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“Eric Wasson disarms an armed man trying to enter Johnny Baby’s bar on University Avenue in St. Paul,” the YouTube caption reveals. What else can I say? This is how you do it. [h/t TV]

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  1. I think the lesson was also “be frigging huge” The bouncer sure reacted quickly, but damn if his size wasn’t a heck of an advantage…

  2. Like a boss!!!!

    once his nerves calm down…he will be the head of the class for a while

    • Brave little girl. Now that she knows something about guns, she ought to trade the pink thing in on something with a bigger capacity than one!

    • Send this link to that prick in Chicago who doesn’t think that guns are used in self-defense.

  3. Walks in like a hard@$$,
    retreats like a pansy.

    Don’t these thugs realize a gun is a ranged weapon and you should keep your target away from said weapon?
    I can’t see from the video but is the bouncer pointing the gunman’s own gun at him at the end?

    • Shhhhh… don’t give away the secrets of the gun. They expect everyone will just soil themselves and do whatever they say. Of course, that might not be far from the truth if the anti’s complete their indoctrination program….

  4. If i’m his boss, dude gets an immediate raise and a permanent position with my company for as long I’m in business.

  5. I love the guy with the orange-brimmed hat standing around like nothing happened. I am next up at the pool table, right? My quarter is down.

    • Well, it was funny: In the first seconds of the video a heavy chick who first saw the guy with the gun comes running in to hide, and yet her shirt says “SECURITY.” She needs a new shirt.

      It was also funny, of course, to see SuperFly coming in with his gun, just to get thrown around like a rag doll.

  6. Da. Amn. That was crazy. Quick thinking. Hope that cheap thug took more than a little hurt away from that.

  7. This is also a lesson on how to fail at robbery.

    1) Approach like a thug with a hoodie up over your head.
    2) Keep your gun hand in your pocket like you’re concealing something.
    3) only remove your hand at the last possible second and after you’ve been clearly observed doing steps one and two.
    4) Make sure you are close enough to your target that you have zero time to draw and present before being completely owned by your intended victim.
    5) Work alone and attack a business that is sure to have back up.


  8. Looks like thug got at least one shot off? Look how everyone ducks real quick right after big man attacks. Well done Mr. Bouncer and the ‘security’ lady needs to give her shirt back.

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