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Shyanne Roberts, courtesy Joe Warner/South Jersey Times

Shyanne Roberts, 9 years old, was to be in Trenton, NJ today, to testify against the proposed New Jersey legislation limiting magazine capacities to 10 rounds. The reason she’s going? Because this fourth-grader is a nationally-sponsored competitive shooter who won second place at the New Jersey State Ruger Rimfire Challenge Competition in October, beating not one, but two retired police officers, and the proposed law would prohibit two of the guns she uses in competition. She currently uses a GLOCK 19 9mm, which comes standard with a 15-round magazine, and her sponsor is currently building her a fully custom AR-15. . .

which also comes standard with a 15-rounder. “If this proposal becomes law, both guns will essentially be worthless for competitions,” said her father, Dan Roberts, also a columnist for “Her season starts in just a few weeks and there is currently no ‘grandfathering’ language or exemptions for competitors in the proposed bill.”

Do you know this man? Investigators in Lee County, Georgia are seeking a gun thief who was caught on camera. The man was filmed walking around Backwoods Outdoors around 3 a.m. on Friday. After unsuccessfully attempting to get into the building, he ended up breaking into a nearby truck and stealing about $10,000 worth of guns, knives, and night vision hunting equipment, as well as some cash. So what do you think? You know him? I think saying he was “caught on camera” is being pretty generous.

“I don’t think this has anything to do with the second amendment rights when you have the right to carry a weapon off your property. An automobile is not a part of your home. It’s a part of the public property when you get out on it.” That’s from Bobby Timmons, Executive Director of the Alabama Sheriff’s Association, speaking out against a bill that would allow the carry of loaded handguns in vehicles without needing a concealed carry permit. [I messed up and dropped this into the Weekend Digest, which generally gets fewer views than weekday posts, and I didn’t want you weekday folks to miss out on the fun.]

James Yeager gives his take on the situation in Connecticut. Short version: He sees three possible outcomes, two bloody, one the repeal of the law.

We’ve talked several times recently about the pending bill in Idaho that would allow concealed carry on public college campuses in that state. In a recent memo, Jon Uda, executive director campus security and police services at Boise State claims that the new law could cost the university nearly $2 million a year to implement additional security measures. “Officers will now have to be trained in ‘good gun v. bad gun’ situations and, most importantly, be expected to handle the results of ‘bad gun’ situations,” said Uda. Additional weapons checkpoints would be needed, he said, as well as metal detection equipment at certain campus venues. So for my part, I’m trying to figure out why additional training is ever a bad thing, and I’m unclear why more checkpoints and detectors would be needed if the law became more permissive. Can someone explain it?

The U.S. Senate Health Committee is going forward with the next step in the confirmation process of President Obama’s nominee for U.S. Surgeon General, by scheduling a roll-call vote in the full Senate for tomorrow. This is being done over the strenuous objections of the NRA, who sent a letter to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell saying in part, “Dr. Murthy’s record of political activism in support of radical gun control measures raises significant concerns about his ability to objectively examine issues pertinent to America’s 100 million firearm owners and the likelihood that he would use the office of the Surgeon General to further his preexisting campaign against gun ownership.”

Demolition Ranch asks “What does it sound like to get hit with a .50 cal?” Based on the conversations in the comments, I’m not sure this is actually representative of what you’d hear, but hey, stuff blows up a bit.

And just because it’s fun… President Obama shooting an MP5 at an Action Targets PT Hostage.

Let me be clear… I’ll never get tired of high-speed video.

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  1. God, people like the little girl’s father in the first part piss me off. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why the magazine ban is stupid, and that’s what you choose to focus on? I understand that it’s another facet, but it’s not one we should focus on. After all, if bomb-making was legal, would the fact that individuals like to compete in bomb-making competitions be a legitimate reason to not ban bomb-making? Hell no it wouldn’t! I’m not saying that they’re the same thing, but the overall idea is the same.

    Plus, it hurts our cause. The assumption will be that we have no better way to defend our position. We have no facts on crime to back up our cause, it’s just, “I wanna shoot a lot!”. It weakens our position, and it reflects poorly on the POTG as a whole, because “We wanna shoot! We like guns! We don’t care about other people who die as long as we can shoot!”. There’s already enough of that among the antis, we don’t need to add to it. Shame on the little girl’s father for exploiting her like that. Like many of the antis (the citizens, not the politicians), his intention is good, but he’s extremely misguided.

    • Good grief, if the girl wants to testify, let her testify! There will be plenty of other people to articulate the broader constitutional and practical implications of limiting magazine capacity.

    • Shame on her father for exploiting her??? Are you kidding me?? The point is, if you missed it, that even a nine year old can be affected. In case you forgot, the Obama administration LIED to parents of the Sandy Hook massacre and and paraded them around Washington, INCLUDING surviving children, to further the administrations attempt at further gun control

      So please get over the fact that one loving father wishes to publicize the effect these unpopular laws will have on his nine year old daughter. His daughter doesn’t care about all other negative effects these laws have, she’s nine years old, she wants to compete.

      Narrow minded people like you really piss me off.

    • Jake, I think you’re a fake. Maybe a snake. But one thing is for sure: you’ve never owned a gun in your life.

    • Why are you hating on a 9 yr old little girl?

      What did you expect from a 9 yr old that likes to shoot? An elegant and lengthy dissertation on the 2nd A and civil rights?

    • Your reasons for doing things are not everyone else’s reasons, and vice versa. In this case, it’s very easy to envision a conversation that went something like…

      “You can’t shoot that any more.”
      “Why not?”
      “Because they said that it’s not allowed any more.”
      “But why?”
      “I don’t really know.”
      “But that’s stupid!”
      “I know.”
      “Tell them that’s stupid!”
      “Actually, why don’t you tell them…”

  2. She beat two former officers? Heck yeah! That’s pretty dang cool.
    However, after all the times I’ve criticized ill informed or outright lying politicians for exploiting kids to spread their very flawed “facts” and ideas, I’m hesitant to bring a child to bear for our side of the issue.
    Yes, it’s her issue too. Yes, she’s probably extremely sincere about it, (as children tend to be about topics that mean a lot to them). And yes she’s on the right side of the fight, but she is still a child.
    What ever we would say as gun rights advocates wouldn’t sway anyone in the gun control crowd of the notion that everything this girl says is being fed to her from her parents, (which is exactly what we say when they present children to prop up their arguments).

    Cool? Yes…A wise decision to allow her to present her arguments? Hmmm…

    • Well she is 9 (past the age of reason) and actively and presumable consensually involved in shooting as a sport. She has the mental capacity and experience to form a valid opinion on this. It’s not like when the antis bring out hordes of four year old kids who just think it is fun to hold a sign and wave at people. There is definitely a difference.

    • Legislative politics aside, my (less then 9 year old) daughter saw the pic and asked, “Daddy, what did she win?”

      I replied she won a medal because she got 2nd place in a shooting competition. She said, “Wow, I wanna do that.”

    • Well, Drew, according to the gunhaters, the only children that count are dead ones. I’m kinda happy that living kids can have a voice too.

      • You can’t give them a voice, later on they will want to vote and “rights”.

        In all seriousnes I find it refreshing that there are kids who are willing to fight (legislatively)for their rights.

      • Snark Fail: maybe he’s cross eye dominant.

        Lots of folks shoot long gun with the opposite hand they write with…my son is one of them. It’s kinda like batting lefty, etc.

        • I’m right-handed, but left-eyed, which means I have to get really up close and personal with a long gun. 😉
          But about batting lefty – I can bat what looks like lefty, but is actually backhand.

      • My son writes left, taught him to bat left, throws right, shoots pistol left, shoots rifle right.
        He’s an either, not an or.

        • As are most people, I suspect. I have come to believe the concept of across-the-board “dominant hand” is largely a myth.

  3. I don’t leave change inside my car, much less $10,000 worth of guns, etc. There are some benefits to growing up in NYC. We learn early, if you don’t want to lose it, don’t leave it in your car. I’ve been amazed at the temptations people in the quieter parts of the country leave in plain view inside their cars.

    • I loved it when one christmas NYC residents wraped their garbage up as presents & left it in their car unlocked.

    • “I’ve been amazed at the temptations people in the quieter parts of the country leave in plain view inside their cars.”

      It’s called “calculated risk.” The risk is mitigated by many factors, and limited by insurance. And it’s part of the reason some people choose to live in quieter parts of the country.

      Growing up, the only time my parents locked the car was in July, fearing someone might leave a bag of zucchini in it.

    • I just moved out of an area of the country where a good friend of mine, until last year, left the keys in the ignition. Then some drunk drove his truck home from the bar. Now he pulls the keys, but the doors are still unlocked…

      Frankly, we SHOULD be able to leave the keys in, the door unlocked, and a freakin gold ingot laying on the driver’s seat. SHOULD. Unfortunately there aren’t many people left that believe “if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.”

      • My Father In Law was amazed that I bothered to put a lock on the trailer hitch draw bar pin. He had never heard of such a thing; he simply could not imagine anyone stealing that.

        Sad, really…(that people steal stuff, not that he had blissful ignorance of such low-lifeness).

  4. Just a reminder for those in the democRAT controlled unfree areas of the US. You know who you are Make your voices heard before your right to speak is lost.

    Stephen M. Sweeney (D)
    (Senate President)

    935 Kings Highway
    Suite 400
    West Deptford, NJ 08086

    199 East Broadway
    1st Floor
    Suite G
    Salem, NJ 08079

    PHONE NUMBERS: (856) 251-9801 (West Deptford)
    (856) 339-0808 (Salem)

  5. One often sees arguments made in State-level debates that fail to acknowledge that other States may have gone down the same path before.

    It would seem fair for Idaho to find out how much concealed carry on campuses has cost Utah and Colorado. If it has cost two million dollars per year, then – fair is fair – that’s what it is. And if it hasn’t cost that much in Utah and Colorado, one can inquire just what it is that Idaho plans to do differently that would make it more costly there.

    • That is true, the information is out there for anyone who chooses to look for it. But, having read the original article, his logic seemed a bit too circular to me. Basically, Guns not allowed>of course no one will have a gun where it’s not allowed>metal detectors not needed, versus, Guns allowed>Oh NO!, people will still try to bring them where they’re not allowed>we need metal detectors!

    • That’s one question. Another would be something like “You telling me your officers are not NOW trained in ‘good gun/bad gun ID’???” That scares the piss out of me, since I have always assumed that, confronted with a real, live active shooter I would draw and engage regardless of “gun-free zone” status. As in, I carry everywhere, regardless, and I “assume” because you never know what you will do under fire until you’re there. And while I have functioned normally under fire many times, it was in a war, not in a gun-free zone 40 years later.

    • I can’t zoom in far enough to see if there’s anything on the medal, but given the other two .22s in the picture I’d imagine that was taken after a small bore competition.

    • My assumption, since she also can’t use the AR-15 that’s being built for her in a rimfire competition, is that maybe she’s getting into 3-gun or something. The photo above is just the one that came with the article.

  6. To the first video, there are a few more options here. Hide your firearms in an undisclosed but safe location so when Johnny 5 0 come buy thay can’t find them, you sold them or something like that. Leave the least expensive gun for 5 0 to collect while the rest are gone.

  7. Just like that idiot professor writing the article on when he can shoot his students, these schools show that they don’t operate in reality; instead they just don’t want to have to think about these things. In reality they should have metal detectors all over the place because criminals don’t care if there is a law prohibiting them from carrying… but because suddenly it will be legal NOW they need to prevent it.

    It’s just an upside-down world.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure if this story makes it into the mainstream media, some outlet or another will be regaling us with stories of 9 year-old girls shooting 19mm handguns.

      • I can imagine the Jeff Cooper of the 21th century going “if it doesn’t start with 40mm I wouldn’t bother.

      • Gawd, I’ve had to hand fire the (still mounted) 20mm cannon on my old ship before. Even just manually activating the firing mechanism on the mounted cannon was an experience. I can’t imagine trying to fire an unmounted not recoil compensated version.

        But on a plus side, we proved that if the electronic firing mechanism fails or the automatic tracking and targeting system fails, you can still fire the 20mm manually and accurately.

  8. This is how you “win” an “argument” with libtards. If it makes a little girl sad, then it is wrong!!!! Logic is wasted on the emotionally driven. So thanks to dad for pursuing this avenue to overturn bad law.

  9. Let’s also not lose sight of the fact that she is not just a little girl. She IS an accomplished shooter whose rights are being violated.

  10. Cars are considered public property? Guess I’ll just have to take the next Jag I see on the road since it’s public domain…

  11. I’m confused, if they haven’t trained in “good gun v. bad gun,” do they just assume that only one officer would respond to an active shooter? Last time I checked even without concealed carry there would be other good guys with guns coming in to deal with the situation.


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