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FOUR Broward County Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred – That’s how headlined their excerpt from CNN’s blandly-titled-yet-sickeningly-explosive revelation Sources: Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school . . . “When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis . . .

many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.

Marion Hammer (courtesy

The Unchecked Influence of NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer – Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace and the New Yorker team-up for a hit piece on NRA Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer. Mostly? It makes her look good. But impugn they do . . .

In the early 2000s, Hammer created the country’s first Stand Your Ground self-defense law, authorizing the use of lethal force in response to a perceived threat. Some two dozen states have adopted a version of Stand Your Ground, giving concealed-carry permit holders wide discretion over when they can shoot another person.

Columnist Michael Harriot (courtesy

There’s a Theory That if Black People Buy Guns, It Could Stop the NRA’s War on Kids; It Won’t – Columnist AF Michael Harriot reckons greed trumps racism at the NRA, so it’s OK for blacks to buy guns. Or not. Or something . . .

The prospect of black people armed to the teeth is actually a good thing for the NRA because it is the de facto supplier of America’s addiction. Thinking that the NRA will ever be concerned about a 12-point rise in African-American gun ownership (the increase that would raise black gun ownership to 36 percent, the same as whites) is like expecting the cigarette industry to care about a rise in black smokers. It just means more money for them.

Even if most white people were racists who were scared shitless because black people started buying AR-15s, the NRA would care as much about that as it cared about dead first-graders in Newtown, Conn., or high school freshmen in Parkland, Fla.

It wouldn’t give a damn.

So, yes, black people should exercise their right to gun ownership for a number of reasons. But doing so won’t cause the NRA to stop its war against children, no matter how racist or fragile white America may seem.

Blackrock (courtesy

A cloud hangs over the gun industry – CNN’s Aaron Smith fails to call the cloud what it is: socialism . . .

BlackRock, the giant investment management firm, is the largest shareholder in Sturm Ruger and American Outdoor Brands and the second-largest shareholder in Vista Outdoor.
In a statement Thursday, BlackRock said it “will be engaging with weapons manufacturers and distributors to understand their response to recent events.”

The National Rifle Association has also been criticized intensely over the last two weeks, and a number of big brands have severed their ties with the organization. First National Bank of Omaha said it will stop issuing its NRA-branded Visa card, while six different car rental brands, including Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz and Budget are discontinuing their discount programs for NRA members.

Pastor Peter Marty (courtesy

Guns are Americans’ golden calf – The pastor of Davenport, Iowa’s St. Paul Lutheran Church is troubled by Americans who cling to their guns . . .

The death-by-gun crisis in America is not just a political issue. It’s a spiritual issue of the highest order. Having all but enshrined the divinity of guns, our culture has created an elaborate public liturgy for every mass shooting. Flags go to half-staff. Counselors turn out. Thoughts and prayers pour forth. We continue to make a sorry mess of the distinction between loving God and being charmed by idols that seek to thwart the glory of God. Our national infatuation with firearms has reached crisis proportions that should trouble every believer.

Springfield XD under lock and key

Springfield Armory sent its enormous email list the following call to action:

We must do something to protect our children so that these horrible acts are stopped for good. We also must do what is necessary to ensure the survival of our Second Amendment, the Amendment that protects all others. The Amendment our Founders trusted to our Republic with the words “Shall Not be Infringed”. These rights were fought for and earned with the blood of American Patriots at places like Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and Trenton.

Mr. Fitzgerald (courtesy

Parent hands cardboard with ‘gun’ written on it to teacher at Madison school, police say – Pro or anti-gun rights nutcase? I’m not sure which. (This kind of stuff makes me DZ) . . .

Shorewood Hills Police Chief Aaron Chapin said Jonathan M. Fitzgerald, 35, activated a front door buzzer at the school, 1105 Shorewood Blvd., around 10 a.m., requesting access to the building. When he was allowed in, he walked past the school office where visitors are required to check in, Chapin said.

A staff member followed Fitzgerald as he went down the hall to the classroom his child was in, Chapin said.
“Fitzgerald made statements to the teacher in the room about being an intruder who was allowed access to the school and gave the teacher a piece of cardboard with the word ‘gun’ on it,” Chapin said.

Chapin said Fitzgerald left the classroom and went to the administrative office where he made similar statements and handed staff another piece of cardboard with “gun” written on it, then left the school building.

“There was no actual threat to the school or people in the school, no threat to their safety, during the incident,” Chapin said. “Whatever the ultimate goal of the individual, the actions that he took were obviously not appropriate and should not have been done.”

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  1. Very sad about the deputies.

    Even sadder that someone will use that to illustrate that if LE can’t handle a situation like that, then reg’lar folks ain’t got a chance (and should disarm post haste).

    • I think one could make a different argument regarding teachers, namely that they don’t have to charge into the danger. They’re already in the danger zone, and would be more likely to fight till the last than cops who rush in from the outside who got to choose whether they entered the danger or stood to the side like these cowards did.

  2. Ah yes the nra’s “War on children”. Such a brilliant, ie ignorant racist, writer with a truly deep, Ie complete lack of, understanding of the oldest defender of constitutional rights in the country. Eddie eagle program is the front lines of this barbaric war on America’s pre pubescents. Teaching children how to murder and torture…… er wait… that’s the firearm safety program for children and didn’t the Nra just donate 500million to harden up schools in poor areas that can’t afford the improvement themselves?

    I don’t always agree with the nra’s decisions but I’m signing up every family member who doesnt have a membership this weekend.

    • The NRA doesn’t sell guns, they’re happy to have lawfully minded souls as members and that writer was projecting their own hate for black people in their wishful thinking denial of gun rights for them.

    • If that’s true and not just the tinfoil talking, then every single politician, school board member, sheriff, and city cop in every county across the nation running this kind of scheme should be hanged in the town square. I really hope the numbers they falsely achieved are worth the loss of lives they caused.

    • I can’t imagine how the parents of the lost children must feel with each revelation. It’s bad enough to have to bury a child for a completely senseless act but to know how many people failed with the resources, processes and laws in place that are specifically intended to prevent it. Just as the person behind the gun is to blame, not the gun, it was people who failed. Not the laws, processes or allocated resources. We don’t need new laws or better laws. We need better people. Hold them to account.

      “If just one of these people, not even all of them or most of them, JUST ONE had done what they were supposed to do, I’d still have my [son | daughter]. We could be going on with our lives in obscurity and anonymity. No one ever would have heard of Nikolas Cruz. No one should have ever heard of Nikolas Cruz”

    • I will be truly surprised if this EVER gets into mainstream media.

      If systemic failures caused by stupidity and laziness is bad enough, throwing in criminal collusion and corruption is definitely going to rattle many cages.

  3. 1. Those deputies should be fired and forced into exile. To just stand outside and watch it happen makes them just as responsible for every life lost after their arrival as the sorry piece of excrement that was jerking the trigger.

    2. Stand your ground is a good thing. Why can’t you just admit it?

    3. Ahhh another fine example of deep seated leftist racism. I fully support people of all colors doing whatever they want with their money. You wanna buy guns and your black? Awesome I’ll go with you to the gun store. As for the NRA waging war on children, could this jack hole please point out any other group teaching any sort of firearm safety to children?? I’ll wait. Nothing? Hmmm seems to me if this crap was oh so important to yall you’d be picking up with your own program, but no you don’t so parents that want their children to at least have some semblance of an idea of what to do if they ever come across an unattended fire arm have to go through Eddie Eagle’s near constant refrain of Stop, Don’t Touch, Runaway, and Tell a Grown up.

    4. Those companies will soon learn that they chose poorly in a knee jerk reaction.

    5. Seriously preacher? You should have studied your Bible a little better it isn’t all love your fellow man, rainbows, and unicorns farting glitter and crapping gum drops. There’s a fair amount of righteous violence dealt to sinners. Also there are quite a few verses devoted to telling Christians that it is perfectly Okay to own weapons for self defense and to defend themselves. Perhaps you should go back and re read your bible.

    • It’s actually worse than that, if you think about it. They stayed outside until the shooting was over, doing nothing, then the shooter apparently ditched his weapon and walked out of the school with everybody else only to be stopped 45 minutes later some distance away.

      • Evidently, LE are not required to go into danger for the residents of thier beat. We saw this in the L.A. riots after the trials of the cops that beat Rodney King were over. Police chief Daryl Gates ordered the officers to stay in the police station.
        While I agree that it would be dangerous to confront anyone shooting an AR-15, that is the reality of the job and why they get the big bucks(is much more than the average high school graduate can make, even after technology training). We give them the training and tools to protect themselves and expect them to run into danger to hopefully save the people that have sworn to save.
        I would hope that most LEOs would do so and I think most would. An example, like a huge fine and taking away his pension(or even putting him in jail), might show people the a LE career is for real, and that they have responsabilities to the people they serve.

        • I would hope that most LEOs would do so and I think most would.

          Four out of four didn’t. That’s 100%. Not sure where “most” kicks in, but you’ve got some ground to make up.

          Even if when the last deputy showed up and he saw the first three hiding behind cover outside had he asked them, “What are you doing?”

          “We’re waiting for the shooter to murder enough kids so he runs out of ammo first.”

          “Are you guys insane? I’m going in.” At least we’d have some hope.

  4. Lutherans? aren’t these the same traitorous scumbags that are behind the wholesale importation of Somali savages into numerous areas in the midwest?

    As for black gun ownship, they seem to be doing a fine job of killing eachother without the NRA’s help. It’s not a coincidence that the desire for gun control is strongest in areas with large black populations. Screw it, unload trucks full of ARs in the hood. I’ll make the popcorn.

  5. I had received my NRA branded Visa card from First Nat Bank of Omaha only days ago. I used it this morning to make a donation to the NRA and get my $40 signup credit. After my donations posts, it will be paid off and canceled. I will be sure to let them know why it was canceled.

    It was nice of the bank to donate $40 to the NRA though, LMAO.

  6. It seems rather sad that the author of the last story can’t even guess at the motives of the “intruder.” He was proving how absolutely inadequate their security measures were. He simply walked up, got buzzed in, then strolled right past the office staff, down the hall, into a classroom full of vulnerable children. If things were right in this country, the story would have read “it was at that point that an armed member of the school staff drew their weapon and ordered Fitzgerald to lay on the ground.” At the very least he should have been pepper sprayed. Instead we get to read about how emotionally traumatized the teacher is, and how they had to do a circle therapy session so the students could talk about their feelings.

  7. So it was 4 deputies not just 1 that failed to deal with a threat from 1 known, broken human being turning evil. And before that the local authorities failed to recognize him as a threat after 39 visits to his abode. And before that the FBI failed to investigate or follow up after 2 strong tips about him last September and again this past January. It doesn’t bode well for the school or schools that get attacked by a coordinated ISIS onslaught.

    America has been put on notice with statements and videos that ISIS intends to bring their barbarity to our country. The FBI has publicly stated that they know there are ISIS Cells in all 50 states. Most of these have used our porous southern border to gain entry. ISIS has over a billion dollars of assets from their plundering in Iraq and Syria. It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to realize that they have been watching and analyzing these mass shootings with the goal to take advantage of our idiotic GFZ laws, political correctness and lack of political will and preparedness to protect our children. Now imagine, my fellow Americans, what the carnage will be like when teams of 5 or more, well trained and motivated to martyr Jihadists armed with IEDs, semi-auto long guns and long knives come to campus to 30 or more schools nationwide simultaneously. Will many of you still conclude that guns are the problem?

  8. “Chapin said Fitzgerald left the classroom and went to the administrative office where he made similar statements and handed staff another piece of cardboard with “gun” written on it, then left the school building.”

    He pulled the old Barney Fife routine of the lack of bank security on the Andy Griffith Show.
    ” If need be.”

  9. Well there’s a shiteload of fallout in Illinoisistan. Voting on all kinds of evil next week. And it’s all the NRA’s fault. Didn’t know we taught cowardice to cops. Oh and someone mentioned Eddie Eagle…a few days ago some elementary school kids in Harvey found a gun on the lawn in front of their school. 2 kids guarded it and they ran inside to tell a teacher. All was well. It appears to be a Springfield XDs too. Not a Hipoint…

  10. “team-up for a hit piece on NRA Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer. Mostly? It makes her look good. But impugn they do . . .”

    They should have let Ms.Hammer write it as she is her own worst enemy.

  11. That graphic from The Trace; looks like they got one of them modern LeMat pistols if been pining for.

    Too bad they don’t exist.

  12. So many things went wrong here. The school board, FBI our local sheriffs dept. on and on.
    Im hopping and maybe its just wishful thinking on my part.
    Aside from pocket areas of wealth and libitard thinking. (Parkland). Most here will come to the realization its a mental health issue and that guns had nothing to do with it aside from a few killings here and there.

  13. Hey BlackRock??

    want to divest out of that stock at the whim of a bunch of snowflakes!???

    I’ll take it all at 5% of the lowest you paid for the stock….just show me you books and it’s a DONE deal!

    AKA stop you whining and bitching—we all know dead, blood, or suffering as long as you make money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    you don’t care!

  14. Can we have fair and balanced. Now that more of the truth is known can we have Fox News stage a town hall with Sherrifs Israel and Peterson along with an FBI spokesperson to explain how this shooting was the fault of the NRA. The audience can be 5000 NRA members plus parents from the school who are pissed off but not liberals. Maybe we can have Sherrif David Clarke as a guest to explain the necessity for the “Broward Crouch” as a department policy. Maybe the first question from the audience could start with “Sherrif Israel, when I look at you I feel like I’m looking down the barrel of multiple Glocks held by green uniformed men crouching behind cars…” or “Sherrif Israel, do you and your deputies plan to continue receiving your paychecks from Broward County in light of recent events.” Lets have the former NRA instructor who stopped the Texas church shooting for spice. Maybe he can explain why he violated policy and actually tried to interrupt a shooting of UNARMED PEOPLE.
    And yes, Dana Loesch gets to be there as well and she can say whatever she god damn well pleases.

  15. The guy walking into a school with cardboard “guns” was pointing out flaws in the school’s security. Any asshole can see that. We are NEVER supposed to point out when the government is screwing up. When we do, WE are the bad guys. Saying he shouldn’t have done it shows the desire to cover up a problem, rather than address it and fix it.

  16. The parkland incident is a fuck up on every single level. Now the fight begins on who or what to blame and how to weight the causes.


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