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Virginia Tech to Mark 10 Years After Deadly Campus Shooting in April – “Virginia Tech says the 10th anniversary of the shooting on its campus that killed 32 people will be marked with three days of events. The school says in a statement that events and tributes will culminate on April 16, the shooting’s tenth anniversary. The school says that on April 14, a campus arts center will host a “Performance in Remembrance” with student performers including a wind ensemble, choirs and dancers.” Perhaps legalizing campus carry would be a fitting tribute.

Who’s a good boy? . . . Duck dog learns patience is first rule of waterfowl hunting – “Lesson one for a duck dog is to become very good at what is 90 percent of duck and goose hunting; that is, sitting and waiting and being what we all want our dogs to be — a good companion. Whiskey came to us with plenty of desire to get birds, to go fetch stuff, and to get very — very — excited at the report of a shotgun. That natural desire to hunt and catch birds is ingrained, and his association of the sound of a gun with fun is set in stone.”

“Ruger is pleased to announce the new Ruger LCRx 5-round revolver in the hard-hitting .357 Magnum cartridge. This durable and reliable revolver is equipped with a 1.87″ barrel and features an exposed hammer that allows it to be fired in either double-action or single-action mode.”

Dead bills walking . . . Washington: House Committee to Hear Restrictive Anti-Gun Legislation Next Week – “This proposal has little to do with making children safer and everything to do with making it safer to be a criminal.  HB 1122 would be virtually unenforceable and in addition to these concerns, there are also safety concerns to consider.  The mandatory use of a locking device can greatly diminish reaction times under duress.  Being forced to fumble with a lock and key in a self-defense situation could mean the difference between life and death.”

Standing by their man . . . Sheriffs, NRA threaten war with Dems who don’t back Sessions – “Both the NRA and the National Sheriffs’ Association told Secrets Wednesday that the vote for the Alabama senator will be used in their 2018 voter’s guide and will likely be a determining factor in whether they will support, or attack, those up for reelection in 2018.”

Keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs . . . Man ID’d after being fatally shot by CMPD officers during apparent road rage incident – “An undercover police vehicle was reportedly in traffic when a vehicle with two people inside side-swiped the vehicle and then refused to stop. The detective followed the driver, later identified as Diaz, and called in the incident to CMPD. ‘Then at some point the vehicle that was immediately in front of the undercover officer’s car stopped, driver got of out of vehicle, produced a handgun, and shots were fired from the undercover detective, unfortunately striking and killing the driver,’ Deputy Chief Jeff Estes said. Estes said the incident was an apparent case of road rage.”

Hope and change . . . Proposes 2-Pronged National Firearm Carry Enforcement Statute (NFCES) – “NFCES will deploy Congress’ Power to Enforce Civil Rights under Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment to Enforce the Second Amendment’s Right to Openly ‘Possess and Carry Firearms in Case of Confrontation.’ NFCES shall Set Forth and Fund a Federal Concealed Handgun Carry Reciprocity Grant Program to provide an annual grant to all states, districts, and other federal possessions that accept all states’ concealed carry licenses just as the federal government has provided grants to states in exchange for state action enacting primary seat-belt enforcement laws.”

Liberty Doll on ‘assault rifles’:

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    • Ouch. My j frame .38 kicks hard enough with +p that I’ve quit using it in the snubbie. That magnum hurts just looking at it.

      • Even without using +p ammo, my .38 LCR isn’t “fun” to shoot.

        Don’t know if the 357 model adds any more kick or just fire, but I wanted the lighter of the two (the 38 model saves ~4 ounces of weight).

        I like the “hammerless” version. If I want to shoot something single action I grab my GP100.

        • Agreed. Lighter is better in a pocket gun. And I’m not convinced that a sub 2 inch snubbie is better in .357.

          These guns are going to be used at knife fight distance. Likely a person will be wrestling with their left hand and shooting with their right. A few fps one way or the other isn’t going to matter.

          Reliability and carrieability count for more than those few fps in that situation.

        • If you’re reaching for your gun at knife fight distance you’re making a mistake.

          At knife fight distance you want both hands in the fight, preferably with one of them hold a knife.

        • They should have made the LCRx .357 in 3″. I’d still only shoot standard pressure .38 Specials through it, though.

      • A .357 snubbie is an exercise in pain and futility. Pain because it kicks like a mule, futility because all that extra pressure from a .357 goes to waste, and the accuracy beyond bad breath distance is atrocious. I have never understood why people would want them. I’d rather shoot a three or four inch .45 compact carry gun than one of these.

        • A .357 snubbie is one of those things that you hope you never need but you’re glad you have it if you do. I wouldn’t recommend it as a primary but as a backup? Sure. It’ll hurt the bad guy a lot more than your hand.

        • “I have never understood why people would want them.”

          I wouldn’t want that *particular* snubbie simply because it has a hammer spur that can hang up on clothing while drawing it.

          A very good reason to carry them is that hammerless snubbies are pretty much unbeatable for safety when deeply concealed, like appendix carry.

          That *loooong*, heavy, but oh-so-smooth trigger requires a deliberate action to fire it, unlike what could easily happen with a striker-fired handgun with one in the pipe, if you happen to fumble with it when ‘fingers turn into flippers’ while drawing it.

          I *despise* the way they *HURT* to shoot; but if my heart was in my throat and I needed to shoot it, I would shoot it…

      • Some of you pantywaists should watch my wife shoot her Ruger LCR. She can pepper a paper plate at ten yards with this DA gun. She practices mostly with .38SP but will always load it with .357MAG at least once each time she takes it out. For the children.

      • Yes, your J frame does kick too hard. My LCR .357 is very manageable even with 158 gr JSP or JHP full loads. My petite niece absolutely enjoys shooting these full house loads in it. I am sure a J frame .357 would hit her in the head. The polymer frame, Hogue grip & overall design of the gun make for great recoil management. I wanted ammo compatibility across all my center fire revolvers, so I picked the LCR .357 to go with the SP101s & GP100; didn’t want to try to stuff a .357 into a .38 & have it not work.

    • Hell, for that matter – I haven’t put more than a box of full-magnums through my Sp101 that weighs twice as much; pretty much feed it .38 special or +p’s. The only time I keep it stuffed with magnums is if I’m carrying it as backup while hunting.
      But that may be the appeal of it right there: it has the ability to use the hot stuff when you want to but isn’t required to. Thus, is why myself, the Gov and many others still love our .357s.

  1. Go to war anyway NRA…it’s not like the Dems(and Rinos) are going anywhere. Dunno’ who your sheriff is but I live in Cook Co.,IL. We got Dart the Dumbazz . I’m liking Trump and Co. more each day(especially Mike Pence).

    • I have to agree. California this year finally amended its law to shift the burden of proof back where it belongs–on the prosecutor to prove that the money or goods are the product of a criminal enterprise, rather than as it had been in the past, and as the US law is now, which requires the defendant to prove a negative–that the money or goods were NOT the product of a criminal enterprise. This is the one AND ONLY area in the law where the burden of proof is reversed, and it has lead to countless abuses by police and prosecutors.

      • I recall a few cases where young looking foreign actresses had to come into the US to testify that they were over 18, so I’m pretty sure there is another instance of such reversal in CP laws.

  2. We have the 3″ barrel LCRX with the extended grips. Shooting Underwood 1 25 +P’s is not pleasant. I really do not want to think about shooting above.

    On another topic, I thought it odd the CMPD spokesman said it was “unfortunate” the felon was shot, as if it just kind of happened.

  3. I really don’t understand the NRA’s opposition to Washington HB 1122. It requires firearms to be kept locked up–in any manner the owner prefers–so as to keep “prohibited persons” (mainly minors) from gaining access to those firearms, and requires FFLs to offer or sell locking devices at the time of sale. Penalties attach when a minor gets a hold of a firearm and bad things happen–which means that the law, like any criminal law, is enforceable after those bad things happen, not just because a police officer wanders into your home. California has had a fundamentally similar (if more carefully written) law on the books for years. The laws that ARE truly offensive are the ordinances in San Francisco and LA which requires owners to keep their firearms unloaded and locked up unless in their personal possession, which is pretty silly if you have no minor children at home, live alone, etc.

    • Because it’s a foot in the door for further laws and, in a state like Washington, assured to be abused horribly against law abiding gun owners.

    • What these laws say, in effect, it this: If I keep my gun inside a locked container (my house), and someone breaks into that container, and steals my gun, *I* am liable for any damage that other person does.
      That violates my right to due process all to hell. Why is it that if someone steals my car (without the keys), and commits mayhem with it, I’m not at fault? Both were locked up, but the car is fair game. I don’t get it.
      But then, I expect common sense from government drones.

    • For those who don’t know it, when you click on the video to start it, there’s a little “YouTube” link in the lower right; click on that, it takes you to the video on YouTube, where you can see who made it, and, if that person has a channel, you can subscribe to it.

  4. “NRA threaten war with Dems who don’t back Sessions…”

    They don’t care. Having a terrible rating with the NRA is now a badge of honor for dems.

    • Read the article.
      There are a number of Dem. Senators up for re-election next year in pro-2A states that voted Trump. They have good reason not to pi$$ off the NRA.

  5. “Then at some point the vehicle that was immediately in front of the undercover officer’s car stopped, driver got of out of vehicle, produced a handgun, and shots were fired from the undercover detective, unfortunately striking and killing the driver,’”.

    Excuse me for asking, but when is it “unfortunate” that a person is dead who produces a weapon with intent to harm a police officer?


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