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Washington State’s New Gun Laws Are Working – “This November, Washingtonians will get to vote on a ballot measure to place extreme-risk-protection orders into law. If that passes, it would be a second big win, after the people of Washington instituted universal background checks on the purchase of all firearms in 2014. These new protection orders would be modeled on the state’s domestic violence and sexual-assault-protection orders, giving family members or law enforcement the right to petition a court to remove firearms from someone who is a danger to themselves or others.” Only one problem…the article offers absolutely no evidence that Washington’s laws are “working.” Unless, of course they mean this: “Additionally, this application of direct democracy is not simply a way to ensure the moneyed death-peddlers behind the NRA can’t veto laws Washingtonians overwhelmingly want, but also provides a model for the 24 states—among them large population centers such as California, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio—that allow citizens to change laws via direct democracy.”


7 Tips For Armed Citizens To Fight Terrorists – Massad Ayoob tips here don’t only apply to a potential terrorist attack. They’d actually apply to any self defense situation.

New from Daniel Defense:

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The new DDM4V7 Pro was designed for competitors looking to dominate multi-gun-match podiums. With features like an 18″ Strength to Weight, Cold Hammer Forged barrel; a rifle-length gas system; our newly designed Muzzle Climb Mitigator; and a Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger, expect to see shorter split times, more precise follow-up shots, softened recoil, and reduced fatigue at your next competition. A new MFR XS 15.0 M-LOK rail provides major weight savings, plenty of real estate for optics, superior cooling, and outstanding ergonomics for transitioning between targets and preventing over-travel. You’ll also appreciate the larger Vltor Gunfighter Mod 4 Charging Handle latch, for easier manipulation under magnified optics, and the rugged yet comfortable DD Buttstock and Pistol Grip. Take your game—and the podium you stand on—to the next level with the DDM4V7 Pro.

Need another reason to vote Trump? A Hillary Clinton Loss Would Hobble Gun Reform, Says Connecticut Senator – “’If Donald Trump wins, it will be a pretty dramatic setback,’ says (Senator Chris) Murphy, who has emerged as the Democratic Party’s most vocal champion of new gun regulation. ‘Not just because how terrible he’ll be on the issue, but the fact that a presidential candidate who ran asking for a mandate on guns lost.’”


Life in a socialist dictatorship: Police in Venezuela Destroy Almost 2,000 Guns – “Police in Venezuela (shown) destroyed nearly 2,000 shotguns and pistols on August 17, in a very public display of gun control held in a city square in the country’s capital city of Caracas. ‘We are going to bring disarmament and peace,’ Interior Minister Nestor Reverol told Reuters news service, delivering the government’s official explanation for the destruction of the guns. Reuters reported that Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro promoted Reverol this month, just days after the United States accused the former anti-drug czar of taking bribes from cocaine traffickers.”


Lawyer: Ryan Lochte did not lie about robbery at gunpoint – “Lochte stands behind his assertion that he and his teammates were held at gunpoint and robbed Sunday. That account is supported by surveillance video of what took place at the gas station in Rio de Janeiro, Ostrow said. ‘That part of the story will never change,’ Ostrow said during a telephone interview. ‘We stand behind that.’ Ostrow supports the framework of Lochte’s account as correct – uniformed guards, armed, demanding money.” Uh huh.


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  1. Lochte didn’t lie-a guard had a gun pointed at him and he had to pay a “ransom” to get his drunk azz back to the Olympic Village. Estimated to cost him 10million…Yeah lets HOBBLE THE HILDEBEAST! Feel free to steal my suggestion.

  2. … the article offers absolutely no evidence that Washington’s laws are “working.”

    … but it “feelz so good”, therefore it’s “working”. Did you believe they would use actual data and facts? When is someone going to sue them so they go the way of Gawker?

    • Seeing as how they’re virtually unenforceable, and that many casual gun owners here don’t even know they exist, I wouldn’t say that they’re working…

  3. As much as some may disagree with me, if a a plebiscite is against us, we should honor it as a vote of the people. Just like Marijuana legalization.

    • I would agree, except that a simple “vote of the people” doesn’t override the Bill of Rights. There’s already a process for doing that, and it purposely sets the bar very high. If you can’t get it done by the prescribed constitutional amendment process, then any infringement is, in my view, invalid and unconstitutional, regardless of whether it’s passed by a state legislature or by a referendum process.

        • Which is the whole point of a republic and exactly why the damn Democrats keep saying the US is a democracy and never, ever, use the word republic. Another description for democracy is mob rule, and that was why the founders wanted a republic!

    • California voters shot down gay marriage in a ballot initiative. Government shot down the voters. Happens all the time.

    • Depends on what “it” is about.

      If we’re talking whether to make green or purple the “go” color at a traffic light, sure.

      If we’re talking fundamental rights, absolutely not … rights are not subject to popularity contests. If they were they wouldn’t be rights, now would they?

    • What if a plebiscite authorized the internment, dispossession, or even execution, of a particular ethnic group?

      Democracy without constitutional protection of individual rights is indistinguishable from mob rule. It acquires no mantle of legitimacy for being popular. Tyranny of the majority is no less abhorrent than is a tyranny of one.

  4. Being that I’m here in Washington State, nobody cares about I-594 and it gets widely ignored. That other thing they vote on will probably pass because the snobs on the west side vote for all that crap and the Seattle and surrounding area has the states population. But really, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference and the law won’t affect 99.99% of gun owners.

    • Dear MLee, You paint with a pretty wide brush, I’m from the west side and I voted no on 594 and will vote no on 491 too. But hey, call it however you like, my conscious is clear.

      • I called it like it is, not how I see it. Go the the state elections website and look at the voting breakdown by county. I 594 failed in the majority of counties although it passed in Spokane County, where I live and all the counties on the west side.
        Goody for you if your conscious is clear. Mine is clear also, but that;s not the point. The point is Bloombag and Mr. Microshaft threw money around the west side that is population saturated and I-594 passed. The west side had some high-profile shootings and the snobs over there voted for it. It’s of no real consequence as I said, I-594 is ignored all the time and big damn deal if they remove gun rights from people who are nuts or losing it. Good!

    • “the law won’t affect 99.99% of gun owners.”

      Until it does. All the gun control following the Civil War was never going to affect white people, either, and that was quite true for 50+ years, but there those laws were, already on the books, when some jackass decided to enforce them, and expand on them.

        • I think you just gravely insulted every prostitute in the USA. With them, you at least get something for your money.

          With Congress Critters its like putting your taxes in a blender and hitting the button just to watch….

    • 50.01 percent think you should turn your home into a homeless shelter, and you have to. That’s what a direct democracy can do for you.

    • You forgot the rest of the quote…

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
      – Benjamin Franklin

      • Franklin didn’t say that.

        “Lunch” was not a word in 1776 and we need to check and double check our sources when we make quotes, as leftists will call us out on it and use them against us – as well they should. We don’t like it when they fabricate nonsense out of thin air, we shouldn’t either.

  5. “the moneyed death peddlers behind the NRA…”

    As an NRA member, I guess I could be considered one of those “moneyed death peddlers.” But if that’s so, why do I feel so poor?

    I used to think the initiative process was pretty nifty, but now I’m realizing why the Founders established a representative system. Elected representatives are an important buffer between the voting habits of morons and the erotic dreams of authoritarians.

    Nick Hanauer, the Gateses, Paul Allen, and Mikey Bloomberg EACH put more money into promoting one single initiative than the NRA contributed to all issues and candidates combined in Washington state. And now they’re back, pouring cash into another campaign to convince 51% of voters that no one really needs this one particular civil right (just this one…and it’s for your own good, don’t you know, you won’t even miss it). Isn’t direct democracy great?

    If the aim of those new laws was to make life a little less enjoyable and a little more uncertain for several hundred thousand peaceful, law-abiding people, then they’ve been a wild success. Why in the world would we not want more of it?

    • “Elected representatives are an important buffer between the voting habits of morons and the erotic dreams of authoritarians.”

      In theory, sure. In California, not so much. The Democrats lead the parade of morons, passing anti-gun laws and restrictions that have no impact on crime, while (under orders from a federal court and a new state law) they release tens if thousands of felons back into the local populations with no attached funding to pay for the trials and incarceration for the wave of petty crime, burglaries, and assaults they bring with them as they strive to maintain their drug habits.

    • Before experiencing the constant TV ads lying about the true nature of I-594, I got to experience many years of Florida referendums. People will vote for the dumbest crap. We vote for high speed rail (eye roll). Guess what? Will cost billions and lose money forever. Then we vote a referendum to not build high speed rail. The referendums were almost always about some asinine issue that some group had a bug up their butt about.

      So referendums are bad, and now that the Billionaire Progressive c*cksuckers club has figured out that they can promote their pet projects into actual laws, watch out. I’m sure glad they put the bad old NRA boogeyman in his place. I-594 took a big dump on the near gun rights paradise that WA was before it passed.

  6. The NRA or “gun lobby” to be more ambiguous, because when selling a fictional villain, it’s best to be as ambiguous as possible so as to avoid being proven wrong, seems to be the liberal Satan. All they want is to just sell guns to mentally ill people and criminals so they can eat the souls of dead children.

  7. “…that allow citizens to change laws via direct democracy.”

    Democracy in its purest form is mob rule. All it takes for 49% to be killed is for 51% to decide they should die. This is why our founders started us out as a republic with constitutional protections of individuals against the whims of the mob.

    We need to fight this notion that we are a democracy.

    • The Electors actually elect the President, and they have no law binding them to the popular vote.

      This was envisioned to stop a populist nutter like Trump from sweeping to power, but thy didn’t foresee that the other candidate would be pure, unadulterated evil.

  8. Taking lawful property from people and destroying it seems like a kind of violence to me. At least not “peace.”

    Then, these people won’t be able to protect themselves any time some thug attacks or threatens them. That’s a few thousand more acts of violence out of this little exercise.

    So, I expect all the crime statistics for Venezuela to show a few-thousand-event spike, the day their govt did this. Just scoring the game as it plays.

  9. The voters in Washington State are just like the voters in Venezuela.
    Both want free stuff. They voted for freedom from arrest for legal Marijuana. They voted for gay marriage. They supported politicians who supported both ideas.
    But those same politicians were against civil rights for gun ownership. Gay sex and weed are more important than gun civil rights????

    In Venezuela they wanted socialism. They wanted the government to take care of them. So they got what they asked for.
    The government said you asked to be taken care of, so turn in your guns so the government can see to all your needs.
    We will protect you.

    The democrats just want to provide free stuff to people.
    The greatest film example of this is the orginal “The Day the Earth Stood Still” 1955. One of the best SciFi films ever made.
    It’s basically a turn in your guns for security or else film.


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