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At this year’s NRAAM we were able to pop into the Daniel Defense booth and get the low-down on their new, 3D-printed (direct metal laser sintered) suppressor, called the DD WAVE . . .

It’s made via DMLS out of Inconel. Apparently it takes seven days to “print” one suppressor (they print a number of them at a time, though).

A unique QD coupling “prevents carbon lock” and requires no tools.

The serialized part is the base/mount, which is affixed to the can with proprietary tooling. Should something happen to your suppressor body or baffles such as a baffle strike, Daniel Defense can replace it without worrying about it being considered a new suppressor.

More info direct from Daniel Defense’s product sheet:

The new DD WAVE sound suppressor is named in part for its advanced cascading “wave”
baffle geometry, which more effectively attenuates sound than simpler baffle styles.
The DD WAVE’s unique one-piece, 3D-printed Inconel construction eliminates the need
for welds-typically the weakest points of a traditional suppressor-providing unmatched
strength and durability. A no-tools quick-attach/detach coupling prevents carbon lock
and securely mounts the suppressor to your weapon via a durable 17-4PH stainless
steel muzzle device, making it easy to remove, even after extended use. Constructed of
stainless steel, Inconel, and titanium-and then salt bath nitrided and Cerakote coated- the
DD WAVE is fiercely strong yet lightweight, making it durable, unobtrusive, and reliable
enough for fulltime use.


WEIGHT: 17.2 ounces

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  1. “Should something happen to your suppressor body or baffles such as a baffle strike, Daniel Defense can replace it without worrying about it being considered a new suppressor.”

    Now that, right there, is awesome. Hopefully the HPA passes so that it becomes kind of irreverent but in the current legal climate, freaking genius.

    • I’m not sure how they finagled that with the ATF. Unless that is to say the suppressor is functionally useless without the adapter. Considering how the ATF views a single baffle (even without a way to affix it) as a suppressor in and of itself, I wonder how they accomplished this…?

      • Well, if you choose to use an oil filter suppressor it’s the threaded mount adapter that’s the “device” so maybe their legal eagles found a way to use that?

        • Well that depends on what day of the week it is for the ATF. They have also ruled that each filter is a device and must be serialized as well by the SOT.

          Either way, I doubt they’ll sell the can seperately from the registered mount (an inverse of SiCo cans).

        • Fair point.

          Who knows how the dwarfs (trolls?) inside the ATF mountain work? I sure as heck don’t.

  2. This is a very credible entry for this new use of DMLS technology. Making the base/mount the serialized part, as strych9 points out, is indeed nothing short of awesome. Brilliant. I’ll be very interested in hearing users’ reports of the DDWave’s performance and durability.

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