossible to buy a LEGAL firearm in Chicago, so the “law abiding citizen” is at the mercy of the gangs and other criminals that control their neighborhoods, Chicago has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country and one of the HIGHEST gun related murder rates in the world… Ooooops can’t talk about that, makes that new gun control agenda look bad, might actually prove out the theory that stricter gun control laws DO NOT equate to lower instances of gun related crimes and deaths… I’m not worried, unless I personally fuck up and lose my RIGHT to bear arms, my guns are safe…

    • If that was really the case, maybe you should watch what you say. Who knows when some so-called white supremacists comes after you for being the enemy.

    • Is this the very same former FBI director that signed FISA warrants that he KNEW were based on bogus information put together by a foreign agent who hated Trump and was not only on the FBI payroll but was also funded by the DNC the State Department and the Clinton campaign through Fusion GPS.. that FBI director? the one who leaked “privileged (classified) conversations between himself and POTUS? That FBI director? The same one that over reached his authority by letting Hillary off the hook for blatant mishandling of classified information?… If so your hero is about to find out what jailhouse bars look like from the inside looking out… You should really be more careful when extolling the virtues of assholes like James Comey and he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut cause the more he talks the deeper he digs…

  44. McVeigh killed 168 people in a matter of seconds and never pulled the trigger on a gun.

    What else is there to say to all the idiots who think if you ban guns people will ‘coexist’ and have milk and cookies. Not the way world works and if you think so you are severely sheltered.

  45. Why is our media and our society afraid to call this what it truly is, domestic terrorism

    The use of violence or of the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives and
    acts committed by non-state actors (or by undercover personnel serving on the behalf of their respective governments)
    acts reaching more than the immediate target victims and also directed at targets consisting of a larger spectrum of society

    How can anyone argue with the definition of terrorism? Maybe calling terrorism a crime is more politically correct?

  46. Tell generations that the sky is falling unless they destroy Western Civilization RIGHT NOW. Never mind that the sky never seems to actually fall, just keep pounding it into their heads starting in kindergarten.

    Tell generations the all their problems are the fault of others, and that it will never get better unless they destroy Western Civilization RIGHT NOW.

    Do this and much more, turning everyone against everyone else in smaller and smaller special interest groups, all clamoring to vote themselves a share of what other people create, all fighting for special treatment and privileges under the law (though never thinking of it that way, “because I deserve this”).

    Convince people living in these times of unprecedented freedom, equality of oportunity, and prosperity that they are somehow are victims of horrendous oppression.

    And what happens? Many are not saving or planning for the future. They blow everything they make on expensive clothes, luxury foods, and toys, then bitch loudly that they can’t pay off the loans they took out to get worthless degrees. Many spend their time whining and breaking down others instead of going out and doing what they must to improve their lives (“why should I do things that other people need and value when it’s not fulfilling to me? Why should THEY get to decide what I do in exchange for their money?”).

    And some will crack and do what we’ve seen over the weekend. If a person really believes the sky is falling, really believes everyone around them is to blame for it, really feels that others are to blame for all their misfortunes in some fashion, really believes that extreme action is required to “save the planet,” then is it any wonder we get these nutters, both the leftist type and those reacting to them?


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