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Lahti L-39 courtesy

Authorities have removed a “stockpile of military firearms” from the home of a recently deceased resident of Connecticut. The items removed included a “20mm anti-tank gun on skis, AR-15s, grenades, bombs, and a flamethrower,” which were cataloged by members of the state police Emergency Services Unit, the FBI, and a team of Air Force EOD techs from nearby Westover Air Force Base. [When I Googled “20mm anti-tank gun on skis,” the Lahti L-39 (above) was three of the first five results.] The 59-year-old owner, George Laning, was discovered on March 8th by a friend, having died several days earlier of apparently natural causes. He was described as a reclusive man who lived with his elderly father until he died in 2005 at age 94. Since then, Laning had lived alone . . .

and apparently left no family behind. According to police, an investigation is being conducted to determine how and why Laning amassed the firearms and ammunition and if he registered semi-automatic guns as required by Connecticut’s new gun laws. I know which way I’d lay my money on that last point. Somehow I doubt he ran right out and told the state about his AR-15s when the new laws were passed.

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Titan Hill Intermediate School was locked down for an hour or so on Monday when a teacher noticed a boy outside of school property who appeared to have a gun. Law enforcement was notified and they set up a perimeter and began a search. They quickly found a 12-year-old boy with an Airsoft rifle in the woods near the school. The boy, who lives in the area and attends a different school that wasn’t in session on Monday, was, according to Council Bluffs Police Lt. Dan Flores, “just in the woods messing around.” Police said the boy was cooperative, and no tickets issued or charges filed. No one was in any danger, and the lockdown was lifted. Again.

From The Firearm Blog: High speed video of a GLOCK 19 firing Speer 124gr +P Gold Dots while mounted in a Ransom Rest. It was filmed by Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing to look at the effects of magazine on slide velocity and feed reliability, by firing with a no rounds in the mag, 5 rounds, 10 rounds, and a full mag. The interesting part, to me, is the flex and shimmy of the polymer frame as the slide goes back.

If you have ammo in your area, specifically .22LR, count yourself lucky. (Omaha’s News Leader) tells us that about 500 people lined up outside the Cabela’s store in La Vista, NE last Saturday morning, in pursuit of a shipment of .22LR that had arrived overnight. At least one person showed up at 4 a.m. to take his place in line for the 500 and 1000 round boxes, which sold out in less than 30 minutes. I still haven’t seen any .22LR on the shelves at any of my regular haunts around Orlando, though I hear pickings are better the further north you get up the state.

The Florida “warning shot” bill is moving closer to passage, having its second reading today, and with tomorrow being the last day to file amendments. We may see a vote on it next week. As a reminder, the bill would make some forms of “warning shots” no longer illegal. Currently in Florida, there’s a grayish-colored illegal area in between keeping your gun holstered (which is, of course, legal) and actually shooting someone in justified self defense (which is also legal). People who draw but do not fire, or fire intentionally into the ground, can be liable for charges that they would not face if they had actually shot the threatening person. The aim of this bill is to protect those who would choose not to actually shoot the person, but instead warn them off by perforating an earthworm or two.

MattV2099 will “360 no-scope your stuff.” For those of you not “in the know,” 360 no-scope is a term that comes from first-person shooter video games such as Call of Duty and the like, and refers to making your character do a 360 degree jump spin and then shooting another player (preferably with a headshot) without using the scope on your gun. This episode, ice cream and a gallon of milk. It’s just gun fun. Some of you won’t get it. That’s fine.

Here’s one for those that don’t appreciate MattV2099’s brand of humor. Jerry Miculek solves the Russian invasion with an FN P90. The stream of bullets as he screamed and ran down the hallway in the first scenario made me laugh out loud.

“Let me see your war face!” “AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!”

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  1. If anyone gives my collection to the guvmint (after dredging it from the bottom of the lake) after i kick it, i will haunt the ever loving piss out of them.

  2. All those orphaned guns. I’ll give them a good home. Raise them right. Teach them the difference between right and wrong so they never go shoot up a GFZ.

  3. For just $30 every few years, you can adopt and take care of as many orphaned guns as your wife will tolerate. Don’t worry, the wife will either adjust or leave eventually.

    (For those not in the know, I’m referring to the FFL03 license, aka C&R, aka “collector’s license”)

    • C&R, aka “The Wallet Drainer”…

      There’s something very addictive about having the UPS guy just show up and hand you a gun.

      • And to think that this is the way it used to be.

        You know, maybe the government was right on the FFL thing – maybe they care about my ability to provide for my wife and kids. They don’t want people pointing at my threadbare, starving family saying “that family has an AWESOME gun collection, even if they go hungry”. /sarc

  4. Jerry seems like the kind of guy who holds court in a bar with the guys paying for his tab and bar food and the women swooning to sit near him. . . .

  5. Kid out in the woods with what looks like a gun screwing around near a school seems like a good reason for concern. Seems to have been dealt with well once they figured out that’s all it was, too…

  6. i would love to see the face of a ct politician if they heard someone tried to register a 20mm anti tank gun and a flamethrower. then again, don’t they consider all ar-15’s to be anti aircraft weapons and muzzle suppressors to be flamethrowers?

    • I’d be surprised if it’s the same in CT, but flamethrowers aren’t regulated on a federal level.

      • That’s right, they’re considered essential for agricultural purposes. Some of the fuels are regulated, though.

      • Yep and no doubt what they were thinking about when they wrote “shall not be infringed”

    • “Okay, ensign, you’re a yard away from the dock. She’s all yours – bring us home.”

      “Aye, sir. All guns, bear to starboard … Full charge … Fire on my mark.”

      “Um … Ensign…?”

    • Just imagining the size of the can needed to bring that muzzle blast down to tolerable levels…

        • UPS and Fed-Ex don’t usually deliver to houses around here, the Post Office handles most packages. Have had some nice chats with the lady who runs the branch about hunting and guns in general after boxes from Midway and Brownells have arrived.

          Small towns, upper Midwest, etc.

  7. So the govertards want an investigation into a dead man’s past. And exactly what do they plan to do if they find “wrongdoing”, dig him up and give him a stern talking-to? How ironic that it’s Connecticut, formerly the “Constitution State”

    • I’m sure what chafed them the most was that, despite having all these powerful and highly illegal weapons, totally unnoticed by the government, he stubbornly refused to do any actual harm with them.

      • And no word yet of indignant revulsion from MDA and Missy Shannon?

        Could she actually be heeding the warning from her Democrat political allies to tone it down ‘till after the mid-term elections?

        Too bad; it’s always amusing to poke at her just for grins.

  8. The politicians of this country would lay a brick if they really knew what people have in their basements and underground armories handed down from their fathers and their fathers father.From WWI to WWII when solders brought their war trophys home.Men who cherish the 2nd amendment and pray they never have to use them.

    • there are whispers of some really nice Vietnam era toys which also found their way back. But that’s true of everything in which we’ve been involved of late.

      • There’s a very nice shooting gal on Twitter (@A_M_Perez) who has an M14 her dad brought back from Vietnam.

        Cool gal, zero patience for gun-grabbers.

  9. The Cabela’s sale was nationwide, and primarily sold Winchester M22 bulk.

    I knew what a clusterf@ck it was going to be when I got the advertisement with .22LR bricks on the front page, so I wrote it off immediately, and reminded myself to go on Gunbroker the following day to see how much idiots were reselling their Cabela’s M22 bricks for.

    I was not disappointed. Just the very next morning, Gunbroker was full of M22 bricks for 3-4 times the cost as what Cabela’s was selling them for – and people are still paying for it. That’s the baffling part.

    Go ahead, have a look for yourself. There’s still dozens of items up for sale. I would bet that every single one of these came from Cabela’s sale.

    • The worst part is, I see that and think, “15 cents per round? That’s not half bad.” I ♥ free markets, but man sometimes they are ungodly inefficient.

  10. 360 no scope: who sez video games don’t influence “gun nuts”? DUMB. What’s next? Landing a triple Salchow dressed in sparkly mossy oak? Kid stuff, not meant for real guns.

  11. Yep, Tally still has .22 fairly regularly. The new Bass doesn’t have it daily like they used to, but it’s not a rare find, and the Academy down the street usually has a few 50 round boxes behind the counter.

  12. Back in the 50’s you could buy Lahti anti tank guns from magazine ads through the mail-his father probably bought it.I wonder what range would let you shoot it? 🙂

  13. When they outlaw 20mm anti-tank weapons, only outlaws will have 20mm anti-tank weapons.
    Seriously though, if you don’t have someone who likes guns in your life, you can leave your extra-legal toys to me when you kick it.

  14. Gander Mountain in Lake Mary had 1,400 round buckets of Rem Golden Bullets 22lr last Friday for $70. Arrived about 15 minutes before opening and there was probably 40 people already in line waiting. They only had 30 buckets which of course were gone the moment they opened the doors. Don’t know of anywhere else in the Orlando area that has had any stock lately in 22lr.

    • Lake Mary isn’t far from me. How do these people know the buckets were coming in? I’ve never been able to get the employees to cop to knowledge of any actual schedule. Or do these folks just show up every morning, hoping?

      • I assume the same way I found out. Got an email around 9:00 PM the night with a flyer for their firearms sale over the weekend. One of the items was the golden bullets bucket. I also get weekly emails from them showing what stores got what type of ammo. Only lists by caliber and does not show brands or quantities. Of course I have show up there the next day when they were supposed to have gotten 22lr and none to be found. Need to get an in up there.

        • Forgot to mention earlier, I believe I signed up for the ammo alert emails somewhere on their website.

  15. I went shopping with my bro for his first pistol last week, and the place we were at had dozens and dozens of 500 packs (Remington) and 325 packs (Federal) as well as the usual smattering of 50’s and 100’s by CCI. $40 for a brick of the Golden Bullet.

  16. On the Miculek video, he fires 17 (approx) rounds and then changes mags. Isn’t that less than half of the capacity of the P90?

    • You’re correct, that magazine holds 50 rounds. But if you look carefully as he first picks it up from the golf cart, you can see light through the front half of the magazine but not the back, so the one that’s on the gun when he picks it up is only about half full.

      Alternately, you could say that he knew he was about to go into a part of the scenario with a lot of bad guys, so it was a tactical reload.

  17. Fl boys. If I remember right ultimate arms in Lakeland had some basspro is hit and miss. I just have been using center fire rather than plinking.

  18. To the CT Fuzz….lemme help you out a little:

    You’re question:
    “an investigation is being conducted to determine how and why Laning amassed the firearms and ammunition”

    The answers:

    The How: He probably spent his hard earned money obtained in exchange for work…vs spending
    BO dollars (O’Bollars?) shat from the back of BO’s winged unicorn, Libby.
    The Why: ‘Cause that sh!t is awesome and firearms are fun.

    Thanks for playing.

  19. When I was a kid you could buy those war surplus Lahti’s through the mail.
    Ammo too.
    For close to the price of .22 ammo now
    What progress?

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