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M240L machine gun, courtesy army.milAbout a month ago, I told you about an opinion issued by Virginia’s then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli which said that trusts were unable to register machine guns in Virginia as is required by state law. Shortly thereafter, Delegate David LaRock introduced legislation (HB 1266) to clear this oversight. Now the Virgina State Police has weighed in. According to attorney John Pierce, the VSP has no issue with the ownership of machine guns in VA. VSP’s practice was to have one of the trustees register machine guns owned by the trust in their own name (as trustee) when submitting the state registration form. This allowed the trust to still own the machine gun, while having it registered to a person according to VSP’s rules. The opinion from AG Cuccinelli came about when a trustee challenged the policy . . .

demanding to only provide the name of the trust on the document, not his own. Pierce summarizes the issue thusly: “while it is absolutely true that machine guns may not be currently ‘registered’ to trusts in Virginia, the VSP are more than willing to let a trust ‘own’ the machine gun so long as it is registered at the state level to a trustee of the trust.” Presumably, LaRock’s bill, if passed, will alleviate this situation.

Delegate David LaRock also introduced another bill this session, HB 878, which would require Virginia CLEOs to sign NFA applications for qualified applicants within 30 days. That bill has now been killed in committee. Though passing the republican-controlled House of Delegates 64-32, last Tuesday the Senate Courts of Justice Committee killed the bill for this session on a 9-5 party-line vote. The 9 Dems who voted against it were Senators Marsh, McEachin, Saslaw, Howell, Lucas, Edwards, Puller, Petersen, and Wexton.

About a month ago I told you about a school lockdown prompted by a TV reporter’s efforts to test school security in Kirkwood, MO. Now state Rep. Stacey Newman has proposed a bill that would actions like those of the reporter a felony. She said that information about school security needs to be private to ensure that procedures are effective. Some other legislators are not convinced however, like Rep. Brandon Ellington, who questioned why this law was needed. “We want to pass a bill to stop people from exposing the holes in the system when there shouldn’t be holes in the system,” Ellington said. Newman said her bill would also deter vigilante parents, saying that there have been incidents around the country where not just the media but parents have decided to test the security of schools. “This is a loophole,” she said. “There is nothing to make this criminal.” Perish the thought. If it’s not forbidden, it’s allowed, so by all means, let’s forbid it.

Gunny firing the GLOCK 41, filmed at high-speed by Richard Ryan. Check out that teacup grip! Go ahead. You tell him he’s doing it wrong. [The good part’s over in the first 20 seconds.]

From The Tactical Wire: Cabela’s, Inc. announced the passing of Cabela’s co-founder Dick Cabela on Monday. According to the release, “Dick, along with his wife, Mary, and brother, Jim, founded Cabela’s somewhat inadvertently in 1961 when he purchased $45 worth of hand-tied fishing flies while in Chicago on a furniture and housewares buying trip with his father for the family’s Chappell, Neb., furniture store.” Today, Cabela’s is a huge catalog and internet sales organization with fifty retail locations.

An armed confrontation at a Walmart in Flagstaff, AZ last week led to a man’s arrest. According to witnesses, the man became angry when one of a group of teenagers rotated a jewelry display the man’s wife was looking at. The teenager apologized, but an argument ensued, and one witness said he heard the man suggest they “take this outside.” When the man and the four teens went out to the Garden Center, the man pulled out a gun and a knife and said, “Have you ever killed someone? Well, I have.” One witness said he saw the man briefly point the gun at the teens, at which point the teen told one of his friends to call police, and a Walmart employee told the man to leave immediately. Police pulled the suspect and his wife over a short time later, and the man blamed the whole incident on the teenager, saying that the teen had disrespected the man’s wife and that going outside was the teen’s idea. The suspect was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. Save money, live better, Walmart.

Jerry Miculek’s brother-in-law’s wife is taken hostage, and Jerry takes out the trash with a KRISS Vector.

I think my favorite part was the triple-tap on the popper in the first string.

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    • My favorite is the 30-round KRISS/Magpul magazines that also fit into a Glock 21. Makes for pretty much the best bedside defensive tool around.

      (I’m against shotguns for home defense as being unwieldy and more difficult to retain in CQB.)

      Apparently works for the Glock 20 as well (to 32 rounds):

    • I think that’s the slowest mag change I’ve ever seen him do, not that I could do better. I think he needs to practice more with the KRISS.

  1. A fight over Walmart jewelry? Really?
    On an unrelated matter, I still don’t know how I feel about Cabelas. Do I love it? Hate it? Something in between? I just haven’t done enough there, or heard about the business philosophies, to make up my mind. Could somebody please tell me how to feel about Cabelas so I don’t have to do all that? Awesome.

    • The AZ press is currently having a field day with a shooting at a Wally World in Phoenix. Apparently two guys got into a fist fight and when the guy that was armed started losing, he shot and killed the other guy. Details are sketchy at best, being the the local media is trying their hardest to set the deceased up for sainthood. So far the PD is saying it was self-defense. We shall see.

      • I read about that. The one report I stumbled on made it sound like self-defense. Like the dude was badly losing the fight and feared the other guy might kill him. It’s pretty easy to imagine such a scenario, but whether this one was that cut and dried… Ah, who knows. Either way, I love Phoenix. Wish I was there right now. Probably wouldn’t have shoveled another foot of snow tonight if I was.

        • If you “go outside” with someone don’t cine crying when they whoop yo butt. Also, don’t pull a gun.

          When I’m carrying a gun it would be the LAST time I’d start some stupid beef.

        • I actually think that this is a separate incident, the story that I read listed to two involved as 25 and 36, one man was shot and killed. In this incident no one appears to have been killed. Likewise the first happened in Phoenix this one in Flagstaff

      • Yeah, unfortunately the shooter looks and sounds white, and the shootee was Native, so the pieces are all in place for the racial angle. This is why I avoid pissing contests and getting into other peoples’ business at all costs. For all we know the shooter DID try to avoid this and was legitimately in fear for his life, but then again it could’ve been a guy who felt cocky and then panicked when he was losing the fight. Given the situation (crowded store in the middle of the day in a middle class suburb filled with generally law abiding average citizens), it wouldn’t seem like some place where you’d see a man get killed by another man using only his bare hands. I wasn’t there and I haven’t even seen video, so I’ll reserve judgement. This is why I carry pepper spray.

      • The stores are really neat if you like outdoorsy stuff. Their prices aren’t great, but the stores are worth a look around if you’re near one.

        • Their ammo prices are downright a bargain compared to Gander Mountain. Cabelas is competitive with the internet, given that they have so many sales online. I’d never buy ammo from Gander.

      • I suppose an ordinary/normal human being might at least feel a smidge of compassion for the man’s loved ones who have lost their husband, father, grandpa, friend, brother, uncle, cousin, etc.

    • I enjoy Cabelas. I’ve bought quite a few gun library guns. Around Christmas time people bring in a lot of near stuff for some cash so that is the best time to scour the racks. You can also haggle on the gun library price. I can usually pick stuff up for armslist prices or better. The new stuff seems to be priced about right for the local market and cheaper than other shops I visit. They almost always have the ammo I need in stock and lots of ammo sales. Online is still a but cheaper but if you check often you can get deals. I don’t buy much else from there but guns and ammo.

      • Cool. Good to know. I was in there the other day shopping around. Then I saw a gun check-in and got the idea that they had some crazy policy about CCW. They don’t. Turns out the check-in is only for guns brought in for repairs. Think I’m going to head there this weekend for Mossberg 500. Pretty decent sale going on.

        • Yeah, I’ve spoken to people that work there about the “check guns here” sign.

          The signs should be more specific, as to avoid people whipping out their loaded carry gun thinking they need to have it checked out, which happens.

      • Well, there is no haggling on the regular gun floor. I was looking a .357 mag and stopped by to see their selection, there was a used S&W setting beside a new one of the same model, both with the exact same price tag. I asked the salesman what gives, he said, “the price is the price.” And, it wasn’t a good price, let me tell you.

        • If it is not in the gun library, the price is the price. The other thing is sometimes they get guns that they are forced to sell as used even if they are brand new. All of their PTR91s are in the gun library. The AK pistols are back there too and they are new items, sold with a used tag. I am not sure why but it must be some policy with how they received them. I don’t buy new guns from them very often unless they have a sale. I did buy my Mossberg 930 on sale and it was a good price.

        • It seems to me if it’s new, but just called used due to damaged, or whatever, you knock a few bucks off the price.

          It’s not the customer’s fault that policy says you have to sale it used, like weather damaged new cars, you knock the price down for people willing to buy them a few scratches.

          But, if people willingly pay it, then why not… I guess if GM can charge $20k more for the Chevy Tahoe, by adding a few shinny plastic decals and calling it the Cadillac Escallade, then Cabelas can sell used guns at full price.

    • Cabela’s was the first major retailer to pull out of the Eastern Sportsman’s Show when the organizers prohibited black rifles. Their move directly precipitated the mass exodus which helped cause the show’s collapse. Now the British company who where hired to organize the show is out and the NRA picked it up. It was huge and well attended this year.

    • When the Gunny was in boot camp they were taught to either shot 1-handed (gentleman style) or, if shooting over 100 yards, to use this 2-handed grip for support. I’ve got dozens of bad habits to overcome myself.

      • Paul, a buddy of mine lost a leg crewing one of those “taxis”. He was the only survivor of his crew. It’s bad form to criticise a man’s service when you haven’t served.

      • Paul, do not bring that shit into my post. rd didn’t say a thing to or about you. You want to say something in opposition to his point, fine, but do not make it personal, or I will make it my mission to memory hole every damn thing you write.

        rd, please don’t fire back. Just find your ignore button.

          • TTAG’s posting policy: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators. Maintain civility. If you have a problem with a particular comment please email a link to [email protected]. If you wish to discuss the policy, please email me there as well.

          • Because he made an entirely factual, if snarky, statement. You made it personal. Just like you do on a regular basis. I don’t know why everyone else seems so oblivious to your shenanigans, but I’m not, and I’m not putting up with it.

    • Just remember that in the SEP2012 Camp Bastion attack, in was those same aviation mechanics and other “non-combat” Marines that fought off the Taliban attack.

    • I see no problem with his stance or grip. He was putting rounds on target. That’s what matters.

      As for what group he served with. What’s that term I see thrown around here a lot, Assymetrical warfare? It’s been quite a few years since American troops had the luxury of ‘front lines”.

      Just as there’s no such thing as peacetime for American servicemen.

  2. Shooting stances are a lot like men’s ties, they go out of fashion but come back 30 years later in a different color

  3. If insurgents ever take over my neighborhood, I hope Jerry Miculek happens to be over for dinner.

    I loved the how he can expertly pick out the black plates on the rack at speed.

  4. Exercising a constitutionally protected right in Texas can get you a charge of disorderly conduct, but intentionally causing a school lockdown gets the “move along, nothing to see here” treatment?

  5. I carried a 1911 in the service (Navy), and was taught the teacup grip. Worked fine for me. While there may be better grips (I’ve changed to one more suitable for rapid fire), it’s plenty accurate.
    It’s like a lot of things: it’s worth trying something different to check it out, but there’s no absolute requirement to fix something that’s working. Sometimes, truly, “better” is the enemy of “good enough”.

  6. I have a gun on layaway at Cabelas. They support my rights. Didn’t price gouge on ammo recently. Several LGS DID. Is Cabelas perfect? Nope. Do.they put new prices on used guns? Yep. Don’t buy ’em.
    Favorite big box store.

  7. RIP Dick Cabela…I enjoy your store and the competitive pricing of some of your sales. Not to mention it’s fun to spend an hour or two just wondering around your store with my son 🙂

  8. OMG Cabelas!!.. Love, love love that store!!.. Picked up 4 boxes of .22’s in 330 rnd boxes for 16 bucks a piece..
    2 spotting scopes for gifts..ammo, rigs ranger pants @ 20 bucks a pop.. and won a 308 savage trophy hunter rifle with a 3×9 Nikon scope.. all in one visit during Christmas last year.

  9. The “Tea Cup” grip is now “wrong”, but I’ve always used it (and I am at 20+ years younger than R. Lee Ermey). It allows the left hand to act as a “bench” for the handgun.

    Also use a stance that puts left foot forward and right foot back with the left shoulder slightly forward and the right shoulder slightly back, because that way you can run forward or backward if you need and the body presents a smaller profile. About 20+ years ago that was the way some folks in the Army taught pistol marksmanship.

    The last time I was at the range, the guy in the next lane was using a squared-up stance and a more “modern” grip on his gun, and was making no discernible grouping on his target – his shots were all over the place.

    Of course, I have never competed in any sort of pistol match.

    Thoughts and opinions? Should I change? What is the practical advantage of one grip over another?

    • Can you put rounds on target, repeatably and reliably? Then don’t change a thing. If you get into competition, and you think something else might serve you better, then try it and see. But if you’re just talking about self-defense, do what works for you. It’s not like most people take the time to square up to the target and check their stance in a life-or-death situation, anyway.

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