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A whole lot of The People of The Gun surely seem incensed over reports of President Trump’s support of Extreme Risk Protection Orders. These so-called red flag laws would temporarily deprive an individual of their firearm rights. However, looking closer, Trump’s support of such measures seems over-stated at best.

Lindsey Graham, in a piece in The Daily Caller, is quoted as saying:

“I spoke with the President this morning about this proposal and he seems very supportive.”

He seems supportive? That seems rather subjective to put it kindly.

Furthermore, Graham tweeted out a written statement on the matter. And frankly, Graham plays fast and loose with a whole lot of half-truths in order to solicit further support for red flag laws. It begins with this:

I support the Second Amendment.

You probably recognize that as a favorite tactic of anti-gun politicians like…Barack Obama.  “I support the Second Amendment, but…” and “The notion that I [Obama], or Hillary or Democrats or whoever you want to choose are hell-bent on taking away your guns is just not true…”

In other words, if you like your guns, you can keep your guns.

Nevermind recent headlines like these:

Biden says he’s coming for assault weapons, as 2020 Dems urge new ban in wake of shootings

…Asked what he’d say to gun owners worried that Biden would be coming for their guns, he quickly answered: “Bingo! You’re right, if you have an assault weapon.”

Kamala Harris willing to send cops to people’s homes to confiscate banned firearms

Obviously, President Trump has not come out stating “let’s ban guns/magazines and start confiscating them” as Democrats have. Nor has he even flirted with doing so.

In fact, Trump’s so-called support of additional gun control laws has been tepid at best.  Let’s look at his own words via Twitter.


For those who cannot see embedded tweets, here is the plain text:

We cannot let those killed in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, die in vain. Likewise for those so seriously wounded. We can never forget them, and those many who came before them. Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying….this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform. We must have something good, if not GREAT, come out of these two tragic events!

Just what, aside from ensuring “strong background checks” does Trump support? Let’s revisit yesterday’s press conference. In it, Trump supported legislation that would allow the seizure of firearms from those who pose a grave risk to public safety – after a due process hearing.

We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms, and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process.  That’s why I have called for Red Flag laws also known as  Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

However, the “Red Flag” laws Lindsey “Grahamnesty” Graham, Senator Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal and others have proposed do not have a due process provision until after the guns are seized.

So, dear fellow gun owners, before joining the foaming-at-the-mouth crowd proclaiming the sky is falling over Trump’s so-called support of red flag laws, take a deep breath and step back from the edge of the cliff.

At best, some people are misrepresenting the President’s support for gun control legislation. While others are playing games with what sort of gun control legislation Trump might support and when (such as marrying it to immigration reform). They wish to pretend they have the president’s support for their own gun control ideas when they really don’t.

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  1. It’s all talk until votes happen.

    Burn up your Congressman/women’s phonelines with your calls.

      • What the heck is the GOA?

        Was that a typo? Did you mean GOAT? DOA? BOA? COD?

        Help me here. I want to represent you.

    • I’m sure Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster and Pappas will be very receptive to the wish of this constituent. I still contacted them if only to show them I still exist.

        • It’s interesting how they are starting to drop the term “Assault Weapon” and have been using the term “Military Style Weapon”. I hear that phrasing and I don’t think just semi-autos. I include bolt-action sniper (hunting) rifles as well. The Military also uses semi-auto pistols with magazines. This is a calculated use of terminology to include more guns than just usual AR-15 / AK-47 style weapons. A Military-Style gun ban would include nearly any weapon out there besides revolvers, small caliber rifles (without detachable mags), and so many more.

          Be afraid.

      • My rep has ties to a sex cult and a past A rating from the NRA. Thankfully neither of our reps are superdelegate approved

      • My local news rag threatened to hang people questioning the lack of childhood vaccine safety studies. The difference?

    • trump still thinks the latest mass shooting was in toledo…hard to know what this guy is going to do next…

    • Let’s cut through the hyperbole. A ‘Red Flag” law is one that is ex-parte—there is no due process involved and, based on any weak excuse, the cops have the legal right to confiscate your guns. If due process is provided and somebody claims you’re a danger to yourself, you have a right to legal representation and a right to confront your accuser in court. For obvious reasons gun-controllers and their political backers favor ex parte gun-confiscations where you have not legal defense of your 2nd Amendment rights. If you are guaranteed due process and your constitutional rights are protected, you do not have a Red Flag law. Someone may use the term loosely and for polemical purposes but what results isn’t a Red Flag law.

  2. It only requires to hear what is said not what is wanted to be heard. The president said red flag laws WITH due process. Essentially nothing will come of it because the democrats don’t want anything to do with due process. They don’t want anything to do with the constitution really. They want the power to do what feels good in the moment and change willy nilly as the moment does. That’s a poor existence for everyone but them.

    • With “rapid due process”. Anyone who trusts their rights to the assumption that “rapid due process” bears any resemblance to due process other than in name is a fool.

  3. And who is going to pay for the lawyer when someone is dragged into court on a baseless ERPO claim?

  4. Although I am a strong Trump supporter, I am sometimes angry with and disappointed in him. I have noticed that he likes to confuse everyone, foes and supporters alike. He feints one way, then another. He likes to keep us all guessing. He had Pelosi and Schumer celebrating, thinking they had won on immigration, then he found other funding for the wall. I do not know his intentions on gun rights, but I am not taking anything he says at face value. He is sly. He is the first President since Reagan that I can get behind and fully support, but I have learned to watch what he does and not take his tweets too seriously.

    • Summary: Trump says a lot of shit, but he’s come through lately. The DNC is going completely off of the rails into full blown Marxism.

      • Hes great at violating the second amendment and forcing the surrender of legal property via executive fiat.

          • He did actually do that with bump stocks. Executive order and bump stocks were illegal. How many mass shootings has that stopped? Oh shucks, that’s right, absolutely none!

        • I’m a communist because I dont believe the Government should SEIZE property unjustly.

          The heart of communism is stealing private property through Government force. Thats what Trump did. You and he are both communists.

          • Yep he made bump stocks illegal via executive order and the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear the case that challenged it. There’s a lot wrong with that.

        • Damn people are ignorant. The cases are still in the lower courts. The SCotUS just declined to hear an appeal vis a vi a preliminary injunction.

          • The US appeals court of the District of Columbia upheld the lower courts decision and the Supreme Court won’t hear it. Where else does it need to go? Court of appeals agrees that the ban is legal and the Supreme Court by not entertaining the case is doing the same thing. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case not once but twice.

        • The case doesn’t matter in terms of defending Trump. He already choae his route in being traitorous and so have you.

          Trump has used government power to take property and let’s not forget put slide fire out of business. Hes a commie and so are you.

      • @ pwrserge

        You are correct,if anyone want’s to argue the point,this past weekends DSA National Convention 2019 should more than dispel that notion.

    • You sound like you don’t take yourself too seriousely. That’s probably appropriate.

    • Well, amigo, that is what ERPOs seek to accomplish. ou can still roam about, just not armed. Or, if you are bad enough, the cops can have you taken to a mental health facility for “evaluation and treatment” as a danger to oneself or others. Which some of the folks who should be subject to ERPOS surely are.

      • Well then – we better just seize any knives, ice-picks, baseball-bats, tire-irons, hammers, bottles, cans of gasoline – all other weapons the subject has access to. Or if that’s not practical, simply proceed immediately to incarceration!

  5. Let’s add an addendum to red flag laws that if after “due process” it is found that the reported person is not dangerous, that the person who lied and made the report/complaint be jailed for life.

  6. Trumps encouragement of the re classification of Bump stocks showed his true colors. Hes a traitor and should be jailed with every other violator of our constitutional rights.

    • @trololol; You seem really butthurt over the bumpstock ban.
      Did you have one? Were you stupid like the other 3 or 4 that turned it in?

      • Im butthurt that my constitutional rights are being trampled by our President. I’m also mad none of the Trumpettes will rally against this man and his trampling of our 2nd and 4th Amendment rights.

        • @ trololol. I haven’t seen or read anything reference ANY politician being god like, or perfect. Hasn’t been since recorded history started to be writ. Not even Moses.
          Ronnie also blew it on the illegal aliens issue.
          If my choice is between Ronnie or Trump and the jackwagons in and out of
          congress I will take the former.
          If you can name ONE politician, in either party, that can do better, I will concede the point.
          Go ahead, make my day.

        • Well, as I have said before, every time Trump convinces me not to vote for him the democraps come along and convince me to vote for him.

          I am not happy with many things he has done and many things he has not done, but my chances of being killed in a shootout with cops trying to serve a red flag order on me because I inadvertently misgendered some androgynous idiot at work or voiced my unflattering opinion of Obama is slightly lower under Trump than, say Camel-uh, or AOC.

        • @dave I’m sorry to hear that people criticizing Trump causes you to be fanny-troubled.

        • Let me see…Killery Klinton or Trump? Not a hard decision for normal thinking folks. Trump’s not perfect, no one said he was. Bur killery is the crook from hell, and she ran on taking down the gun owners and the NRA. Now listen to ALL the 2020 demonrats. Every single one of them make killery seem like a moderate. Get your heads out of your asses and support Trump.

          • I voted for Trump because he was the only bad option. Why do people act like bad is good just because the other option is worse? Bad is still bad. I said as much before and after voting for him. He wasn’t the best thing this country needed but we definitely didn’t need another Clinton.

      • How does being upset about having rights and property stripped away from an individual equate to butt hurt? That’s a legitimate reason to be pissed and no I never owned a bump stock and don’t care to but that’s not the point either. The simple and plain fact is that they are illegal and if you are caught with one it is a federal rap and no more guns period. It’s not about what is important just to you and a handful of others. That’s the NRA’s position, the only thing people should have is what they say they should have. If someone wants to own a bump stock they should be able to, or anything else for that matter period. They damn sure shouldn’t have to worry about whether the government is going to take it or throw them in jail for having it.

      • Point isn’t the useless bump stocks; the point is setting a precedent that ATF definitions can be changed to the opposite by executive fiat. Anyone not worried about that abuse of power must have a lot if trust in the executive branch now and in the future.

        • Don’t/didn’t like the bumpstock EO. As an EO it can be rescinded at any time.
          My issue isn’t the ban , my issue is all the hateful comments towards the best (not perfect) POTUS in my lifetime. He even beats Ronnie, whom I really liked.
          If any one of the butthurt pansies were stupid enough to comply with an unlawful order, no pity. I don’t recall a door to door search and seize.
          By whining about it you not only bring unwanted attention to yourself, but make the left retards jump up and down with joy.
          Support gun rights: Buy more guns and ammo.
          If you live in a not free state, I’m sorry. My advice; acquire, shovel, shut up.
          There is a difference between “law abiding” and stupid.

        • Retards want to pretend that a case that hasn’t even made it out of the lower courts yet is a done deal. Here’s a wacky idea… the preliminary injunction shouldn’t have been granted because no irreparable harm is being done to the plaintiff. Worse, what these assholes were asking was for the courts to block an executive action before the case was even argued. Something I guaran fucking tee they would argue the other direction on literally any other topic. Unlike some of these morons, my reading of the Constitution doesn’t start and stop at the 2nd amendment.

          • That sounds exactly as wishy washy as Trump does. If he says you can’t own your house or vehicle are you going to suck his dick on that too? What is unacceptable infringement to you so we can all get on board with what YOU want? God forbid rights be individual. Instead lets make rights mean what ever a bunch of scared cowards want because the world is full of bad people. Like it hasn’t always been.

        • Again… come talk to me once the case has been decided. They are barely in briefs at the moment. Lawsuits take time.

        • I wonder if Trollypop is also “barely in briefs”, likely in his parents’ basement.

        • The case doesn’t matter in defensing Trump. He chose to remove property illegally violating the 2nd and 4th Amendment.

          God forbid someone be a constitutionalist on this website.

  7. I trust the Congress about as far as I can throw the building they meet in. I have already written my both of my senators and my congressman to express my opposition to any form of red flag law.

  8. Two points.
    1. I have always taken what President Trump SAYS in open forum with caution and try to find the 3D chess move. Most of the time he is several moves ahead of most everyone.
    2. I want to thank John Bosch for an article that has thought and balance. Well done.

  9. “Take the guns first. Go through due process second.” And “I like taking the guns early.” is crystal clear.

    • Yep. His true colors have shown and they are a blue when it comes to protecting and restoring 2nd amendment rights.

    • Okay, so Trump sometimes says some really stupid sh!t but he has been the best President in a long time for gun rights. Perfect? Not even close but far better than most Republicans out there and don’t even get me started in comparison to the AOC crowd. Even shotgun Joe is off the rails saying he wants to ban and confiscate “assault weapons”, which, if Dems get elected, will be anything beyond a musket.

      • That’s sounds too much like some is better than none. What other freedoms are people with that mentality willing to compromise on I wonder? Freedom of speech maybe, submit everything for approval before it can be said? Or worship what ever religion you want as long as it’s one the government approves of? The right to privacy or property maybe. You can have either unless there’s unreasonable doubt that you shouldn’t have either.

        • So… again. What is your alternative? Hand the White House over the the commies? Are you that retarded?

          • Stop settling! Why is that such a hard concept to grasp? Pointless NFA, pointless background checks, pointless machine gun ban, pointless magazine ban, pointless bump stock ban. Why? Because people are still dying, that’s why. Common sense is apparently painful for some. Simple, stop settling, because I don’t think any of the bullshit is working.

            Please tell me what infringement is acceptable to you though so I can still not care?

            The government needs to stay the hell out of it and people need to dig deep for a bigger set of balls and take personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being.

            • So No One, who are you settling for in 2020? Trump, a communist or a write in? You want the world, but you will have to settle for one. Which will it be?

              • I voted for bad (Trump) this last time because the other option (Clinton) was worse. Just like when I didn’t vote for Obama but the other options were only slightly better. Not voting for that peice of crap worked out well for me though didn’t it? Maybe next time I’ll be like most people and just not vote at all because of being fed up and don’t really see the point. Time will tell.

        • That’s not an argument. Try harder. Right now our choices are Trump or a genocidal communist dictatorship which will have you stood up against a wall and shot.

          • So as long as it is taken a little bit at a time instead of all at once is the important thing. Got it! 🤔

        • Again… assumes facts not in evidence. The bump stock case is still pending and probably will be for at least a year.

          This is not a difficult concept. Destroying the DNC is a higher priority than a minor legal speed bump. The bump stock case still has briefs being filed at the district court level. Take a chill pill, relax, and look at the big picture.

          • The really sad thing here is you’re ok with there having to be a law suit in the first place. I’m personally not ok with people having to spend hard earned money for a bunch of crooks to assemble and argue if something is ok as a right or not. Why, because a bad person decided to kill a bunch of people one night? Yeah because that’s never happened before in history. This country’s short history even. This is nothing more than using a tragic event to pander to the weak. Keep drinking the kool-aid though.

        • No fucktard. Because the case at bar is not about bump stocks. It’s a test case. A pretense. I would explain this to you but you clearly lack the understanding of how the law works.

          If you don’t think that Trump is capable of grand strategy, you haven’t been paying attention to what he has done to the DNC over the past three years. He’s taken them from a left of center, but electable, party to slightly to the right of Joseph Stalin.

          The bump stock case also has MUCH deeper implications than a $200 piece of plastic that we, in the grand scheme of things, can afford to lose. The decision in 2017 was not “ban bump stock or don’t ban bump stocks” it was “write a shitty and easily attacked rule to “ban” bump stocks or lose the Senate”. What do you think would be happening now if the DNC had taken the Senate last year?

          I could be wrong, but past experience shows that I’m not. For crying out loud. Trump is living rent free in the heads of every Demokkkommie talking head and is getting them to say things that will destroy their party. Did you miss how we just had a CNN commentator call for the deaths of all Trump supporters on a public platform?

          You need to get your head out of your ass and look at the bigger picture. A defense in depth is not a betrayal.

          • Hey fucktard, Republicans risk losing the house, senate, or presidency at any election. The 2020 election is around the corner. Can you predict what party will hold all three? Because most people can’t! So that’s definitely not an argument. Jesus fucking Christ does Trump’s dick taste that good or is it only after he pulls it out of your ass?

        • Really? Right now Trump is on track for a 1984 style landslide. There’s a reason for that.

          • And the house and senate? What party will hold both of them? How about when the Republicans held all three when Trump was first elected and could have passed national carry but didn’t because of some other tragic incident? No I’m not going to drink the kool-aid with you.

          • They also could have removed suppressors from the NFA too but didn’t do that either. I guess it’s true that the poor will gladly accept what ever drippings the lord of the manner offers.

        • Yeah… you’re busy running around like your ass is on fire because of a single minor case that is still pending. This is why libertardians lose. You assclowns are incapable of strategic thinking.

          I’m going to predict, right now, that the House will flip with a slight GOP majority if Trump isn’t cheated out of his victory via DNC ballot box stuffing like what almost happened in FL. I also predict a slight increase in the Senate majority. This far out, it’s hard to be certain, but Trump has done a great job welding the entire DNC to grossly unpopular positions and has had them screaming their heads off about it for weeks. Right now, the GOP 2020 campaign adds need only consist of AOC and DNC debate clips.

          As for 2016-2018… You might have noticed that the entire republic was hanging on a thread due to an attempted soft coup by the previous administration. The GOP had much bigger fish to fry. You and I might not like it, but short term 2nd amendment gains are not worth another DNC control of the White House and both houses of Congress. Why? Because they will be short term and you know it. The first priorities were to fix the economy (something Trump has done splendidly) and the immigration system (still in progress, but the wall is finally starting construction). If we didn’t put a priority on those two things, the DNC would have owned the federal government for the next decade and you know it.

          Again honey. BIG PICTURE. I can wait a few years for NFA revisions and national reciprocity if it means that the DNC is relegated to a few isolated nutjob districts shouting marxist inanities from the sidelines. Slow and steady wins the race. A methodical approach while letting your opposition out itself as utterly unelectable is the smart move.

          • I’m not a libertarian, I have always voted Republican across the board at EVERY election. I’m still not convinced. You should be a politician though, you sound just like them. I’m fairly convinced of that. Will you stay true to form and take that as a compliment I wonder? Like the next election, time will tell.

        • Indeed. Time will tell.

          Trump does some things I don’t like. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to run around as if my ass is on fire and hand the federal government to people I KNOW will take any excuse to have me stood up against a wall and shot.

          Right now, the DNC has two, maybe three Senate seats up for easy flipping.
          Doug Jones (Alabama) – Two-fer barely won and a solid GOP state.
          Gary Peters (Michigan) – Long shot, but I predict Trump will keep Michigan
          Mark Warner (Virginia) – Won by less than 1% of the vote and Virginia is going to be a tossup with Trump’s populist wave.

          There is only one GOP seat I’m seriously concerned about.
          Corey Gardner (Colorado) – Won by 1.9% of the vote in a state that went to Hitlary.

          The house will probably be a blood bath if Trump can keep Nancy and “the Squad” welded at the hip.
          The idea in 2020 is to relegate the DNC to a regional party. If Trump can keep pushing them to the left and have them keep alienating vast swathes of the electorate, he has a solid chance to do it.

          I fully support primary challenges for incumbents that do stupid shit. I voted against the GOP incumbent for my state’s governorship in the GOP primary. Didn’t quite get there, and he lost anyway because he was trying to be a Bush style “compassionate conservative” rather than a modern GOP populist.

          However, come the general, voting for anybody but a GOP candidate is not just cutting off your nose to spite your face. It’s taking a shotgun to it.

          • I absolutely don’t agree with casting votes on feel goods. Pick a camp and be loyal. That is one thing I have to give democrats as much as I hate to. They are loyal to their party. That’s why I said I vote Republican across the board at EVERY election. I’m not wishy washy. I don’t pick and choose which party I’m going to vote for depending on the election and who it is. I vote for the party. Not because it’s sexy or feels good but because the Republican party aligns the closest with my own opinions and ideals. However I’m still not going to blindly follow them either. It’s straight up ludicrous to do so. If I feel like I can’t vote Republican than I just won’t vote. Like it or not that is the Republican party’s biggest weakness right now. People that would otherwise vote Republican but don’t because they are fed up.

          • A quick search shows that only about 51% of the voting populace voted in 2016. The last election the town I live in had just over 1,500 people vote. That’s of about 11,000 people. That’s sad but I have to say it’s no wonder why.

        • Sergey has his entire personality wrapped up in a politician. A property seizing, gun grabbing communist politician you cant expect reason from Trumpetts.

          Just remember who is who when the time comes to deal with traitors ans those who trampled the constitution.

        • NoOneSpecial, if Trump was a date and you could keep dating until you found that “I’m not going to settle” one, I’d get what you’re saying and agree. Unfortunately, we have a guy who is a settle, but on good day gives us some great things like strong Supreme Court picks and lower court judges by the scores and on the not so good days, bans through regulation (not through the congress, a big difference when trying to overturn in a future administration) bump stocks. I’m leery of where this Red Flag talk is going too, hell, even Trump Jr said he is. Due process still matters to most of us but if someone actually had a way to get the most bat sh!t crazy in society to disarm for a little while they get help I’ll at least listen (I can’t see agreeing at the end of the day). For now anyway, the choice we have is binary, Trump or a Democrat, all 20+ of whom have already committed to eroding our gun rights legislatively, regulatory wise and through court picks. Based on his record so far I’ll pick Trump in that situation. That doesn’t mean we can’t look to find and groom the perfect gun candidate out there but I’ll take pretty good over very bad until then. NoOneSpecial, I’m hoping when you find that SomeOneSpecial, you let us know and I’ll be out there supporting you.

          • Well unfortunately the one president and 535 or whatever politicians that are willing to actually follow the constitution hasn’t shown up yet. Like I said I’ll just join the other 48%+ people that don’t vote. That is actually surprising coming from me because I look at voting as a civic duty as a legal citizen of this country. I can’t bring myself to vote for people that will willingly violate my civil rights by legislation or worse. If I do that than I deserve everything they do there after.

  10. Biden’s old ass is coming for my “assault weapons”? Like personally? Is he walking or is he being driven/flown?

    I need to know if I’ve got time for a snack, to make a sandwich or if I can squeeze in a full 18 at the links.

    • Politicians don’t get their hands dirty like that. They send their alphabet henchmen to do those kinds of things.

  11. Still,the President has not signed anything yet.

    ..but I’m sending a letter to Flimsy G. just as well…I know..sigh..he’s one of ours.

  12. Just remember the people who want to take guns are takers in general, such as your health insurance, your choice of doctor, your choice of vehicle to drive, how warm you will be in the winter if you live north of certain longitudes, and even how you will mow your lawn. And that doesn’t include your money in taxes to pay for medical care for illegals and the the 3.5 trillion Bernie says Medicare for All will cost. In case you have forgotten, one trillion seconds in approximately 31,688 YEARS. Capiche?

  13. Boy oh boy, I sure hope that because the election is right around the corner that the Republicans don’t fold in on our 2nd Amendment in lieu of the recent mass murders. I don’t want high capacity mags or semiauto rifles ban in my gun loving state of Florida. I’m about ready to panic and buy 30s, 40s, 60s, and maybe a half dozen PSA Freedom Rifles while prices are around $300 Buckaroos. I’M IN A PANIC ! hope no one from PSA is reading this. Buy cheap stack deep, i’m ready to sell a kidney.

  14. My concern with the red flag laws is that the psychiatrists will be deployed against law abiding citizens. “Your resistance to comrade Cortez is noted. I think we need to take your guns and send you to a re-education camp.” Doctor’s in both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were for the most part, willing to go along with the political leadership. After watching the Democrats and their debates of the past two months this is not far fetched at all.

    • You are right to be afraid. We know a family that had their child taken by CPS because they disagreed with the hospital and wanted to go elsewhere for a second opinion. A loving, healthy, Christian family torn apart because medical folk said the parents were not acting in the child’s best interest. Don’t believe me? Run a search on medical kidnapping. No due process. Same will happen when an anti-gun doctor testifies that your gun ownership is a danger to your family. Thos is real, it is happening now.

      • Would like any potential Red Flag law include either multiple judges or, preferably, a jury to also agree. Reinstatement to be reviewed every 30 days by judge and jury with approval only required by one. Also written in should be the ability to prosecute anyone, government officials included, for weaponizing the power of this law. I really don’t see myself supporting a Red Flag law for the reasons you state, but I don’t think we should run from at least having the discussion and debating why we support the all the rights that protect us, 2A and Due Process included.

  15. So be careful of comments made on social media because any snowflake can make a complaint and next thing you know there’s a knock at the door and it’s not reincarnated Ed McMahon with a check. It’s anti 2nd Amendment incarnate with a list of all bang bang registered to you so you can be totally defenceless incase of a home invasion. The snowflake will then inform his criminal buddies that the house is clear of weapons.

  16. The problem is, if you’re going to trust trumps words, you gotta ask yourself which words. The ones yesterday, the ones after Parkland, the ones after Vegas or maybe the ones from when he was still rubbing elbows with the Clinton’s.

  17. I guess this author decided to forget the “take guns first, due process later” this dirt bag said just a short while ago. Might you include that in the context od this president? How about the bump stocks that have been taken by edict? How about that for context? How about “fix NICS” = scree more law abiding people for context? This president will support further ground work to secure evisceration of gun rights.

    • He did say with due process even though his track record doesn’t scream what he said. No I’m not convinced but he did say it.

  18. Trump essentially said we should force political threats into mental institutions. That we should have pre crime bills like the TAPS act. He wants to team up with corporations like Google to use AI to spy on Americans and create dossiers. He wants gun confiscation without due process: take the guns first, due process later.

    I remember Edward Griffin talking about this many years ago.

    All of this reminds me of the communists from Russia and China.

  19. “…in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added.”

    There is no power, no matter how expansive SCOTUS claims it to be, that escapes being a misconstruction or abuse of its power. Not the commerce clause. Not national security. Not the treaty power. Not any power. Between the 2A and 14A, there is no such thing as a legal gun control law in the US.

    • … and you’re welcome to try to convince the majority of the electorate of that. Good luck.

      • No one has to convince the majority of anything. That’s why it’s called a “right”. What you’re suggesting is that tyranny of the majority matters more. It doesn’t.

  20. Trump is supportive of whatever he, in the moment, feels will help his public and self-image. That’s it, that’s what he is about. If he’d thought he could have won as an anti-gun, pro-single payer/provider govt health care Democrat he’d of done so in the Democratic Primaries.

    You cannot trust Trump to speak truth or be trustworthy on any topic. That is not who he is, never has been.

    So, no, Trump does not support “Red Flag Laws”, except when he does. You have video of him saying he does or does not? Well, that’s just fake news.

    Remember “I voted for it before I voted against it”?

    Or maybe “Read my lips, no new taxes”?

    How about needing to pass a law to learn what’s in it, what it will do?

    Remember the politicians who said those things?

    Well, Trump is way less clear, far less honorable, heaps more dishonest and unpredictable in what he will say or do like none of them losers could ever dream of.

    And the NRA spent $30,000,000 helping him win.


    • Bottom line is that Democrats want big government and that makes you nothing but a tax paying drone, mindless and helpless. Trump truly wants to drain the swamp and make it smaller. Good luck with all Democrat majority in the Senate and house. Your say will mean nothing, once they become strong enough they stop working for the people and the people become nothing more than a revenue. Then the game is over and freedom will be a wisper in the wind.

      • Yeah, well the idea that Trump is draining the swamp is just laughable. He has done the exact opposite.

        And for adding insult to injury, he’s way ahead of Obama on golf trips, having spent over a $100 million already of the taxpayer’s money on his constant vacations.

        Trump is not a fiscal conservative or any other kind of conservative. He’s just about himself, the ultimate narcissist.

        • Really, Trump can play golf every weekend because he’s already saved the taxpayers billions by restructuring all the global bad money losing deals the corrupt swamp made during the O’Bummer presidency. Not to mention the 240 million cash money he sent to the terrorists in the middle east hours before leaving the white house. He was a Muslim all along. And you have the nerve to speak of Trump playing golf, he’s saved the American tax payers enough money already and he could play golf 24/7 and we still come out ahead. He will never free terrorist and send hundreds of millions of our tax payers money to fund terrorist that chant “death to America” NEVER ! ! !

  21. John, et. al.

    I get it that Trump doesn’t really mean it. Don’t shrug your shoulders and wave your hand. Use your hand to pick up the phone/keyboard and let your swamp critters know what you mean, that you aren’t going to take their bullcrap on any infringements. And let the President know too.

  22. What it boils down too is Trump a huge flake whose word is useless. So gun owners shouldn’t be too concerned with his latest lurch towards gun control because Trump probably won’t follow through. Ugh how did we get here.

  23. Is it that hard to be a snowflake and live with Obummer freeing terrorist and sending 240 million in cash to terrorist that chant “death to America” hours before he left the white house ? If you don’t like America get the heck out !

  24. Ill vote for dem scum this go around because apparently some folks havent gotten their heads out of their rectum. Trump was a democrat 10 years ago funding the clintons but all who love republican tend to forget that and the dude is from ny that alone should have sent chills up your spines. Their is no good options anymore and we as a nation caused it. The problem with drawing a line in the sand over anything is that another line can alway be drawn, unless you are willing to defend that line with your life. Ive been concerned over a civil war type event for some time now but its getting to where there is no side for a 2nd ammendment lover to fight for. I see some dreaming of 2nd civil war to fix this but let me ask you how do you know who the enemy will be? Each side will not have their own uniform, no one is going to be holding up a sign sayin they are a dem. And how exactly would we go back to normal? In the event this happens i will defend my family and property against any 2 legged threat be it republican or democrat or anarchist.

  25. Let’s talk about “Red Flag” legislation. Had our govt. done its job on most of the mass shootings in this country, they would have never happened because most of them said in advance they were going to do it Your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendment rights go out the window with this law. In most states, you don’t register your firearms so the govt. has no clue whether you have them or not. Ever hear of “swatting”? Well, someone could do the same here because there is no due process either. I can get mad at someone and tell the police that he owns guns and is making threats. Guess what? (You can look this up where it’s happened already.) You get a no knock raid on your home in the middle of the night to confiscate your guns. You’re going to be handcuffed and you will be asked where your guns are. Did I mention you may not own any?

    Nobody with a brain will support this legislation.

    I urge you to call your representatives.

  26. “So, dear fellow gun owners, before joining the foaming-at-the-mouth crowd proclaiming the sky is falling over Trump’s so-called support of red flag laws, take a deep breath and step back from the edge of the cliff.”

    You do realize the cause of this “foaming-at-the-mouth crowd” was the NRAs ‘the sky is falling 24/7’ to get additional donations. Good luck getting people to snap out of it when they’ve been indoctrinated with it year after year after year, with your tacit support.

  27. Well John, I’d feel a lot better if the President actually understood what due process means and didn’t imply he wants to use our rights as a bargaining chip for his immigration agenda. Shows me just how much he understands and respects constitutional law.

    • Trump is a billionaire business man turned politician. I doubt that combination allows for understanding of anything beyond what works for him. Thus far his actions have proven that he will betray supporters for an agenda at every turn. Maybe he was a natural politician all along.

  28. RE: ” do not have a due process provision until after the guns are seized.”

    Which, by definition, is not due process.

  29. “… every time Trump convinces me not to vote for him the democraps come along and convince me to vote for him.”

    Politically, this.

    Gun-wise, every time some tragedy convinces me that Something Must Be Done, the anti-people come along and convince me that they will screw up anything we try to do.

  30. OK let’s cut to the chase. All this hot air being blown around doesn’t do or solve anything. Who on the national stage is in a position to do every single thing we all want with regard to the 2nd Amendment? Well? The answer is no one. Only one person is in a position to protect what we all hold dear; President Trump. Any Dem will not hesitate to dismantle the 2nd Amendment post haste and we all know that in our hearts. The national Repubs are for the most part a bunch of wet pantied cowards who shrink from being call racist, homophobe, etc. Trump on the other hand throws it right back at them. This is why they hate him so much and why I support him so much; he is a fighter and will not back down.

    President Trump is not infallible but he’s the best thing we have right now who can and I think will be a bulwark against the gun grabbers. Do I support 100% of what he says or does? No. No I don’t but I support about 90% of everything he says and does. You will notice when he speaks about issues he gets called lots of names but they don’t disagree with the thought. That’s because he is willing to say the things that all of us know are true but politicians “in polite society”, you know the ones who wouldn’t say shite if they had a mouthful, refuse to say. In short he is willing to say ‘the emperor has no clothes’ when everyone else is too cowardly or PC to say it. I along with all my friends I will continue to support Trump until someone else who speaks for us comes along. He has a track record of accomplishments since his election that I can really get behind. He looks at the world as it really is and not how he wishes it was; he deals in reality. Folks bet against his success at their peril.

  31. This man had his gun but chose to save kids by escorting them out of the store. It is a choice that seems to have haunted him in some ways. Most gun owners have not thought about that scenario: Do you save the kids that are crying out for you to help them or do you leave them behind to get in a shootout with the murderer who is killing others?

    I heard from many people on this site, and others like it, that they will simply worry about themselves and run away. I am not sure if that is a generational thing, if the older generations (in general) are more worried about their lives and only carry that gun to protect their family and themselves. The people I hear say they will sacrifice their life engaging in a shootout with the gunmen (even if futile) are younger men.

    The type of people who think of guns as tools, and use them as such, seem to be the ones that would run towards the threat rather than away.

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