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Chuck Schumer unveils universal background checks bill after outside pressure – “Chuck Schumer has introduced a universal background checks bill after a major gun control group blasted the New York Democrat Monday for not following through on a promise he made last November.” Elitist gun-grabbing pols love to accuse their pro-2A colleagues of dancing to the NRA’s tune when they act to support the right to keep and bear arms by voting against efforts to disarm civilians. It looks like the Chucky Schumers of the world can be hoist from the same petard when it comes to gun grabbing orgs like the once-relevant Brady bunch. But you probably knew that . . .

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Why I Switched to Double Action Semi-Autos – “So now several years down the road, it might seem strange that I have recently switched back to primarily shooting and carrying double action pistols. There’s a reason for it, and it goes back to the reason double action pistols were invented to begin with, and that is balancing shootability with safety. Traditional double action handguns offer more layers of safety compared to striker fired or single action pistols.”

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MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles, Chassis Systems, Defender Pistols and Carbines, Suppressors and MPAR Rifles, is pleased to introduce the MPA BA Lite PCR Competition Rifle. The MPA BA Lite PCR Competition Rifle is designed specifically for the Production Class requirements of the Precision Rifle Series (PRS). It includes many competition related features while staying under the $2,000 price limit for this class.

Katie Couric Gun Control Film Leaves Four-Hour John Lott Interview on Cutting Room FloorIt’s so frustrating when all that footage does absolutely nothing to advance your narrative.


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  1. I like the fact that you can “thumb check” the hammer as you reholster a double action handgun. You don’t get the striker-fired reholster discharge.

  2. I carry a double action 3913 Ladysmith. Love the long smooth double and super short crisp single action! Also like the man says, a much safer gun to carry than a single action or striker fired.

  3. Schumer looks like his facelift was done by the same quack who mangled Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Most folks look better just aging naturally.

  4. Re: Chucky

    Not my fault. Not “our” fault outside of Gothan. Indeed, every now and then one of the polit-critters downstate gets their knickers in enough of a knot they declare: “We should just secede!” To which we say, “OK!” Sadly, then they drop it.


    Presumptive-nominee Clinton is not our fault either. Not only is she from downstate, she carpet-bagged her way into the city and her station, from points elsewhere.

    Thank you for letting me vent.

    • Carpetbagger, indeed. My take is that she’s really from ill-annoy.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      I remember her and (up)Chuck right after 9/11, with the faces she was making at GWB when she thought no one was looking. At least Schumer showed some minor touch of class (even if he hated GWB just as much).

  5. So, where do we donate to production of the piece that contains everything Dr. Lott said when interviewed for the agitprop? You know: “Current Research on Guns and Crime in the US, or Everything Katie Didn’t Use.”

    Certainly one of the interest or advocacy groups is gearing up exactly this, with the associated PR. While the Couric is still out there, the stuff she left out is a story that will get covered.

  6. I’ve become a huge fan of hammer fired pistols. I have CZs for my main pistols. A P01 for CCW and a P09 for my competition and range pistol. Yeah, I know most people get the Shadow for competition, but those were not easy to find a few years ago when I got my P09. It works really well so I have no intention to swap it out. I would like to add another P07 to my collection. I sold mine to get one of the new ones with the threaded barrel and and haven’t got around to it yet.

      • Can’t disagree.

        I’ll point out (for any CZ muggles out there) that you can go either DA/SA with a decocker that’s not really a safety, or you can go DA/SA with a cock-and-lock safety–think a 1911 you can do a second strike on. (Can’t do that with a Glock either.) You can thumb check either one, though the check will be different, of course–the SA thumb check really being a block.

        NB: Decocker models drop the hammer to half cock, so the DA pull is a bit less than it would be otherwise.

        The P07 and -09 let you convert between one and the other; the more traditional CZ-75 variants and derivates, you have to pick at time of purchase, and the ones set up as decockers will generally have “D” in the model number (CZ-75BD vs. CZ-75B).

        I recall two stories–the gun range that loaned a 1911 guy a BD–he hated it because he’d go to put it on safe and it would decock–I should have let him shoot my B. And the guy who had just bought a B, complaining how hard it was to decock to practice DA pulls. I asked him, “what for? Why?”

    • There is something to be said for competing with the pistol you’ll actually have in your hand for a DGU.

      In point of fact, I see no real point to “race guns” and would love to see an event where you sign an affidavit that you will be shooting what you carry, dressed as you carry. No “shoot me” vests, no race guns, no rigs that hold six mags half a foot away from your body. Unless you really do walk around in public like that on a regular basis.

  7. I have and carry all three. (striker fired, dasa, and revolver) I too prefer to carry my M9 because of all the reasons he stated.

  8. Where has the narrative that Lott has “been debunked many times” originate? I see it claimed often enough, but only by people who buy the Brady Bunch (or similar) narrative. Not once have I seen a citation that actually supports the proposition.

    • From my understanding it’s completely made up. They then go on to attack Lott himself, and his book deals, but they cannot debunk the actual info. So you know, typical liberal nonsense. Can’t actually defeat him so they just lie and degrade him personally.

    • A lie repeated enough becomes a truth on its own.

      It should be telling to viewers that this film selectively includes certain information. Can we produce a response film that allows all viewpoints to be shown equally, with honest debate and presentation of actual facts, and from that allow the viewer to decide?

      As a second amendment supporter I would have no problem seeing that happen, the fact that the other side of this argument needs to exclude certain points of view is what makes this propaganda. And the slow thinking public will accept it as fact and vote accordingly.

      Couric and Schumer, and Obama for that matter, are not the problems in this equation. It’s your neighbors, the people you stand next to in line at the grocery store, the people in your church. This is who needs to be reached.

  9. I have a DAO pistol. It does not have a hammer. This vid should have been “Why I went back to DA/SA pistols. But I do agree that a DA trigger is safer than a single action striker fired pistol that has no external safety(ies).

  10. I get what he’s saying, but the DA trigger pull is just too long and heavy for me to manage, due to a childhood injury. So striker fired or SAO it is for me.

  11. My usual carry gun is a 1st gen, full size, all steal 941 Jericho “Baby Eagle” in .40. It’s DA/SA and I love that gun.

    I agree with everything the guy says about the safety factors you get from an SA/DA pistol, plus the ability to cock the gun to show you mean business in certain situations is nice (I’ve had to do that with an apartment invader, he suddenly became compliant) but I don’t get the trigger issue some people have with it.

    So a question for the crowd here:

    WTF is “trigger control”? I’ve never really gotten a definition from anyone better than “not knowing exactly when the gun’s going to go off”… but I can take any of the 31 guns I own right up to where the trigger breaks and know I’m right on the edge of it. I’ve shot them enough that I know where that trigger breaks and I don’t care. People say this is bad but don’t elaborate on why. I usually out-shoot the instructors that talk about this. Then they’re mad and won’t talk to me. It’s like they think I’m a ringer there to make them look bad or something. I’ve been a “natural” since I was a kid.

    I honestly have no idea what people are talking about with this because I never had to learn it. I’ve had people ask me to teach them to shoot a pistol and they all think I’m some sort of a$$hole when I tell them I can’t because I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, I just know that it works and has since I was a kid. SA or DA doesn’t seem to make a difference to me. People told me I’d learn about this if I got into distance shooting… nope to me it’s the same thing with a rifle. My dad’s friends all hate me for this, but I really have no clue why I’m good at what I’m doing or what the hell they’re all talking about.

    I’m not saying I’m anywhere close to the skill level of Jerry Miculek here, but I’ve always had a natural talent for firearms and these days I feel like it holds me back from getting even better because I have no idea what the hell people are talking about.

    • Sounds like those instructors are teaching by rote; they are repeating a catch phrase and not able to break it down. Let me see if I can unpack it for you.

      The basic theory behind “let the gun surprise you” is that (most) people develop the habit of anticipating when the gun is going off, and “preparing” for it. Commonly this involves starting to push the gun down to fight against the recoil–yes, before it even starts–or flinching because the recoil is unplesant, pulling the sight off the target. Both of these will happen a split second *before* the gun goes off, and are disastrous for accuracy.

      If the gun surprises you, you didn’t have the chance to pre-react (preact?). So the shot will go right were you think it should.

      I’ve seen people *drill* the bullseye with their very first shot out of a handgun…then they’re all over the paper. They’re already flinching or anticipating. Sometimes you can get them to see what they’re doing with the “put a snapcap in the mag” trick…and you can say, “see what you did there” when the muzzle dips even though they took no shot, and they’re OK after that. (Seems to be true of older people more than younger, it’s introspection, it’s watching yourself act.)

      You are very, very fortunate if you truly have no tendency to preact.

      I’ve been spending the past couple of years trying to take the anticipation out of my muscle memory, having oh so diligently spent twenty years before that putting it in. I finally “caught” myself doing it, learned to recognize what my brain is doing when I was doing it, and was able to school myself not to do it…provided I shoot slowly. When I manage to do so, I’m shooting well enough that people have started to notice. When I try to go just a bit faster, it comes baaaaaack and I throw shots down and left.

      • Thanks Steve. While your explanation isn’t the most simple it is the most complete I’ve seen. I do appreciate it.

        As far as I can tell, I just have no fear of the recoil or expectation of it. The bang is what puts a smile on my face, so why would I fear it? To me the gun does what it does and you do what you do. The combination puts rounds on target. There’s barely anything to think about. Physics is physics and you just play by the rules it gives you I guess. Like I said, I’ve never really thought about any of this, it just worked for me.

  12. Testing… why don’t my posts work on this article but they do on others?

    Ooo it worked.

    Hey can anyone actually tell me what “trigger control” is?

    No one ever explained any of this when I was a kid, they just handed me a gun and I outshot my dad and all his friends. I’ve asked this question in classes and gotten a “You’ll see on the range” followed by the instructors ignoring me after they see how I shoot (usually better than they do). I think they think I’m a ringer sent in to make them look bad or something.

    I’d like to figure out how I can actually reach my potential, but being somewhat of a natural with a gun is holding me back because I don’t understand what people are talking about since I never actually had to learn it and now people either write me off as cocky or they hate me for outshooting them.

    I’ve been told distance rifle shooting would make this clear, but it didn’t. I apparently have the same natural proclivity for that that I do with a handgun.

    • I’ll guess you manage to squeeze the trigger the exact same way every time.

      Removing that inconstancy lets you focus more on the rest of it…

      • You figure that it has to do with starting shooting really young or is it just something that some people do naturally?

        My major problem here is that 99% of people don’t believe me about this, so when the proof is put on paper they either get angry and stop talking to me or call me a liar that has taken a lot of time and training and is trying to pull a fast one on them. Yes, I’ve put A LOT of rounds downrange in my life, but I’ve never really understood why it just works for me when it often doesn’t work for other people.

        I totally understand the frustration of others in dealing with me. My wife is the same way with golf. She started last year and… well it’s embarrassing to play with a 5’3″ lady who has nearly no experience and you struggle not to get seriously outplayed when she’s using the men’s tees.

        I’d just like to get better, but I have no idea what I’m doing “right” in the first place, so I have no idea what to concentrate on.

        Again, when people say “trigger control” what does that actually mean?

        • Two phrases, and I want to be clear and not insulting. Trigger finger discipline is keeping your finger away from a trigger until ready to fire. Trigger control is manipulating the trigger in a smooth rearward fashion as not to jerk, push or pull up on the rest of the firearm while shooting. Good trigger control is often obtained by using a lighter trigger pull weight or a polished trigger to allow a grit free smooth pull. If jerking the trigger the gun can go a long way off any direction , if pushing to much sideways on the trigger you force the gun opposite of your handedness(often seen in compact pistols with heavy triggers, right handed shooter will push gun left, overcompensate with firmer grip and start shooting low and left). Lastly pulling to hard, or with wrong part of your finger usually causes one to shoot high or low. So if you have zero problem hitting the bullseye you probably have good trigger finger control.

        • @Jeff:

          “Trigger control is manipulating the trigger in a smooth rearward fashion as not to jerk, push or pull up on the rest of the firearm while shooting. ”

          Hot damn! The sort of definition I have searched for for YEARS!

          Thank you my man!

    • I responded to you above, when you complained you don’t know what the heck the instructors are saying. (your comment did post, eventually, it appears.)

      Trigger control, I believe, is distinct from the sorts of things they are trying to address with “let the gun surprise you” (which I discussed up there) and others like Jeff have explained trigger control pretty well.

  13. If Mr. Baker continues on down that path a little farther he’ll find himself giving up his autos altogether and taking up revolvers.

    No surprise, I’ve known Katie Couric was a worthless sack of shit for a long time now.

  14. The gun grabbers have a simple plan: treat everything gun related as a snake. They vilifie it in the media and poitics. They would love to just cut the head off and be done with it, but they also seek every opertunity to cut an inch off the tail from every angle they can and at some point in time hope to reach the neck.


    • I’ve run into people who go absolutely hysterical at the thought of ANY gun in a school (regardless of who has it).

      It’s as if they thought guns were a radioactive and toxic chemical contaminant. Picture sarin gas, with all of its component atoms as radioisotopes instead of the normal stable ones.

  15. Chuck Schumer is another prime example of the failures of US immigration policy in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.

  16. Moreover, [Couric] said the claim that armed good guys stop bad guys is “a specious argument.”

    Cops can stop bad guys with a gun and that is not specious. A CHL however cannot, that is just specious nonsense. She obviously hasn’t seen TTAG’s “defensive gun use of the day.”

  17. “dancing to the NRA’s tune when they act to support the right to keep and bear arms by voting against efforts to disarm civilians”

    The claim the NRA, which supported the NFA, GCA and LEOPA among many other pieces of disarmament legislation, is pro 2a always goes to show how uninformed liberals are on guns.


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