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ECU POLICE: Professor says she will not bring gun on campus ‘ – “(East Carolina University) police say a professor says she will not carry a gun on campus, despite telling WITN Monday night that she would. Dr. Tracey Tuten told WITN she would be exercising her Second Amendment rights, after she said some ECU band members were allowed to use their First Amendment rights during last Saturday’s football game. Tuten said she was violently threatened and stalked by a student several years ago. ‘I am so scared every day that I walk onto that campus and do not have my gun with me’, the professor told us Monday night. ‘If you have not been stalked before, you do not understand what it feels like, but it is really intimidating. It is so scary.'” It’s currently illegal to carry on campus in North Carolina. Maybe the good perfesser will support an effort to change that.

On the other hand, Colorado legalized campus carry about four years ago…


Police fatally shoot man with machete inside University of Colorado’s athletics center – Police shot and killed a machete-wielding suspect inside the Champions Center at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field this morning after they say the man refused to drop his weapon. Campus police, at a morning news conference following the officer-involved shooting, said they did not know the man’s motive for entering the athletics center with a weapon. A source close to the investigation told the Daily Camera that the suspect was a white male who appeared to be a “religious zealot of some kind” and who had been overheard talking about “looking for sinners” and referencing the commandments.

Meanwhile, in a gun-free zone…


Robbers hit Hwy 154 Waffle House…again – “Investigators are searching for two masked men who robbed a Waffle House on Sunday night. No one was injured in the armed robbery, according to Investigator Troy Foles with the Coweta County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Office. The robbery at the McCollum-Sharpsburg location marks the second incident in three weeks.” You may remember that many Waffle Houses frown on serving armed patrons. No word yet as to this store’s stance.


A few remaining glimmers in the Golden State: Why Stan Sniff, John McMahon and other sheriffs oppose gun control – “Some of Southern California’s most vocal gun rights advocates wear badges. Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff and San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon have consistently opposed new gun control legislation. So does Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. In a telephone interview, McMahon said more gun control rules are not the best way to preventing gun violence.”


Here in the US of A, October is American Cheese Month. It’s also Bat Appreciation Month. And National Book Month. As Google Translate reveals, in Ukraine it’s voluntary weapons surrender month. “The action continues until 31 October. At that time, the Ukrainians can go to the police station with the possessed illegal weapons. Reflects the weapons will not threaten any consequences. The action includes both arms, as well as grenades, explosives and ammunition.”


Oh look! Another once-gun-friendly Democrat goes anti-gun when he’s in trouble: Ted Strickland, once an NRA favorite, now touting gun-control stance – “For years, Ted Strickland was a darling of the National Rifle Association. But with his back against the wall in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race, the Democrat is now emphasizing his support for tougher gun-control measures in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.” Who’s surprised by this…anyone?…Bueller?


Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Buying More Guns, Lauding the Auteur, and Recording Your Digits">Previous Post
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    • If a loaded gun is going to sit buried in a garden for 50+ years until the next incarnation of a Stalin or Hitler comes knocking would you trust your life to anything else?

      • I think a Mosin-Nagant might be a better option in that case (or the Berdan if hidden a long time ago). The revolver would be good for seeing off any common criminals, or hidden in a pack if you had to flee, however.

      • According to my friends in the ex-pat Ukranian community, it’s even less successful than a typical inner-city ‘gun buy-back’.

    • You should look up the fbi report on popular guns in crime use. It’s enlightening. For a good long while there it was the s&w 10, because they were so cheap and plentiful. I imagine that’s the cause here, too.

      I think the stats are changing now, though.

    • KUDOS to the CA sheriffs who still believe in the Constitution in spite of the hostile environment.

      • Ah but which of them will sign off on concealed carry permits?

        My admittedly unclear understanding is that of those three, only San Berdoo is reasonably friendly to permits.

        • Sandra’s predecessor was open to permits, as well as a lot of things his arrest record and jail time would illuminate.

  1. “Here in the US of A, October is American Cheese Month. It’s also Bat Appreciation Month.”

    In no way, shape, or form will I willingly appreciate the ‘Bat’ currently running for President…

    • Not sure which candidate you’re talking about, but either way it’s unfair to the bat to be compared to him/her.

      • “Not sure which candidate you’re talking about,…”

        Gov, of the two candidates, which one could you easily visualize hanging upside down to sleep in the daytime?

        • Bear in mind that a couple days ago Thedonald spent the hours from 3:00am to 5:30am tweeting about the former Miss Universe.

        • Oh come on! You drive the get-a-way car for one murder and it’s like you’re branded for life!

          I don’t follow Thedonald on Twitter (or any other format) so I can’t attest to the accuracy of his tirade against the former Miss Universe. However, remember the infamous 3:00am commercial HRC ran against O’Bama in ’08? Well, when the phone rings at 3:00am when Thedonald is president, they won’t have to worry about waking him up, they’ll just have to get him off Twitter to deal with the pending emergency.

          Anyway, they’re both creatures of the night and would likely turn to stone if exposed to direct sunlight, so the bat reference threw me off. I’m still not sure which one he was referring to.

        • I know that Hillary Clinton will suck the blood out the Constitution. As for Trump, I think he’s too busy admiring his daughter’s ass to sleep at night.

  2. Well since it’s Bat Appreciation Month, I propose a moratorium on new windmill construction since 2% of our electricity production is causing over 1 million bats to be killed every year. (And nearly as many birds too.)

      • I’m pretty sure the Sierra Club is all for the slaughter of birds and bats. They’re more worried about the possibility of a 0.01 degree rise in global temperature over the next century or two.

        • Absolutely correct. The Sierra Club doesn’t give a Bats patootie anything but their stupid AGWBS.

    • People laugh about stuff like “Bat Appreciation Month,” But I am not joking, there is a bat crisis in the US. Populations of species of insect-eating bats has been reduced by 80% since 2007 due to “White Nose Syndrome” a fungus that gets on their noses and eventually kills them. A staple of these bats’ diet is mosquitos and mosquito populations have shot up in areas where the bats are dying. There is no cure. The Zika virus crisis underscores the importance of this. So I do appreciate bats.

      • Bats are truly amazing animals and some subspecies are very gentle as well as beneficial. I encourage anyone who has property to look into setting up a bat house on their property. This allows bats an inviting refuge that isn’t an attic. It will also allow you to enjoy many a mosquito free evening.

  3. It might be the Mellow Corn talking, but that pistol in the upper left hand corner looks pretty suspicious.

    • It may be the Bulleit Rye talking, but don’t I see a wheel-free wheel gun there in about the middle? That’s a might scruffy collection.

    • THAT pistol, my friend, is commonly known in Euro as the “hardware handjob”.
      Form following function and all that.
      Shoots the infamous .9mm round.

      I wish I had a case of them to turn in at the “buy back” events.

  4. As for the professor, she should work to change the laws.

    This same sort of thing happened to my mom when she was teaching and she had to be escorted everywhere by four armed police officers at all times for weeks. They sat outside our house at night. Finally they caught the nut but Christ only knows how much it cost.

  5. ‘If you have not been stalked before, you do not understand what it feels like, but it is really intimidating. It is so scary.’

    A friend of mine was stalked about 20 years ago. She was scared, and I don’t blame her.

    I was able to sidle up to the stalker and the four of us had a private conversation — me, the stalker, and my dear friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

    I guess I was persuasive, because the stalking immediately ceased.

    • It’s good to be wealthy. Emma Watson of Harry Potter movie fame, allegedly worth $38 million, hired a personal bodyguard after a stalking scare.

      • According to most sources she’s worth $70MM – which really surprises me, she must have had a sh1t agent. Those films did billions she should have had just some tiny back-end, which would have easily been $100MM over the run of that series.

        (Or maybe she spent it all on male hookers and blow. She’s not terribly attractive.)

  6. “were allowed to use their First Amendment rights “?????
    Since when is a “right” something that you need permission for? Google.com says that a right, when used as a noun is; “a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.”. It also defines permission as; “consent; authorization.” There is no possible way that a “right” needs anyone’s consent or authorization, for one has a legal entitlement to it, as stated in the very definition of the word.
    Its not surprising that the country is in the sorry state that it is, when a college professor does not even know what a right is.
    The hypocrisy, ofc, is just par for this course. I would even imagine she’s an English prof, just to add insult to the injury…

  7. “with his back against the wall in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race, the Democrat is now emphasizing his support for tougher gun-control measures in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.”

    This seems to be very counter intuitive thinking on Sen. Strickland’s part. I know he is a democrat, but I don’t see this move having much play in the precincts he needs. Maybe it’s a way to court “big money donors”, anybody from Ohio got a read on this?

    • In Cleveland and Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo this probably polls well…and is career suicide in the entire rest of the state. Then again, no one paying any attention in Ohio would vote for Strickland anyway. It might be an attempt to get a job with Bloomburg after losing the election, or something to do with Democrats just being nuts. It’s hard to read, but in the state legislature gun control is steadily being rolled back, so I’d go with one of the latter two explainations.

  8. Who the hell in their right mind would turn in their guns in the Ukraine-a country being attacked by Russians? Anyone? I don’t blame the NRA for Democrat treachery-in Illinois we have Republitards like Mark Kirk and Bob Dold fighting for “commonsense” gun laws and stopping the NRA. Ya’ can’t tell the team even WITH a scorecard?

  9. The three mentioned sheriffs are not the only ones, in fact, these three are rather in the middle of the road on the issuance of CCWs, still requiring some showing of good cause, while most of the central valley and north state sheriffs are shall issue, including the sheriff of Sacramento County. (The North State starts around Sacramento and goes north from there, and most definitely does NOT include the Bay Area.) The only exception is the sheriff of Yolo County, who is essentially no issue despite the fact that the vast majority of the county is rural. He feels that there is plenty of private land for people to carry their weapons on, and sees no need to allow them to carry in town.

    A finer point is that the majority of California Sheriffs are opposed to the Newsome Ammo Ballot proposition–and the cynics among us believe that this opposition is due in large part to the fact that while departments are exempt, individual officers are not.

    • After selling out their citizens for decades, they’d better get used to it. “They’ll be coming for you, next.” Sound familiar?

  10. ECU Professor says she will not bring gun on campus?

    She said that because she does not want anybody else to bring guns on campus, even licensed concealed carriers.
    I that case if she eventually gets killed in a mugging
    I would be glad to go to her funeral and speak up for how she was willing to die for her principals to keep the campus safe.

    • She said that when campus cops contacted her and offered her three hots and a cot if she brought a gun to campus.
      Wouldn’t you say that to the people who have the authority to arrest you for bringing a gun to campus?

  11. It’s pretty low to not only take the money in the register but the wallets of the employees who are probably making minimum wage (or close to it).

    Robin Hoods they ain’t…

  12. In North Carolina we have a Republican Governor, Republican House, and Republican Senate and yet we still have…..

    1) public universities still prohibiting guns on campus
    2) Funding of universities with un-constitutional “hate speech” rules
    3) Funding of universities that hold kangaroo courts based on imaginary microagressions
    4) Funding of K-12 schools filled with leftist textbooks

    I’m a member of the Stupid Party

    • I love me some Waffle House, if they are anti gun I have never noticed it, tho I admit I do not ask, them or anyone else, carry 100% of the time, and go where I please without standing around looking for stupid signs.

  13. Its not all that uncommon for college professors to come to school armed, regardless of what official rules are in place. At my school, a colleague was threatened in his office during an extortion attempt. Even though our school was a “gun-free zone” there was a general understanding that he faced a genuine threat and so the few of us who knew he was carrying said nothing. Even libtard professors recognize that when you have a thug in your campus office you have a serious problem. Needs musts.

  14. Strickland won the Democratic primary this year because the dipstick he was running against was running on gun control. Now Strickland is going to have to learn from his enemy’s mistakes.

  15. These instances you note have a particularly interesting similarity. Nobody was harmed. If the victims had been armed, perhaps these situations would have escalated into a loss of life. Why does property value trump life? Many of the people who resist any type of gun regulation also are anti-abortion due to the sanctity of life. Why does the cash drawer at a Waffle House or a grocery store in the middle of a hurricane have more value than a human life. I don’t condone looting, but does stealing a handful of inanimate merchandise require the death penalty? That’s what I want to know.

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