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Dallas PD Senior Corporal Rene Dominguez stands accused of buying guns for “South American gun smugglers.” Reading the story a little more closely, the “smugglers” were members of a Venezulean police shooting team, friends of Dominguez’s who stayed at his home (ejected after one of their kids ordered the Playboy channel without telling Dominguez). Then again, the Dallas cop knew he was lying on his ATF form 4473 when he purchased firearms for the officers from the South American gun control paradise. In short, Dominguez was a self-confessed “straw purchaser.” As they say, don’t lie for the other guy. The feds declined to prosecute (of course), for various reasons. Dominguez’s ejection from the force seems to be taking a long time . . .

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  1. I am not allowed to let my Chinese colleagues handle my firearms when they visit to US office. I’m not even in law enforcement and I know this much.
    If I took my colleagues to a gun club range I’d be putting the owners at risk if I let them shoot my gun there.
    I’d go to jail for that.
    I suspect that if the officer’s name was DiGiorno instead of Dominguez he’d be in a jail cell right now.

    • What state do you live in? Most anywhere in the U.S. foreigners can handle and shoot guns, just not own them (unless they are permanent legal residents).

      • I believe according to Los Federales, a non-citizen can buy guns with a hunting license. Pretty sure it’s on the 4473.

        • A legal resident alien (green card) can buy guns under Federal law. The ATF changed its rules to reflect that. Non-immigrant aliens (on a visa etc.) can also buy guns with a hunting license, according to Federal law. In fact, according to the ATF, there are other classes of non-immigrants who can also buy guns from an FFL.

          State laws can be more restrictive for non-immigrant hunters. However, state laws cannot be more restrictive for legal green card immigrants than the state would be for a citizen. When it comes to buying guns or getting carry permits, legal resident immigrants with the proper green card have the same rights as citizens, but they still have to go through whatever hoops the state throws in the path of people who want guns.

          In many states, a hunting license is not enough to purchase a gun, even though Federal law permits it. If a citizen needs an FID or CCW and not just a hunting license, so will an alien.

    • I suspect he’d be making great frozen pizza if his name was DiGiorno. Also the reason they chose not to prosecute is because he was a cop, not because he was Hispanic, as you seem to be implying.

      • Ok, I had to go back and do some reading. I don’t see anywhere in the post or comments an implication that his race is why he was not charged.

        • fishydude wrote:
          “I suspect that if the officer’s name was DiGiorno instead of Dominguez he’d be in a jail cell right now.”

          If that isn’t an accusation of such a thing, I don’t know what is.

  2. He should’ve known better. If cops can’t obey the law, who can? Should be fired without severance or retirement.

  3. This is a new Federal operation in progress: Quick and Enraged
    No arrest? We’re not even supposed to know about this.

  4. the news story says that he admits to having lied for years on 4473s buying guns for other Dallas officers. He admitted that “he had completed the federal firearms transaction forms for other members of law enforcement including Dallas police officers. He said he had been doing so for years.”

    The ATF actually recommended that he be prosecuted on multiple charges but prosecutors declined.

    Thank God we just expanded the background check system in Washington State. It all seems to work so perfectly everywhere else, right?

  5. The feds declined to prosecute (of course)

    I don’t know if I’d say ‘of course.’ Didn’t the feds prosecute a cop who bought a gun for his dad? He used his LEO discount on a Glock purchased with his dad’s money.

  6. How much sympathy can we have for an LEO who decides that easing gun purchases for stalwarts of a murderous socialist dictatorship is a good idea?

  7. I think Abramski, if that’s the cop who bought the glock for his uncle, should get his conviction overturned. Equal protection under the law? They were both otherwise law abiding, as far as we know, and the feds choose charge one guy but not the other? The law should be struck down. Period.

    • Abramski’s case went all the way to SCOTUS, where he lost. The law was interpreted by the ATF to mean that a person cannot buy a gun for another (except as a gift), even if the other passes a background check. That interpretation contradicted ATF’s earlier interpretation. And equal protection does not mean equal punishment in every case. That’s why people who commit the same crime may have different sentences, and even no prosecution at all.

      • Well as long as SCOTUS ruled on it, I guess we have no say in it. Kind of like if we have a disagreement and we get an arbiter, who happens to be my brother in law, and (shock of shocks!) he finds in my favor. So the State says he’s guilty and the State’s judges agree, where’s the REAL crime? If I buy something for a relative at a discount that I qualify for, who cares?!?! Maybe the business who’s losing out on the money, but the Feds? It shouldn’t be their business.

        So the Feds ruin one dude’s life and let another dude go? Sounds like discrimination, I don’t know what for, but that’s what it sounds like. Whether it is or not should be up to a jury. How many lives does the State need to ruin before everyone is done with it?

    • The ATF often doesn’t prosecute these sorts of cases… that’s why it was news-worthy when they went after a former cop for straw-buying a gun for his uncle.

  8. Explain to me, yet again, why we have thousands of pages of gun laws in America and criminals never seem to get prosecuted for violating them?

    • It is in the nature of ruling that the rulers need lots of laws, many of which you may have broken. Once they decide you are in the way, they can just research which ones you’ve actually broken, employing CI’s if necessary, and nail you to a cross. If they can’t find any laws you’ve unwittingly broken, well, there’s always provocateurs.


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