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“Everything’s been running pretty smoothly. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive.” – San Antonio Police Chief William McManus,  Gun Sentiments and Guns on Display at Alamo Rally [at]

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  1. So in his mind he expected a few people to start shooting everyone because we gun owners can’t gather peacefully…that’s what I take from that

        • Considering the things people suffer from the police, we have more reason to be apprehensive of them. I’ve personally suffered some horribly egregious things from them. One of which was them assisting my drug addict half brother taking my ill father out of his home. I’ve dealt with the SAPD on more than one occasion and each one left me wishing I had shot through the door rather than answer it politely. There are a few good ones out there, but bad police officer has such a wide range of things they can do to completely FUBAR someone’s life.

        • So, it’s OK that he was apprehensive about gun owners exercising their rights and A-Rod’s the dick? How about if the LEO said the same thing about a gathering of “non-white” folk? Because it is the same thing. He was apprehensive because of his own prejudice.

    • I think it’s a conditioned optical illusion of sorts; if a whole bunch of different guns are visible and being held, someone will be soon shooting.

      In movies when a bunch of people are holding their weapons, violence is about to occur. Sadly, we see more people carrying guns in movies than in real life. Hopefully this will change .

      • You could say that Real Life does not obey the theatrical rule of “Chekhov’s Gun” (if there is a gun in Act One, someone is going to get shot in Act Two). Unfortunately, too many people only “learn” about firearms from the movies.

  2. The highest ranking officer I stood face to face with in the military was a 2 star general. I don’t count foreign officers or civilian government figures in this statement.

    That man has 4 stars on his collar. He must command all the cops in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas. At least.

    • Hm.

      Pretty much every officer I’ve met at O6 (Captain in the Navy, Colonel for everyone else) or above has been an intensely politically aware and engaged individual. They might have even good officers, but they were most definitely “in the game.” You don’t rise that high otherwise.

      I would guess its similar for the upper levels of the police force … I wonder who designs their uniforms, for that matter. Four stars does seen a little … excessive, but then, the military change insignia as you change ranks. Maybe the police there just add stars, so this isn’t as egotistical as it looks…?

      • William shatner is everywhere, in everything. I think Chuck Norris defers to him. Fvcking Canadiens, they walk among us.

        • I have a 16 hour horror story about trying to drive through Canada with guns on the way to Alaska for a hunting/fishing trip.
          Suffice to say, I will never, ever, touch Canadian soil ever again. I will bad mouth Canada every chance I get.
          Socialist jerks.

        • Well, Tom. Much as I like you, if this story takes 16 hours to tell, don’t. (This is one of those times I wish I had the technical expertise to put one of those yellow smiley faces at the end of a coment).

    • Every LEO with the title “Chief of Police” wears four stars whether it’s the LAPD or Mayberry RFD. Size of municipality or force don’t matter none.

      Check out Obama in one of his “our police chiefs want greater gun control” group photos. Four stars on every collar except his.

  3. That dude with the musket at the rally was out for blood. I could see it in his eyes – his angry revolutionary-era eyes.

    • Oh the Lolz –

      “She also brought her black assault rifle, a .223-caliber LWRC M4”

      Why doesn’t the author just get it over with and call it a “certified baby-killing, Satan worshiping black assault rifle”

  4. I still haven’t been able to figure out the formula NY Times uses to determine whether or not an article will have comments enabled.

  5. “Demonstrators were exercising a little-known privilege of Texas gun culture; Texas law allows people to walk down the street with an assault rifle, shotgun or other type of long gun. A state-issued license is required to carry a concealed handgun.”

    Anyone else get rubbed the wrong way by that first part?

    • priv·i·lege
      noun: privilege; plural noun: privileges
      a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

      Yes Tyler. Good eye.

    • On two counts. Privilege? There’s that. Then this. The reporter seems to see this “little-known” law in the same light as an obvious, antiquated mistake that’s never been corrected. A bizarre idea that has gone unnoticed all these years. Similar to: When two trains meet on the same track, neither can move until the other is gone. I’m sure the reporter considers this right as nothing more than another “loophole being exploited”.

      • By the reporters logic, he was exercising his “privilege” to free speech.

        We aughta’ clamp down on these uppity reporters.

        • After all if that little known freedom of the press “privilege” is recklessly excercised right out in the open, it’ll need to be re-evaluated. 🙂

  6. Judging by that statement, I think, perhaps, the cop thought that some of them folks were going to be a disturbance or a jack ass and start causing trouble. Not by shooting but by being confrontational like a lot of the OC guys you see on youtube.

  7. This article was surprisingly even-handed, coming from the NYT.

    The Bloomberg article about the event was a disgrace–unsurprisingly. It was linked in last night’s Daily Digest.

  8. Its a well known syndrome aming long time LEOs that you tend to look upon John Q Public in general with a jaundiced eye. Its only human nature…you deal with mostly scumbags all day and you are going to develop a us vs them defense mechanism. Good for the Chief in at least admitting his learned bias.

    This is how effective OC demonstrations work vs. being a jerk for likes on Youtoob. Alex Jones excluded.)

    • you deal with mostly scumbags all day

      Cops can change that by getting out of the cop shop as often as possible.

  9. Texas is in the liberals sights. It will not be long Home of the Free. Not unless we put the sheep back in the herd. Forcefully.

    Sheep smell bad too.

  10. The guns all showed up carrying people, and were looking for a chance to “go off.” They were frustrated by the valiant law enforcement presence.
    End of NYT summary.

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