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Earlier today, I received a welcome heads-up: the Obama Administration seems to be backing-off from its assault weapons ban fervor. My sense of relief was profound. I know, I know: it’s not a not done deal. Even so, this morning I felt a distinct lifting in the malevolent miasma created by the gun grabbing gestalt. Even as I marveled at the fact that gun owners’ voices have been heard in the halls of power, I wondered if gun guys and gals will remember who threw them under the proverbial bus during these dark days of disarmament fever; from Cheaper Than Dirt! to Dick’s Sporting Goods to (God I hope not) Senator Charles “Fast and Furious” Grassley. I reckon they will. Yeah, it’s that important. Meanwhile and in any case, here are a few more turncoats and some firearms-related distractions to keep you from bumming out . . .

Colorado Gun Retailer Ends Assault Rifle And High-Capacity Magazine Sales, President Of Company Has ‘No Regrets’ Yet. doesn’t mean what Senator Feinstein thinks it means.

Well they would do wouldn’t they. Hundreds rush to gun store in hopes of buying semi-automatic rifle

Former Nixonite, failed presidential candidate and msnbc pet conservative Pat Buchanan’s columns have become the SBR of editorials. In fact, the headline was probably enough. BUCHANAN: Americans want their guns

They shoot dogs don’t they? Yes. Yes they do. Mexico City Police Shooting of Feral Dogs Ignites Debate

Then again there must be something in it. “Video games are the most effective advertisements there are for firearms.” The problem being?

The Bay State can’t wait. “Massachusetts has removed violent video games from four highway rest stops after a family traveling for the holidays saw a young boy playing one days after the Connecticut school shooting.”

Washington State Senate majority leader and Seattle mayoral hopeful Ed Murray can’t wait for a federal assault weapons and/or “high capacity” magazine ban (God forbid). So he wants to do them both, in one, now. His bill would ban “anything with a detachable clip that has more than 10 bullets.”

You can’t keep a good Alex Jones down. Or a bad one.

Gun Appreciation Day’s four step program:

1. Go to and sign the petition to defend gun rights
2. Go to our Facebook page and like us
3. Join the Facebook “event” page January 19 – Gun Appreciation Day
4. Then invite your friends to join!

Meh. Step Five: spend a $2 bill!

Seventeen shots from an AR in an urban environment and the law of averages.

Godwin’s law at Was Hitler Really a Fan of Gun Control? TTAG tipster: “This is a case of everyone firing blanks.”

Not here. Sneak peak at all of Winchester’s new-for-2013 ammo including some newa Lapua.

Too much recoil for kids, though. “The Sheriff’s Department in Caddo Parish, Louisiana is inviting children to participate in the ‘Kids First Gun Program,’ which will teach young children how to safely operate firearms.” Drudge Report.

Heller hero Alan Gura equates gun rights to gay rights and abortion rights, and not without justification. Obviously.

A friend indeed. Like my forthcoming SCAR 17 . . .

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  1. I got a catalog from CTD just yesterday. Thru it in the trash without opening it. And as anyone that’s been paying attention knows, I will vote my guns.

    • Trust – but verify.

      The gun grabbers are launching their campaigns of deceit just as they did with the election. Prepare for false flags of hope that they have given up on their bans. They want us complicit and to go back to not caring… then BOOM. We will wake up just like we did on November 7th and wonder how they got the best of us… again.

      • Ronald Reagan? You mean the CA governor that started all this gun control nonsense back in the day? He not only wanted more restrictions on “assault” rifles way back when, be he wanted longer waiting periods and even out out of office he pushed Bush Sr. to stop his support for shorter waiting periods. Even though our fight is more a left issue, some on the right are not as gun friendly as many think.

  2. Great, Washington is pushing for an assault weapons ban. Time for all of us to start fighting. I know there are a lot of us here in Washington on the site.

    • +1 Fellow Washingtonian here.

      Ed Murray can say what he wants, but I believe the majority of folks here in WA state are smart enough to see the BS. Gun laws here are much better than Oregon or CA. After Colorado, we’re the only other state with the wisdom to legalize marijuana.

      • First, Murray is not the Senate Majority leader, a couple of quasi-Dems joined the Republicans in a modest coup placing Sen. Toms as leader. Second, there is no chance that it would stand an initiative challenge in this state. And the Dems remember 1994 like it was yesterday (75% approval for unrestricted gun choice – hint: abortion got 51% in 1992).

  3. “Like my forthcoming SCAR 17 . . .”

    F^cking dig doggidy A 😉

    again, with the video game scapegoat. This is where I disagree strongly with the NRA. What ever happened to free speech?

    “an inch…it is small and fragile…and it is the only thing in the world worth having. we must never lost it or give it away. we must never let them take it from us…” -V for Vendetta-

  4. On that first video:

    I respected the store owner’s decision to not sell “assault weapons” until the 1:42 mark where they reported “but they will continue to sell all other firearms”. I stopped right there. What an idiot.

    Is it so much to ask for some consistency? Either you’re for guns, or against guns. Stop being stupid and buying into the media spin and only focusing on “assault weapons”. It’s one thing to get rid of all guns in your store — at least that means you’re making a stand against guns as a whole.

    But to stop selling “certain guns” only just tells me you know nothing of firearms and their related statistics. You’re just catering to the fear-mongering media. Way to be a sheep.

    • You’re exactly right. Make a real stand and stop selling all firearms and ammunition, or you are pandering to the media and the left. The comments on the article quickly confirm that JAX used this ploy to capitalize on the low-information left and bring business into the store while maintaining the business of the fence-sitters who are ok with buying ammo or other arms related items from this company. Personally, I have done some contract work for JAX, but I won’t again, nor will I enter their store again, as I see they capitalized on the tragedy in Conn by pandering to the left…

  5. It seems to me that the administration knows that an AWB is DOA in Congress; so they are unwilling to expend political capital to attempt to push it through. This doesn’t mean they won’t throw their lip-service support behind Feinstein’s bill. Based on the comments made by most of the groups that met with Biden, it seems like the focus will be on pushing for universal background checks; which poll much better than any other measure, along with promises of better enforcement and mandatory data reporting to the FBI. They’ll likely also likely push a little bit on a magazine restrictions to see what happens. You have to remember, they know none of these measures with help at all with crime or gun-related deaths; it is all about being able to jump up on a soapbox; and if they get the “gun-show loophole” closed, they’ll be able to fund-raise on it for the next ten years.

    • I disagree on the mag cap limit. I believe very strongly that the antis are going to o after full-capacity magazines with all of the zeal and vigor they would have put into AWB 2.0. Possibly more so because they’ll be all pissed off from not getting what the ban-without-transfers really want.

      They’re counting on blue states to ram through any AWB they can get away with, because challenging those individually in the courts is going to be way more work than challenging a single Federal AWB.

        • You and me both. But the smart money is on the House GOP cutting a deal to let mag cap limits pass (at best with a sunset date, likely perpetual) in exchange for getting some of what they want in fiscal cliff negotiations.

    • Houstorm: Also, if the additional background checks pass, and the high-capacity ban passes, it will save a few lives.

      Every time there is a mass shooting, the gun industry creates this same hysteria, in order to sell more guns. It works every time. A few legislators even went so far this time as to introduce legislation they knew wouldn’t pass. As you mention, this is a way to make your base happy without actually doing anything.

      Eventually, both sides calm down, and nothing actually gets done. Then, a few days later, another madman with a gun kills a bunch of children, and the process starts over.

      The madman rarely uses a car, or a knife, or a hammer, because guns are really the weapon of choice for lunatics.

      • Every time there is a mass shooting, the gun industry creates this same hysteria, in order to sell more guns.

        Already starting the revisionist history? The civilian disarmament crowd was hard at work in the media while the bodies were still in that school. Perhaps you are arguing that people like Feinstein, Bloomberg and Cuomo are actually shills for the “gun industry”?

      • it will save a few lives?

        you do realize how many long guns are used in crimes right?

        you do realize that “assault weapons” (with mags bigger than 10 rounds, which can include pistols) constitute 1/6th of 1% of all guns used in crime.

        but dont let facts get in the way of good old fashioned knee-jerk soapbox grandstanding.,,

        notice how you said nothing about handguns…not a single thing (which doesnt matter anyways since handguns are equally protected under the 2A). JUST LIKE PIERS!

        • WLCE: During the last year of the ban, in 2004, 10% of crime-related gun seizures by VA police were equipped with high capacity magazines. By last year, the percentage was up to 22%

          Frankly, I think you just made up the number of less than 1%

          But lets say you are correct, and banning high capacity magazines will only stop the 11th through 30th bullets, and only 1/6 of 1%. That works out to 87 people.

          Are we supposed to tell those 87 people that their lives are not worth saving, because it would be so inconvenient to people who really love to carry 30 round magazines?

        • I will be happy to tell them that, if you can guarantee that the people who died from bullets 11-30 would absolutely not have died from bullets 1-10 in the next magazine after a change, or the one after that.

          Guarantee it. No maybes, no might have. Guarantee it.

          If you can do that, I will tell them what you said.

          I can be as ludicrous as you.

  6. I bought a Scar 17s on Dec. 13th for $2600. I’d hemmed and hawed about it for years, but after reading and re-reading all the reviews I finally decided to spend the money on it. I then went on Gunbroker and paid the outrageous price of $50 apiece for 5 additional magazines. I am flabbergasted at the prices both the 17 and the magazines are going for now. I’ll never part with mine, though. I love it.

  7. Once summer begins up here, ill be using cheaperthendirt’s brochures for targets, right alongside RECOIL magazine copies. Its cheaper then shoot n c’s, and are easier to see at 50+ yards away.

  8. Now all I need is a .17 WSM conversion for my Hilti so when the tin knockers ignore the plans and run duct where my conduit runs are supposed to go I can carry a little more heat than my Estwing. Hole-sawing through their ducts to prove a point, while satisfying, is such a bother.

  9. “ doesn’t mean what Senator Feinstein thinks it means.”

    Hysterical! Love it! Pro-gun brothers have bought the site name and are creating a pro-gun anti-DiFi site using her name!

  10. SCAR L YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The H is much better. But M-4A1 much much better weapon if your want small 5.56mm rifles. SOCOM agrees with me. Personally a USMC A4 is the best optic ready 5.56mm rifle.

    And I hope you right RF about Obama backing off, but dont trust him he may lie to get us off our guard or just wait till another tragedy to push for that. Contact the GOP House and pressure them to say NO!!!

    • Carry your M14 proudly. Ive recently greased up mine and my old M1 Garand. What can i say? I felt patriotic today 😉

  11. You just wanted an excuse to gloat about getting a SCAR, didn’t you? :p

    So far, I haven’t heard of any stupidity being proposed here in NC, but I might not be looking in the right places. That or they decided making the Sheriff’s Department do the NICS checks for $5 on handgun purchases instead of just having the FFL do it like they do for long guns was dumb enough. Stupid Jim Crow laws.

    • With the state government in Republican hands there is little chance of any new restrictions. If there were any proposed, Grass Roots North Carolina would get the news out quickly.

      A possible consequence of the civilian disarmament push might be that some of the rumored efforts to advance rights might be slowed down. Things that were rumored before the troubles:
      Fixing restaurant carry and local abuses restricting park carry.
      Doing away with Pistol Purchase Permits from your county sheriff.
      Constitutional Carry had also been a rumored possibility.

  12. I’ve supported Jax in Fort Collins for a couple decades now. Honestly, this isn’t really surprising. Their gun shop kept moving farther and farther away from the main entrance as they grew over the years, and now it’s a separate building that takes directions to get to.

    It is, after all, a privately owned business. If they choose to stop selling semi-auto weapons then it’s their prerogative. I’m sure they will survive just fine selling hemp socks and Frisbees to the locals.

    • His decision to stop selling Evil Rifles and full capacity mags is a lot less impressive when you read to the article and learn that he sold everything he had first, THEN made the announcement.

      Which has basically zero impact on his bottom line for the foreseeable future considering there’s absolutely nothing available via the supply chain.

      Such a hero.

      • Well, of course he sold off his remaining inventory. After selling that stuff for an unknown number of years, what’s another 20+ rifles? And I bet the time between his decision to cancel his backorder (stop selling) and the time he sold out of ARs and mags was hours.

  13. First: I live in Caddo Parish. The CPSO has offered gun safety classes to kids since at least 1962! This is not an “Eek a Gun” town.

    Second: Yes! The trolls are losing the “Gun Control” debate. Does this matter? I don’t know, and nobody else does either, because the fruitcakes in DC don’t listen to the people.

    Third: Keep ’em flying!


  14. Alan Gura makes some excellent points in his video, hope everyone gives it a look and uses some his items in arguments with gun grabbers.

  15. While “CTD” may mean Cheaper Than Dirt on gun forums, in Emergency Nursing we refer to a near death patient as Circling The Drain. Somehow the comparison just seemed fitting.

  16. I dumped CTD last year
    Sportsmans Guide as well
    They kep sending trash catalogs, only the prices change

  17. Hi Robert!
    Your beaming praise of the SCAR 16 was what originally drew me to the platform. However at three MRPs deep I couldn’t really justify MORE 5.56 rifles.

    That led me to explore the 17 and it is a FANTASTIC rifle that you will be very happy with. No double taps needed! As if.

    I am assuming in RI vehicle carry of long arms is a no no? When you move to TX and are no longer restricted, you’ll find the 17 to be a perfect truck rifle.

    I either use that or I take a double rifle case and carry both a LMT MRP and a LMT MWS… for variety’s sake.

    About when will you be joining us (us being northeasterners who have seen the light) in Texas?

      • As I’ve written before, you won’t regret the move. When I first escaped RI for the Southeast I emailed folks still back there that I felt as if I’d gone back in time to a better American, almost 1950’s like (in the good sense). Kids say “yes sir” and “yes m’am,” people are genuinely friendly, they’re not reluctant to express belief in God because that is frowned upon (though neither are they in your face about it). I suspect that the folks in Texas are all this more advanced — though it is the Northeasterners who (erroneously) believe that they are the advanced one) — if not even more.

        • What Tom said! Glad to hear it. You’ll never quite get over the lack of (real) trees, but other than that Texas is wonderful.

          Oh… and you’ll be trading excellent Italian and Asian foods for excellent Mexican food.

  18. Eternal vigilance is the price of…. And you all know the rest of that quote. The struggle to keep the Second Amendment will occupy us all the rest of our lives.

    Or until the last Boomer (and I’m one of ’em) has been safely in the ground for a generation.

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