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How a black man could be so ignorant about the history of slavery as to misconstrue the Second Amendment as a form of racism is beyond me. That would be like a Jew being so ignorant about the Holocaust as to fail to appreciate the true meaning of the words “never again.” Oh, wait.

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  1. What is really sickening is that there are actually people there listening to the statist scumbag.

  2. “How a black man could be so ignorant about the history of slavery.”

    Oh, Robert. You’re funny. He knows damn well, he just wants to keep his brethren down. I mean, what would happen if they realized they could take care of themselves and be independent?

    What would happen if a new Deacons of Defense rose up and started cleaning the garbage off the streets of Detroit and Chicago with guns like some anti-cartel citizen militias are now doing South of the border? People might be empowered! They might think differently! They might vote differently! Can’t have that.

  3. Danny who? He’s so irrelevant, he does not even register on the relevancy scale.

    For blacks in this country, EVERYTHING is all about race. They accuse others of being racist, yet it is THEY who are the ones who are keeping racism alive, They are so pathetic they have become parodies of themselves and don’t even realize it.

    • i agree with you 80% we do have a problem with making everything about race and imo its just the culture we grow up in. alot of times it not until we get older and go out into the world by our selves that we are exposed to other races. that being said racism is still alive kicking we just call it profiling now.

    • Grow up, man. You can’t expect to be treated with credibility while bashing people for being racist and, in the same breath, lumping all black people into having the same views.
      Look up Tim Scott- he refuses to acknowledge his race as being relevant to anything. He’s a state rep- not an actor or mouthpiece.

  4. Did you notice that in the Lethal Weapon movies, there are anti-gun and anti-NRA posters in the police station?

    Not to mention that Lethal Weapon 3, given the context of the gun control debate in the early 1990s, was blatant gun-control propaganda.

    And of course there’s the remark about the flame-thrower man in Lethal Weapon 4 being a spokesperson for the NRA.

  5. If you think about it – it is in his best interest to keep people disarmed, scared, demoralized and perhaps even nihilistic in their homes watching Hollywood stupidity on their Retard Box. Also I am sure the sociopath wants to be on Obama’s good side so he is invited to the White House…It makes the infantile Hollywood twits feel impotent.

  6. History is written by the “winners” and the lefties seem to think that re-writing history makes them the winners.

      • +1 For the Nineteen Eighty-four reference.

        “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past.

      • > +1 For the Nineteen Eighty-four reference.

        Don’t you mean “plusgood for the Nineteen Eighty-four reference”?

        It’s been twenty years since I’ve read Nineteen Eighty-Four. Considering that I was going off of memory, I figure I didn’t mangle the quote too bad.

        What’s really funny and sad is this discussion thread on Yahoo! Answers UK & Ireland about the quote. Not only did nobody know the source, but this “answer”

        well if none of these helped you out, maybe you should read the lyrics to the song it is from by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. (it’s a good song too!) the song is called Testify

        has convinced me that future generations are doomed.

        • Indeed, I fear that the next generation or two needs to wake up, or we will be seeing the vision of the future according to that novel.

          “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.”

  7. Why waste your money making this fool Glover any richer than he already is? Spend your cash on things with greater significance to your life such as condoms, beer, and toilet paper.

  8. The gun-grabbers and their paranoid supporters routinely come up with irrational and ignorant statements about the 2A that the pro gun community then has to patiently spend time and effort rebuking through education and facts. Same old story. Long ago, I worked for a San Francisco company that sold high-end stereo equipment. Danny Glover was a customer living in the Haight District of San Francisco. That tells you all you need to know about his mind-set.

    • Here is a new thought:

      The 1st Amendment was written to ensure slavery continue forever. Oh yeah so true.

  9. Jesus you are a fucking moron.
    Really cool having a full minute intro on your 3 me nuts video, Colbert.

    Ego much?

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