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Gov. Brown takes middle road on guns – “Gov. Jerry Brown, ever the compromiser on gun-regulation matters, kept to form last week. Neither the San Bernardino nor Orlando massacres could move the former state attorney general off his longtime insistence on balancing gun control and gun rights. He signed six new laws, vetoed five others — and left it to voters to decide whether they want to go further in November.” So now ammunition background checks, outlawing legally purchased magazines and re-defining “assault weapon” to include almost any semi-automatic rifle constitutes the middle road on guns in California.

So there’s this:

Questions no one is asking: Intervention at Augusta Wal-Mart raises questions about guns – “’Our citizens are force multipliers,’ Gardiner Police Chief James Toman said last week. ‘They are our eyes and ears. We are asking them to do the right thing.’ That may include intervening, he said. ‘What these gentlemen did was not for everyone,” he said, noting the increase in drug-related crimes. But they saw a problem and reacted. “They assisted law enforcement and that’s what we need. We’re seeing different things now. We’ve always had concerns about guns in the hands of the wrong element, and that hasn’t changed.’”


Gays Against Guns vs Pink Pistols: Two views on gun control debate – Like individuals within most other socio-demographically constructed communities, LGBTQ people in the United States differ widely on issues of firearms along a continuum from imposing absolutely no restrictions on firearms ownership on one end to fully repealing the Second Amendment on the other. Two particular groups embody at least some of the diverse attitudes of individuals within our LGBTQ communities: “Gays against Guns” and “Pink Pistols.” Huh. Wonder why the minuscule Gays Agains Guns gets so much pub.


This time the Dems rounded up some civilians to carry out their political stunt: Gun Control Advocates Arrested in Rotunda – “Eight protesters who lost families and friends to gun violence staged a short sit-in in the Capitol Rotunda Tuesday before Capitol Police led them away in handcuffs. At about 12:15 p.m., the group sat down in the center of the Rotunda and began chanting, “No Bill, No Break,” the slogan used by House Democrats when they occupied the chamber floor in late June to demand action on gun violence. Some of the protesters held photographs of loved ones, and signs with such slogans as ‘My daughter is not a political stunt.'”

Blah, blah, blah…yadda, yadda…. What Pat Toomey has said – and not said – in gun debate – “His aides said he had long reiterated his support for background checks in news releases and public comments while also working behind the scenes on ways to get new gun laws through a divided Congress. And Toomey has mentioned his support in other settings, most notably when he was honored last year by Sandy Hook Promise, a group made up of families of those murdered in Newtown. Toomey remains one of the few Republicans willing to support new gun laws, let alone put his name on such bills. ‘I’m the guy that’s trying to find common ground,’ he said in the interview.”


Matt Damon calls for U.S. to ban guns ‘in one fell swoop’ – “Hollywood actor Matt Damon used a press conference in Australia over the Fourth of July weekend to discuss his desire for a massive confiscation of U.S. guns. ‘You guys did it here in one fell swoop [in 1996] and I wish that could happen in my country, but it’s such a personal issue for people that we cannot talk about it sensibly,’ Mr. Damon said during a promotional engagement in Sydney for the movie ‘Jason Bourne.’” Molon labe, buttercup.

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    • Matt damon gay? Probably how he like them apples! The bourne pansification, finding my fore$#!&, the talented Mr. Wussy… I’m not a huge fan of his so that’s as far as I can take this.

    • Really helpful man. Thanks for playing into stereotypes about gun owners as bigots. Leave the homophobia at the door and grow up.

      • Calling Matt Damon a FAG really isn’t a homophobic slur. It doesn’t matter what his sexual preference is. There’s nothing wrong with whatever it is. He’s still a FAG. Words change. You should watch more South Park.

      • Danny stop being a stereotype of a libtard troll by using silly phoney non-words. Holding an opinion not approved by the PC left is NOT a “phobia” (fear of). Using any of these newage “phobiaisms” is just pathetic. Save it for your next protest or sit in.

      • It was a movie reference buddy – Team America.

        F.A.G. = Film Actors Guild

        • More likely to turn into Fathers Against Guns, but let’s not give them any ideas

      • Ok fucktard… Go look at the picture of Matt Damon used in the article. Then go watch the movie. Then go fuck yourself.

        • I’d like to thank you again for perpetuating another stereotype of gun owners; using playground insults against those you disagree with.

        • Using insults appropriate to the mental level of the cretin who doesn’t understand the concept of a pop-culture reference joke…

          You’re not “disagreeing” with me. You’re being a virtue signaling cunt who can’t be bothered to extract his sense of humor from his ass. There’s a difference.

        • The FAG term from that film is homophobic. It associates one marginalized group in society pejoratively called “fags” with the “film actors guild”. This extends the negative framing of one group to another. This is what we call “frame transferring” in the social psychology industry. This allows you to say you’re not homophobic even though you are transferring the homophobic hate assigned to one group to another group. Think about it.

        • And thank you for proving my above point. Feel free to vent from here on out; I won’t interfere anymore.

  1. Funny this comes from a guy where every single one of his major roles was very gun heavy (Private James Ryan, Jason Bourne ect)

    • Good Will Hunting, The Martian, Interstellar, Zero Theorem, Adjustment Bureau….but yeah, point taken. All actor’s are hypocrits by training – they make their living being who they are not.

      • Its largely just the big name actors and a few people at the top.

        For every Matt Damon, there’s a Keanu Reeves that trains with Taran Butler or something else awesome as well as at least a hand full of crew members who don’t have private security or inflated egos that support freedom, own guns, and *gasp* often carry on set.

      • Maybe the the next Bourne movie after the next Bourne movie will be gun free or even weapon free. Come on damon, I’m sure it will be a blockbuster.

        • What they need to do is retroactively replace all the guns in his previous movies with walkie-talkies like they did with E.T…..

          I’d pay to see Jason Bourne take down a UAV with a 50 Cal Ham Radio…..

    • Turned? He was one a long time ago.

      Damon sends in 4 daughters to private schools, and then campaigns against charter schools and funding for private schools. Then he campaigns for the same freaking public schools that are not good enough for his own children.

  2. So how much dough have you made with guns little Matt? I see another Bourne flick cumming out. Please don’t feed this punkazz…at least a jagoff like Sean Penn HAD some cool guns…

    • Until he had a hot squeeze, temporarily.

      Keep this in mind, Democrats and Liberals – you may be seduced with the promises of peace and love and sex with the likes of Charlize Theron, but in the end you are just going to get fvcked.

      • I’d like to see Sean Penn visit Venezuela again right about now. They’d tear him to pieces and cook him on a grill.

  3. How can you have a sensible conversation about guns with someone that wants to confiscate all guns in one fell swoop? You can’t, that’s the far lefts fault. The 30% of Americans that want to ban guns are a small, radical, fringe element of society and I guess Matt Demon is one of them.

    • That 30% number you just threw out there is probably about as realistic, and accurate as the supposed 10-12% LGBTQ number.

      I suspect that even for the dyed in the wool Democrats who will never change their vote for any reason gun control is a fringe issue. They are voting for every other social program they believe Dems can deliver to them free of charge. Gun control doesn’t move their needle much, if at all. At best they consider it an added benefit, especially since many gang members and drug addicts and petty criminals, who would not be affected by these laws much, if at all, will vote Dem if they bother to vote.

  4. Damon, like most Hollywood frauds, is a hypocrite. Listen to Otep’s music sometime. Her songs and even her videos are full of guns and violence, but then her interviews say ban all guns and abolish the republican party. Just more over paid, under talented slime.

  5. Gays, like virtually every other group, have people on both sides of the equation. I support gay’s right to defend themselves and have taken several gay’s shooting to teach them about guns. We need to step back from our prejudices or we are no different from the terrorists or the Liberals.

    • Well said. The more we can reinforce that the right to defend yourself is a basic human right irrelevant of your gender, race, sexuality, etc. the faster we can distance the second amendment from the idea that it’s just for redneck yokels.

  6. Dissing our Constitution in a foreign country on Independence Day weekend. Outstanding! I’ve got an idea, Matt – move to fucking Australia if you like it there so much. Nobody’s going to miss you here.

  7. Oh sure , he waits until we get his sorry ass back from Mars , then he pulls this crap !!!
    Just like Liam Neelson and sooo many others , I’ll never pay them a dime to see a movie they are in.

  8. Ah, yes, the classic “compromise” on guns from the Democrats… Somehow, this makes me think that in their world view, giving gun owners a jar of Vaseline while they bend them over a table is a “compromise”. This is why I have become a 2nd Amendment absolutist – it’s the only way to combat their predisposition to make screwing us just a tad less painful.

  9. One action that we can all take! Massive Boycott of his new “Jason Borne” movie slated this summer! Make it tank in the box office!

    • Boycott the new movie? Hell, I’ve boycotted all of them. I’ve never seen a Bourne movie and won’t start now.

  10. “My beliefs are at the furthest fringe of one side of this debate, shared by only a tiny minority of people, isolated and insulated from the rest of society by wealth and privilege. I refuse to budge from this extremist position. Why can’t we talk sensibly about this topic?”

  11. Gays Against Guns

    Gunowners Against Gays

    Tromping on your rights goes both ways.

    I don’t agree with being gay, but its your right.

    They don’t agree with my guns, so they should be banned…….

    • Good idea. They can stay in their closets and out of my gun locker/closet. If neither are aware of the other all is right with the world.

  12. Some of the protesters held photographs of loved ones, and signs with such slogans as ‘My daughter is not a political stunt.’”

    i had to read the article to make sure this wasn’t a joke then i laughed harder

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