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“At least one officer is down in downtown Dallas after shots were fired at a protest in downtown Dallas of officer-involved shootings across the country,” reports. (Streaming live now.) “It remains an active-shooter situation. The shots were fired as the march was moving down Lamar Street near Griffin. An officer at the scene told News 8’s Marie Saavedra the shooter has a rifle.  She described several volleys of quick bursts of gunfire. A bystander who was at the scene told News 8 the shooter stood by as the rally passed him, then opened fire on officers.” [h/t DrVino]

Updates hit refresh for live blogging:

11:55pm CMT: Dallas police confirm that both shooters are now in custody. No further information regarding the suspicious package.

11:33pm CMT: One suspect was involved in a shootout with Dallas SWAT and has since been captured. After sketchy reports of a bomb, a “suspicious package” has been located. DPD Chief Brown says he believe the suspects called in a bomb threat. A second person of interest is reportedly being interviewed.

11:16pm CMT: Lots of confusion about the number of shooters with speculation that there may have been more than two. Local TV station KDFW reports that DPD Chief David Brown says no suspects in custody yet.

11:09pm CMT: Shots fired in El Centro parking garage where one suspect’s holed up.

11:02pm CMT: DPD Chief releases pic of open carrier who is suspect in shooting. Says a bomb may be planted downtown.

10:57pm CMT: DPD Chief confirms that one sniper has been cornered. Negotiations are underway.

10:54pm CMT: WFAA report that eleven officers were shot, one civilian.

10:51pm CMT: Fox news reports that the death toll has risen to four officers murdered: One DART cops and three Dallas Police Department officers. Not confirmed.

10:41pm CMT: Witness Carlos Harris told the Dallas Morning News the gunfire was “strategic. It was tap-tap-pause. Tap-tap-pause.”

10:40pm CMT: Fox News affiliate KDFW-Fox4 reports that SWAT officers are negotiating with at least one of two suspects in the shooting, a man reportedly wearing what appeared to be a bullet-proof and tactical gear.

10:30pm CMT: Dallas Police Chief says ten officers shot, three dead, three in critical condition. There were two snipers on rooftop(s).

10:19pm CMT: Reporter says one of the officers shot “is not doing well.” Dallas officers were expecting trouble, feel “they are a target.”

10:14pm CMT: Photo journalist Josh Stephen says the gunman was carrying an AK-47 or AR-style rifle.

9:50pm CMT: Reporter says cops told him that the shooter has “survival gear.”

9:45pm CMT: Shots fired. Reports say the cops have the perp cornered in an alley and he has a rifle.

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  1. Two officers down in Dallas. Thank you Mr President for stirring the pot by sticking your nose in before there can be an investigation. You didn’t say anything about the White guy who got killed by a Black police officer.

    • No kidding. Obama should be designated as public enemy number one for all the harm he has done to American society. Pure scum and so will Clinton be if she gets in. Everyone needs to put their Trump hate aside and keep her out of there.

      • How long before Trump starts demanding new gun control measures in reaction, again? Didn’t take but two days, after Orlando…

        • Unlike Hillary, Trump has to live up to OUR expectations. He’s not going to pull anything that stupid.

        • I missed the part where Trump demanded new gun control measures. I remember where he said he was going to chat with NRA leadership.

          Whatever, Drama Queen.

        • 11:23 PM – EST – NBC DFW confirmes, three (3) officers have been shot, one gunman cornered…

          11:28 PM EST – 4 officers confirmed shot, one officer has been killed…

        • Exactly. Trump is probably as bad as Clinton.

          I’d rather go up against a known enemy than have a treacherous “ally” at my back. Dump Trump.

        • @Mitch “Exactly. Trump is probably as bad as Clinton.

          I’d rather go up against a known enemy than have a treacherous “ally” at my back. Dump Trump.”

          Lemme parse your statement with my interweb translator:
          I am totally OK with voting for Hillary and I have no idea the consequences of the upcoming election.

        • You’re an idiot. I’m sure you have ‘Vote for Hillary’ signs on your front yard and bumper stickers on your car. I guess that’s one way to keep your masters happy.

        • @Taylor TX

          “Lemme parse your statement with my interweb translator:
          I am totally OK with voting for Hillary and I have no idea the consequences of the upcoming election.”

          Your translator might be on the fritz, because I’m not voting for either.

          And, yes, I do understand the consequences of the upcoming election. I understood them back in August of last year when I was working to get anyone but Trump nominated, because he was the only person who could lose to Clinton.

          There won’t be an orderly restoration of the Republic, not that there was much chance of that even pre-Trump. Civil War 2 is our next hope. Who would you prefer be in charge of the enemy when that comes? The over-reaching, corrupt witch who has no charisma and who isn’t even all that liked on her own side? Or the progressive buffoon TeeVee star who will split the loyalties of the Right and unite the Left against him?

        • “I missed the part where Trump demanded new gun control measures. I remember where he said he was going to chat with NRA leadership.”
          And then they came out with the same Watchlist bullshit curative that Feinstein/Trump were pushing after San Bernadino, only this time claiming to have added electrolytes (phony due process). The man folded like his cheap Chinese suits the instant the public cried for someone to ‘do something,’ just as any honest person knew he would.

          There were real solutions, as well as the option of merely being resolute in the face of evil instead of flinching, but he took what he saw as the easy way out almost immediately, two times in a row now, since he’s been running. Before he was running, it was the consistently anti-gun path.

          I’m really hoping these sniper cowards are found beaten to death by the assembled mob by morning; probably the only way this can end without getting worse for all involved. If they covered for these guys, or if the cops find them first, things are gonna be tenuous for a while. Those assholes were actually chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ as those cops were lying in the gutter dying.

        • 11:55 PM, EST – Holy Crap.

          The police have released a photograph of one of the snipers.

          The person in the picture was not Caucasian…

          • Stop it. We don’t know if that’s one of the snipers. Could be a black man OCing in protest early in the event. I kinda doubt a sniper would walk around like that, but who knows.

  2. Shit’s gettin’ real. FNC confirms 2 cops shot. Condition unknown.

    An eye witness (protest organizer?) said some of the protesters were openly carrying rifles and he said he asked them to surrender them to the police.


    • Huey Newton Gun Club, perhaps? I highly doubt any of those chodes would have the moxie to actually load those weapons, much less pull an open assassination like this. Far more likely is a mentally-unstable Occupy nutjob or your garden-variety jihadist.

      I pray our Governor Abbott doesn’t go all Reagan and start banning shit for everybody on account of some undesirables getting ‘uppity.’

      • “…doesn’t go all Reagan and start banning shit for everybody on account of some undesirables getting ‘uppity.’”.

        Glad someone else sees St. Ronnie for the gun-grabbing statist that he actually was.

  3. And so it begins. Of course it’s a rifle- an evil black one with the shoulder thingy that goes up?!? All bets are off after the Minnesota CC shooting…

  4. “Active shooter” that is no longer shooting can not be considered “active,” morons. It’s like they’ve simply replaced the term “at large, armed, and extremely dangerous” with a scarier-sounding catch-all.

    Best wishes for the officers & their families; this certainly sounds like an assassination from what little we’re reported to know so far.

  5. Nice going Obama! Lets work the problem! I have a solution. All people who define themselves as a group should assign each member a day. Anything that goes wrong on that day is that persons fault. They don’t even have to be there. This would be much more efficient and there would be no need for protests, all the posturing on TV. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson could just phone it in when needed.

    • This. Probably shot by some other trigger-happy cop but they’ll whine about the “war on cops” for weeks on end.

      Remember that corrupt cop committed suicide but pigsters all across the country ranted continuously about how they are under siege. 🙂

    • Wait, so an NBC cameraman shot two cops with a rifle at the protest? WTH are you even going on about?

  6. If you think this happened because The President made a speech you haven’t been paying attention.

    • What is most galling about ‘The Sons of Obama’ is Obama’s refusal to own the mess he made…

  7. I never enjoy being a doom-sayer, but I was watching the protests at work and just prior to leaving, I told another employee, “Watch, something stupid will go down at one of these tonight,”. I regret having said it now. The country is slowing tearing itself apart. I hope we survive the aftermath.

  8. Bury Soetoro didn’t say much about the 2 dudes killed. This summer is starting to look more and more like something out of the 1960’s. Buy all the guns and ammo possible. The feds and the po-leece won’t protect you…

  9. Let’s stop calling this a concealed carry shooting until something more concrete than a dead man’s girlfriend comes out. Just as #handsuodontshoot was a lie, this may be as well.

    No matter what his license status was, he was in possession of a loaded firearm and illegal drugs (and a small child.)

    His Facebook posts mention gang activity and his photos show him frequently wearing gang colors.

    His arrest records show a lack of respect for the law not common among CCW holders. 40+ arrests and multiple license revocations.

    I’m not saying that this man’s shooting could not have been a horrible crime (or a tragic overreaction), but it’s also entirely likely that in the face of new drug and weapons charges, he decided to try and outdraw a cop. He wouldn’t be the first person to make that same tragic mistake.

    • Why are bootlickers all pathological liars?

      Here is the actual record:

      “40+ arrests” – people do not arrested for traffic violations

      “Respect for the law”

      You mean lack of respect for traffic law. Oh, the horror. 🙂

      I like how you ask people to wait for more information, then immediately spew out your own personal opinion of what happened. Hah!

      • Well, lack of respect for traffic law…..and everyone else in the world. Tell me, what happens when that uninsured speeding druggie ploughs into someone and disables them? Who pays to repair their life? Not lunch line boy, that’s for sure.

        My take, based on the evidence so far, is that he brought this on himself. The officer may have been in error, or not, but all the poor life decisions were this guy’s and they finally caught up with him.

        • Right, because getting murdered for trying to obey contradictory orders from an idiot cop is a payback for not wearing a seatbelt.

          Your post is a revealing glimpse into the insane mind of a drug warrior. 🙂

      • While Castile had a long record, it was all misdemeanor stuff that didn’t disqualify him from holding a concealed carry permit. When I was his age, my normal driving speed was the limit plus fifteen. I averaged a speeding ticket every two years from age 16 to age 24. I got through the years of 55 unscathed only because of a state-of-the-art radar detector. Most of Castile’s record consists of driving under suspension or without insurance. I never let my record get bad enough for that to happen and I always had insurance. Perhaps, the prosecutor should have proceeded with one of the drug charges. That would have put Castile into NICS.

        The video posted by the girl friend starts after Castile was shot. What happened before the beginning? There is a guy on Farago’s previous blog with the screen name bigtruckseriesreview. Although he comes across like a redneck that made it big, he’s actually a well-educated, successful black man. Here is a link to his advice about interacting with the cops:

        • “Perhaps, the prosecutor should have proceeded with one of the drug charges.”

          Nothing like depriving a person of 2A rights for possessing a plant that was deemed unsavory by politicians because it was primarily smoked by the underclass in the 1970’s.

        • “Bigtruck”? Are you really quoting that complete f-wit moron asshole? (Trying to be nice.) I process and excrete smarter things everyday. Please, read his entire canon and get back to me about how “educated” he actually is. I couldn’t care less about the color of his skin, he’s a cretin at most generous.

      • People don’t get arrested for traffic violations? Apparently your father wasted his money on your education.

        You can be arrested for anything a cop wants. Anything. They may let you go in 24 hours, may have to if you can afford a lawyer, but if you honestly believe that people are not locked up for traffic violations (let alone not appearing in court to answer them) you are one delusional simpleton completely unaware of what happens every day in the real world.

        Speeding in excess of (in my state – 89 MPH) and the cop has discretionary to hook you and book you. Some states, it’s obligatory.

        • That is a nice little rant. Now look at the actual list of charges and tell me those are arresting offenses as opposed to just a court summons. Things like, not wearing a seatbelt, not having car insurance, or driving with a suspended license. Also note that he doesn’t have any contempt of court charges, which means he did show up to court.

          I see two speeding charges (one called basic speed, one speeding), neither of which is reckless or excessive, therefore your 89mph example is totally irrelevant.

          Looks like you are just grasping for straws and tossing in the occasional insult as if it backs your non-points. Simpleton? Wasted education? Weak sauce, brah. 🙂

        • “You can be arrested for anything a cop wants”

          Also wrong. A legal arrest requires probable cause of a crime. The vast majority of traffic offenses do not qualify.

          Although it is hardly shocking that a bootlicker would believe a cop can arrest anyone for anything and everything. It fits the delusional worldview.

    • Yeah, my guess is this guy intended to get into a freaking gun fight with his girlfriend and a child in his car over a tail light. Sometimes the old BS story is real. A lot of the #blacklivesmatter shootings have been very two sided….I don’t think this one is. Stand up for your fellow citizens regardless of race, what happened here is NOT right and you know it.

  10. The damage the ‘current occupant’ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has done to race relations in this country has been incalculable.

    As DG noted earlier, starting with his interference in a DC police investigation by commenting the cops acted ‘stupidly’, his “If I had a son” comment about the thug Travon Martin, all the way through his feckless incompetence in Ferguson, as RF noted, this is gonna be a long, hot summer…

  11. “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined, nor determined to commit crimes.” Translated from the Italian by Thomas Jefferson from Cesare Beccaria’s ‘Essay on Crimes and Punishments’

    Where have all the wise men gone? Those willing to trust the trustworthy and punish only the lawbreakers? Are there none to lead us? I grow weary of being held to account for all the nation’s sorrows. Being discomfited for no more reason than I am an easier target than the truly guilty.

    Oh well. Saturday is range day. I’ll feel better after I shoot some holes in some paper.

      • You seem to think that I consider cops shooting child molsters to be a problem rather than worthy of a citation and some vacation time. The cops did do something, the right thing putting down a kiddy diddler.

        • No, I just think you are a bootlicking sheepdog fantasist with a terrible grasp of statistics and logical reasoning. 🙂

        • Are you not the same pwrdouche who was advocating rebellion after one of your precious bundy sympathizers got wacked after reaching for his gun? Can’t have it both ways.

  12. Pro tip:

    If you are going to head out on a trip this weekend — especially to/through a large city — take a rifle and a lot of ammunition with you as well as a full-size concealed/open carry handgun.

    • Oh, and I would also recommend a minimal “bug out bag” as well with at least some water, snack bars, and a tarp or rain coat/pants.

      • That is usually standard operating procedure for me. Many others don’t consider typical conditions to warrant that level of preparation. I thought I would get them to think about it.

        As far as I am concerned, at this point, a full blown riot could break out unpredictably at any large city. Be prepared.

        • That’s been SOP for a lot of the people I know for at least a decade. Some of the guys have entire chuckwagons and generators loaded into the back of their vehicles. But, yeah, you are right… Now is the time to have at least some armament and bug out bag. Thanks for the PSA for zee peoples.

  13. And WFAA is now saying (at 10:30 p.m. Central Daylight Savings time) that 10 officers shot and one killed and possibly two more of the victims have died … and reporting that there were two snipers in position that gunned them down.

    • WFAA made that updated report at 10:33 p.m. Central Daylight Savings time.

      They are now claiming that an eye witness saw a sniper on a roof.

  14. Wow, get your raincoats ready. The epic shitstorm is building up.

    I just got off work and walked in to my wife watching it on TV and she goes “Damnit I hate the media, they said it may be an AR.”

  15. And the only answer to all of this crap, of course, is to dial up the partisan race-baiting and ratchet down the government interference even tighter.

    The prog-left has done a fine job destabilizing things. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride the next few months/years.

  16. At 10:45 p.m. Central Daylight Savings time, WFAA reported of the 10 police officers shot: three deceased, two in surgery, three in critical condition.

    They also reported that two snipers shot from elevated position.

    Dallas Police Department is supposed to hold a news conference at 11:00 p.m. Central Daylight Savings time.

  17. And so it begins. Be prepared, my friends to support the police and protect what is yours because this is just the beginning of what Obama has been hoping for,

      • Because these officers deserved to be shot and killed in your twisted mind, right? At least we can all be relieved it wasn’t your psychotic ass up there popping off rounds at your fellow man.

        • Nice strawman. You sound mad.

          This event is entirely unproductive, it will distract from legitimate criticism of pervasive police criminality. The cops and their cheerleaders will whine about a “war on cops” even though this is a single isolated incident and cops kill far more civilians than the other way around.

          Police deserve exactly as much support before and after what happened tonight: zero.

    • I will support lawful authority and the rule of law. I will neither support the killing of innocent police officers, nor the killing of innocent civilians, nor the extrajudicial execution of petty criminals.

      • Too bad the law gives massive leeway to cops to commit extrajudicial murder then lie about the circumstance for a paid vacation.

        That is the reality of “rule of law” in this country.

        • That’s why there’s a difference between the law and the “rule of law”. When the law gives too much leeway to officials, as individuals or as institutions, when it ceases to put any meaningful limits on their power, we do not have the rule of law. The law in such cases has abdicated its rule and left us once again with the rule of men.

        • That is a purely a subjective point of view, i.e. when does said rule of law disappear? In fact, “lawful authority” is the exact justification used to rubberstamp extrajudicial killings by police, is that rule of law or rule of men?

          Rule of law is simply the application of the law, when the law is corrupt, so is the rule of law.

  18. Obama is now blaming the cop shootings on racial profiling by cops. He says our police/justice system is broken and caused this.

  19. Best wishes to the victims and their families.

    I can’t say I’m that surprised. You get enough rhetoric going against a group of people in public there’s sure to be more vile shit going on in private and on the internet.

  20. Update 10:55: WFAA now reporting an eleventh officer has been shot. Three officers are dead, three in critical condition. Two officers are in surgery.

  21. Police have picture of the shooter — nobody here is going to be surprised when they see the man police say is one of the shooters

    • Yeah, saw that.

      It’s gonna be interesting the way the Progs will try to ‘spin’ this…

      • What do you think? They’ll say the problem is guns. They’ll say black people having guns leads to them shooting cops, and that cops shoot black people because so many of them have guns.

        Of course, they’re usually pretty good at separating the “black people are oppressed” narrative from the “they shouldn’t have guns” narrative, because when you put them both together you get to the essential heart of their position which is “oppressed people shouldn’t have guns”.

    • Theyre not even going to bat an eye or give a shit that he has more melanin than me, its all about whatever he used. Besides, you cant say things contrary to your agenda good sir 🙂

  22. Despicable, but predictable.

    This has been coming for years. The fringes are crumbling, people are sick and tired of an over-bearing government, the rule of law doesn’t apply to the ruling elite, those who are on the edge already will snap. Infused with radical Islam and BLM propaganda and the hate will rise to the bursting point. When they do, they will take it out on those in uniform – police, fire, EMS, military.

    Thanks to our beloved POTUS, our race relations are at an all time low… oh, hell, wait a minute. At least we can call a terrorist a terrorist… ah, screw me.

    I do pity those who put on a badge for a living right now – they deal with human trash all day, hated by the majority they come in contact with, not supported by their leadership, it’s no wonder there is an “us vs. them” mentality. Then, things like this – the “them” strike out and reinforce the beliefs. The militarization of police has not helped at all.

    Not all cops are good, but the large majority are. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and the squeeze is getting ever tighter.

    • “hated by the majority they come in contact with”

      Gee whiz, the cops dispense violence and steal money for politicians all day with legal cover provided by the corrupt judiciary, and yet they are surprised they are despised.

    • Not all cops are good, but the large majority are. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place

      What rock and hard place? Police condone the behavior of other police. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be so many bad cops. Jeremy McLellan has this to say about this:

      “Whenever the topic of police brutality comes up, people always says “it’s just a case of a few bad apples.” But the expression is not “a few bad apples are really annoying” or “one bad apple makes the others look bad.” It’s “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” That’s why farmers get rid of bad apples. They don’t give bad apples promotions. They don’t let bad apples take early retirement with full pensions. They throw them out to protect the good ones. If police departments want the respect of the public, they have to earn it by showing us they actually care about their product. Until then, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume the whole barrel is spoiled, and the farmer doesn’t care.

      I can cite stories of entire groups of cops lying and framing innocent people, and they do it with impunity because it is tolerated within the community. Look at the entire Martinez family who were awarded $1.8 million dollars for the unlawful actions of corrupt cops, and they were never fired.

  23. Dallas Police Chief just stated in a news conference that the shooters hit 11 police officers.

    He also stated that the snipers were clever and positioned themselves to get police in a cross-fire (or something to that effect) for maximum effect.

    At the end of the news conference the Dallas Mayor said there was also a wounded citizen.

  24. Appears the overlooked black community is striking out at .gov, while the patriots under the militia label are biding their time. The black folks are foreshadowing what will happen if .gov overreaches the patriot community. Interesting times ahead.

    • Sounds like someone was voting from the rooftops.

      I’ve been thinking this tonight. This is nothing compared to what could happen if certain things change. Whose side will the cops choose?

      • IMHO, our nation was FUBAR a long time ago. We have a tyrannical government, now it’s just a matter of degree. I’ve talked a lot of people out of working in law enforcement over the decades. The simple matter is that one day that uniform will be seen as the enforcement colors of tyrants. When one is where the rubber meets the road under tyranny, at some point, one might not want to be wearing that badge.

        What happened tonight doesn’t surprise me all that much. I was really surprised that something like this didn’t happen regularly in the 1990s.

    • Cops all over the country have been rejecting civilian oversight committees, looks like these guys wanted to provide some top down oversight. 🙂

  25. If the cops pull up stakes, you’ll see every big city tear itself apart. And no, Robocop ain’t gonna save the day.

    Maybe it’s an isolated incident, but if criminals think they can get away with something, they’ll do it.

    If you aren’t carrying, you better start.

      • Not everyone on TTAG carries. There are lots of new readers every day.

        This incident had me I’m rethinking my carry piece. I work and live in the ‘burbs. Unless someone has a personal grudge against me, I’m unlikely to end up in a stupid situation with stupid people. Hence, I carry a TCP 380 and I don’t carry spare mags.

        But I am traveling to Illinois and Michigan in the next week, and this has me thinking I should pack my XDM and a spare mag. My G20 and AR might be overkill…

        • , I carry a TCP 380 and I don’t carry spare mags.

          There have been articles written about people like you.

        • New readers, and also overseas readers. I definitely don’t envy your situation now, it seem like an overheated boiler with no, or failed or sabotaged emergency pressure vent.

          I do carry in a symbolic way though.

  26. This could be the start of a long, hot summer. This could also be the start of something much bigger than a protest. Deliberately targeting a large group of cops is a bold move and the sign of a very dangerous mind at work.

    According to some of the commentors here on TTAG this is something they look forward too. Course, my gut feeling on those folks is they are all blow and no show.

    And there’s always the chance that civil war 2.0 fizzles out cause it was black folks that started it. I can’t picture all those Bundy Militias forming up next to the black folks to take on the .gov.

    • Well, it would be one thing if the officers from the videos were the ones specifically targeted for revenge. But attacking a bunch of officers that are in a different state and likely had nothing to do with the events being protested?

      What is the message? Start a war on the police just because they are police? Good luck getting a bunch of supporters for that and avoiding jail or capital punishment. If things escalate, the national guard will get called in and that will be that.

      If the officers were attacking protesters and then were counter-attacked, that may be something. But that doesn’t seem to be the case…

  27. A Washington, D.C. detective stated on FoxNews tonight that this will keep happening until the cops stop murdering blacks and the political leadership cleans up the PDs. He said there is no leadership anymore.

  28. The Democrat spin on this is going to be interesting. They’re left with something that boils down to this:

    “Black people have been, are being, systematically targeted, brutalized, and murdered by agents of the government, and they need to be disarmed by those same agents of that same government, for their own safety.”

  29. Voting from the rooftops…

    This could very well be the start of revolution and a positive one if positive, liberty minded groups of people are willing to shoulder up and steer the course towards freedom with as little government as is necessary.

    It only takes a spark and a little action and that spark just occurred.

    The State is a complex of petty bureaucrats and their protectors. Attacking any of the functionaries in the State is a valid tactic.

    This is the very situation that is extolled here and other sites. This is what the 2nd is for. This is a stark reminder that they are not immune to response to their actions.

    Our compartmentalized, regimented and codified existence is becoming a burden too heavy.

  30. They that the one who was reported to have committed suicide was actually killed by a robot with bomb that the police sent in to execute him extra judiciously.

    They ling suspects with robots carrying bombs peop

  31. The Purge – Blue Shift.

    It’s a little different when it’s boys in blue are getting it, huh? Well at least the cops had guns and were able to shoot back.

  32. Must be Bush’s fault somehow. And the white Founders with the wooden teeth, them too. Don’t forget the NRA. And Eugene Stoner while we are at it. Can’t be Obama, or any of his radical 60s Alinskyite Black Panther commie cohorts in the Rainbow House. Naw, not them. They want to save us from this mess that Bush made. Which is why we need a Clinton to fix the mess Obama made fixing Bushes mess he inherited from Clinton who had to fix Bushes mess. Waitaminnit, this is all Reagans fault! Dats da ticket.

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