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Image courtesy worldwidehippies.comThis shrieking harpy is the face of CNN’s brand of ‘journalism’ in the George Zimmerman trial. In a heated exchange with Zimmerman friend Frank Taafe, Nancy Grace displays her complete ignorance of Florida CCW laws and her utter contempt for the right to keep and bear arms. She even compares George Zimmerman to Jeffrey Dahmer. Then, when she can’t quite shout Taaffe down, she instructs her producer to cut off his mic . . .

Par for the course. The alleged former constitutional lawyer can’t tell the difference between the 2nd Amendment and a gas-station toilet seat liner. She also insisted that Zimmerman’s PF-9 has a manual safety. Which it definitely does not. I know because I’ve got one.

If the sight and sound of her doesn’t make you want to gouge out your eyes and ears with an icepick, here’s another clip of her bragging about her ability to silence her ‘guests’:

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      • One thing for sure she can walk down any street and be safe from Rape, since no one is low enough or hard up enough to ever want to rape and for sure there is not enough Vigra for her to force feed a guy to make it work! It’s easy to see why this Pig is no longer an attorney!

  1. The video of her arguing that a KelTec PF9 has an externally operated manual safety annoys the hell out of me, simply due to her smugness when the person she’s arguing with doesn’t know enough himself to correct her.

    • The PF9, just like every other firearm that I know of, has a manually-operated external safety device. It’s called a ‘trigger.’ If this device is not operated by one of the other safety devices, one being called the ‘trigger finger’ and the other the ‘brain,’ the firearm will not fire.

  2. That’s odd. Nancy usually convicts the Black suspect in advance of the trial. What gives?

    • She couldn’t pick between the black guy and the Hispanic dude, so she flipped a coin.

    • She tends to place all defendants in the guilty column, just because they are charged, AND in court. She CAN make some good points when a defense or defendant make some stupid moves (comments, gestures, etc) but as we can see here… she’s fallible and can let her own ego get in the way as much as some of those she busts in courtroom commentary.

  3. The thing that bugs me is conservative talk show hosts suggesting that the Zimmerman trial isn’t as important as conflicts in Egypt. Our rights to self defense under the rule of law is far more important than a temporary spike in gas prices due to histrionics over the Suez Canal. Park a carrier over there, keep the oil flowing, and let them kill each other as much as they want. Till they accept armed self defense and become more libertarian, their society won’t get any better anyway. And none of that seems likely.

  4. So yea how many times has Nancy Grace proclaimed that some one is guilty based on no legal evidence beyond her lust for ratings?

  5. My understanding (which could be incorrect) was that it was Mr. Taafe who made the claim that Zimmerman’s gun has a manual safety, and Nancy Grace was mocking this.

    • No, unGrace as well as the stooge Michael Savage think the PF9 has an external safety like a 1911, or Walther or something. Savage went total retard over this.

    • I went to the same small town community college as that woman. Most all of us that knew her (Duckett) from school hate Nancy Grace.

  6. I’m actually stunned by the lack of professionalism involved. I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m appalled someone who abuses her guests like this has her own show.

    Oh, wait, Piers Morgan, Elliot Spitzer, CNN. Nevermind.

  7. For giggles I thought I’d check if Nancy was married and if she had children. You know – to see if the crazy gene would be passed on. Using Google – try this.

    Typing “Is Nancy” brought back as the first suggestion – Is Nancy Grace Married
    Typing “Does Nancy” brought back as the second suggestion- Does Nancy Grace have children.

    Try “Hope Nancy Grace” and see second suggestion…

    Guess my curiosity is in tune with a fair number of other folks.

    She trumps the earlier entry about “Don’t stick your d*ck in crazy”

    Truly bat sh*t crazy and shameless

  8. How many times is lady been right about court cases down in Florida . Truth not many she was all wet on Caylee Marie Anthony trial . She scream ever night from her tv show that she had soild proof Cindy kill her owen daughter than guess what proof that what really happen did prove her right at all in that case found Cindy not guilty. I hate say people like her do not have clue what how guns work. They get there info on guns from internet. We all know internet never wrong yea right.

    • I think Hollywood is their ONLY source of information. And we know how reliable Hollywood is as an information source on firearms.

  9. Awesome photo and juxtaposition. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, how do you survive in your little world? It must be very hard, you poor thing.

  10. I pointed this out to my mom, who watches Nancy Grace, she said that nancy Grace cuts Mr. Taafe’s mike all the time, and she also cuts other people’s mikes as well. This one black guy who was originally against Mr. Zimmerman, but who now is of the opinion that he should be acquitted, well she cuts his mike too. My mom said she continually has them on though because the shouting matches draw viewers. I guess the guests who routinely get their mikes cut just put up with it and keep coming back.

    • Point out to your mom that no one has ever shined a blacklight on Nancy Grace while she is on camera. This is because she has “666” tattooed on her forehead with ultraviolet ink.

  11. Honestly can’t stand more of her psyco-babble than the time it takes to breeze past CNN while changing channels.

    But that goes for CNN in general so nothing new there.

    She is the Ultimate bloody-shirt wearer, not waver.

  12. Must be rough making a living on a cable channel that’s only viewed in airports with the sound off.

  13. That is one angry woman.

    A loaded gun, no safety.

    And her anger is only exceeded by her stupidity.

  14. Like a train wreck, horrific to watch but your standard viewer just cant turn away. just one more reason I do not bother to own a TV.

  15. I wish I could unsee her ugly mug. That shrill voice could cut steel. I can’t stand her.

  16. Awwww shucks… I used to like Nancy, but really, I haven’t watched CNN in decades.

  17. I often am forced to listen to this awful woman when stuck in airports. Every major airport I end up in, without fail, seems to be playing HLN – and HLN is packed with wild, loud harpies like Nancy Grace. Seriously – HLN has the angriest women in news.

    • Try living in San Francisco. The City is filled with women holding support groups to brainstorm new things to be angry about.

  18. All she knows about guns is that one killed her fiancé by a co-worker of his. That was years ago. Has since married, has twins (a boy & a girl) Would not appear that she’s become comfortable with legal concept of “innocent until proven guilty” That’s the reason I so dislike her. She bastardizes the judicial system on her TV program and no where was it more obvious than the George Zimmerman trial!

  19. Wait, she was a prosecutor?

    Wow. I bet a lot of people in her jurisdiction can screwed over.

  20. She is unbelievable.
    CNN has no shame and Im willing to bet she will never acknowledge she was wrong.

  21. Actually… she cut someone off again today… I had to change the channel it was just so awkward and ugly both times.

  22. “Par for the course.”

    The course is modern America’s embracing of social, political, and cultural values that have come to be the dominate course in today’s era of high-drama no-accountability feminism and political correctness that lives off the serfdom of others. It’s long past time to start kicking America’s Princesses off their pedestals. Me thinks that what goes up so fast will come down even faster. It’s the re-balancing laws of social physics. It’s going to be darn funny when the hot air bubble pops. Mina probably knows what I’m talking about.

  23. She and Rosie O’Donnell deserve each other. They’re both bullies, chauvinist heffers, anti-gun, and they both deserve to die the way they lived, in hatred and spite. Who knows? Maybe Nancy is getting bicurious as we speak.

  24. She’s the same stupid bitch that decided for her audience that 3 members of the Duke University lacrosse team were guilty of gang rape. They were later found innocent of the charges after the discovery that the “victim” made the whole story up.

  25. Name calling , slander, hyperbole, and shouting is a sure sign that the other person has lost the argument and has nothing else to say. We see this all of the time.

  26. Oddly, they appear to have cut that segment in the replays later that night. I heard about it, and watched twice, but never saw it until you posted this.

    Hmmmm…. I’m assuming there are some very good reasons why she is no longer a trial lawyer/prosecutor.

  27. Okay, I feel like I need to speak up on this one. We had the question earlier today about “can we get past the woman shooter thing” so I already have women’s issues on the brain.

    Links to attractive models are fine, I can just not click if I’m not interested. Unflattering photos of the opposition are standard media tactics, so you’re covered on that photo on the top of the page, though the article could have done without it. Tagging this post as “Bitch” while funny to some, was uncalled for and unnecessarily antagonistic to the women with thick enough skins that you haven’t alienated them yet.

      • I would ALMOST concur….but you see, it’s been my misfortune to have a crazy aunt with a pathological need for attention, just like Nancy Grace. It is so aggravating that I’ve come just *THIS* close to pulling her over in private and telling her the next time she screams in my face I’m closing her trap but good! That’s the kind of woman Nancy Grace is. Believe me, tagging her as ‘bitch’ is much, much too nice.

        • +1. One can fully support women shooters (whatever that’s supposed to mean…) can, in general, think they are the bee’s knees, and still think this woman is a bitch, and not be afraid to say so.

  28. Just call her “A hole”. She’s the kind of person that has no business behind a camera, behind a mic or preaching anything about laws when she knows nothing. All she is is a freaking hole where crap comes out.

  29. She cuts everyone’s mic that doesn’t agree with her point of view. I’ve watched her show for years, & always agreed with her assessment of the cases she’s airing/covering but she has this one wrong. The over zealous prosecutor in her is blinding her. I hope lady justice prevails in this one nancy grace.. As a mom of of a 19 yr old myself (a son) who’s never been in trouble, doesn’t have a history of fighting/starting fights, does not smoke weed & a full time college student, I have an insight she does not, for she is a mom of young twins. She can have a more “educated” opinion when she’s raising a 17 yr old & let’s see if she finds the conduct of Trayvon prior to the tragedy acceptable… After all, she found the behavior/conduct of Casey Antony relevant prior to Caylee’s murder.

  30. i just watched the second video and wow. pierce morgan just found his sweetheart. she is probably the dumbest thing in the news.

  31. Nancy Grace is everything that is wrong with America today, wrapped up in one package.

    Well, except obesity. She’s not fat. But everything else.

  32. I’m not saying vagina dentata is a real phenomenon nor am I saying that “Ms.” Grace possesses it, I’m just saying that if anyone actually were to house a set of gleaming fangs inside their cooter, it’d be her.

    I am, however, suggesting that the trickle of inky black fluid constantly seeping from her mouth is most likely not of worldly origin. The horns and pitchfork probably indicate something too, but I dare not speculate what.

  33. Eye bleach! Someone please get me eye bleach before the image is permanently burned into my corneas!

  34. In our world of 6 minute memories, its easy to forget this POS still has a forum on Commie News Network after claiming the Duke lacrosse team a couple years back was “obviously guilty” for raping a stripper/whore when it turned out the whore was lying, along with Mike Nifong the corrupt NC DA who is being played by Bernie DeLaRionda in the current Trayvon travesty.

    Nancy Grace is a scumbag POS, which means she gets her own show to interject her Prozac whackjob opinion on every big media court case.

  35. Today is going to be a bad day. Hers is the first face I’ve seen so far today. Thanks for that.

  36. Why single out Nancy Grace? She’s no different than Rush or O’Reilly. Some people might be more tolerant of obnoxious men than women but that would be a more a reflection on them than the subject.

    • I don’t listen to Rush (apart from clips that make it to other sources), so I can’t speak to that point. But there is a world of difference between Bill O’Reilly and people like Nancy Grace. I don’t always agree with O’Reilly, but he almost always has a fact-based, logical, coherent position on the issues he covers. He will also acknowledge and fully respect other positions that are fact-based, logical, and coherent. Yes, both Nancy Grace and O’Reilly have their own views which color their commentaries (and they are commentators, not hard news). However, saying they are the same is a display of the same moral relativism that lead Jimmy Carter to proclaim that Western society treats women just as badly as do nations under sharia law. Not buying it. Not even renting it.

  37. Breaking News!!! Nancy will appear on the new realty show: “Dancing with the Bitches”. Don’t miss it.

  38. I wish Mtv would bring back Celebrity Death Match and do one between Nancy Grace and Ann Coulter.

  39. Brazen willful ignorance is its stock and trade… Not just shameful in my opinion, truly evil… I can’t believe our culture elevates sh*t like this…

  40. Twat-mom… Why is it that two of the most oft-used examples of “constitutional lawyers” are the two biggest dumb-asses in the country…

  41. Never liked the skunk-twat anyway,
    Never gave her the time of day. Never will.
    Insignificant mutt.

  42. It’s sad to think that vermin such as Ms. Grace even exist much less receive the soap box they have. Unfortunately, it seems that she is emblematic of the hysterical, political circus this trial has become rather than what it should be.
    Zimmerman never should have gone to trial, the police investigators had it correct, self defense. I believe the Obama administration has put its yoke around the neck of the trial judge by “urging” that she do everything to facilitate a guilty verdict. One thing is for sure. If Zimmerman is convicted, it will prove the corruption of the judicial system and amply issustrate the joke that the trial has become.
    Florida, and the people of this country, should be ashamed that this is happening.

  43. Nancy continues to prove she is a bigot – see the follow for definition:

    bigot (plural bigots)
    1. One who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

    2. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group (e.g. religion, race, gender, political party, etc.) and is intolerant of those who differ.

    Nancy how do continue your position and define it as ethical

  44. Diane Feinstein is the Wicked Witch of the West. Nancy unGraceful is the Wicked Witch of the East.

  45. I had a terrible thought that those three microphones in the photo were penises.
    Evil porno.

  46. That bias bigoted blow hole “Nancy” voice makes you want to set your head on fire with Naplam and put the fire out with a hatchet.

  47. This case is clearly about race. It is very likely that Martin would not have savagely attacked George if George had been black. His telephone conversation, immediately before he attacked Mr. Zimmerman with deadly force, displayed his black racism. He actually used the “C” word against Mr. Zimmerman in conversation with one of the trial witnesses. He called George a “CRACKER”! That is the akin to using the “N” word (Nigger). George used no such lanquage.
    Also, had George been black, Al “Duke Lacrosse” Sharpton would not have summoned his black racist mob to the scene. For Mr. Zimmerman, it was not about race at all, but for the black racists it’s all about race.

    • You people have gotta be the most STUPID…..SICKEST…..IMMORAL set of Folks. And I bet NONE of your A!#es would ever talk the CRAP you talk….in the face of an African American. How about this. Trayvon was’nt a MOLESTER ! Nasty Chester Child Molester is what your boy George Zimmerman IS….and will always BE. And on top of that…a MURDERER to. And as for the Cracker. That’s probably exactly what YOU all are. Scary a!# Cracker Cowards that HIDE behind Computer screens like your Chubsy Ubsby friend Zimmerman hid behind a GUN… And RUSH the FLUSH……behind his Mic & Oxycotin ! hahaha

      • You’re a prime example of why the mentally unbalanced should be kept apart from society as a protective measure.
        Please go away, you loony.

    • SICK….SICK…..SICK……and definitely INSANE ! No membrane cause there is NO BRAIN !SICK….SICK…..SICK……and definitely INSANE ! No membrane cause there is NO BRAIN !SICK….SICK…..SICK……and definitely INSANE ! No membrane cause there is NO BRAIN !

      TASTE OF YOUR OWN TYPE…does’nt taste so good huh ?????? hahaha You gonna follow me Bob ? Huh huh ? Can I stand my GROUND Bob ? Huh huh ? hahaha

      • You can thank Facebook for another one. Just like ‘hi there’ yesterday, this Candace person is clearly more used to Facebook commenting, as she did the typical-for-that thing of scrolling down and pasting basically the same comment after everyone she disagrees with. It’s a brave new world, gentlemen.

        • I don’t even HAVE a FB . And never have ! And it’s because of NUTS like you. And we say we’re “Oh So Scared of the NSA” Woe is Us ! What a joke. You Twisted folks can do a helluva lot more DAMAGE then any NSA agency could Everrrrrrr DO ! Does’nt feel good when your twisted WAY with WORDS… are thrown back at your TYPE ! Brave New World…you got that right. hahaha Its called LIBERAL and MORAL…. Common Sense. And it’s about time we TROLL like you TROLLERS love to do so often sites and radio shows. And just by you replying…..makes me wanna hang a banner like your Ol’ Illiterate Pal G.W. Bush ……”Mission Accomplished!”. Except he LIED ! hahahaha

        • Oh, my mistake, I suppose. But now I have a question. If you don’t use Facebook, what is your excuse for your overblown, nonsensical posting style? You have yet to make an actual point, you’ve just thrown around insults and RANDOMLY capitalized WORDS. In fact, “I don’t even HAVE a FB” is the first actual statement you’ve made. It’s literally the first thing you’ve said that wasn’t simply an insult.

          Do you actually have something to say? Like, a point? Or are you just here to call people crazy?

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