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“NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED – If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag.” – notice posted on the door of Backstreets Pub in Clemson, South Carolina [via Twitter]

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  1. Even if I didn’t have my pistol on me, that place would NEVER get my business !!! Funny too is that in the comments section someone mentioned the owner also has a CCW.

  2. Old news but this guy is an idiot just another fudd I take a gun with me for protection and this bar owner is trying way to hard to be cool

    • “Yes”, because you see, the regular trove of Homer Simpson alcoholics who hang out there are the real ‘winners’, aren’t they?
      You ‘concealed carrier-types’ who take responsibilitiy for your own lives, well, you’re obviously all a bunch of losers.
      So get rid of that gun, and come on in & give me all your money for watered-down booze.

    • No, we don’t permit open carry.

      I went to school in Clemson. There are some flaky, limp-wristed liberal types, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the typical college town. Most folks have their heads screwed on straight, and a number of professors are decidedly pro-gun, anti-tyrant.

      Ignoring his new sign, the bar was a dump back then and still was the last time I was there. Looks like the owner is trying awfully hard to get laid by gullible college girls.

  3. He just wants to be like Starbucks. It would be great to hold an open carry rally at that bar, with 50+ people packed in there. Ordering water…

    • And you would have 50+ people in jail and/or shot because South Carolina is one of 5 states that forbids open carry.

      I used to live in Greenville, not terribly far from Clemson. I absolutely hated it.

  4. Hmmm…..I think COMMA Douchebag would have been more appropriate. The use of PERIOD Douchebag seems as if he is signing his name after his statement.

    I wouldn’t take my concealed firearm into any establishment of an owner that refers to himself as Douchebag.

  5. he needs someone to….lets say…take his hard earned cash for the day…and i’ll bet that sign comes down in a hurry…

    • No.

      If he gets robbed it will be a crime, nothing more and nothing less, and its something I wouldn’t wish on any small business owner.

      That said, would I be sad if he went out if business because he’s insulting and patronizing to his customers? Nope, not at all.

  6. My nice half wants him to be somewhere mundane when something nasty goes down and a friendly CCW holder thwarts it in perfect Hollywood fashion, but my not-so-nice half wants him to suffer armed robbery aggravated by battery while some CCW holders lounge in the bar across the way.


  7. The beautiful thing about concealed carry is that it’s concealed. Is he going to install metal detectors?

    Just the cherry on top, let this guy bu saved by a CCer one day.

    • I’m afraid I’m annoyed enough at his smug arrogance that I would rather see him get beaten to a pulp, and then the perp be detained just outside the door by an altruistic CCer: “I would have gone inside and stopped him during the beating, Officer, but the guy doesn’t want me in his bar…”

  8. Never mind the sign doesn’t conform to Section 23-31-235, S.C. Code of Laws. So it only serves to give public notice that this guy is a clueless jerk and a big poopy pants.

    • +1000

      SC has very specific requirements for the sign to be effective legally. Font size, location, etc. One is that it must have the “gunbuster” graphic, which this sign obviously does not. So this bar owner is not only obnoxious, but legally ignorant as well.

  9. Many of us went to, Trip Adviser, and Foursquare and left reviews. Yelp had 10+ pages of reviews on this place at 3pm yesterday. by 4pm, there were only 13 reviews, and almost all were positive, liberal and specifically anti gun. Please go to yelp and overwhelm them with negative reviews of this business since they’ve decided censorship in favor of one side is appropriate.

      • What a pile this guy has stepped into. Now his food-and-drink-service review page has been taken over by pro-and anti-gun, ahhh, enthusiasts who are writing stuff based on his perceived attitude about guns. Someone just looking for a place to buy a beer and a burger won’t have any idea what is true and what ain’t. Idiot.

  10. If you are such a loser that you feel a need to violate my God-given constitutional right, I’ll take my business elsewhere & you can go to Britain & be a subject of the King.

    • our rights are not given to us by God. these rights are merely what were decreed by the founding fathers of this country. let’s not get confused about it now

      • The first two sentences of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence would seem to be at odds with your view vis-a-vis “God-given rights.”

      • A government cannot give anyone rights. Government can only give you privileges, or take away your natural rights by force.

        Look up the concept of “natural rights” to learn more (John Locke and Thomas Paine both wrote extensively on the topic).

  11. I went to school in Clemson. Grew up not far from there too. Like @Guy said above, this dude isn’t in the majority of the adults around the area and Clemson isn’t like a lot of other liberal institutions.

    All that being said, this sign doesn’t have any force of law behind it (we have very specific requirements for a legit No CC sign in SC) but it does broadcast a) how much FUDD the owner is trying to spread and b) where the easy targets are gonna be.

    BTW, the reason this sign is even up is because the SC legislature and Gov updated the laws last month to allow CC in places that serve alcohol for consumption on premises (bars and restaurants basically) as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol. Before this law change, a permit holder could not carry into such places as Applebee’s, Outback, the local Japanese steakhouse, etc….

    So far, we have not had a plague of drunken shootouts in the state…..

    • Yep, spot on.

      I will say, though, that the sign MIGHT have force of law. While SC’s Code of Law has specific information about dimensions and what the sign has to display, the Code also allows business owners to ask a concealed carrier to leave or to prohibit access to people carrying weapons (how would they know, if they’re concealed? We don’t allow open carry…). While it doesn’t fit the requirements for the codified sign, it could easily be considered a notification from the owner to leave if you’re carrying a gun.

      Legislature, children, is why we can’t have nice things.

      • In the end even if a sign does not conform to the law you know what the owner/management’s intent is and personally I will actively avoid doing business with anyone who doesn’t want “my kind” in their establishment.

      • Good point about being a notice to vacate. I’m not sure if it qualifies or not but this dude isn’t worth me finding out in a courtroom… 🙂

        Either way, he doesn’t want me there and I don’t want to be there. There are plenty of other places near and far that want and can have my business.

        I’m just glad we got the new law in place that gives me back some of my freedoms (that never should have been taken in the first place) and allows people like this to run themselves out of business….

      • I don’t think a non-conforming sign has any legal effect. Here is the relevant statutory language:

        (2) A property owner, holder of a lease interest, or operator of a business may prohibit the carrying of concealable weapons into the business by posting a ‘NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED’ sign in compliance with Section 23-31-235. A person who carries a concealable weapon into a business with a sign posted in compliance with Section 23-31-235 may be charged with a violation of subsection (A).

        (3) A property owner, holder of a lease interest, or operator of a business may request that a person carrying a concealable weapon leave the business’ premises, or any portion of the premises, or request that a person carrying a concealable weapon remove the concealable weapon from the business’ premises, or any portion of the premises. A person carrying a concealable weapon who refuses to leave a business’ premises or portion of the premises when requested or refuses to remove the concealable weapon from a business’ premises or portion of the premises when requested may be charged with a violation of subsection (A).”

  12. I think someone needs to recon this establishment to see what the seating capacity is. Then on a certain day have the local motorcycle club pay them a visit. Once capacity is met with big burly leather clad bikers that have the Honey Badger disposition maybe the owner will think twice about positng such notices. On the other hand, he could rely on all 6 members of the local Moms Demand Action chapter to keep his business afloat.

  13. He thinks its hip to ban CC, after a USC college girl was paralyzed by a gang thug who shot her in the street while she was waiting for a cab. Google “Martha Childress.”

    • I don’t follow your line of thinking. How would concealed carry have stopped Martha Childress from being hit by a stray bullet?

      Or are you saying this bar owner posted this sign in response to that incident?

  14. One thing I don’t understand about owners of establishments like this is …they freak out when CCW holders can now bring guns into their bars and say guns and alcohol don’t mix even if a person only has 1 beer, so why don’t they put up a sign that says if you drove your car here we will not serve you because driving and alcohol don’t mix???

  15. Ok, have it your way, no skin off my nose. When “S” does hit the fan, dont expect too much help from the people you’ve discriminated against.

  16. For the record, this sign was only up temporarily and was down before this story even hit the national news a couple days ago.

    As noted above, the owner of the bar is himself a concealed permit holder, and said he regretted the language used and it was an overreaction. I got the idea that he’d gotten in an argument with a patron, and slapped this sign up out of anger.

    Of course, he did go on to say that even as a concealed permit holder, he still thinks guns really have no place in a college town, so he’s still a hypocritical douchebag, there’s just no sign to warn you of that fact anymore.

    • Don’t care if was up for a day or an hour, as a business owner in a customer-oriented industry, it’s your job to make people feel welcome. Flying off the handle and posting something like that is a sure-fire way to lose business, if for no other reason than it is massively unprofessional.

  17. Yeah . . . totally aside from guns, I’m not spending money in any business that calls a group of people douchebags right on their front door. Doesn’t bode well for their interest in serving customers well.

  18. He just created another Target Rich Environment. I’m wondering how much security and liability insurance he has to protect the people that do go to his place.

    He’s just advertising, “come and rob me and my customers”, we won’t resist. “My wallet is your wallet’.


    • Forget that. Isn’t there a certain ethnic group with a propensity for violent action to advance their beliefs and a strong disapproval of alcohol?

  19. Another clemson grad here. I’m glad they didn’t get much of my business in my time there. Not the best bar in the town, by far.

  20. If it makes you guys feel any better the “no CC” sign was taped over a “no blacks” sign. The bar is just trying to keep up with the times. They were far behind the civil rights issues of the day until now.

  21. Hate to break it to this ignorant meat sack but the sigh isn’t legal. SECTION 23-31-235, S.C. Code of Laws

  22. Officer to drunk on sidewalk outside of pub: “You’re under arrest for public intoxication.”
    The drunk, slurring out a loud protest: “Under arrest? That’s not fair. The only reason I‘m drunk in public is because I was drunk inside ‘till a bunch of ‘em started brawling and smashing up the place with beer mugs and bottles and I just got tossed out…but don’t go in there just yet, better let ’em finish.”
    Officer to drunk: “What’s the fight about?”
    Drunk: “Dunno, something about carrying concealed douchebags being guns.”

  23. I wish all anti-gun business owners posted these signs. It would make the free-market more efficient in my case as I would know what places to avoid.

  24. The sign shows just how childish and immature the bar owner is. If you don’t want weapons on the premises, fine, I’ll go somewhere else, and if carrying a gun makes you a looser then I’m happy to be a “loser”.

  25. The owner, “Pete” screwed the pooch on this…there were so many hate comments on the Pub’s FB page, it had to be shutdown, he has taken the Pub’s phone off the hook because of all the hate calls, the Pub’s rating on yelp is a one star rating due to all the bad reviews…I’d be very surprised if the pub lasted another month…

  26. Since I’m not a douchebag, I would never have reason to patronize a place like that.

    But if I were a psychotic homicidal maniac looking to air out a bar and its occupants, it would be at the top of the list. It’s perfect.

    See how that works?

  27. This idiot made himself irrelevant in one stroke. He incurred our wrath, of course, not with the rule on concealed weapons but with the insipid tantrum at the bottom of his sign. He garnered little support from the other side because his approach is seen as childish and counterproductive. Yeah, catch me eating something prepared by someone this stupid. I have a feeling Backstreet Pub will be Jo-Anne Fabrics by the start of summer. The real victim here? All the other pubs around the south that have the misfortune of having ‘Backstreet’ in their names. Poor bastards. Collateral damage.

  28. “If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag.”

    So, cops must be dbag losers… Hard to argue with that.

  29. It DOES seem like he signed his name “douchebag”. It boggles my mind how stupid he is. You locals need to “severely” limit the viability of his establishment. Plenty of business owners around here(Cook County,Illinois) are going to find out the hard way one shouldn’t piss off potential customers.

  30. It is tragic that ignorance and bigotry is still alive and kicking. It bears more than a passing resemblance to “Help Wanted, Irish Need Not Apply” and “Whites Only” discrimination of the last century.

  31. It takes guts to post a sign like that. Doesn’t he realize he making a target of himself for a strong arm robbery!

  32. Signage?

    South Carolina law very specifically describes what a sign must look like that is used to indicate the prohibition of concealed weapons. It’s so specific that it details font size, color, wording, etc. The above sign clearly looks nothing like what South Carolina law specifies. If I were to go into this bar properly carrying concealed, and the owner found out about it, could I be convicted because of his posted sign, or would the case get thrown out because HE was not in compliance with South Carolina state law?

  33. Well the owner is not very intelligent , if you want to promote yourself and garner more business you don’t belittle your potential clientele , that will get you locking your doors for good in a short time . Down here in southeastern Mississippi there is a locally owned grocery store company that has a sign posted on there front doors that reads , “we do not want open carry of firearms in our store , but we do not have anything against anyone who has a concealed permit from exercising their right to lawfully carry” ,now to me this is fine as I ccw , and am not offended in any way , as a matter of fact I really haven’t noticed a lot if open carry around the local cities , but I am sure there are some folks that do , myself I really don’t want a perp to know I am armed so I don’t have to engage in a fight to save my life before I protect myself , also in my state the rate for person to person armed confrontation is way down since ccw laws have come about . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry.

  34. I say we all just use their bathroom and crap on the floor and piss on the counters. After about 10 turds they might get the message.

  35. Drinking and guns, what can go wrong?

    Was he padding down each of his customers? How would he know that you’re carrying?

    He has the right to refuse service and you have the right to refuse your business.

    Nothing to see here folks.


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