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Colion Noir wears a "no bear arms" California shirt

Many people say things like “let California fall into the sea.” Or “those idiots voted for this, they deserve it.” I can assure you I never once voted to increase my taxes or add to the state’s already numerous gun laws. Yet because of the location of my husband’s job, I was subjected to those policies. Did I deserve to fall into the sea for simply living past an imaginary line where people aren’t allowed as much freedom as others? (Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical.) The point is, you won’t hear that kind of sass from me. I have a problem with oppression, I was just lucky enough to escape it. Some of my friends lack the money for a move, and I know they hate this too. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of the “Gunpocalypse” gun bills headed to the California Senate. . .

  • AB 0156: Restrictions on ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.
  • AB 0857: Requires serial numbers to be placed on all home-built firearms, as well as curio and relic handguns dating back to 1899.
  • AB 1135: Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices, such as “bullet buttons”.
  • AB 1511: Criminalizes loaning of firearms between personally known, law-abiding adults, including sportsmen and hunters.
  • SB 0880: Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices, such as “bullet buttons”.
  • SB 0894: Victimizes victims by criminalizing the failure to report lost and stolen firearms within a short time frame.
  • SB 1006: University of California taxpayer funding for gun control research.
  • SB 1407: Requires serial numbers to be placed on all home-built firearms, as well as curio and relic handguns dating back to 1899.
  • SB 1446: Retroactively bans possession of lawfully acquired, standard capacity magazines that can hold over 10 rounds.
  • SB 1235: Restrictions on ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.

Keep in mind, this would automatically criminalize those with already “bullet button” enabled semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. (The best feeling in the world was throwing those damn things away when I moved). This would also criminalize hunters caught shooting a friend’s gun to take an animal because there will be no borrowing of guns. Period.

The addition of serial numbers to “all firearms” will most likely end up banning all 80% lower receivers and eventually even those that come stamped with a SN, although that isn’t specifically stated, it’s California, and that’s the goal. Law by law, to take away your right to own certain weapons until there are none on the list.

Perhaps the scariest of all of these bills, is the first one. This would create a registry for ammo purchases as well. The state will now track how much ammunition you buy. Well, there’s no way that could possibly go wrong, ammiright?

I want Californians to know that just because I am now a Wyomingite, and live back in my football team’s territory rather than that of the 49ers, I will not forget that you are behind enemy lines. I will continue to fight for gun rights for all, not just those that already have that freedom.

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  1. I will not forget that you are behind enemy lines

    Gungrabbing candidates in CA get huge voting majorities in every election. So when it comes to the Golden State, the enemy is us.

    • Scrape 10 miles of coastline off the california map and redraw the state bounderies. California and Coastal California, and my oh my how the political persuasion changes.

      • There has been a movement to break up California since before WW2. Unfortunately it never gains much traction and the big city liberals have dominated state politics.

        • Same here in NY. I think it should happen, but it won’t.

          WY is actually where we are considering escaping to also.

          Grew up in CA and you are right also about talks to split the state, been as long as I can remember hearing that talk.

        • But usually that’s north and south – not ‘coast’ and inland. At least that’s what I know from 5 years as a denizen.

          Don’t get me wrong, the Coast/Inland Empire is a more logical split.

        • I’ve never understood why there is so much resistance to the idea of carving off another State or too. It would just increase their majority hold on their State while only insignificantly impacting their tax revenues. Long live the State of Jefferson!

        • @16V,

          I was telling my Northern Californian cousin about a move afoot to split the state North/South, and she was all over it…but I had to point out that this particular move was to separate the FAR north of the state from San Francisco and Los Angeles, NOT to separate SF from LA. (If you look at a map, it’s surprising how much almost unpopulated state there is north of, say, Santa Rosa. Almost enough for another Oregon, but without Portland.) She couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to break away from both the Bay Area and LaLa.

        • @SteveinCO, I often wondered about splitting into thirds. San Diego north to Bakersfield (inclusive). From there north of Sacto, say Grass Valley – kinda the end of the SF types. From there, north to the OR border.

      • Kyle, scraping ten miles of coastline and creating new states out of California is not going to happen. You might as well suggest sending all the illegals back to Mexico.

        • I think building a wall, in this scenario, may not be the worst idea in the world…

        • Besides the Los Angeles cancer extends a lot more than ten miles inland (fifty or sixty, even if you charitably leave out San Berdoo and Riverside, which I would NOT do), and though I really don’t know the area, the Bay Area surely extends more inland than that, too.

        • Isn’t that what they did in the Kurt Russel movie ( I think it was) ” Escape from New York”?
          Build a wall around New York ( or Kommiefornia) to contain all the “Criminals”…………..

    • “Gungrabbing candidates in CA get huge voting majorities in every election.”

      While this is a major problem, it really isn’t the core problem. Rather, the core problem is that California government elevates majority sentiment to divine status. If 70% of people in California demand, DEMANDED I TELL YOU, that California make it illegal for women to resist rape, California government would gladly do it and enforce it vigorously. Perhaps most disgusting of all, even the courts are complicit at this point.

      Unless some cataclysm happens, nothing is going to change majority sentiment about firearms in the California voting populous and thus nothing is going to change regarding firearm laws in California.

      The California legislature and courts have unequivocally declared that a peaceable, responsible citizen is a felon if he/she possess an effective tool for righteous self-defense. In other words the California legislature and courts have unequivocally outlawed effective self-defense, and therefore a person’s right to life. Such a government is not legitimate because the most core function of a government is to help secure the people’s right to life, not prohibit it.

      Unfortunately, the only effective remaining cure requires that the people of California actively defend their right to life from the actions of their government. (Hint: voting and lawsuits no longer count as actively defending your right to life since those actions are guaranteed to fail.) God help us all … especially the good people of California who have to rise up and defend themselves.

    • Which is implied answer to her question about being lumped in with the rest of CA. You can either stay by choice and be lumped in or you can stay involuntarily but agree with the premise and therefore not bitch about it.

      • “You can either stay by choice and be lumped in or you can stay involuntarily but agree with the premise and therefore not bitch about it.”


        You can also stay involuntarily and object strenuously and work your tail off to try to stop things from getting worse – even when you know the deck is stacked against you.

        • You really want to change things? Leave. Leave and they lose your income tax. Leave and you don’t patronize Cali businesses, which means Cali loses your sales tax, and those businesses’ income/corporate tax. It doesn’t matter how many laws they pass or taxes they impose, if no one is around to support them then the whole system will collapse. THAT’S how you change things.

        • Sunshine is right. The founders didn’t just enshrine the ownership of arms, they also enshrined the freedom to move between the States. They did this with good reason. Don’t just give up one Right, only to fight and fail to defend another – exercise BOTH of those rights and get thee to a Free State.

    • Not good… the Californians come in and mess up Texas in their efforts to make it like the great state they ruined.

      We’re invaded by despoilers from across the western AND southern border and between them they’re going to rob us of our freedoms too.

      Where exactly are we supposed to go then?

      • Historically, people fight when there is no other place to go. Let’s just hope we do not have to do that.

      • A similar issue happens with New Hampshire as it get’s contaminated in the south from lefties moving in from Massachusetts.

      • Sometimes you need to vote by fleeing. It’s still a choice, a precise choice. Since voting for us here in California is almost irrelevant ( I am a Republican in California, city of San Diego) I do consider fleeing to another state now. Seriously; wife and I started considering this very pragmatically.
        I already fled Europe – largely socialist – and I will flee again if necessary. I will consider it as my own way of reaching for progressively augmented layers of freedom. Europe -> California -> a Free State of the Union.
        I am not ashamed; I adapt and overcome.

        • +1. I wrote my reps, and all the Senators on the appropriations committee that gutted the original bills in order to famoflage and pass the anti-gun purpose, pointing out that its exactly this kind of Democrat supermajority abuse of process, to deny lawful citizens rights, that are adding to the growing out-migration of thd producfive middle class.

          Only one Senator, Patricia Bates, (R) Orange County replied…Vice Chair of the committee, validating it was a blatant steamroller abuse.

          I’ll be gone in a year.

  2. Thanks for not generalizing all Californians into one lump liberal anti-gun group. We appreciate the support of others outside this state. Non-Californians need to support pro-2nd amendment Californians, in whatever way they see fit, because many states look at what California is doing, hoping they will pave the way for their own agendas.

      • If you look past the liberal politics, California is very unique and a great place to live (depending on where of course).

        • Ahhhhhh… the natural beauty, ahhhhhh… the lovely beach. AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’ve been stabbed in the spleen by MS13 members!

        • My wife and I once took a week long trip along the Northern California coast. Half the cities we stopped felt like episodes of Cops. I never saw so many career thugs and police in a 1 week period in my life. Sure, the ocean is beautiful, but that beauty does not cover up the decay and stench that the criminal element brings to a society.

        • Not really. People just tell themselves that so they don’t feel like like chumps.

          I’m a California native and have lived all over that state. The only things I miss are the desert and decent Mexican food (though, let’s face it, there isn’t any decent Mexican food North of LA anyhow). Realistically there are a lot of other great places to live in this country that have a better quality of life.

    • Fuckk California GW. No support here. I will spend my energy on winnable fights. All I hear out of California are excuses.

      • You can be upset as you want at California, but the anti-gun movement doesn’t recognize state lines. Think about all the states that were more pro-gun before CA anti-gun folks became citizens….Colorado, and now Washington and Oregon. It could quite possibly come to you regardless. Fight the battle on all fronts.

    • When I have to take a business trip to CA I spend as much time as possible at the site (which is full of LEs carrying guns and they seem to be all pro 2A). Even if I can’t personally carry it’s a hell of a lot more sane. I will then try to go to a shooting range, again, sane people. (I also hasten to point out I *can* bring (some of) my guns with me, unlike true hellholes like Jersey.)

      Other public places are likely full of idiots or actual scum, anything from panhandlers (who wouldn’t be so aggressive in CO…funny how that works) to actual thugs. I manage to avoid the latter (so far), but I can’t go shop for food without running into the former in the parking lot.

    • Pro Second Amendment, eh? Perhaps….

      Some are for sure, but many are actually supporters of various federal and state preemptions, controls, restrictions and prohibitions…they just have different ideas of ‘how much’ govt gun control they are agreeable with.

      Believe in or support any ‘gun law’ beyond punishment for an individual who does actual harm to the Life, Liberty or Property of another?

      If so, Amendment II supporter one is not.

  3. I’m already stocking up on target ammo. I’ve been double purchasing as I hit the range. Here is what’s sad: my hope is Jerry Brown vetos these bills. He shows flashes of common sense on occasions. Jerry actually has vetoed some of these same proposals in the past.

  4. After the whole Leland year thing you would hope some sheeple would wake up. Guess not.

  5. As someone who was born and raised in California, (now a Washingtonian) I can safely say that california is a failed state that want to trow out the constitution. So let them. They can leave the union and become that communist state they really want. I just got back from a trip there (getting and being trained with my new service dog) let me tell you, I felt like I was behind enemy lines. Also with these laws, are the police and state troopers allowed to violate them? Or must they get ride of ALL of their mags and weapons that are now criminalized? I don’t think so.

    • I’m a 5th generation Washingtonian, born about 75 miles from my present home. Washington used to be a nice place inhabited by hard working conservatives. The influx of Californians, and their liberal attitudes have led to a highly taxed hell for the working man, a haven for the unemployed and the flood of illegal immigrants attracted by sanctuary cities and generous benefits tossed out like pearls before swine.

      Did I mention de-facto gun registration, illegal personal firearm transfers, or the “legal” marijuana stores?

      Move out of California. Do it now. As soon as the providers are gone, the leeches will eat their own and die.

      Just don’t move here.

      • Don’t come fleeing to Arizona either, please.

        I have noted a large influx of disaffected Kaliformians here also over the years and invariably, they advocate for more govt and more taxation…cost of homes shoot up, advocacy and efforts to increase ‘funding’ and legislation for schools, policing, zoning, gun-control, eco-freakishness and on and on and on….. I must assume this is to make it feel more like home, just ‘home’ sans whatever de juor they found to be a bridge too far back in Kali.

        No thanks.

  6. I have to go through these one by one, but tI think some of the summaries are not accurate.
    To start:
    AB 0156. This bill has been banging around for a long long time, and has been repeatedly been amended. However, although it is pernicious for other reasons, it does NOT create a database of ammunition owners. Instead, it requires a licensed ammo vendor to access a state database (with identifying information of the purchaser) to determine if the purchaser is a prohibited person. There is nothing in the law requiring or allowing the State to record all inquiries, and I suspect that doing so would be a horrendous expense, for which no funds are allocated under this bill. The same analysis applies the the identical SB 1235, another product of the fevered mind (not brain) of the inimitable Senator DeLeon.
    AB 1511 does ban loans between friends, but continues to allow them between close family members if the loan is for less than 30 days. Existing law already requires that a loan for more than 30 days requires the transfer to be conducted by an FFL, and there is nothing in the bill that changes that law.

    AB 0857 does NOT apply to all hand guns; rather it specifically exempts from its [provisions “A firearm that is a curio or relic, or an antique firearm, as those terms are defined in Section 479.11 of Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations.” SB 1407 also exempts curio, relics, and antiques.

    There are three bills seeking to ban the future sales of “assault weapons”, and to reclassify bullet buttoned firearms as assault weapons, subjecting them to registration in the special “assault weapons” database, inclusion within which bars transfer of any such firearm within the State of California. Details vary. One of these bills is broad enough to ban M1 Carbines, and the others fo from a “two features” test to a single feature test..

  7. Contrary to popular belief, not all Californians are gun hating pieces of equestrian excrement. Some of us are still fighting the fight. The problem lies in the cancer known as SF and LA. And like all cancers it will spread if we don’t fight it. There was a time when this was a great place to live. If we fight hard enough and long enough maybe, just maybe, we can make California great again.

    • Perhaps you pine for the good old ‘days gone by’, such as the era of Ronnie ‘Mulford Act’ Reagan?

      Face it…people all over this nation, not just in Kali, are actually supportive of gun-control of one sort or another. Fact is, it isn’t even just guns, it is support for all manner of predatory govt programs, taxation, regulations, laws, entitlements, controls, etc…

      Even the ‘vaunted’ NRA (quislings though they be) supports various and sundry gun control, both state and federal and is supportive of the ‘enforcement’ of ‘existing’ gun laws and relentlessly promotes the fauz-concept of ‘law abiding’ gun owner.

      All that need shift is the ‘law’ and then those who fail to comply are no longer ‘law abiding’ gun owners.

      See how easy it all is?

  8. I left May 3 and have never been so happy. The state is lost. Nuke it from space, it’s the only way to be sure.

    • “…nuke the entire site from orbit…” Sometimes shortened to “…nuke it from orbit…”.

      Not to be pedantic, but c’mon it’s a great line. Ya gotta get it close to right or it loses it’s pizazz…

      • I kinda liked Hudson better:

        [With barely restrained hysteria] “Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!”

  9. Boy, was I wrong. I thought Tipton would stop complaining about California now that she moved away.

  10. Before those of us in free states simply dismiss California as some sort of kooky outlier, let’s remember that it was once also a free state where gun rights were respected. Ronald Reagan was governor and there was a conservative Republican majority in the state. Many good people who never voted to surrender their Constitutional rights are trapped in the hell hole. I’ll bet there was a time when they thought this would never happen in their state. Just as many of us think the same thing today. We must remain vigilant.

    • AWKWARD.

      The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill which repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, the bill was crafted in response to members of the Black Panther party conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods while conducting what would later be termed copwatching. They garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest the bill.[1][2]

      Republicans in California supported increased gun control. California Governor Ronald Reagan was present when the protesters arrived and later commented that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” and that guns were a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” In a later press conference, Reagan added that the Mulford Act “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.” [3]

      The bill was signed by Governor Ronald Reagan and became California penal code 25850 and 171c.

    • Great Ronald Reagan? Which one was that? Because it wasn’t the gun-grabbing, debt-doubling, government-growing piece of amphibian feces that somehow got elected Governor and then, even worse, we gave the doddering fool the White House. Twice. We’re still paying for his “legacy”. NeoCon just means “new con job” it has sweet FA to do with being conservative. He wasn’t a RINO, he was more insidious.

      Reagan was one of the worst Governors, then Presidents, when it comes to gun rights.

      I’d spell it all out, but we’ve done it already, so here’s the Cliff Notes…

      Of course, we’re about to have to choose to elect another 3rd rate actor rather than the Hildebeast, so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out….

      • So 4 more years of Jimmy Carter would have been more your thing? The minute you find a person 100% perfect to vote for let us know since you’ll also have found proof of alien life, meanwhile us grown-ups will live in the real world

        • Yes, this.

          He fails to remember 18 percent inflation and double digit unemployment, and the odd theory that you had to raise inflation to cure unemployment, or vice versa. Somehow, though, people practicing that theory managed instead to raise both.

        • Here’s the reality of what actually happened with inflation for the last 50 years, since your glasses are rose-colored, your memories are foggy, or you’re just parroting what your parents told you…

          Carter’s crimes were that he wasn’t quite hawkish enough, and he wasn’t a forceful public speaker. Personally, I like an energy policy that isn’t just drill baby drill. Not a fan of the Dept of Indoctrination though. He was a mediocre President, but he didn’t put us on the road to economic ruin that Reagan did – slicing taxes, growing the government like never before, doubling the national debt.

          And Carter didn’t take away my right to buy new, reasonably priced, auto guns.

        • Gee, the article you linked seems to support what I said: Inflation was horrific under Carter. (I said nothing about how it was under Reagan, but as long as the subject is up, Reagan reduced it 7 percent.)

        • The least effective guardian of the dollar from that standpoint was the Nixon presidency, which entered office in January 1969 when inflation was 4.4% and left in August 1974 with a CPI rate of 11.9%. By comparison, inflation under Carter climbed by 6.6 percentage points from 5.2% in January 1977 to 11.8% in January 1981.

          Interest rates were 18%, inflation never was. Reagan was far worse than a tax and spend democrat – he spent like mad and cut taxes. On the rich anyway. The rest of us had our taxes raised. 11 different times.

    • Amnesty (Reagan) killed California. Now they want to spread the disease to the rest of the union. I hope people have learned that you can’t negotiate half your state away, half your rights, half your life. Cause once they’ve got that it’s much easier to take the rest.

  11. Take a good long look at all of these anti-gun proposals, and understand they will be applied to the entire United States if Hillary wins the election. It won’t happen immediately, but before here time is up, it will happen.

    • Not much better with Trump, considering he’s for the government being able to strip anyone of their 2nd amendment rights at any time without due process by adding them to a secret list. I’m voting Libertarian.

  12. Kalifornia is hopeless if only considering the legal means of reformation. The Kangaroo kourts and the legislature are both dead ends.

  13. I live in the peaceful part of the gun friendly state of Louisiana (i.e. not N’Awlens!), and I’m sure that I speak for a lot of people like me, when I saw that what we see on the news sites about CA is all Hollyweirdo’s mouthing off about stuff they don’t understand. But I understand the phenomenon all too well: To folks in other states Louisiana is all swamps and coon asses paddling around in pirogues, and kicking the alligators off the door step when they get home from work, but nothing could be further from the truth! Northwest LA (where I live) is way more like Northeast Texas and Southern Arkansas: Ranchers, oilfields, cotton and milo. We have country roads to roll down and rednecks everywhere. We still say grace and mam, and rodeo and 4H. Hell, the local high school has a bass fishing team!

    Intellectually I know that there are good people in CA (my step daughter is in San Diego), but what we see in the news does not reinforce that knowledge.

    A friend of my father used to say that everytime he went to Oklahoma he felt like stealing something, and his wife wanted to be unfaithful to him. Regional prejudice is a long standing tradition. 🙂


    • Ah, N’Awlins. One of my favorite signs on Caliborne Ave said it was Noo Awlins. And a frined of mine from Thibideau called it NyAwlins.

  14. Yeah I get it Sara. I live in Illinois and hear all the vitriol. Kinda’ like a COUNTRY that votes in a sketchy Kenyan twice…glad you’re in Wyoming.

    • I was born at Cook County Memorial, my dad owned a slighty upscale Denny’s-esque restaurant not far from MIdway (60+ years ago), I still have relatives who summer in Schaumberg. My uncle owned a sizeable chunk of what is now Minooka- the ‘burb. I remember like yesterday what it looked like in the 70s. Looking at it from Google earth, it’s unrecognizable.

      I feel for ya. As an STL denizen, crossing the Mississippi is like being on the other side of the Iron Curtain.

  15. Every author and cosigners of these bills. Need to be invesigated and brought up on civil rights violations. They fly in the face of not only the 2a but the supreme court Heller ruling . I guess the supreme court no longer has the finally say., Plus our rights are not dictated by the democratic processes.

    • I’ll take “Legislative Immunity” for $800, Alex. State officials are not subject to liability under the Civil Rights Act. Not only do they have legislative immunity under state law, they have immunity under the 11th Amendment to the US Constitution.

      • Not true. You can definitely sue state public officials in federal court for violating your civil rights in a Section 1983 suit. The 11th Amendment provides immunity to the states themselves, but not to individual officials. Generally, though, people sue members of the executive instead of suing members of the legislative branch (from what I understand).

        • Sorry Chief, but I have litigated dozens of these cases, and I think I know what I am talking about. For example, the Ninth Circuit has held, on numerous occasions, that Sheriffs are not “state actors” within the meaning on the Civil Rights Act, and are therefore subject to suit. The California Supreme Court, on more than one occasion, has said that they are state actors and therefore not subject to suit under 42 USCA section 1983. All we are discussing is the Civil Rights Act, not other laws, such as criminal statutes that may apply.

  16. Think of the improvement if you sent home all the illegals, “education” visas, visa overstays, illegally admitted, H1B/etc/etc/etc. Have to mow their own grass/clean their own pool but – no more gridlock on the interstate, no smog problem, no water shortage, crime drop off the map, no unemployment, minimal welfare, would again be a “Red” state and millions of logical Americans would again consider a California vacation.

    • Meanwhile, all the hand-picked crops (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, artichokes, grapes, wine grapes, celery, etc.) will rot in the fields, and the orchards will not be pruned or harvested for their fruits or nuts. There will be widespread shortages across the country, and prices will skyrocket. The same will happen in Georgia and Alabama, but California has the bulk of the produce. The local economies will collapse. Meat packing plants in Nebraska and Kansas will shutter, so there will be shortages of pork and poultry, and yet again, prices will skyrocket. Be careful what you ask for. Yes, many of the field workers are migrant workers, but according to reliable sources, getting a migrant visa from the Mexican government is long, complicated, and of course, expensive.

      • True. I remember before the illegals, when there was no food and we lived on nuts and grubs and berries…

        • Ear-Bending Cellmate: …and when there was no meat, we ate fowl and when there was no fowl, we ate crawdad and when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand.
          H.I.: You ate what?
          Ear-Bending Cellmate: We ate sand.
          H.I.: You ate SAND?
          Ear-Bending Cellmate: That’s right!

        • Most white Americans will not take these jobs. The workday is long, the heat is oppressive, the work physically demanding, and the wages low. Most last only a day, few last longer. Blacks used to do these jobs, but not so much any more in the east. I guess welfare is more lucrative. In the west, the Mexicans were already here, and they have traditionally held these jobs. Migrant farm workers are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet.

        • @Mark N.
          >Most white Americans will not take these jobs. The workday is long, the heat is oppressive, the work physically demanding, and the wages low.

          Guess what, that’s how Capitalism works. You are not owed employees by society, and if you insist on treating your employees like crap don’t be surprised if they find better work elsewhere. Why should someone bust their butt in a field every day when they can get a job inside that pays more? Every job I’ve held has offered more comfortable conditions and payed better, and I have held jobs that were hard physical work. Why should I settle for less?

        • LO f’ing L

          We all know, of course, that ‘new americans’ are incapable of such physical low-skilled work, right?

          After all, why perform back-breaking or menial labor when you can get govt assistance or live off the labors of others, in this case, the willing flood of illegal invaders who set the ‘new norm’ in terms of wages and labor pool in so many job sectors.

      • Prices will go up a bit, in order to pay enough for actual legal residents of the US to do those jobs. They are back-breaking and brutal – they need to pay decent money.

        The ‘without illegals nothing would happen’ is utter trash, put forth by the businesses that exploit them, and parroted by people who can’t do math.

        • When Georgia banned “illegal immigrant” farm workers, not only did the illegals flee, but the legals went with them, fearful of police harassment. The damages to farmers were in the millions. Look it up. It was in the news, after all. Further, farming is a very marginal and high risk business, especially for the family farmer.

  17. If Hillary wins in November and carries a democrat Congress on her coattails, it will be Australian Style Gun Control for the USA. Her SCOTUS appointees will turn the court anti-gun for the first time in history. The whole country will be worse than California.

    • Yeah and when that inevitable result of Collectivism happens, whether under Clinton, Trump or during the imperial reign of some other collectivist domestic-enemy, are you willing to man up and do what is necessary and what has always been the ultimate remedy, that of our founding?

      After all, this has been facing us for decades and the crowd who advcate rearranging the deck-chairs in some desperate ‘hope for change whilst I facilitate the very destruction I fear’ mindset, is bizarre, at best.

      Sarcasm on……

      Yeah, well, I suppose that leaving the necessary tasks to our children will be better and they can look back with pride on ol’ Uncle Skippy failing to have a ball-sack and failing to even stand on principles in the non physical-danger task of voting.

      We all know that after another decade or three of indoctrination, cultural and demographic teraforming and indoctrination that the populous will be even more prepared to finally thwart Collectivist domestic enemies and the desired and planned for global-state and its inevitable accompanying totalitarianism.

      We’ll have more liberty-minded gun people, more people rejecting govt dependence, more rejecting govt supremacy, more constitutionalists, more sovereignty then, huh? Liberty’s Teeth will be primed and ready to chomp the enemy then, by God!

      But hey, do NOT hold to or stand on fundamental liberty-principle for god’s sake.

      Just go on and leave the ‘standing on principles’ to the domestic enemies who actually have the conviction of their evil and twisted principles and who do not waver from them, whilst all the ‘patriots’ and ‘law abiding’ ‘mericans shit on liberty principle and on holding people accountable to the Constitution.

      How’s that been working out for the Republic and for Liberty, for decades?

      Just vote for the less odorferous turd and it’ll all start to get better, or at least won;t go to shit as fast… or so I am incessently told.

      Sarcasm off…


      Collectivism inevitably leads to totalitarianism. It would pay to ponder just who and what one is willingly supporting, even if it is with supposed reluctance.

  18. I don’t want Cali to fall into the sea and I feel bad for the rational people there, but some times I do think it should be walled off until the non-rational people figure out the error of their ways.

    • There’s got to be a way to do something about the 80 percent of the people there who are absolute idiots, and let the other 20 percent assume control. But no one has come up with a bomb that only kills stupid people.

  19. I don’t buy it. If poverty stricken Mexicans can cross the border, so can Californians. I can only assume that most Californians don’t want freedom.

    • I’ve NEVER cut and run from a fight. Those running are cowards and should STFU. If you don’t live here then help us fight. Support CalGuns, the NRA and others fighting for freedom.

      • LOL…really…LOL.

        Pretty sure that a shitload of CALGuns folk and the ‘vaunted’ NRA itself support all manner of gun control and state/federal govt supremacy, regulation and control.

        If these exemplars of ‘Liberty’ are one’s standard, one is in the enemy camp.

        Get out of my foxhole cause I have no desire, tolerance, or time to watch my back from insideous enemies within.

        In my assessment, of course.

    • Poor assumption. Anyone with a professional license and any sort of clientele will have to re-license in another state, which may include retesting if there is no reciprocity, and start business from scratch. It is expensive, time consuming, and fraught with peril. I once tried to move out, but not having attended a local school in the destination locations for my professional degree, I couldn’t even get a call back on the resumes I sent out.

      • Which includes lawyers. Few, if any, states have reciprocity with CA for the practice of law, since they accept graduation from non-ABA accredited law schools for admission to their bar. Most states require graduation from ABA accredited law schools.

    • Not so black and white, as many here have previously posted. Mexicans cross for jobs and benefits, the same thing that keeps many Californians stuck in CA. Not to mention many have families and it’s not so easy to uproot families.

  20. Los Angeles city already has an ammo purchase already.
    The Big5 near me which is just inside LA City boundaries is most likely to have the ammo I’m looking for on a particular day. Including 22LR. I wonder why.

  21. No matter which of these illegal bills becomes law…I WILL NOT COMPLY. F’m.

    Trump 2016 he’s got some great Conservatives for SCOTUS, to over turn this nonsense.

  22. Two Points (and I was Staitioned in CA a few time during the 70s and 80s).

    It is expensive to move. The bigger the the family, more cost and complications. The true bottom line: What price is freedom worth? Firearms are just a part of that.

    There is a 1979 movie titled Zulu Dawn set in 1879. In the heat of the main battle and the Brits are barely holding on: the stuffy, by the book Supply Sgt refuses to give the men fresh ammo without turning in the exact number of fired cartridges. It contributes to the Brits being slaughtered. Think about that, then new ammo law. Now recall the grandfathering provisions in past Laws that are now or pending being struck down. If you can’t feed them they are just poor clubs at best and that won’t keep the wolves away for long. BGs get the drugs, guns and they will get ammo too. Will the good citizens of CA be able to get ammo in the future?

    • Most muggles think a thousand rounds of ammunition is something you need a semi-trailer to carry and lockup to store. They are quit amazed when I point to a small wooden crate and tell them it stores over 1100 rounds of rifle ammunition, in clips and bandoliers as well.

  23. ‘Did I deserve to fall into the sea for simply living past an imaginary line where people aren’t allowed as much freedom as others?’

    I know this was rhetorical, but no, you deserved a nice new home in Wyoming. As do all the remaining righteous people left in CA. Hopefully God will send his angels for them before the big one hits. But hit it must.

  24. I oft wonder how many firearms owners just can not be bothered to get out and vote let alone stump for politicians that respect the US Constitution.

  25. If you move to Wyoming, please leave all liberal voting behind. Don’t move from that state that is destroyed and vote in the leftists policies that ruined your state. That’s what is happening in Colorado right now.

    • +1

      Kalifornikators, go the fuck home!

      (Note: if you are leaving the PRK because of the policies and know better than to vote for them wherever you end up, you are not a Kalifornikator, you’re an American, and this does not apply to you.)

  26. Moved from MA to SC. Not perfect on gun laws, but what a difference!!! No more handgun compliant list, AR ban, or other nonsense… If you can leave, I would suggest doing it. The grass is greener elsewhere thats for sure. Now I can take part in a fight that we (gun rights advocates) can actually win.

  27. Stating the obvious – vote Republican in Nov, even if the nominee is Trump. We are one vote away from gutting the Heller and McDonald interpretation of the 2nd Amdt. Most of these new laws appear to violate the prevailing interpretation of the 2nd Amdt. A couple of 2nd Amdt friendly Justices should ultimately result in these laws being ultimately invalidated.

  28. Gun rights are *human* rights. Thank you for remembering that every people in every place deserves the same essential liberties as people in free countries.

  29. AB 1135 and SB 0880: You gave the exact same description for both laws.
    SB 0894: “Victimizes victims” sounds like you failed high school English, or at least went to school in California, which is just as bad. It doesn’t even make sense. Maybe you should say “Criminalizes victims” instead.

  30. So I left the Peoples Republic of Commiefornia over a year ago so I also know the joy of throwing away my Cali compliant handicaps.

    What I find frustrating is that i forward articles like this to my shooting friends in Cali and most of them are clueless to what is going on.

    Hopefully the mass of law-abiding gun owners will wake up and show their overlords in the legislaure that enough is enough.

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