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University of Texas Austin campus at sunset-dusk – aerial view

News is coming in that there has been a mass stabbing at the University of Texas’ Austin campus. According to the Austin American Statesman, one person has been stabbed to death and three more people were injured before the attacker was taken into custody.

The University of Texas’ Austin campus has been in the news recently due to the passage of the “Campus Carry” law and the subsequent opposition to its implementation by members of the faculty and students under the banner Gun Free UT. Their opinion has been that the campus is perfectly safe enough with the current staffing of police officers, and the addition of concealed handguns would actually make campus less safe.

More information as the story develops.

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  1. “Austin police said one person — later identified as Kendrex White — is in custody after the stabbing . . . .”

    Not charged yet and no motive has been ascribed.

    • One guy (or even 10, or 100, or 1,000) in a state with a population pushing 30 million constitutes being packed to the rafters? Dude, switch to decaf. You sound like you’ve spent a little too much time up in the rafters, yourself.

    • My god…Texas sure is packed to the rafters with A-holes.

      Austin, maybe, but not the whole state. Not by a long shot. So to speak.

  2. Bring out the strap on dildos. They all said, well I will be nice today, some, libertarians said “reason” was so much more powerful than a gun. “Cocks Not Glocks” right!!!!!

    Some one needs to go back and check all those dildo protest pictures to see if any of the stabbing victims was wearing her dildo last year protesting against gun civil-rights.

    This reminds me of the store owner who was robbed after publicly banning guns. I think in South Carolina.

    • I don’t know what libertarians you hang out with, but private firearms ownership and use is a core tenet of libertarianism. The word you’re looking for is ‘progressive’.

      • The libertarians Gary Johnson, William Weld, The 2016 Libertarian Party convention and the libertarian party debate held on the Fox business channel officiated by the libertarian reporter John Stossel. These are the libertarians I “hangout” with.

        I don’t know and don’t care if this guy is a Muslim citizen or not. I do care that libertarians totally support letting murders and rapists come to America across the open borders that they support.
        I assume having dark skinned rapist coming to the USA makes libertarians feel less racist.

        I don’t believe the libertarians support the Bill of Rights. But they do support legal marijuana intoxication.

        • A real libertarian is against gun laws, immigration laws, and most other laws.

          The Libertarian presidential ticket supported fuddtastic gun laws.

          Words stopped having any fixed meaning in politics a long time ago.

        • TX Lawyer
          I knew if I was honest there would be at least one honest libertarian. And you are it. Thanks for coming out of the closet you are a globalist, supporting rapists and murderers coming here.
          “No immigration laws”.

          If the libertarian party was any good before it got to be filled with people like you. You are a “citizen of the world” aren’t you. Be honest. People who never would support the Bill of Rights, you are very comfortable bringing into the USA. You hate your white skin don’t you???
          You feel less racist if that 14 year old white girl in a Maryland school is raped by two dark skinned illegal aliens.

          You libertarians are really something.

          • Chris T in KY, I never said I was a libertarian. I simply explained what a libertarian was because you are clearly confused by the distinction between a libertarian and a liberal. I also noted that you were correct in stating that the libertarian party ran a pro gun control presidential ticket.

            You need to work on your reading comprehension before accusing someone of both supporting rape and being generally un-American.

        • Also your writing is nearly incomprehensible. You have if then statements with no then half of the statement. I mean maybe if you used an ellipsis …

      • Looks like either a very sanitized page or another outbreak of aloha snack bar. My guess is either the latter or yet another Afrocentric terrorist wannabe.

        • @…I noticed that to…Almost like it was suddenly, and haphazardly put together…The FB indeed looked ” Sanitized”…Almost like an employment record from a malfeasance company attempting to hide legal culpability…Another “Obama administration / CIA , Lee Harvey Oswald type creation ?” Lol…Another Globalist “False Flag event.”

        • My page is very sanitary too because I never use FB and I have my privacy settings so that you don’t see shit but 4 or 5 very generic posts. No conspiracy here.

  3. As far as I know, carrying a Bowie Knife in public in TX is illegal; yes, laws sure do work at preventing tragedy. BTW, isn’t stabbing people also illegal?

    • You are correct. A Bowie knife is by definition an illegal knife. Illegal knives are not illegal, just illegal to carry most places.

      You are also correct that it is illegal to stab people. That’s been on the books a good while now. Don’t know how Mr. White missed it.

  4. I heard that his girlfriend jilted him and he snapped. I don’t know about anyone else but if I had gone on a killing spree every time a girlfriend dumped me I’d be the greatest serial killer of all time.

  5. This guy looks like your typical snowflake /cupcake , card carrying Democrat….Maybe more issues at large….Watching for “False Flags.”

  6. Moms Demanding Attention kind of wishes it was an assault weapon attack, specifically a black automatic carabiner with a shoulder thing that goes up.

    • @…Best bet , perform Google search…Add large aggressive to the search context..! And…Holy Cow !!!!

  7. The sad part is the MOMs and the Trace will use this to say “See, campus carry did nothing. Therefore, ban guns on campus.”

  8. Hmmm, another jilted lover, just like the guy in San Diego. I wonder if the guy who was killed was the guy she dumped Mr. White for. After that, he just couldn’t stop himself.

  9. Pity that one of the victims isn’t going to be one of those idiot leftist behind that ‘C*cks not Glocks’ protest from a year or two ago. That’s the same uni that it happened at. And that would have been the best kind of irony.

  10. Can we print shirts that say “If the police were armed with dildos, there would be more dead. Take that and suck it.” already?

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