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Gun Rally Hartford CT (courtesy

Dear Governor Malloy:

I’d like to address you regarding the crisis currently taking place in Connecticut with gun registration. But before I do, let me preface my statements contained herein, with my deepest condolences and sympathy to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook tragedy. First, let us remember what led to the shooting . . .

Adam Lanza STOLE his mothers LEGALLY OWNED guns to commit this heinous act. Bearing that in mind, the great state of Connecticut in their infinite wisdom felt more gun control laws were needed, despite the fact that Connecticut already had some of the strictest gun control in the nation already in place when Sandy Hook occurred.

So what did your state come up with Governor? An “Assault Weapon” Gun Registry! You sir, signed a bill making law-abiding citizens FELONS for not registering the guns they’ve owned for years. Let’s break this down for a minute.

An “Assault Weapon” is a term that was coined by politicians to make scary looking guns sound scarier. Now an “Assault Rifle” (more commonly called a “Service Rifle”) is a rifle issued to our troops that is a “select fire” weapon. This means the gun has the capability to fire more than one bullet with one pull of the trigger. What the Connecticut legislation has done, is demonized a rifle (the AR-15) that is nothing more than a clone. In other words, these rifles that you’re calling “assault weapons” function NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER HUNTING OR SPORTING RIFLE. To clarify this even more, it’s the equivalent of putting a Ferrari body onto a Chevy Cavalier. It may look like a hot rod, but it’s still a fuel-efficient “four banger” under the hood. So essentially your state Governor, has decided to regulate something based solely on its appearance.

Now let’s talk about registration. First, I’m a bit perplexed as to how a Connecticut gun registry would’ve prevented Sandy Hook. That’s the reason for this registry, right Governor? Surely you don’t think that Adam Lanza would’ve registered the guns he STOLE from his mother before he committed the murders in Newtown, do you? Of course you don’t. You’re an educated man Governor. You and I both know that a registration wouldn’t have prevented that tragedy.

Finally, let’s talk about your debacle in Connecticut. The bill you signed required all so-called “assault weapons” to be registered by the end of the year. Seems like that didn’t work out so well either, did it? You now have up to 300,000 unregistered so-called “assault weapons” in your state. That means you’ve successfully made felons out of possibly more than 100,000 law-abiding Connecticut citizens. Doctors, lawyers, pilots, factory workers, single mothers, now all felons in the largest act of civil disobedience your state has ever seen. Your prisons are full of murderers, rapists, child molesters, kidnappers, and drug dealers, and you’ve got room for 100,000 brand new felons?

Governor Malloy, your tenure in the Governors mansion would be much more well served if you focused on maximum penalties for those already convicted of violent crime, rather than criminalizing your citizens with an unconstitutional law. As for my organization, we can only hope that this act of civil disobedience will cause you to re-evaluate the law. We both know that jailing 100,000 law-abiding Connecticut citizens will make you look like a childish fool, political suicide actually!

So now what? You’ve got a couple of options as I see it. You could ignore this legislative disaster that you’ve created, and hope America forgets. But you’ve gathered so much negative press already from your states citizens rebelling, that’s not likely. You could initiate an attempted confiscation and arrest on law-abiding citizens for failing to register, but if they already gave you the big fat middle finger by not registering, what are the odds that there going to just “hand over” THEIR LEGALLY OWNED WEAPONS? If I know gun owners (AND I DO), that’s a very bad idea. How would you feel about being solely responsible for starting the next American Revolution Governor? So option two isn’t a good choice either. That being said Governor, I implore you to do what is not only Constitutional, it’s the only sensible decision to be made. Repeal the law, and start examining methods to truly reduce violent crime, methods that involve keeping violent offenders behind bars.

For America,

Eric T. Reed
Gun Rights Across America, President/Founder

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  1. Nice try Eric but you are speaking logic and truth to democrat traitors. Your words fall on their ears like the grownups in the Charlie Brown cartoons “Bwa bwa bwa”. They are doing this deliberately to provoke a rebellion. That was Obozo can declare martial law and himself as dictator for life. It’s been the plan all along.

    • So morbid, Mike. I hope you are dead @$$ wrong. FLAME DELETED Not because I have anything against you, or anyone else who believes as you do, but because it would be the worst thing that ever happened to this country. Maybe not in the long run, if people like our Founding Fathers came out on top and in power. That end, if possible, could be decades away whenever such a war began. I sincerely hope you are wrong. For the children, and that is no joke.

      • The general discussion has been that when Hillary runs, Malloy will leave to be part of her campaign. He was a former DNC chairperson at one time. Given that he played the part of the good soldier, Malloy probably has a job waiting in Hillary’s administration

        All the local papers have said he will probably not run for a second term

        He did his damage, he will simply leave. At this point, he will not do a damn thing except for look for places to live in the DC area where he spends most of his time anyway versus in the state

        • That was my suspicion all along, a run for national office of some sort. I didn’t think he would have the clout for president next election but I can see a bid for vice president or part of the administration like you said.

      • ANTI-FLAME DELETED I gave up on what I used to think was the collective good sense of the American people a long time ago. I realized, when Bill the Zipper, was 1. not impeached and removed and 2. when he was re-elected, that our country was probably lost. I knew it finally when Obama was elected in ’08 and then again in ’12 through outright theft of the election, especially in PA, OH and FL. I sincerely, like you, hope that I am dead wrong, but I’m not. The signs are there and easily read by anyone who cares as deeply as I do about the oath I took in ’66 when I enlisted. The Oath of Commissioning that I took in ’76 and that I keep to this day after retiring in ’86. Our country will be lost if we do not flip the Senate in this next election. That is when, God forbid it, the shooting might start. I pray every day for God to deliver us from these tyrants and democrat traitors.

      • I wish Americans were as passionate about their freedoms as the Ukraine are about breaking the Russian chains keeping them down…

        • How much do you?

          Read about North Korea and then think about if our country is really anything like that or close to being a dictatorship. The most recent horror story I heard out of korea is that a woman was sentenced to death for gossiping about the leader. As much as people think Obama sucks, he has yet to execute anyone for gossip.

      • I agree Manimal; It could never happen here!

        Umm; well, except in Germany; Germans were considered the height of sophistication and of civilized behavior of the time; then the mass death and chaos in WW I and WW II, especially WW II with the Germans leading the charge into madness.. Then there is the economy; if you believe the published economic figures; you really do believe in Santa Claus; every culture that goes to a fiat currency has collapsed into economic chaos and a creation of a police state to maintain order ; and we have been a completely fiat currency since the seventies, with the 2008 financial crisis that was trumpeted as almost leading to an economic collapse. The problem is; we avoided that by printing huge amounts of money; fiat currency; which we are still printing. The basic economic factors that led to the crisis have not changed. It has only been papered over with more money; which created the problem leading up to 2008 in the first place. Economic depression or collapse, take your pick; but we are facing the worst financial instability in recorded history.

        Our own civil war; the mass chaos and death during the LA riots, the mass chaos, death and gun seizures in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Mass death, chaos, tyranny and dictatorship has been the norm for most of recorded history and is the norm today; Arab Spring anyone?

        So why would we be immune from the same forces of history and human nature?

        But I digress; Naah, it could never happen here.

        • I didn’t say it couldn’t happen here. So half of what you said is irrelevant. I said that we are a far cry from being a dictatorship or being at risk of being a dictatorship. Exhibit one, none of us are scared to post and argue about our government on a website like this. Do you really think a website like this exists in North Korea or Cuba? No, they don’t

          Secondly, ALL currency is fiat currency. When you can eat your gold bar or drink it to survive another day let me know. The only think that gives gold any intrinsic value as a currency is that people believe it has value, hmmmm, kind of like paper money. THe only thing gold has going for it is that it can’t be printed, however it is now impossible to ever go back gold as their is more wealth in the world than their exists gold to cover that wealth. We can never go back to gold even if we wanted to.

          Third I’m not saying we are immune. I’m saying lets be realistic about where we are compared to the places that truly are living under the rule of dictatorship.

        • True; Manimal; we aren’t like those other tyrannical countries that can arrest you, hold you without charges, indefinitely, for the duration of hostilities; for a “war on terror” that was never declared; Oh; wait a minute, that’s no longer true.

          But we are not like those other countries that will kill our own citizen’s without due process just on the say so of the president; Oh. wait a minute; that\’s no longer true.

          But we’re not like those other countries that will stop you on the street, on buses, trains or airplanes pat you down and check your ID with out probable cause; Oh, wait a minute, that’s no longer true.

          But we’re not those other countries that will break your door down in the middle of the night with heavily armed enforcers and if these enforcers picked the wrong residence and the innocent home owner defends themselves from what they might think are criminals dressed as cops, he will most likely be murdered and the cops won’t be punished beyond some paid time off. Oh; wait a minute, that’s no longer true.

          But we’re not like those other countries that will seize your home, business, cars and bank accounts if they just suspect you acquired these things illegally and then you have to go to court to prove your innocence without the money needed to pay for a defense because the government has seized all your assets’ Oh. wait a minute. that’s no longer true.

          Hmm, at this point, the question should be how we are NOT like all those other tyrannical countries we see around the world.

          The only thing left is to start up torture again like we were doing with water boarding terrorist suspects and mass arrests.

        • Every single one of those things you mention is an exceptional miscarriage of our system or law that outrages Americans and we are free to criticize demand accountability and pursue justice. When they are so common place that nobody dares speak out, when they are matters of law so enshrined that they dare not be questioned and those that do are disappeared in the middle of the night then we can be compared to countries with a dictatorship.

        • But our country would never put citizens into concentration camps…. oh wait, we already did that during WWII. The path this administration is taking us down with his attitude of “I don’t need congress, I have a phone and a pen.” is just an executive order away from a dictatorship. He is already ignoring the constitution and breaking several laws without any consequence. You think his buddy Eric Holder is going to make him accountable? So tell me manimal, how are we not heading toward a dictatorship? I don’t see anyone opposing this moron president, in fact he gets applauded from the democrat party and the MSM when he says he will go around congress. This country has already put people in camps and do not think it won’t happen again. Just hope it doesn’t happen in your lifetime, but if the majority have your ignorant attitude then chances are it will. BTW don’t give the same tired response of “he isn’t stopping people from criticizing him” because that is already in the works. What do you think the IRS did to the Tea party in the last election? Silenced them.

    • It may just be me, but I think Eric’s letter started off well and slow going downhill like Alex Jones had on Pier’s show. I think he should have ended more in a civil protest instead of fanning the flames of revolution.

      • No, I think your right.. it starts blowing out the forms when it’s layed on too should only get that severe when your previous responses have been either ignored, or any previous response has been condescending… Just my 02 cents.

    • Even if there are valid points in this open letter, the incendiary and patronizing tone just makes it so easy for liberals to discredit everything integral to this argument. This kind of letter moves neutral people further from listening and participating in the conversation, and moves them closer to instantly discrediting the argument and its proponents as gun crazed retards. There has to be a better voice for 2nd amendment rights than this if we expect more people to come into the fold. Clearly this is a letter talking to RKBA folks, not the political machinery of CT. It’s a shame, because this kind of ex post facto legislation that makes law abiding citizens into criminals requires ALL of the smart people to make it easier to sympathize with the normal people whose rights are being infringed. Let’s not make not too easy to dismiss them…

      • Agree. The way the title of Governor was used and the feel of the tone reminded me of the way one might talk down to somebody by addressing them as Boy.

    • Totally with you on your opinion , maybe this is where the fuse is lit , the match is struck , all that needs to be done is lighting the fuse ! I still feel that we do have a chance against the federal traitors that are not only trying to tear this nation apart but most of the world also , if we look closely and truth be told the federal traitors are behind most if not all of the wars , riots and mayhem in other nations . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

    • “Nice try Eric but you are speaking logic and truth to democrat traitors.”

      Excellent statement Mike. Good letter. I believe it reflects the feelings of many her, in this country and in that state.
      This “law”, as illegal as it is, MUST be resisted, both through non compliance jury nullification. Additionally the jury should direct, after a finding of not guilty, that the state pick up the tab for all the defendants costs related to the charges. Hitting them in the pocket is one way to stop this.

      State politicians who supported this law need to be voted out in the next election. CT needs to elect representatives who support freedom and the individual not subservience to the state.

      If all else fails, the confiscations will be carried out by local law enforcement. Retribution and resistance must be carried out specifically aimed at those who seek to enforce this illegality. The people of CT have to make it more expensive and painful for the minions to enforce this law than not to.

    • I am not usually amused by confused conservatives lambasting liberals en masse over civilian disarmament, as if the right had nothing to do with it.

      Your post is an exception.

      • All the gun grabbers on the left appreciate your support. This doesn’t sound like a confused conservative to me, but rather someone willing to vigorously defend the 2A.

  2. You got a better chance of him actually reading the bill he signed than him reading this letter. Well said though regardless.

  3. Man, that is one gnarly looking bunch in that photo. Malloy is running the yellow fluid when he sees this crew at his door.

    • those men in that picture need to get their wives, kids, and everyone else they know to go to these rallies. this picture just furthers the notion that all gun owners are OFWG’s. our gun rights campaign would be a lot more effective if we had a more diverse group of races, genders, and backgrounds supporting the 2A.

      • A bunch of kids holding 2A signs is all nice and cute, but play time is over kids…
        What you see there are the front line. Those are the guys who won’t go quietly.
        If that is what they choose then it won’t be long before the police is screaming that they won’t enforce it. Many may choose not to enforce it from the get go. Just like we saw prosecutors refusing to try a SAFE act case in NY, or Sheriffs in Colorado.

      • those men … need to …

        No. Those men are doing all they can. The man in my mirror is who needs to do more.

      • I can speak to this a bit. Last year I wanted so badly to go the iGold march here in IL. That’s the Illinois State Rifle Association march on the capital of IL in March on a Friday around lunchtime.

        My husband had to work, and I was asked to stay home because he didn’t want me travelling nor marching with hundreds, thousands of men and few women.

        More women need to attend so that more women can attend. Make sense?? I AGREE start by getting the wives and kids out there so that we girls with working hubs can show up, too!

      • I was at the rally this picture was taken at. While you are right, it seems that predominantly OFWGs attend these things, there were plenty of younger 20-30 somethings there and there were children as well.

        Don’t ever forget that the media portrays us the way they want to and not the way we actually are. And that often means perpetuating the OFWG stereotype that plays into their hunter, racist, and conservative memes so nicely. Be suspicious of anything that comes from any media source especially main stream media; you rarely get an accurate/full picture of whatever they are reporting on.

    • And look at the pictures of the Mexican auto-defense groups. Old, fat, Mexican, guys. I guess when you care about your liberty, you don’t care about your looks!

    • What is the measure of a man that would believe: There is nothing scarier than 100 men waving old glory, pledging their allegiance or singing the national anthem.

    • That photo really scares you? I see a bunch of staid, middle aged men with enough leisure time and disposable income to play Biker Patriot dress up games with all their friends on the weekends. They just strike me as guys with plenty to lose. As far as the group being too O, F and W, I don’t know what the nation wide stats are or if they’re even available, but here in Arizona WG’s made up the overwhelming majority of permit holders, with WG’s in age group 60-69 (in other words, O WG’s) constituting the largest demographic block of permit holders, hands down. No stats about their body fat percentages though. I understand the desire to be inclusive in order to expand the base, but at the same time I don’t see any need to run in shame from who we are, which most often is O, F, W and G.

  4. well written. now if only the governor actually cared about reducing violence and trying to honor the constitution.

  5. Malloy probably won’t even read it. He is too busy shaking hands with campaign contributors. Besides, the ruling class doesn’t care about rights. They care about the ruling class.

  6. Imagine 100k arriving at the Capital with scary weapons and daring the uniforms to take them

    Then I woke up. Oh reality…law abiders wouldn’t do that.

  7. Well I can say we have a very active pink pistols group here in the bay area, but that has done little to stop the progressives march towards civilian disarmament.
    I think he is verbalizing what most of us are thinking. If CT continues down this path it will not end well. In the end it will mean the end of Malloy. From a political sense for sure, and if things go really badly, G-d help him. OFWG’s or not, the politicians in CT have hit a brick wall as it were. Call it an Irish Republic, or civil disobedience, or whatever. They are treading on thin ice at this point. If they think they are just dandy, then they will have a rude awakening.

    • The Fudds are awake because they cannot get their shotgun shells, gun owners are finally awake given the membership of the CCDL adds to its ranks daily. The legal fund fundraisers are getting larger.

      Gun owner in CT are responding…I just wish it had not taken everyone so long.

      I am amazed that I continue to find gun owner that do not even know that the laws have changed.

      I would not be surprised if the state has the largest turn out for primaries than have ever been recorded

    • I think pink pistols is a great group, but I can feel for them in the sense that they are really stuck between a rock and a hard place politically. Ideally they would vote libertarian, but I know that is unpalatable to some people here. So the alternative is to vote democrat because the democrats are a little more friendly to their orientation, but hate gun rights. Voting conservative generally protects their gun rights, but so many conservatives won’t get over the culture war so it doesn’t generally work out being gay and a conservative.

  8. I agree with the sentiments, but I hope no one is making the mistake of thinking Gov. Malloy will read it or, if he does hear of it, care one jot what it says.

    • You never know. With the way things are right now, everyone is on edge. A staffer might bring it to his attention.

      • I wouldn’t mind being wrong. If Malloy were to read that letter, see a mental image of all those badass looking dudes in the photo up top coming after him, and suddenly realize how stupid he’d been, I’d be fine with that.

        • I stood on the battle green in Lexington. It was an amazing feeling. Then I remembered how restrictive MAs gun laws were and why those men were on green in the first place.

        • Right there with you.
          Ft. Sumter, Appomattox, Shiloh, Gettysburg.
          Very reverent places. They inspire silence and deep thought.
          I’ve never been to the beaches in Normandy, but I imagine it inspires the same thing.

    • Malloy doesn’t give a damn about the rights of citizens if he finds them inconvenient-Malloy is the kind of foul tyrant the Founding Fathers were concerned about.

  9. I am completely pro gun…I am completely against people that don’t know how to write well and express an opinion well writing about gun ownership.

    • Did you mean to write that you’re completely against people WHO don’t know how to write well and express an opinion well writing about gun ownership?

  10. “How would you feel about being solely responsible for starting the next American Revolution Governor?”

    Yup, he’s getting a visit from the NSA, FBI, SS, ATF, and every other alphabet agency for that one.

  11. Robert, you really need to link, or publish outright, Mike Vanderboegh’s letters to the NY and CT State police. Just sayin’. This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around. This is deadly serious existential stuff. We all need to understand the terrain and get on the same page.

  12. What is this? This letter is pretty much insulting to the citizens of CT. Don’t you think we went to Hartford in droves to oppose this law? They had hours of good testimony on the record and ignored it all, shoved it right down our throats using the emergency cert process.

    Where were these guys a year ago?

    The only consolation of this law is Malloy pretty much destroyed what was left of his political career. If our inept CT GOP can even field someone half decent he is gone.

  13. I think to myself sometimes that we see these individual incidents far more seriously than the general public does, simply by our interest and passion in our way of life. I see the situation in Connecticut as a potential powderkeg.

    As the writer states: the state violated its own policies and procedures, in order to pass midnight legislation that made felons of millions of citizens, who were otherwise in good standing. People who were previously legally clean enough to get things like – oh, I don’t know – government security clearances, and things like that.

    This is potentially the largest legal standoff between citizens and government in our country’s recent history, is it not?

    Does the average person even know that this is going on? That’s really what I’m getting at. I feel that this is a very serious situation unfolding, but I’m honestly not convinced that much of the country even sees it as such, or cares.

    • “Does the average person even know that this is going on?” No, not a clue and the lefties in charge who do know want to keep it that way. We cannot unduly upset the sheep now can we? Might start a stampede.

  14. Now if you don’t think there could be rebellion in this day and age just look at this something that is happening right now:
    Ukraine Infantry Carrier Vehicle Destroyed With Molotovs By Protesters

    • Lawmakers in the Ukraine’s parliament got physical, before it spilled over into the streets. I doubt US lawmakers would put themselves in such a compromising situation.. They are way to self serving to lay the issues on the line and be willing to physically defend them.

  15. So I guess no one noticed the Black guy in the photo of the so-called OFWG’s then…Don’t believe the hype, Black Patriots are always ready…

  16. The problem is,Eric makes too much Sense and liberals hate that cause they don’t know how to use it ,they don’t understand it and they Simply reject it cause it uses FACTS ,something they deplore

  17. To those bitching about the tone of the letter. Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and type one up? We’re not dealing with people that want to compromise, we’re dealing with elitist centralized authoritarian scum. If you think we can be rational with these gun grabbing ass hats you are truly fooling yourself and are setting yourself up for a rude awakening.

    • ^ This!!!!!

      It was a fools errand to try and make “deals” with Hitler. And it is just as much of a fools errand to try and make “deals” with civilian disarmament proponents like Governor Malloy.

      Many of us know better now. And the likes of Malloy know that we know better now. That is why they went “all in” with one last, desperate gasp.

  18. The snarky and irreverent tone of the letter insures that if it is read, which it likely won’t be, it will be taken lightly. To an adult, it sounds like the smart a$$ sounding off from the back row of 8th grade detention. I don’t want that letter or Mr. Reed representing my interests in that manner.

  19. I’m sorry, but it is impossible for me to take this post seriously when random words are all caps. It (ironically) sounds like a comment posted on a blog.

  20. Congressmen pay attention to letters more than email. Folks who take the time to write and mail something have more interest, drive, motivation and congressmen recognize that.

    I agree with the person above who said- if you don’t like the letter and think you can do better. Do so. Now, not just to the Governor, but to every elected politician- including the elected sheriffs and the attorney general who have to enforce the law. The city leaders who can direct the local police departments to ignore it. (kind of like ignoring illegal immigration violations)

    Only thing I see missing from the letter is the mental health issue, that’s the driver to much of the violence, particularly the spree/mass shootings. Which I’ll put in letters I write.

    • Yes, but congressmen really only pay attention to letter-writers that reside in their voting district.

    • Here’s something I have said over and over here at TTAG, but not in these specific words. However the sentiment has always been the same.


      Once we stop acting like nice guys, they will stop having the leeway to step all over us. I use the term “nice guy” very specifically and it has nothing to do with being honest, honorable, displaying good character or having integrity.

      It has everything to do with refusing to push back on the liars, cheaters, oppressors and obfuscators of truth in the only way they understand and would respond to in our favor.

      Eric Reed is doing it right. I’d actually tweak a few things … but he’s on the right track.

  21. “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…”

  22. Governor Malloy’s decision to make felons of typical gun owners in Connecticut was a bold move, and a foolish one. Connecticut was nicknamed the Provisions State long ago because there was so much food, munitions, and supplies provided to American soldiers out of the state during the Revolutionary War. Many monumental actions happened in Connecticut during that war. Many true patriots fought and resided in its towns during that time, hiding guns and refusing to hand them over to the British. The spirit of rebellion is obviously still alive in Connecticut today, which I pray opens the eyes and ears of Americans all over the country who think that every unconstitutional law signed by corrupt government officials must be obeyed. Is rebellion necessarily a bad thing when it comes to rights granted to us by God and ensured in our constitution? More people need to remember, or learn, about our roots and fight for what so many have laid their lives down to obtain and defend. Hopefully letters like this will make an impact on those who so desperately desire to destroy the constitution, but I think it will take much more than subtle threats or ultimatums. After all, I’m sure many letters were written to the king in hopes of resolution in the 1700’s. I wonder if things like this even make it to the desks of those they are intended for, and if so, whether they read and consider them. Why do so many elected officials try so hard to stop us from protecting ourselves? Do they really see criminals rethinking their actions because of signs and registering their weapons intended for use in crimes? I just do not understand the logic behind making victims of Americans while giving free reign to the bad guys. Unfortunately, too many United States citizens only care about who is going to the Super Bowl, jokers like Justin Beiber and buying the next big thing..

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