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Dan Wesson (owned by CZ-USA) doesn’t even make NFA items, but at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings they were actively campaigning for our 2A rights by giving out thousands of the above hat for free. Over on Instagram, #RepealTheNFA, #ShallNotBeInfringed, #RKBA, #Pro2A, and even #MolonLabe have become de rigueur hashtags on both the Dan Wesson and CZ-USA accounts.

Unfortunately we’ve all been focused on some negative manufacturer news lately, so it’s great to highlight a company doing the polar opposite.

Dan Wesson makes some superlative 1911s, by the way. TTAG has reviewed the Valor, the Discretion, the Bruin, the Eco, and the Valkyrie. For their gun rights support, they’ve certainly earned this tip o’ the cap.

Also, follow TTAG on Instagram at @guntruth!

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    • +1 I wish I had money for DW

      Even companies besides our former friends in IL should take note of this. Capitalize on competitors mistakes and support your customers

      • “Capitalize on competitors’ mistakes…”

        While that occurred to me as well, even I can’t be cynical about this because the hats were made and the hard Pro2A push on social media started well before the news broke on the other company…

  1. Dan Wesson…purveyor of antiquated guns for the geriatric crowd. Now There’s a brand with 1 foot in the grave. They remind me of the days of Sears/Ted Williams affiliation and branding…god love you if you know what I’m talking about.

  2. Saw a dw 15-2 8 in barrel at a pawn shop today looked kinda beat up they wanted 500 for it any ideas?

    • I have the new 715 in stainless and I absolutely love it. My buddy decided to save some scratch and get a well used 15-2 with a 6″ barrel. He absolutely loves it. It’s a sweet shooter and if you want a shorter barrel, you don’t need a whole new gun. I’d recommend you buy.

      I’m going to make it a goal to shoot the barrel out of my new baby. I think my checking account will break before the gun, but that’s my goal

  3. Dan Wesson makes great guns, the type of which is so antiquated that Marines and Special Forces still use them.

    • CZ sort of has to be included here because they own DW and handle their marketing, I do believe, but DW specifically (and it’s a DW hat, after all) is only pistols and revolvers. As close as they get to NFA stuff is selling a couple models with a threaded barrel. “Repeal The NFA” from SilencerCo or the like is obvious, but I was surprised to see such a strong statement from Dan Wesson and it struck me as absolutely post-worthy! 🙂

      You’re right, though, in that CZ sells select-fire variants of the Scorp and Bren to gov/mil/leo. No factory NFA items available to the commercial market. But the Scorp sure is a popular gun for people to SBR!!! Actually, if it were a CZ-USA hat I wouldn’t have been surprised. DW caught me off guard haha

  4. Was going to call them and ask if they had any recommendations for my upcoming meeting with the congressman on the subject. Unfortunately their phones have already closed for today. Sent them an email and will call tomorrow.

  5. I have a Dan Wesson .357 revolver that I bought in maybe 1980. A great pistol pack pistol though I wish I had bought interchangeable barrels. Recently sent it back to them as it had some issues. They are going to repair it for under $200 and I have great respect for this gun. They were a great company and CZ has been good with repairs like mine needs at this time.

  6. Ummm, anybody think of ulterior motives? NFA repealed, Dan Wesson starts making full auto in high gear? Everything comes down to money or sex, Jeremy.

    • Hahaha. 1) NFA won’t be repealed in the near future 2) Dan Wesson makes 1911s and revolvers. They’d have to branch out hard to come up with something marketable that’s currently an NFA item.

      …not that it would hurt the sales of suppressor-ready pistols! The market for that would certainly explode if suppressors were removed from the NFA. Of course, I believe DW is currently selling everything they have the capacity to manufacture. Maybe the hat sales can fund an expansion 😉

    • The NFA didn’t ban the manufacture of full auto, it regulated the transfer. The bill banning the manufacture of full auto was passed in the 80s and it would stop DW from making full auto regardless of the NFA.

      As to the overall sentiment you’re expressing. Showing solidarity with your customers is indeed a good way to boost sales.

      For instance, I have a DW revolver that I really love. Also I will at some point pick up a 1911, but have not decided on a manufacturer. This is two points in favor of a DW regardless of all other factors


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