Daily Digest: Rule #4 Violation Edition

Idaho Sen. Jim Rice courtesy facebook.com

“We sometimes think our duty is to make everyone safe. It’s to preserve liberty. It’s not to make a society that’s absolutely safe.” That from Idaho state Sen. Jim Rice (above), speaking on the passage of a bill that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses in Idaho. He went on to say that coddling people on campus wasn’t his job. It was his job, he said, to preserve freedoms. The bill was voted out of the Senate Tuesday 25-10. The bill now goes to the House, where a similar bill passed in 2011, only to fail in the Senate. The current bill is expected to pass, and Gov. Butch Otter has pledged to sign it when it reaches his desk. The previous bill failed. . .

in the Senate due to concerns about a lack of training and access by students who had been drinking. The new bill addresses those concerns by limiting carry to only retired law enforcement [natch!] and holders of Idaho’s enhanced carry permit, which requires an 8-hour training class and firing 98 rounds every five years. The intoxication concerns were alleviated by banning guns in dorms and stadiums, and adding in harsher penalties for those who carry while intoxicated or high. Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson, along with the presidents of all eight of Idaho’s public colleges and universities spoke out against the bill earlier this month, citing safety concerns and fiscal impacts, but the writing was on the wall. Go back and read that lead quote again. That guy gets it.

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Houston, Texas, where reports of an active shooter put Eickenroht and Hoyland elementary schools on lockdown. It seems an off-duty Homeland Security agent was inside a home under construction as a potential buyer when a window shattered right next to him. When he looked out, he saw a man holding what looked like a high-powered rifle with a telescopic sight, so he called police. It turned out to be a neighbor to the home, an Iraq war veteran, who had accidentally fired a shot into the window while shooting target practice with an air rifle. Several dozen police vehicles, including an armored truck and SWAT, descended on the neighborhood and investigated, taking the 25-year-old man into custody. He now faces criminal mischief charges, and his wife reports that “He is in the dog house for a long, long time. He sure is.”

Back in December I told you about the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Advanced Maintenance Classes for the M1 Garand. Unfortunately, all of the 2014 dates were sadly sold out at the time. The CMP has now announced an online M1 Maintenance Clinic, to be held February 25th (that’s a Tuesday) at 10 a.m. EST. It will last approximately 90 minutes, costs $25, and is limited to 100 participants. The course will include video instruction, an instant-message-based interaction format, and a Q&A at the end. Check the link above for more info, system requirements, and how to sign up. [NB: When I found the announcement and wrote this Monday night, there were still slots available. Unfortunately, I checked again on Tuesday afternoon and it was sold out. However, they will be announcing dates for additional courses soon, and I will let you know as soon as I see them.]

G-Outdoors has introduced a new line of handgun carry cases under the name of Deceit & Discreet. The handgun cases are designed to allow you to have your gun within easy reach without being obvious about it. There are currently seven designs in the line, including a pair of day planners, a couple first aid kits, and a triangular roadway hazard marker pouch. Because they were only introduced at SHOT, I was unable to find them at any of my “usual suspects” online outlets yet, but The Firearm Blog says CTD has the medium first aid kit listed at $21.11. I’d wait ’til someone else has them, if I wanted one.

A student at Fayetteville (NC) High School has been disciplined after bringing an ammunition clip [sic] to school on Tuesday. The District spokesman said he didn’t know what kind of ammunition clip [sic] it was, but that administrators had “responded swiftly” and there was no real danger. The story makes no mention of any actual ammunition, but the headline says “Student Busted With Ammo.” The student was narc’d out by another student who learned of the clip and informed a teacher.

Demolition Ranch’s .50-cal Friday, on Wednesday! This time they go after an old Nissan V6 block with .50 FMJ and API.

I’m actually surprised that API didn’t do more damage. I’d definitely be trying to get that connecting rod out of there. It’d make a nice conversation piece.