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PrintTucson City Council bans sale of high-capacity guns at TCC – “Any weapon capable of firing 10 or more rounds can no longer be sold at the Tucson Convention Center. The Tucson City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to add more restrictions on private gun sales at the city-owned venue.” Whoa. The convention center must have somehow morphed into some kind of dangerous Middle East-style gun bazaar, no? No. “It is unlikely the new regulations will make a dent in local gun sales — it has been more than three years since there was a private gun show at the TCC.” Another mighty blow struck for “gun safety.”

America’s first assault rifle:

Enough is Enough – “Now if I were king, I would ban assault rifles, handguns and ammunition, shut down gun manufacturers, outlaw hunting and make vegetarianism mandatory. And I would also throw the Second Amendment onto the Constitutional scrap heap. Too much? OK, how about this? If you want to own a gun you must jump through so many annoying bureaucratic hoops, you’ll probably just give up. Cry me a river.” Thankfully, he’s not a king. Owing to the wisdom of the Founders, he’s one vote in a constitutional republic. Just like the rest of us.


Federal Premium Now Offers HST Practice & Defend Combo Packs – Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce a new option for those seeking one solution for both training and personal defense: HST Practice & Defend Combo Packs. The ammunition line combines realistic practice and value with the industry’s leading personal defense load, HST. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.

Today’s tantrum: Democrats Launch Another Protest Over Guns on House Floor – “Mr. Speaker, we have many more to read. We have far more to read. We are far from complete. And we are just talking about 2016. We will continue,” Seth Moulton of Massachusetts said Thursday in the latest Democratic expression of civil disobedience on the House floor over inaction on gun control. Moulton read from a list that included the names and ages of gun violence victims. Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer handed Democratic members a page with each victim’s name and photograph to hold up. Their protest continued after the gavel came down, signaling a brief recess in the day’s formal proceedings. Their willingness to buck protocol again dismayed the Republican leadership and gummed up the schedule of daily business as the chamber looks toward its summer break.

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    • “Any weapon capable of firing 10 or more rounds”

      That’s literally every firearm ever made – save perhaps the Liberator

      • One more…

        “I would ban assault rifles, handguns and ammunition, shut down gun manufacturers, outlaw hunting and make vegetarianism mandatory.”

        Yeah, you and whose unarmed army?

  1. … Gee… Fortunately, we have a long tradition of dealing with kings.

    You can make your tyrannical declarations. I’ll just remind you that regicide is always an option.

  2. Create a law against something that has not been done for 3 years.
    Keep getting that picture in my mind of the Dems sitting on the floor.

  3. I got 2 names that the Dums won’t be saying in their tantrum on gun violence: Brian Terry and Kate Steinle.

    I guess only those who can help further a false narrative are worth mentioning by these worthless sub humans.

  4. I always sigh when I see other Jews pushing the anti-gun stance. Looking through J Weekly, it appears to be a Conservative/Reform paper. Those folks always skew hard, hard left (note how it’s the “Rabbinic arm of the Conservative movement” that’s calling for gun control). Contrast this with Orthodox Jews, who tend to be much more conservative politically. Makes for fun holiday discussions with my Conservative super-progressive cousins.

    It’s just an embarrassment. You’d think a people who’ve been persecuted by governments throughout the centuries would have some kind of mistrust in the state. Nope. The Conservatives/Reforms swap worshipping G-d for worshipping Govt.

    Also, points go to Dan Pine for _completely_ misunderstanding both of those quotes from the Torah.

  5. I think Winchester actually started the “train and defend”, ammo trend. Their mistake was putting the rounds in separate boxes of 50, where Federal has wisely combined the “train” rounds in the same box as the “defend” ones.

    • Winchester has it right. You only need enough expensive “defend” rounds to verify reliable operation in your gun and to carry. You should be shooting lots of cheaper “train” rounds.

      • My point exactly! The Winchester T&D come 50 to a box, only. The Federals have 100 Ts and 20 Ds in the SAME box. Get it?

        • Why would you waste money on defend rounds when you can buy just the train? Winchesters set up is better for consuners. Or do you mean that that’s why it was wise of Federal?

  6. Can we stop talking about all this for a moment and address the image at the top? Someone check the pulse of the guy on the far right, he looks like he’s a zombie.

  7. So they banned sales of “any weapon capable of firing 10 or more rounds” at the TCC? So it’s still okay to sell anything except a Jiminez or Bryco, since those are the only ones I can think of that probably won’t last through 10 rounds…

    Also, I’m going to take the contrarian view and say I’m all in favor of these silly “protests” the Dems are engaging in. All the time wasted with that shit is time they might otherwise be spending collaborating with the Republicans on other ways to undermine the Constitution. Congressional deadlock is pretty much the best-case scenario at this point. The less horseshit legislation the mental midgets in DC come up with, the better.

  8. I’m pretty sure even muzzle-loaders can fire more than ten rounds. The only firearm in history not able to fire “more than ten rounds” would be some sort of a disposable firearm that became unserviceable after only a few rounds.

  9. Enough is Enough… If I were King, I would deport all anti-gunners (that I would consider as traitor of the Republic for not following the constitution). I would send them in camps. It’s possible, it has already been done by the past. I know this is horrific and it could remind some very bad periods of history, but when I see extremist thinking I often tend to also think about extreme measures.

    I have enough with this world wide civilian disarmament! And I’m even shocked that the most vocal and advocate for disarmament are often from the Jewish community or Jewish media. Didn’t they learn history?? If there’s one group of people that shouldn’t support civilian disarmament, it should definitely be Jews, and any other people that could be oppressed such Women, Blacks, LGBT, etc… I just don’t get it!

    Luckily, we have people that can think with their brain, people like Robert here, JFPO, 1 Million Moms against Gun Control, Colion Noir, Pink Pistols, etc…

  10. “Now if I were king, I would ban assault rifles, handguns and ammunition, shut down gun manufacturers, outlaw hunting and make vegetarianism mandatory.”
    A Jewish publication channeling Hitler, wow.

  11. 13-3108. Firearms regulated by state; state preemption; violation; classification; definition
    A. Except as provided in subsection G of this section…
    B. A political subdivision of this state shall not require the licensing or registration of firearms or ammunition or any firearm or ammunition components or related accessories or prohibit the ownership, purchase, sale or transfer of firearms or ammunition or any firearm or ammunition components, or related accessories.

    G. This section does not prohibit a political subdivision of this state from enacting and enforcing any ordinance or rule pursuant to state law or relating to any of the following:
    3. The regulation of land and structures, including a business relating to firearms or ammunition or their components or a commercial shooting range in the same manner as other commercial businesses. Notwithstanding any other law, this paragraph does not:
    (a) Authorize a political subdivision to regulate the sale or transfer of firearms on property it owns, leases, operates or controls in a manner that is different than or inconsistent with state law. For the purposes of this paragraph, a use permit or other contract that provides for the use of property owned,

  12. I have to admit that I have been also dreaming about being a king and being able to ban this and make mandatory that….
    Then I grew up. When “adult man” writes about his fascist fantasies it’s pathetic.

    But then again adult man should also realize that murderer is not going to be even slowed down by one more law making guns harder to get.


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