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The NRA’s Chris Cox on Trump’s AG nominee . . . Sen. Jeff Sessions will fight for the Second Amendment: Column – “Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch’s politicization of the Department of Justice over the last eight years will not be reversed overnight. But in Jeff Sessions, we can look forward to an attorney general who will focus the Department’s attention on prosecuting violent criminals and getting them off our streets. He will make our cities and communities safer. Unlike his predecessors, Sessions knows that law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. He strongly supports our Second Amendment freedoms and will work tirelessly to protect them.”

Obama: Going to Newtown was the ‘toughest day of my presidency’ – “As Barack Obama continues to reflect on his legacy in a series of exit interviews, the outgoing president says he still considers the day he met with the parents of the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 the toughest day of his presidency.”

Crises gone to waste . . . Congress blocked Obama’s call for new gun laws after mass shootings – “Part of the reason a new assault weapons ban didn’t gain traction in Congress under Obama was because the prior assault weapons ban, from 1994 to 2004, didn’t stop violent incidents like mass shootings, Schildkraut said. For example, one of the weapons used in the 1999 Columbine shootings, an IntraTec TEC-DC9, was on the list of banned guns, she said.”

And to complete the circle . . . Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) Wants to Repeal Gun-Free School Zones Act – “Gun free zones are clearly not going to prevent anyone with the plan or intent of committing violent mayhem with a gun, and if we assume any rationality on the part of such a would-be spree killer, one can assume on the margin the promise of a zone where the law-abiding have legally been disarmed increases the likelihood of attracting such a killer.”

Canik TP9SF Elite Compact Pistol is Out – Century Arms has announced the release of two new compact pistols to join the Canik handgun line, the TP9SF Elite and TP9SF Elite-S. The TP9SF Elite is the first compact pistol released by Canik and marks the brand’s entrance into the concealed carry market.

Bank Manager Wrestles Down Robber, Thinking Loaded Gun Fake – “According to the criminal complaint, bank personnel told police that (Tarik) Mazhar entered the bank wearing a mask and pulled out a gun when he approached a teller. In response, the teller called for his manager, who tried grab the gun from Mazhar. The manager later told police that he thought the gun was fake.” It wasn’t.

“*A ‘Less Lethal’ designated firearm will still fire standard ammunition, but for “Less Lethal” use appropriate rubber buckshot or beanbag rounds should be deployed.” What could possibly go wrong?

Tijuana homicides hit record high in 2016 – “The total for the year came to 910 for Tijuana, according to figures for the Baja California Attorney General’s Office. That represents a 36 percent increase over 2015, when authorities registered 670 homicides. The 2016 tally surpasses the city’s previous record in 2008, when authorities reported 844 killings.” Look out, Tijuana, Chicago’s coming up fast in your rear view mirror.

Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher unveil RS556 assault rifle “Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher have partnered to offer the RS556 assault rifle in 5.56 x 45 mm to the Bundeswehr as a potential replacement for the service’s G36 standard issue rifle. The RS556 (RS stands for Rheinmetall Steyr in 5.56 mm calibre) is a derivative of the AR-15 and a variant of Steyr’s STM556 rifle, which was announced in 2012 and manufactured since May 2016.” Cheek weld much?

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  1. “The outgoing president says he still considers the day he met with the parents of the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 the toughest day of his presidency.”

    Seems to me the toughest day should have been the following day when he stood on the corpses of children and attempted to further infringe on our Constitutional rights and thus put millions of Americans lives in further danger from criminals because of the actions of one murderer.

    This is the same President that says we shouldn’t blame or legislate against Muslims for the actions of a “few” (terrorists).

    To recap, President Obama is quick and willing to defend a large population of Muslims, whose faith consistently and historically produces radical terrorists that specifically hates the US. At the same time, he is equally quick and willing to legislate away and erode Constitutional rights because of the actions of a single murderer at Sandy Hook (add on any mass shooting or gun-related crime).

    Got it.

  2. These Airsoft and pellet guns look terribly realistic. Very VERY few people are going to be able tell the difference during a high stress incident and even then a person has to closely examine them to know. Always assume weapons are real firearms capable of killing.

    • Yep. I play a fair amount of airsoft (it’s my biggest passion, after recreational shooting) and own a lot of gear, and I can attest to that. The look, feel, and even weight of the top-tier airsoft guns are nearly identical to that of their real steel counterparts.

    • What is the point of grabbing a fake gun? If the manager believed it’s not real then he believed it’s not a threat.

  3. We ought to have nationwide constitutional carry by the end of Trumps first presidency. Who knows what can happen during his second.

  4. Ok, maybe I just don’t get it (admittedly I’ve never owned anything from Wilson Combat), but why the hell would you buy a 12 gauge pump from them? For an AR or a 1911, it makes sense to spend the extra money to get a hand-tuned, custom made gun. But a 12 gauge? That’s the very opposite of a precision firearm, and the design is about as simple as you can get and over a century old. What is there for them to tune to be worth the price tag?

    • Smooth action goes a long way on a pump gun. Especially on less lethal eriw’s. Also the super socks or any rounds that fire the nylon sack rounds or even rubber projectiles leave ALOT of crap in the bore even after one shot. I’ve seen less lethal projectiles come dribbling out the end of an “orange 870” after as few as 2-3 shots….. imagine having a crazy dude with a knife standing in front of you and the eriw rounds just falling out of the front of the barrel or the rounds just bouncing off the guy to no effect because of energy loss…. it’s like a nightmare coming true. Also, ***a note to the author*** the lawyers changed the term from “non-lethal” to “less lethal” for a reason. Shit does happen and a 12ga shotgun is still very much lethal. Just “less lethal” with certain ammo and when employed in a certain manner. Kind of like a car; its much less lethal when being driven by a sober and competent driver in a proper manner….. but a car is never non-lethal.

  5. Obama: Going to Newtown was the ‘toughest day of my presidency’

    And yet, so little was done about mental health reform.

    • Obama’s contributions to mental health issues were the same as his contributions to other “high priority issues” like IT security and the national power grid, absolutely zero.

  6. “Going to Newtown was the ‘toughest day of my presidency’”

    Well, none of us figured it would be 9/11-12 2012 there Mr. Fundraiser.

    Oh, and fighting off your back feels weird because it’s a submissive position? BJJ brah, BJJ. You sound like you need it.

  7. Yes the circle…jerk is complete. I have some hope that old Jeff does something positive. Not holding my breath…

  8. I’d have thought that Barky’s toughest day was when some rogue photog caught him doing the chicken walk on the putting green.

    • Probably cut short a golf outing. We paid 25 mill just for this bastard to play a round with Tiger Woods. He should be billed for the millions of OUR dollars stolen from us.

  9. Sen. Jeff Sessions may support the 2nd Amendment but he is also a big supporter of civil asset forfeiture. Perhaps Pres. elect Trump would be better suited with an AG candidate that supports the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments as well as the 2nd. ‘Gun rights’ don’t exist in a vacuum.

    • If all that Congress did was to shift the burden of proof back to the government–where it should be–to prove that property was the result of a criminal enterprise, rather than placing the burden of proof on the defendant to prove that it was not, that would be an excellent first step in reducing the incredible abuses police agencies subject the civilian population. Since asset forfeiture is a civil matter and since the defendant is almost always facing criminal charges of one variety or another, the government almost always wins. This was one GOOD law that California passed in the last session. I hope other sates follow suit.

      • There’s a very significant percentage of civil asset forfeiture cases where the defendant has never even been charged with a crime. Yet the burden of proof is still incumbent on the victim, not the government. And lest we forget, it’s not just law enforcement agencies, the IRS is one of the biggest abusers of them all.

        BTW, the aforementioned 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments to the US Constitution already DO place the burden of proof on the government, so what good would an act of Congress do?

        • You’re right, Bill, another law isn’t needed. It rarely is.
          What is needed is people in charge who understand the Constitution, and the laws we already have, and act accordingly.
          Something that has been, unfortunately, sadly lacking the last eight years.

  10. Does anyone know why you can’t get any, and I mean ANY, parts for Canik pistols? I bought the Tp9sa and the Tp9v2 just to see what all hype was about. They were great shooters, couldn’t make them choke on any ammo, garbage or premium, accurate, etc., etc. If you call or email Century (I did both several times) you get the same answer. There is no way to purchase any parts for the Canik pistols. All I wanted was 2 lousy recoil spring assemblies as I had planned to beat the hell out these things and keep them if the performed well. I ended up selling them to friends who didn’t have a lot of cash but wanted decent pistols. Can anyone at TTAG tell me why this is?

    • Well that’s nice to hear. Makes me happy that I ‘m getting a Ruger 9E…I wondered about parts too. Especially with Turkey going nuts.

      • Rugers are known for firing anything you put in them, plus 100% American Made down to the raw materials. I have numerous Rugers, including the 9E, a great firearm. To try make a malfunction I’ve loaded FMJ, JSP, JHP, round nose, flat nose, 115 gr & 124 gr all in the same mag; with no malfunctions; everything fed & fired. I’ve done this test with all of my Rugers with no failures. I believe in supporting American companies and the fact that Trump is already bringing manufacturing back to the US.

        • I have a P-95, and it doesn’t like steel-cased ammo, nor does it like non-Ruger mags (but that last is a well-known Ruger feature).

  11. Why is Styer obsessed with putting optics so high that cheek weld will never be obtained? At least its not off to the side too, like the AUG.

    • The optics on the AUG series are not offset. They are high due to the cheek placement of the shooter, but not offset.

  12. So, the opposition’s objection to the AG nominee is that he prefers to implement the law, as written, rather than legislate extra-legally through department fiat/

    Really, the baseline riposte to most of the administrative state proposals (and their advocates – cough, Bloomies turf-bots, cough) is simply: “Interesting idea, let’s bring it up for a vote.” It seems they object to the AG nominee in the main, because he takes that position.

    They do this stuff because they can’t make their case: there is no case to be made, they are so distasteful nobody would believe them in any case, or both. Sad.

    Of course, they are trying to Bork him. Note that the historical beef from his federal judge nomination, complete with it’s since “amended” testimony, was that he was *enforcing voter fraud claims brought by black candidates, in black counties.* Their objection to this guy is exactly his application of “equal protection.”

    Sadly, given the egregious behavior by the D-party, in and out of office, no matter how legit any issue they raise, nobody is going to believe them. It’s unfortunate for us that the new opposition has so discredited themselves. This does not change that fact that they are completely discredited, and they did it to themselves.

    I have no sympathy. Indeed, by over-playing and self-dealing so egregiously, they have done us, the citizens a disservice.

    FWIW, every one of these upcoming “hearings” should be referred to with credit to their originators, every time:

    “The Robert Bork Memorial hearing on the Nomination of for “


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