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Dan’s kidney stone is in a hazardous waste receptacle somewhere, destined for the same treatment my entire body will receive in due course. Meanwhile, the chances of running out of firearms-related news are somewhat less than the odds that I’ll spend part of the New Year dating Mor Maman. In the midst of this malevolent maelstrom of unconscionably unconstitutional assaults on the firearms freedom created by our Founding Fathers comes . . . the SHOT Show. Hundreds of exhibitors flogging a farrago of guns and gun-related gear. At the risk of suicide by alliteration . . .

The SHOT Show should be a welcome reprieve from the disarmament disaster planned by America’s legislative lagomorphs. But it probably won’t. Be. I have this sneaking suspicion all hell will continue to break loose even while we’re bringing you all the inside dope from the gun industry get-together (e.g. a “multi-impact shotshell” from the mavens above).

Oh well. C’est la guerre. And here’s today’s dispatch from the front . . .

Emily Miller wants David “Here’s An Illegal AR-15 Magazine What Do You Think about THAT Wayne” Gregory arrested. Put under a light and smacked with a leather glove. His swanky digs tossed. Yes, well, he could still be charged.

False flag gun grabbers at boasts of racking-up 100k “individuals” at its website. TTAG gets 150k per day. Winning?

Make guns smart? How about we start with voters and see how that goes? And while we’re at it, let’s put the right to keep and drive cars in the Constitution.

“Over the years we have been very purposeful about striking the right balance between serving hunters and sportsmen and ensuring that we sell firearms responsibly.” Uh-oh. ahead of civilian disarmament meeting at the White House. 

Silencero was one of my childhood heroes—not that I told anyone about it. (I was sworn to silence.) Or was he . . . Speaking of keeping things on the DL . . .

U.S. solders get a new system to qualify on their M-16 or M-4.

“if that officer needs to be fired, I assure you he will be fired.” Colo. Police Chief Addresses Killing of Elk by Officer. I dated a girl who lived at Towering Elks. Just sayin’ . . .

People who don’t want guns shouldn’t have them. “The presence of guns in my house is a sinister whisper in the back of my head, a reminder of this lethal power.” Why I’m giving up my guns

Newborn Molon Labe Industries makes mags for the FN SCAR-17. Your last reason not to buy one just disappeared. Other than money.

But we know why Molon Labe thinks it can have yours: PMAG’s looking at a one million unit backlog for their 30-round magazines.

Et voila! “Police say a man flourishing a gun and threatening a group of people in the 4800 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive overnight, had the tables turned on him by one of the people he was threatening.”

Actually, I prefer it when they don’t work. Go gridlock! But here’s someone who is working. For gun rights. In Arizona. Brewer: I’ll oppose any new gun curbs

Speaking of pro-gun states, a Florida Democrat’s proposing a bill that would give “local governments . . . the authority to ban concealed weapon permit holders from bringing their guns to public events such as football games and concerts.” No chance. Thankfully.

General “.223’s Too Lethal for Thee” McChrystal is officially my Least Favorite General in the History of the World, Ever.

If you want some pro-gun sarcasm, try Dear Mr. Secretary

Click here to bone-up on Alan Gura and the Second Amendment Foundation’s Kachalsky Cert Petition. It’s a concealed carry case that might make it to the Supreme Court.

“Just got a robocall, in violation of the Do Not Call Registry, from a home-security company citing ‘new gun laws taking away Americans’ right to self defense’ as a reason to buy home alarm systems.” Now what do you make of that?

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  1. I’m just hoping Dan’s kidney stone wasn’t the demo load for that new shotshell in the lead image. I mean, it looks effective, but if you think current ammo-production rates are on the slow side…

    Also, reasons AlphaGeek can’t have a SCAR-17:
    * cost of firearm
    * cost of magazines
    * availability for purchase
    * 7.62 factory loaded ammo? where?
    * FN adopting the proven HK civilian-market customer service model, complete with the motto “Because fsck you, that’s why”

    Still want one. (sob)

  2. Molon Labe has completely screwed up, and I would not recommend anyone send them a penny.

    They promised to deliver two weeks ago, and did not.

    They charged people’s credit cards and delivered ZERO products.

    They have no good pictures or reviews and tests/evaluations of their product, from anyone, posted anywhere.

    Buyer beware.

    As for those who have plunked down money for a sight-unseen product the old saying applies:

    The fool and his money are soon parted.

    • Sounds like classic startup business screw-up. Typically occurs when you don’t have enough cash to span the gap between the start of your first production run, and subsequent acceptance of product by customers.

      Lots of startups take risks like this, but all it takes is the slightest delay from one of your suppliers and boom, customer relations nightmare.

      Here’s the real test: have they been up-front and open about their difficulties shipping product, or have they bunkered down and tried to ignore the ruckus?

  3. I’d feel better about the Triple Threat touted in the first video if they hadn’t spelled one of the titles at the end as “12 Gague.”

    • At least it’s an entertaining new variation. “guage” (shudder)

      It would be completely awesome if the TTAG blog engine kicked back submissions with any common spelling/usage error that wasn’t in quotes, with a one-click option to accept an autocorrected version and post the result.

      Oh, and a filter that looks at the last line of each comment and strips off any string which starts with a comma, a space, and part or all of your name. 🙂

  4. Well I wouldn’t have been able to do any good with the gorgeous Russian lady that emailed me either, damned bans./// Thats good news about Dan, Randy

  5. “So I will give up my guns. I will make my household a place into which anyone may walk, without fear of being killed, and out of which no one will carry the instruments of a massacre.”
    Full name and place of employment, as well as job title included in article. “I am definitely unarmed, and here’s how to find me.” I’ll let someone else address how asinine it is that he blames his bird gun for school shootings.

  6. So let me do the math here.

    Handl Defense SCAR-17 Lower: $330
    PMAG 20RL: (19.99*9) = 179.91
    Total: 509.91

    SCARmag: 69.99 * 9 = 629.91

    So I could get 6 more PMAGs for the cost difference here (Effectively eliminating the advantage of the 25 round SCARmags.)

    Sorry. That ain’t gonna work for me.

    • Apparently Silencerco agrees with what General McChrystal said about the 5.56 being toooooooo powerful for the regular citizens. I don’t think I want to be the first person to try grizzly bear hunting with this new .556 though

  7. Glad to hear Dan is doing well but I also have to comment on the gun part of Obamacare. I really don’t like Harry Reid but it sounds like he made it so a gun registry would require a repeal of Obamacare. How great would that be Mr. President, in order to get gun control attempted, you have to repeal that awful health care law. Wahoo.

  8. Unfortunately Brewer will only get her partial term and her current full one. Hopefully our next Governor will have the sense and the backbone she’s shown.

  9. I can’t wait for the crew to carpet bomb the SHOT Show. There’s nothing better than looking at pics of guns that we’ll never be able to buy because the goddam manufacturers are backordered for the next six freakin’ years.

  10. I recall a book published by the CSMonitor during Viet Nam War that purported to be the story of a CSM “journalist” who was helped by the NVA/VC (in the war zone). It was one of the most blatantly GUSHING pieces of propaganda I have ever witnessed and I see that those values still hold true with that Crypto-Commie Yellow Rag

  11. “Go gridlock!”

    you mean where gun control legislation lingers in limbo for the next few years. doesn’t sound great to me.

  12. My Brit friends tell me that you never get an alarm system. That is an open invitaton for a home invasion. When you are home the alarm is turned off.

  13. The Matt Bracken article is titled “Dear Mr. Security Agent”, not “Dear Mr. Secretary”. Read that yesterday and I’m not sure what you might have read there that could be considered “sarcasm”.

  14. Everybody on this site should read Matt Bracken’s essay titled Dear Mr. Security Agent, found at the link above, and then send copies of it to your legislators and your local media outlets. I’m confident that it will stir up the conversation a notch or two.


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