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springfield-crosscannon_2016-smallWeeping for the future: Students suspended after threat posted to social media – “Charges may be filed against two 14-year-old girls after they posted a photo seen as threatening regarding a school shooting on social media. … In the photo, the girls are pictured smiling with plastic guns standing on either side of a handwritten poster board sign that reads ‘I hate everyone, you hate everyone. Let’s shoot up the school at homecoming.’ Above the Instagram post were the words ‘If school shooting was a sport. America would get the gold (skull emoji)’ Though the case is under investigation, and Ring said it seems the sign was a prank. ‘One female had a break up and the other had issues as well, so they decided they were going to ask each other (to the homecoming dance),’ (Police Lt. Robert) Ring said.”


Kids Exposed to Guns in Half of Surveyed Households – “Half of surveyed households have children who are regularly exposed to firearms, but only a handful report speaking to a pediatrician about firearm safety, according to a survey by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. In fact, according to one-third of more than 1,200 parents surveyed for the study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, any offer of advice by a physician regarding firearm safety or removing guns from the home would be considered offensive or simply ignored. Most parents, however, did express a willingness to have that conversation with a pediatrician” And yet there are “only” about 9000 gun-related homicides (excluding suicides) in the US annually among a population of 330 million.


ATF sting operation: ‘Operation Fearless’ or feckless? – “(T)the agency’s ‘Operation Fearless’ was enough of a mess that the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (IG) was prompted to take a broad look at ATF’s undercover storefront operations. For all the good the Milwaukee sting did, there were enough blunders to make ‘Operation Feckless’ seem an appropriate label. In a report issued last week, the IG examined similar stings in Pensacola, Fla.; St. Louis; Wichita; and Boston, in addition to Milwaukee. The conclusion is sharp. The operations were marked by ‘poor management, insufficient training and guidance to agents in the field, and a lax organizational culture that failed to place sufficient emphasis on risk management in these inherently sensitive operations,’ the IG office found.” When a government regulatory agency has lost the Washington Post….


Social justice warrior types scandalized down east: ‘Black Rifles Matter’ sign causes controversy in Boothbay Harbor – “A sign in Boothbay Harbor is raising some eyebrows. Seemingly a play on the Black Lives Matter slogan, it reads ‘Black Rifles Matter: Yes, we have ’em. No, you can’t take ’em.’ Some local businesses are worried the sign sends the wrong message and could make some tourists feel unwelcome.

Not sure how much “exposing” of any hidden agendas will go on here. Looks more like preaching — again — to the converted.

Watch this Democratic Senate candidate’s perfect retort to the NRA – “Democratic candidate Jason Kander is making a run for the Senate seat of Missouri, but has faced backlash from the NRA, which aired ads warning voters, ‘Missouri’s next senator will decide control of the Supreme Court; Jason Kander refused to defend your Second Amendment rights in Jefferson City.’ Kander, a former Army captain who served in Afghanistan, responded by assembling an AR-15 while blindfolded in his latest ad.” Kander’s  been consistently running about six points behind incumbent Senator Roy Blunt.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Hosed in San Jose, A Bad Day at Black Rock, and House Dems Grandstanding. Again. Still.">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: More Bloomberg Cash for 'Data', Preferential Treatment, and a Simulated Drive-By">Next Post


  1. I have to say I’m unimpressed by the guy running for Senate.

    First off, I’d be more impressed if you assembled the BCG and then fully assembled the rifle. Second, the notion that BGC’s mean terrorists “can’t” get a rifle is absurd. The guy in Orlando passed the check and as Paris and other attacks all over Europe prove where there’s a will to kill innocent people, there’s a way to get the job done.

    As I asked before, does anyone really believe that those who can and do smuggle 20,000 kilos of nose candy at a time are someone incapable of trafficking in guns? Do you think they care who they sell them to?

  2. The girls need to be punished. Expulsion and, at the very least, a 30 day suspension. They need to realize that such threats of violence are no laughing matter. Perhaps they will learn how problematic such behavior can be.

    • They’re 14.
      They have the intelligence of average 14-yr-olds.
      They don’t realize that some people can’t take a joke.

      Punish them, yes. No prom for you, girls. Maybe a short suspension and community service.

      Expel them, taking away a year of their education? I don’t think so.
      You sound like you would fit in well with the “zero tolerance” school boards that seem to be prevalent today.

        • Now days, you can’t apply corporal punishment so that excludes a dope slap which is all that they actually deserve. So all the school district is left with is a suspension.

      • 14-year-olds doing threatening things with toy guns get shot to death by police, several times a year, and then a lot of people bitch. Making excuses for this manner of affront could get these girls killed in the future. They need a disincentive to continue such suicidal behavior.

      • They do not need to be punished, they need to be educated, something the school they are attending is obviously failing at.

        They need to sit through an NRA approved CCW class and then have the instructor explain the statistics about school shootings here and around the world, not to mention knife and machete attacks. Then perhaps watch a documentary on the Beslan School massacre.

      • I would say that it was much more than a joke. It was a political statement and as such should be protected by the 1st amendment. While I don’t agree with their point or sentiment, I defend their right to express their opinion.

        For those that might take me to task on this, I consider their real ‘message’ not to be contained on the sign they’re holding but on the photo’s caption. Read that a couple of times and tell me that’s not a political statement.

        • This is what I saw. Their justification undermines it, but it seemed to be a scathing indictment of violence in schools, including a satirical pep rally poster.

          But then they started talking about breakups and such and lost the path.

    • Stupid indeed. All the girls need to do is say it was a protest against the shameful obstruction of common sense gun reform by heartless Republicans in Congress and their evil NRA overlords and they’ll get a pass.

    • Expulsion means permanent removal from the school. After you permanently remove them, you’re going to remove them for another 30 days?

    • They at least need to be held back another year. A high school student should not have such deplorable handwriting as displayed on that sign. Sad indictment of our educational system as well.

  3. Fuck Kander. If he thinks that “background checks” will magically keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him.

    • Kander has been a crappy Sec of State. Everything he has “upgraded” breaks or crashes electronically or leads to the wrong answer if you can get someone to answer the phone anymore. As a businessman there is pretty much nothing he has done that has resulted in an actual improvement beyond the superficial but some things are certainly worse.

      His being able to reassemble a basic field stripped AR15 without looking? BFD. I can both strip and reassemble several platforms other than AR15 as I am sure almost all regular shooters can do with their regular arms if they try. The stupid stunt in this video is typical leftist big gov’t guy distracting from the actual issue of universal background checks being just more security theater, not stopping at least 83% of bad guys weapons and creating a de facto gun registry. The stunt is only impressive to the uninformed but then that’s his voting base…

    • Republicans in MO just don’t get it. The Blunt name is synonymous with RINOs and snakes in the show-me state. I usually vote my guns, but I won’t be voting for Blunt ( or Kander).

  4. ” but only a handful report speaking to a pediatrician about firearm safety”

    My daddy taught me at very early age about firearms.

    • So did mine, but since he wasn’t a pediatrician, I guess ‘they’ weren’t as happy about it. I’m sure Kander would prefer a Dr. to teach his children about guns, and other democrats teach us about how we should talk, walk, act, and, of course, vote.

    • So a pediatrician wants to speak to me about removing firearms from the home? OK, fine, what’s his address, and will I need a truck?

  5. Ummm…school shooting IS a sport. Skeet,trap and what not. My own pop was on the rifle team way back in the 1920’s in Kankakee, IL. But yeah these idiot girls were funnin'(maybe).And I’m confused about Missouri-is this dude backed by the NRA?

  6. Why in the world would anyone talk to a pediatrician about gun safety?!

    A medical degree does not make you remotely knowledgeable about firearms.

    Guess I’ll ask my family doctor about investment opportunities he would suggest.

    Society makes me weep.

    Our pediatrician asked me about suggesting a a gun for a beginner. Himself.

    • “Our pediatrician asked me about suggesting a a gun for a beginner. Himself.”

      My children’s pediatrician is a CCW holder, and I know for a fact at least two others in his (smallish) office are as well. One of ’em I shoot with occasionally. I also know for a fact that at least three of the nurses in that office are CCW holders.

      Dirty little secret: rank and file pediatricians are NOT aligned with AAP on “social issues.” Like so many other organizations, AAP is ‘converged’ and run by SJW types that like to act like they represent “The Whole” of their in-group.

      They don’t. Not by a LONG way.

      So, what happens (a lot) is that the AAP puts out these little BS nuggets like this, and regular pediatricians roll their eyes.

  7. So he can assemble an AR blindfolded.
    So what.
    Just because he knows his guns,
    That does not mean he thinks you should be able to own one.

        • My first pistol was a Mark III.

          Read the manual, checked the Web, found all the horror stories before I picked it up. (10-day wait … California, sigh.) Zero problems breaking it down and putting it together again.

          Until I bought another semi-auto. Then … Sigh.

        • That’s one of the selling points of the Ruger SR22, along with the ambidextrous safety and mag release.

    • While earning his law degree at Georgetown University, he earned his commission through the University’s ROTC battalion.[4] After completing his law degree, he volunteered for a tour in Afghanistan, where he served as a lieutenant

      In other words he was a boot lt fricking JAG. NOTHING in the entire US Army surpasses the JAG as a useless REMF.

  8. Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia don’t see mass shootings or killings on a daily basis.

    Gee does this have to do with the fact they value the life, rights and freedoms of humans than the oppressive NRA does?

    To this very day, I don’t see these countries turning despotic hellholes.

    My talking point including the others may be “tired” and “cliche”.

    But they are nothing but genuine truth.

    The brainwashed gun-worshiping sheep here will never believe it.

    And I will never bend over or falter to the lies and debunked myths the put on here no matter how hard they try.

    I hope Americans will stand up to the gun lobby tyrants instead of bowing over to them and treating them like a golden calf.

    Free people shouldn’t have to fear being shot to death everyday.

    Free people shouldn’t be forced against their will to arm themselves against imaginary windmills.

    Free people shouldn’t be forced to listen to the constant boondoggle the “people of the gun” promote.

    American gun culture is nothing but a culture of death, oppression, nihilism and hate.

    • The most violent European country is the UK, which has a 10x crime rate after the handgun ban.

      Among the least violent is the Czech republic, which defends the right to bear arms and has no special requirements for concealed carry of an owned firearm.

      Also have you seen what’s labeled as a “suicide” in Japan? Cops there are lazy and will call multiple back wounds a suicide if it keeps them from needing to investigate.

      • One nit I will pick with you.

        Studies show that it’s not that Japanese cops are lazy. The problem is what they can and cannot clear on a reasonable timetable and their society. If the guy has wounds to the back and the case is easy to solve they’ll call it murder. If they think there’s a poor chance of solving a murder case, they call it “suicide” and call the case closed.

        Great way to have excellent clearance numbers while doing little about murder. It’s not about being lazy per se, it’s about being able to give good reports, with great numbers in them, to the higher ups.

    • Welcome back.

      I’m sorry to inform you that it’s still the case that no one gives a shit what you have to say.

      Again, welcome back and have a pleasant evening.

    • If you believe that, then no one is forcing you to stay.

      By the way, we are not a free people. Our government forces us to pay a fee if we voluntarily choose not engage in commerce. (Obamacare mandate).

      Free people are free to arm themselves for the human right of self defense and the just defense from enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic. When the government decides who lives and dies, what you can not own, how much you can make and tax you every which way, you are not free.

      Please, go to those countries. I am sure they will welcome you with open arms as a refugee, give you a welfare check, free Healthcare and retirement pension.

      I will take my dangerous freedom over your secure and safe tyranny any day.

    • If there were no guns or gun related deaths you would still have people dying from other means.
      More people die from causes other than guns, just check with the CDC and FBI.

    • Seriously quit crying already. If you think Europe is a safe haven, by all means go there. I hear France is a nice place to go. Very safe. No need to worry about maniacs shooting at you or trying to run you over with a truck. Ooooh wait.
      Please tell me more about how gun owners are about tyranny. I guess you haven’t been paying attention to the idiot you obviously voted for.
      Do us all a favor and sit this next election out.

    • “Progressive leftism and the retards who support it is nothing but a culture of death, oppression, nihilism and hate.” There….fixed it for you.

  9. If Kander really wanted to antagonize the NRA and make a name for himself, he’d mention the NRA endorsed background checks in 1968.

  10. ‘…only a handful report speaking to a pediatrician about firearm safety…’

    In another somewhat related study it was found that only a handful of people had asked their auto mechanic to perform a colonoscopy.

  11. Unless my pediatrician is moonlighting as an RSO or similar I’m not talking to him about gun safety. Then again with the 3 minutes you get with a doc these days who the fuck actually converses with them about anything? Besides having a conversation about obesity or cancer would likely be far more fruitful in the long run.

    In regards to these girls, what did they think would happen? If you’re going to do shit keep it off social media.

    Jason there is a fudd, as said show me the how a background check prevented Paris, Orlando etc. and I’ll vote for you. Wait, no I won’t.

  12. So in medical school do they have a couple of gun safety and handling classes? Do pediatricians have to qualify every year with a firearm? I don’t think so, so why in the world would pediatricians talk about gun safety with patients. They went to school to cure illnesses not teach people about gun safety and a lot have probably never even touched a gun. We pay doctors absurd amounts of money since they spent an absurd amount of time and money at medical school. If I want a lesson in gun safety I will pay an NRA instructor who will demand a lot less of my money to do so.

    • Knife safety?
      Car safety?
      Swimming pool safety?
      Ladder safety?
      Not sure if there will be enough time to talk about our health.

  13. “…but only a handful report speaking to a pediatrician about firearm safety…”

    But how many reported speaking to a wine sommelier about computer network security? Or spoke to an NRA instructor about leukemia?

    • Hillary did (and you can see where that got us)! Witch probably needed to demonize the NRA further for her health problems … can I sign up for another 5 year NRA membership just because she don’t look so good?

  14. What about the BCG Kander, buffer ? Buffer spring? Looks like tent games.

    Either way, I DON’t give a flying F if you are A.R. Chuck Norris, and you also want another govt job. You picked the wring party. Guns ain’t the only problem with the (D), and you’re selling the same. Further our (D) Prez. has done for the enemy, what they could not have otherwise accomplished for themselves, and that’s on all the (D), from the little old ladies working the voting booths who have iron stomachs and aren’t scared of thezombie hoard of living dead that vote every election, to the (D) voters, to the (D)og Catcher to (D) oor to (D)orr Community Organizer.

    Wrong party, the lib_prog_comm_globalist (D) are a scourge and you could wrap it in a flag and a CMH, and it would srill be an evil turrd.

    • Or maybe this woman who does it blindfolded, including reassembled detailed strip of the bolt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXPgnWEh7j8

      Of course, he is just a JAG lawyer, and a FUD who would gladly sell us out for political power. We have enough Republicans who are glad to do this to us, you can count this guy to support the Democrat leadership and if Hillary should be elected he would vote for every liberal judge she proposed to the federal bench.

  15. The operations were marked by ‘poor management, insufficient training and guidance to agents in the field,

    Insufficient training and guidance?

    Aren’t these the sting operations that became famous for targeting and exploiting intellectually challenged kids? If they need training and guidance not to do that, they need to be dismissed from federal service and put into a group home, where they can be supervised by responsible adults. You know, the kind of responsible adults who don’t need special training and guidance to not exploit the intellectually disabled.

    • “Aren’t these the sting operations that became famous for targeting and exploiting intellectually challenged kids?”

      That’s a feature, not a bug.

      Check out the groups the jack-boots in Deutschland initially targeted in the 30’s. And, they had all kinds of ‘saving health care costs’ justifications, which rings familiar as well.

    • BATFE, HSI, IRS (CID) are or were all at one time part if the Treasury Department which historically has held these agencies to a lower standard for training, management and leadership. The USSS under Treasury was a different bird due to it’s mission, today they do very few investigations pee than protection related.

      When BATFE moved to the Department of Justice nothing really changed for them and their mission and proximity to the Attorney General has been of use to the current administration. One can only speculate if BATFE had disappeared as it was planned to back in 2002 when the realignment of law enforcement agencies took place. None of the DOJ agencies wanted to take on the disbanded AT personnel.

  16. Yeah, I was annoyed, and possibly offended at the insinuation that my gun puts my kid in danger. That’s an incredibly ignorant and BS stance for a gun that has literally never had ammo in the house.

    At least they didn’t _talk_ to me about it and just had it on a sheet from up the political chain. :p

  17. I would rather have a Senator that respects my Rights for what they are, while not knowing one end of a gun from the other, than I would a Senator that could design and build his own machinegun in his garage, but thinks my Rights are fair game for infringement.

  18. Half of surveyed households have children who are regularly exposed to firearms, but only a handful report speaking to a pediatrician about firearm safety, according to a survey by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

    I don’t talk to my pediatrician either about it. Why? Because I know a lot more about guns and gun safety than my pediatrician. I would say that is the case for most gun owners.

    • I don’t explain concepts of children’s health to my pediatrician, likewise, they are not qualified to lecture me on guns or gun safety. If they want to mention it, generalized, alongside stairs, swimming pools, kitchen knives, or household chemicals and pharmaceuticals, I have no problem with that. Nothing wrong with a reminder. But I don’t want a lecture on gun safety from my pediatrician or their opinion on dos and don’ts, regarding firearms, that they read off a liberal progressive political surgeon generals message or any of that nonsense.

  19. The little girlie SJWs think they’re being cute and socially conscious ? Anti-gun with a twist of anti-America thrown in? Nice.

    Let them feel the full wrath of the PC hellscape that is the public school system.

  20. “Watch this Democratic Senate candidate’s perfect retort to the NRA”

    Up next: Leland Yee’s comeback ad boasts, “I was a professional gunrunner!”


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