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Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas: Gabby Giffords Endorses Pat Toomey, Mark Kirk for Caving on Gun Control – “On August 22 Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly praised Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) for caving on gun control. Giffords and Kelly subsequently announced that their gun control group–Americans for Responsible Solutions–is endorsing Toomey and Kirk in the November elections. Writing on CNN.com, Giffords and Kelly highlighted Toomey and Kirk’s willingness to break with the Republican Party and support Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) post-Sandy Hook gun control push. Manchin pushed universal background checks in 2013, which Giffords and Kelly describe as one of many ‘lifesaving policies’ they support.” Look for that endorsement to be prominently featured on Toomey’s and Kirk’s campaign web sites.


Rumor Mill – Smith & Wesson M2.0 Found In Trademark Filings – “If you do a search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website for Smith & Wesson, you’ll notice a series of trademark filings from this year for something called M2.0 (featuring the above logo) for various goods and services, including gun cases, airsoft, and apparel, all with ‘Published for Opposition’ dates throughout this month. Now, you may be wondering, why is this of any interest?” Is there an M&P line update in our immediate future?

Police shoot homeowner instead of suspect during attempted carjacking – “Police arrived on scene after a report of an attempted robbery. A woman was being car-jacked and ran inside her home to tell her husband. He came outside with a gun to chase the suspect. Police encountered the husband and shot him, instead of the suspect. The homeowner was taken to Eskenazi Health in serious condition, but is expected to be ok.” Advice: when the boys in blue roll up, drop the gun.

New from Alps OutdoorZ:


“Regular backpacks are great for carrying gear to and from your stand. But for quick access to small items and gear, nothing beats a lumbar pack. And no lumbar pack on the market is as well designed as the ALPS OutdoorZ Covert X. The Covert X, part of the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme line of packs, rides at the waistline, allowing for easy access to your gear. Internal organization compartments, found under a zip-open flap, allow you to immediately find any piece of gear you need, such as a compass, GPS, flashlight, hunting licenses/tags, car keys or cover scent.”


News you can use: Canadian Government Asks American Tourists to Leave Their Guns at Home – “’It is strongly recommended that you not carry your firearm when traveling to Canada and/or transiting through Canada to reach another U.S. destination,’ the agency said in a statement. ‘However, should you choose to travel with your firearms, you must declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry.'”


Strap one on for “gun safety”: UT sex-toy protest against campus carry could be largest anti-gun rally in Texas history – “On Wednesday, those sex toys will be the focus of what could be the biggest protest anti-gun protest in the state’s history, and certainly the largest since campus carry became law earlier this month. Thousands of people have pledged to strap on, and strap in, for a daylong event on the first day of classes at the University of Texas at Austin.”


Claim: Michael Bloomberg Demanded John Lott Interview Cut from Couric Gun Control Film – “’Katie Couric and her staff interviewed me for almost six hours — two hours pre-interview and then almost four hours on tape — and what I found is that the filming that they did of me was used extensively in the movie, originally,’ Lott told Breitbart News. ‘But Katie Couric did a private screening for Michael Bloomberg and Bloomberg apparently insisted that anything from me be removed from the movie.’” Shocking, we know.


Taking on the Gun Lobby at New York Fringe Festival – “Machine Gun America, which runs through August 27 at the Flamboyán Theater at the Clemente at  107 Suffolk Street in New York City, takes its name from a real machine gun theme park in Orlando that admits anyone aged 13 and older. The show centers on members of a group called Young Shooters’ Anonymous. One, named Bang Bang (Tim Murray), who as a child fatally shot his mother at a Wal-Mart, meets with Wayne LaPear at the National Machine Gun Association (note the similarity to Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association), where he learns of LaPear’s new initiative: to teach children how to shoot guns.” Comedy is hard. Too hard for some, apparently.

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    • Don’t give them any ideas!

      I bet the engineer responsible for it has a brother who owns Apex. But it’s just a coincidence…

  1. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you Doc Johnson…? Who was it saying they were voting Tammy Duckworth so Kirk would go? Andrew Lias? I humbly apologize for disagreeing with you…I just hope we keep the house. Sigh…

    • It was me, and I’ll certainly not vote for Kirk, at least if I vote for a Democrat they will have a (D) by their name. Kirk wants to approve the current anti gun supreme court nominee anyways so that debate’s out of the table. Tell me where he actually doesn’t go into (D) land?

      After looking I’ll gladly be voting for the Constitution Party or the Libertarians at the least. I certainly will not be helping this turncoat stay in power.

  2. A bunch of silly little twits dancing around UT with their dildos? How utterly perfect. I just hope they clean them first.

    • If these students really want to know how the government will treat them should the Second Amendment be repealed, they’ll grab their ankles and let their fellow students put the dildos to use. And somewhere, there are thousands of UT parents paying their hard earned money so that their kids can be taught to hate their country and its Constitution.

    • It’s a deep issue for them. They dislike people who won’t go all the way in their commitment. I thought the gun owners were supposed to be phallus obsessed. Projection?

      In terms of Bloomie, who’s really surprised if it is the truth? Heck it wasn’t ever really mentioned that he provided cash to make such a film, although I’m not surprised. Katie should retire, objective journalism is dead.

  3. “Advice: when the boys in blue roll up, drop the gun.”

    IF they give you time to drop it, and don’t simply fire on contact.

    Which they’ve done far too many times.

    • 1000+ thumbs up! Overly paramilitarized Sandinsta- police Commandos ! Gun Control for police…Matter of fact, while on the subject of Civilian Disarmament. Maybe it time for a little equal justice under the law…What’s good for me, is good for you! All lives matter, time to reduce police to community security guards, or privatize them…With limited armaments *(pepper spray, cuffs, a baton, and a radio. NO GUNS. 2nd amendment doesn’t apply to local/city/state Police. )*, placed as a ballot initiative by “WE THE PEOPLE. ” As well, as well as a ballot initiatives to ban police unions from the law enforcement community. If a “Heavily armed response” is needed. Then the Police chief can call the judicial hot line to get a warrant to request a regional SWAT team…

      • Yes… Because we want the people responding to the next Beslan to be armed with pepper spray against muzrats with AKs.

        • Naw, we want them armed to the teeth so they only have to wait outside three hours before amassing enough courage to act.

    • I doubt very seriously the home owner pointed the gun at the police. We have a serious problem with our LEOs.
      Another tip: If you plan to confront the bad guy, don’t call 911!

      • If you don’t want anything killed (their choice not yours who/what gets killed) then don’t dial 9-1-1.

  4. Gabby giffords….isn’t talking about helping those with mental problems, shocked I tell you….guess her and her douchebag have to make money somehow

  5. I get what people are saying about Toomey, but if he loses to a Dem, it’s probably worse. Gabby Giffords endorsing Toomey is a win-win for Giffords: he wins, she wins, he loses, she wins with a Dem in office.

    This cycle is probably not the one to fire Toomey. Next cycle will be an off-year, with a better chance of a GOP challenger.

    Unless Clinton wins, in which case the constitution has become irrelevant.

    • I live in PA. Toomey is running against Katy McGinty and sad to say, he is definitely the lesser of two evils here. She is a full on progressive. Welfare for all and guns for none. It is a damn shame that this is the best the republicans can offer us.

      • I agree. He has to give/do something or else he will be hammered non stop till November. As I see it supporting background checks for the sake of political convenience is not enough to rule him out. I would rather have 90% than 0%. Some just don’t get how PA is becoming an increasingly urbanized and liberal state.

        • In 20 years PA will resemble NY so much you won’t see a difference. You have the rural areas being controlled again by the population centers. It already happened in MD, they are done.

      • McGinty is way worse than Toomey. But Toomey is terrible himself. I’m thinking I might vote Everett Stern, though I’m pretty sure he has no chance.

  6. The way I read that story the man was in his house. His wife ran in after escaping a carjacker. At that point they were both safe. Why did he have to go out chasing the bg?

    As for the dildo’s. They’re used to hanging around metro males. If not for the dildo or BOB they’d get no action.

    • Yeah, once you’re in the house and safe, don’t go back out looking for trouble. Especially if the police have already been called, and will likely be “coming in hot”, you don’t want to be outside when they roll up, whether you’re holding a gun or not.

  7. ‘However, should you choose to travel with your firearms, you must declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry.’

    I thought that was when they slap the cuffs on you and haul you off to jail. I could have sworn they’ve done that a couple of times.

    • We’re broke up here. Looks like it’s just going to be confiscation and fines from now on.

    • I can comply with that, and if they ever change their stupid rules, I may actually go spend some money there. Until then, they can do without me.

  8. The sexual liberated crowd disarmed the City of San Francisco. They never supported civil rights. But they do support the annual Folsom Street Fair that attracts over 350,000 people for a week of sex acts in public over a ten block area in SF.

    All you have to do to have great every day homosexual sex or heterosexual sex is give up your guns.
    I hope Texas does not follow this example.

    • I’m not a bible-thumper. But, I believe this is an excerpt you heavy Christian folks can agree on…..
      Sodom and Gomorrah.

      23 By the time Lot reached Zoar, the sun had risen over the land. 24 Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens. 25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, destroying all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land. 26 But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

      • Atheists who wave a bible around are very amusing!!!!
        The white Christian conservatives who have sex in the missionary position with the lights off, have the largest number of guns per person.
        It is atheist law makers in California who want to prevent people from passing down their guns to children and grandchildren.

        San Francisco has the worst theft crime for a city of its size. Assault and general street crime are sky rocketing.
        The people with free will in San Francisco are destroying the city. God can set back and wait.

        The sexual liberated crowd made a sexual utopia in the San Francisco Bay area. You just don’t have civil rights. Don’t worry about Christians and sex.
        They reproduce like rabbits!!!!

        The atheist generally don’t reproduce. Perhaps this is why they think a mother or father shouldn’t be allowed to pass family property like a gun to their children.

        • “The atheist generally don’t reproduce. Perhaps this is why they think a mother or father shouldn’t be allowed to pass family property like a gun to their children.”

          What the flaming FVCK are you talking about? Do you wish to cite some manner of a source for that BS? I am an atheist, a whole lot of my friends are atheists, and we have been having children right along with the national average, my children will inherit my guns, and you are simply full of shit!

    • Chris, is there any reason why we can’t have great sex and keep our guns? Why can we have only gun freedom?

      • Jwm
        Please show me an atheist elected to office who supports the second amendment I would really like to see one. Rate A by the NRA?
        Send me your links.

        As I said above christians seem to enjoy sex and have guns. Also Christians don’t have the powers of the state. In the USA we have church state separation correct?

        But when it comes to guns you have an atheist problem.
        It was atheists who created the socialist state as it is today. Do you disagree with this?
        Atheists seem to enjoy using the powers of the state to interfere in the most intimate private life of people.
        You don’t have to like religious people. But they don’t have state power do they????

    • Nope…Not an “Atheist ” per se…Through my mother I’d be a Catholic…Which would make that sub-division ” idolatry.” The Saints and such…Or on the the side of the family… Protestant…Where they killed each other for years in Europe…Over Theocratic, geo-political stuff…And when one group took power….The other would “deprive the other religious group of their ability to keep and bear arms…” To become targets of the “others”within the general population and be subject to persecution, abuse, and death…Another version of early “Gun /Weapons control history ” that lead to genocide, and those to flee to the New World…..

  9. A guy will get arrested for indecent exposure if he is caught taking a leak, but it’s ok for campus feminists to wear strap on dildos all throughout the day in public? Insanity.

    • Actually it’s not ok, and the people organizing the protest know this they’ve said you’ll get a ticket quicker for carrying a dildo to class than a gun.

  10. In my many trips to the toy stores with the wife I’d say Doc Johnson brand is the lowest tier of quality. Their material quality matches the mental qualities of these UT gun grabbers.

    • I don’t know if they are still open but the Good Vibrations store in Berkeley California was a fun place to visit. My wife and I had wonderful a time checking out the latest products. We have never been disappointed by the toys we purchased their.
      Today they would have a no gun sign in the store window.

  11. “Lumbar pack”.
    The new “fanny pack”.

    Large enough to hold how many dildos?
    Can we fit Kirk and Toomey each inside their own fanny pack.
    Being their heads are already up their asses and all.

    Bet Lil Napolean Bloomie would fit… Along with a toy for him.

  12. I think it’s BS the way you guys are slamming Senators Kirk and Toomey. They are not running for reelection in Alabama, they have to contend with a powerful gun control lobby in their states. At least from Pat Toomey you get someone who is against “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine ban. I would get 85% from one candidate any day over complete disarmament from the other. Because of background checks? At least I have to go through them anyway.

    • At the same time if they don’t have their heads roll how will we get people that support our views? Kirk voted for the AWB of 13, introduced a bill to re-instate the 94 AWB in 08, voted yes for MBCs, has won a lifetime achievement award from a gun control group and co-sponsored the Orlando bill headed by Diane Feinstein as well. Not only that but he also indicated that Republicans should stop blockading Obama’s anti gun SC nominee as well.

      Why should I vote for him again?

      • I mostly defended Toomey and the unwarranted attacks against him. When it comes to Kirk he still is the lesser of two evils and he was for meeting the SC nominee not voting for him. Why did he called for Republicans to meet with him and why is he for gun control? For political convenience, he may suck in some issues but be good for some. In 2011 he voted against a bill that would allow the government to hold people indefinitely. In my eyes it is either get 60% of what you want or 5% with his opponent and rally the Democrats to push for gun control with gains in Congress. You just won’t get a purist in Illinois.

        • Certainly not with that attitude. Maybe I should “comrpomise” and vote for Hillary too while I’m there?

        • Sadly Kirk is NOT the lesser of 2 evils. Both are evil. I’ll just abstain in Illinois…hilarious you expect gun owners to vote for Kirk manuel. Every repub sucks in Illinois-and I’m 100% gun voting this time.

  13. Why did the homeowner chase the car jacker? By that time, his wife was safe inside their house. It would be different if he had witnessed her struggling with the jacker or if the jacker pursued her into the house.

  14. “…takes its name from a real machine gun theme park in Orlando…”

    An indoor range that rents some full-auto guns is really stretching the definition of “theme park”…

    • It’s a little theme parkish, with “Experiences” packages like “Special Ops”, “Bug Out”, “Princess”, and “The Man Card”. You’re also not allowed to bring your own weapons, and it really is tourist focused, so it’s probably more of a gun-centric entertainment experience than a standard range is.

      • If they don’t have a college kid in a sweaty foam-rubber costume dressed as their mascot, “Piercey, the Cop Killer Bullet”, it ain’t a theme park.

  15. Maybe it is just me, but every time I see that picture of Bloomberg it reminds me of the pictures you use to see of members of the Politburo in the stands on May day in front of the Kremlin.

  16. So a bunch of dildos will be prancing around on campus waving fake penises…progressivism at its finest.

  17. Advice: When you run a picture of Gabby Giffords as the lead, drop the dildo from the headline.
    I’m trying to have a cup of coffee here and it’s an association I don’t need first thing in the morning OK?

  18. 1.
    “Advice: when the boys in blue roll up, drop the gun.”
    Or better yet, just take care of business before calling the police.

    Oh Canada! What makes you think I will ever visit again, considering your anti-human-rights political leanings? People boycotted South Africa for apartheid, we should do no less for Canada.

  19. We used to joke about “arsenals” of dragon dildos on /k/ all the time. Of course I’m not into that kind of stuff, but I did consider getting a big ol’ Bad Dragon horsedick and attaching it to the end of a hockey stick or a broomstick and using it as a weapon against home invaders, or anyone else I wanted to traumatize.

  20. Or even better cops should leave their weapons holstered until they ID an actual threat. Citizens have every right to be armed in the presence of government employees. Better 1000 dead cops than one citizen harmed.

  21. 1-3-4-6.) Cases of Government *(USA, and CA.)* run amok! A Portrait of Stalin’s Great-Grandson…Getting himself ready for his grand entrance to The New Iron Curtain!

    Other story’s of importance.) The UT “dildo girls”. Maybe their on to something ! 13 or more inches with a steel or lead core…And a durable synthetic shell would make a decent—Ur, indecent truncheon, or…dare I say….a nightstick! Self-defense in plain sight…Gifford’s both….out in space….Unfortunately, not to far…Maybe.choose them to start the first Liberal progressive /DNC colony on Mars… Or send them both on a deep space mission to explore a Black Hole ! With Gravity so strong not even a Liberal can escape!

  22. “He came outside with a gun to chase the suspect. Police encountered the husband and shot him, instead of the suspect. The homeowner was taken to Eskenazi Health in serious condition, but is expected to be ok.” Advice: when the boys in blue roll up, drop the gun.”

    Better idea… don’t go outside looking for trouble. Instead be a good homeowner and husband and stay in the house to protect your wife!

  23. I remember reading a story a while back about the dildo girl, Jessica Jin. Well, I’ll give her credit, she’s actually following through with what she said she’d do.

    But she’s still a dumb gook.

  24. I just read some of the article on the UT protest. This quote is golden: “We are strapping gigantic swinging dildos to our backpacks,” Jin said. “Just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play.”

    Also this one: “The “movement,” as Lopez called it, has quite a social media following and, with a lot of creative students in tow, they’ve recorded a protest song and a “Shakespearean” take on the campus carry debate.”

    Is the play titled: Much to do about Nothing? Hoplophobia, or How I came to Fear the Gun?

    “The Daily Show plans to cover the event, Jin said.” Has The Daily Show dropped all pretense of satirical comedy and fully embraced its role as part of the progressive propaganda machine?

    “Pro-gun group Open Carry Texas has planned to show up wielding clocks, which they said, unlike sex toys, are an important tool for college students.” I’ve got a better sub-title now for the play: A Comedy of Absurdities.

  25. The USA, and the world gone mad! I guess there getting it already for “Globalism/One-World Global Governance “. Where your only as free as the government authorizes…Re: “Authoritarianism. “

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