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Oralus C. Sebea courtesy

A routine traffic stop in Hempstead, NY of a car that turned out to be driven by a bail-jumper turned into a police chase on Friday. When officers lit up their lights and siren, Oralus C. Sebea reached over and opened the passenger door and pushed his passenger, an unidentified female, out of the car. He then led cops on a merry chase while tossing a silver revolver out the passenger window along with a box containing “a large amount of ammunition” and a KG-99 handgun (a closed-bolt semi-automatic “assault pistol,” aka the  TEC-9.) When he was eventually captured, an “M1 Carbine assault rifle was also found on the drivers’ side floor of the vehicle,” according to I tried to Google “M1 Carbine assault rifle” but Google told me, “Don’t be stupid, there is no such thing.” . . .

Three guns were discovered and seized in three days at Orlando International Airport last week. The first of the three was found in the luggage of Memmalatel Morgan of Sanford, who was on his way to Trinidad. When it was found, Morgan tried to check his gun, a .40-caliber pistol loaded with 15 cartridges, with police so he wouldn’t miss his flight. Police agreed to hold the gun for him, but only as a part of taking him to jail. A 9mm was discovered on Saturday and a .380 on Sunday, bringing the total for the year to 35, ranking second in Florida. All three owners were arrested and booked and face state criminal charges as well as up to $11,000 in federal fines.

Mattv2099 has done a few videos doing a 360 no-scope with a shotgun versus a few different items from stuffed animals to purple drink. However, they’ve all been at pretty close range. In this video, Tacticalnoob42 calls him out with a 360 no-scope shot from what looks like about 35 feet using an FPK Dragunov. Good stuff.

Three teens were arrested for a series of recent car break-ins in Brooklyn, Maryland Sunday morning, when an officer pulled over a vehicle that was acting suspiciously. When he approached he saw various burglary tools as well as “70 boxes of law enforcement use only ammunition in plain view.” The teens admitted to breaking into and stealing the ammunition from a trailer that was later determined to belong to a U.S. Air Marshal. No word on what exactly “law enforcement use only” ammunition consists of.

Joerg Sprave delivers some advice about slingshots and coconuts and classic cars.

Mobile users click here if the video above doesn’t render.

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    • I think why theyre so quick and willing to define the M-1 Carbine as such, is primarily because Diane Fienslime included rifles like it and the m-14 onto the new assault weapons ban. And since the media is in lock step with the koolaid, i only assume that any gun that comes up on the list gets the “assault ______” title tacked on.

    • Now don’t get me wrong, I love, love LOOOOVE my carbine, on account of it being one of the sweetest shooting and most accurate guns I own outside a .22, but anyone calling it an “assault rifle” has obviously never laid eyes on the damn thing. Even the paratrooper stock doesn’t make it look much more “assault-y.” I’m pretty sure if the article had included a picture, you’re average reader would’ve LOL’d at the suggestion. The reporter must not have been aware that Malcolm X had one, so calling it names is racist anyway.
      And where the hell is this chucklehead finding .30carbine ammo in New York state? I can’t even find any out here in free ‘Merica…

      • I picked up my first Carbine on saturday. Unfortunately I can’t find ammo anywhere except online. As I live in free America I can order away. I would love to see criminals try and use this rifle often. I bet the idiot in the car didn’t have any ammo for the M1.

      • Ammo for this has been a bit scarce here too. I picked up a couple of cases back in May. But haven’t seen it at a reasonable price since.
        They are sweet shooters. Great truck gun.

        • Well, shit. Even my wife saw a M1 Carbine and liked it. She’s more likely to shoot more if she shoots want she likes, but I guess if ammo is scarce that puts the brakes on that.

    • I guess the definition for assault rifle is any rifle with a detachable magazine nowadays.

      One day the overuse of that term will cause it to lose all it’s muster. Or they’ll just come up with another, pointless term.

    • I remember my M1 carbine fondly. I found it crammed in the back of a scratch and dent section at a local gun show and got it for steal (it was utterly filthy and had a sporterized synthetic stock). I owned it for almost 4 whole hours. Then I brought it home, set it on the table to clean it, and my wife walked in and claimed it as hers. I still get occasional visiting rights at least

  1. Technically if the guy had a M2, select fire, Carbine, it would be a true “assault weapon.” I doubt the media would know the difference, and I doubt the guy was running around with a US milsurp NFA rifle.

    But then the question is if .30 Carbine is a true “intermediate” cartridge like 7.62×39, .280 British, 7.62×51, or .223 😉

    • No .30 carbine is just a longer .30 pistol round pretty much. Bout the same ballistics back in it’s day although some say the .45 actually carried a bigger punch.

      • I don’t know where people get these crazy ideas. The M1Carbine 30 is about twice as powerful as a .357. Muzzle velocity clocks in at 1990, 967 ft/lbs ME, and it has a range of 200 yards with a 110 grain bullet.

        • And yet there are reports from the Korean war of the .30 carbine not penetrating heavy wool clothing the chinese wore at close range…

        • My uncle’s stepfather blasted a guy with 30mm depleted uranium rounds but it turned out he was wearing 2 wool coats, so they just bounced off. See how these stories work?

  2. LEO-only ammo veers abruptly to the left or right, and some of it is manufacturer-guaranteed to home in on canine targets. Depends on the maker though. With 70 boxes of it, it sounds like this guy was playing it safe and kept some of each handy.

    • 1 description of assualt rifle that I’ve always seen is that it chambers an intermediate powered rifle cartridge. Is the .30 carbine intermediate? I always thought of it as a pistol caliber. In fact Ruger chambered a blackhawk model in .30 carbine. For my money the m2 carbine is more sub gun than assualt rifle.

      • And it sold very poorly because of a massive muzzle blast that was almost as bad as being on the wrong end of the gun. Ballistics suffered mightily as well compared to the M1

  3. It’s a sign of a sick society when they kidnap and cage a person simply for being human. Many of those who brought a gun to the airport simply forgot they had it.

    • Maybe I don’t have enough guns, but I know where every one of my firearms are at all times, especially any that aren’t locked in a safe. I just can’t fathom how you get all the way to the security checkpoint at the airport without remembering you have a gun with you. That kind of stupidity is staggering. It shouldn’t be a crime, but it’s still a “how the hell did you make it all the way to the airport without dying?” level of idiocy.

      • I don’t think they forgot they had a gun. I think they just got so comfortable with it that they forgot that there are hoplophobes in the world that completely lose their minds when they discover they are in the presence of a gun.

        • I suppose, but this isn’t the same as “whoops, went into the post office with my gun on my hip again”. Going to the airport and getting on an airplane is a pretty rare event for most people, and one you have to prepare for in advance. I just don’t see how the usual “did I remember to pack…” routine before you head out to the airport doesn’t include “do I have a gun in my bag?” I mean, there are very few places in this country more unwelcoming to guns than an airport, and everybody should know that by now.

  4. The .30 Carbine cartridge was in fact designed for the M1 Carbine. The M2 select fire version is America’s first “assault weapon”. Arguably, the world’s first assault weapon was the German Stg 44 firing the 8mm Kurtz cartridge. The Kurtz being a .323 bullet at 2200fps and the American .30 Carbine being a .308 bullet at 1950fps, we knew very well who’s lead to follow back in the day. (see the Springfield Model 1903 and it’s cartridges, the .30-03 and .30-06)

  5. California’s legislature passed a bill that would have banned sales of the M! carbine as it is a semi-automatic centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine. (SB 374) Fortunately Gov. Brown (recognizing that the bill would ban classic American memorabilia) vetoed the bill. The Legislature will try again with a narrower version in the spring (SB47), so although I have others on my list, the Carbine may have to jump to the top.

        • I’m really not sure why you find it necessary to be such an asshole over a simple misstatement that isn’t technically incorrect, especially when your original “fact check” comment is wrong.

          You see, you’re right that the TEC-9 is a closed bolt design. However, you’re wrong that the KG-99 is an open bolt version of same. That, as nathanredbeard correctly pointed out, is the KG-9. Interdynamic imported the KG-9 as an open-bolt semi-auto, but the ATF thought it was too easy to convert to full auto, so Interdynamic reworked the KG-9 into a closed-bolt design and dubbed it the KG-99. That design became known as the TEC-9 by Intratec.

          I’m so terribly sorry that my poor word choice implied that the TEC-9 is either open-bolt or fully automatic, and that the implication seems to have offended you for some reason known only to you and God. I’ve edited the sentence to remove that implication as you seem to take it so personally. I humbly apologize for causing your misunderstanding and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

          Or just get over yourself and not be such a jerk next time. Your choice.

    • There is some confusion in the history of the KG-99 because Carlos Garcia later, on his own, produced the KG-99 but renamed the firearm “Tec-9.” Clearly, though, the KG-9 fired from an open bolt, and the KG-99 was the redesigned ATF Regs-compliant version firing from a closed bolt. Both KG-9 and KG-99 were always semi-automatic as produced. Interdynamic’s full-auto machine pistol, predecessor of the KG-9, was always denominated the MP-9. And of course these items all are part of the background of George Kelgren, founder of the contemporary company Kel-Tec.

      “Intratec began as Interdynamic USA, an offshoot of Swedish firearms manufacturer Interdynamic AB. Due to the lack of firearm market in Sweden, Interdynamic AB set up a subsidiary in the United States to sell the KG-9. Called Interdynamic USA, this company eventually became Intratec when George Kelgren left the company and Carlos Garcia renamed it Intratec, and continued to sell variants of KG-99 which was renamed to Tec-9. It went out of business in 2001.” Wikipedia’s description of Intratec.

      • @Matt I actually thought you were quoting some lamestream media source and meant the comment for them, now I see it was you who incorrectly said the TEC-9 was an open bolt weapon.

        • I never actually said that. I accidentally implied it. But now we’re splitting hairs. My unfortunate choice of words that may have caused confusion has been amended.

  6. Sounds like more of a parade than a chase. Instead of throwing candy this float was tossing women and guns. Progress.

  7. Thanks for the slingshot video!

    – The projectile has around 50 ft/lbs of energy.
    – The projectile used has 6 times the area of a typical 12 gauge rifled slug.
    – A slug (standard 2 3/4″) has around 4.5 times the momentum of this steel ball.
    – A slug has around 1.8 times the volumetric displacement rate of the ball.
    (The last one, especially, ignores all fluid dynamics, material properties, projectile design, etc.)

    I want to see different ammo in this thing. 🙂

  8. Does anyone else wonder why a Air Marshall has 70 boxes of LE only Ammo? Seems like a lot especially if each Air Marshall has this many boxes stock piled at the tax payers expense.

    • Other reports that I saw on this event identified the owner as “The” U.S. Air Marshals. If it truly was “A” (grammar nazi in background shouting “An!”) Air Marshal with that much duty ammo privately stashed away then there are other questions that need to be answered.

      • I read three versions of this story, none of which seemed to be “direct copies” of either of the others. One said “U.S. Air Marshals” (plural), two said “a U.S Air Marshal” (singular). I went with the majority.

        Having now done the due diligence I should have done last night, the location mentioned in the article is a commercial park with lots of big buildings with tractor-trailers and loading docks. That makes me think that the trailer mentioned in the story probably refers to a 40′ or 53′ semi trailer, thus making the “U.S Marshals” (plural) more likely to be correct.

        I’m gonna leave the post as it is, because otherwise all the comments down here wouldn’t make sense.

        • I remember reading about this in the Baltimore Sun and having a WTF moment.

          First off, the reason the kids were stopped was for driving erratically. Second, the ammo belonged to the US Air Marshal Service, which uses BWI as one of their originating airports (did you remember the Marshal who was arrested for taking upskirt pix there?). My WTF moment came when I read that they had the ammo stowed in an unmonitored container. Typical TSA dumb move…

          Finally, it’s been a long while, but I remember that the Air Marshal ammo uses a reduced load and frangible bullet so that you could ventilate a perp without blowing a hole in the aircraft, thus causing a Genuine Bad Thing to happen.

          Hope this helps.

    • When you’re buying up ammo by the billions or rounds where ya gonna store it all. Won’t all fit under the car seat or the extra wall locker. Pile it up everywhere.

  9. No word on what exactly “law enforcement use only” ammunition consists of.

    1. Never misses a dog
    2. if it misses the perp, its progress is halted in the nearest innocent bystander.

  10. This is why Obama signed the ban on the re-importation of M1 carbines and Garands. Just so this guy wouldn’t be able to resupply. Now I see it. I wonder how you swing a full length M1 Garand out the window for your 8 shots of driveby fun?

    • Heh. Quote from the original article. I twigged to it too, and specifically left it in to see if anyone else would twitch when they read it.


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