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We don’t know if Florida State Senator Greg Evers’ latest fund-raising idea will bring in the bucks, but the fact that it’s managed to piss off the New York Daily News is good enough for us.

The clueless Florida GOP congressional candidate who gave away an AR-15 assault rifle days after the Orlando massacre is now offering donors a chance to shoot “highly restricted” machine guns.

If you pony up as little as $25, the Panhandle candidate for U.S. Congress will give you time on a full-auto fun gun. If you can manage to kick in the legal limit of $2,700, you get to try six of them with five magazines each.


The weapons include two M-16s, a Kriss Vector submachine gun and three MACs in 9mm and .45-caliber, the site says.

To sweeten the pot, Evers said “a prize will be awarded to the shooter who ‘kills’ Osama bin Laden with the most automatic-fire accuracy.”

Evers sees it as a way to educate the public as to the difference between commonly owned semi-automatic weapons and actual “assault rifles.”

“Since some folks don’t understand the difference between an AR-15 and a real assault rifle capable of automatic fire, we’re going to show them,” said Greg Evers who boasts on his campaign page that the NRA gave him an A+ rating.

“I think people will get a big kick out of seeking what a real assault rifle can do, and they’ll have even more fun shooting up simulated terrorists.”

You still have time to RSVP for the fund raiser. Who says politics can’t be fun?

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  1. You can never be too educated. Tho I really wish gun politics would go away. I can say I can’t stand it when politicians call MSRs automatic.

    Obama did it in his NC stomp speech for Clinton. The guy knows the difference he’s just trying to scare people ignorant about how guns function.

    I read an article where the author was trying to justify Bernie Sanders use of machine guns by somehow using how some people in the past called semiauto pistols just auto pistols.

    How can someone push for something they know nothing about? Only politicians on both sides get to write laws on subjects they are completely ignorant of. Then others don’t read it until it passes. Crazy.

    Off topic; I really like FBI director James Comey. He is one smart man. And I can’t stand how people are putting that man down. He would make a great president.

    I watched 2 1/2 hrs of his grilling and his 13 minute speech. The guy has the patience of a saint dealing with those partisan politicians asking the same questions and going way off topic just to jab the other party. The guy basically said Clinton is incompetent and would be fired if she worked at the FBI. It’s just her stupidity didn’t rise to the level of criminality.

    • Clinton’s actions, and the actions of her staff, were criminal. Lesser known people have lost their security clearance, been fired, and/or imprisoned for the same offenses committed here, even if it was done once and without any “intent”. Comey even said that someone else doing the EXACT SAME THING MAY BE PROSECUTED. That would mean what Clinton and her staff did was criminal BUT she got a pass. The question is WHY she got a pass? Considering that Obama’s administration has prosecuted more people for leaking classified documents than any other, if someone came up with the excuse that Clinton got off because of politics, I couldn’t disagree.

    • Yes, Comey is smart. Smart enough to know on which side his bread is buttered, and smart enough to know who’s in charge (hint — it ain’t him). Sure, he should run for office. He’s the perfect politician.

    • At one point he literally said you aren’t smart enough to understand, though in a really lawyerery way. I really just wanted to see someone smack his smug face down on that table.

      It really should have ended with Trey Gowdy going, “By the way were impeaching you, you have failed in your duty, you are a disgrace and tainted, gtfo.”

  2. I wish I could vote for him. I get critters like Rep. Robin Kelly in my gerrymanderd district. The state dems are even worse than the congressgal…sigh.

  3. He’s not the only one in Florida’s state legislature who supports machine guns. I have a signed letter from Fred Costello of Florida House 25, who is running for Federal representative in District 6 instead of re-election, saying he supports repeal of the National Firearms Act and Gun Control Act.

    Hope he wins in the primary because DeSantis isn’t returning my calls or letters.

  4. I’m confused. I’m sure the m-16s and the Macs could have been manufactured prior to 1986, but the Kriss didn’t go into production until somewhere around 2006. While I certainly like the cut of the senator’s jib, how is he able to get his hands on a significantly post 1986 MG? Manufacturer’s demo?

  5. Why do you and Bobby boy use OMG so many times in your “titles”? Are you trying to expand your readership to tweets? I suppose it’s just writing down to the level of your followers. Impressive.


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