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GLOCK was showing off two of the guns used by Keanu Reeves while playing “John Wick,” lead character in the second John Wick movie, aptly titled John Wick 2. After recovering from my proximity to something touched by Mr. Reeves, plus the repeated blows to the head I took trying to get closer than the glass security cases allowed, I presented Corey Jones, Assistant National Sales Manager at GLOCK, Inc., with the TTAG Reader’s Choice Award for best new pistol of 2017 for their G19 MOS and G17 MOS.

Looks like a pair of Taran Tactical-modified GLOCKs (a TTI Combat Master 34 and 26) have replaced the HKs carried by John Wick in John Wick

I swear I looked even better before a few long days in Vegas.

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  1. “I swear I looked even better before a few long days in Vegas.”

    Of course you did, Jeremy. Of course you did.

  2. Chicks dig Wick’s Glock? Chicks with Glocks dig Wick? Reeve’s Wick sought by Glock chicks? Wick chicks need more Glock?

      • Popped in the head but we change :

        ‘Cause you’ve got personality,
        Walk, with personality
        Talk, with personality
        Smile, with personality


        ‘Cause you’ve got personality,
        Glock, with personality
        Glock, with personality
        Glock, with personality

  3. Wow, the 2016 Readers Choice goes to GLOCK?
    With innovation like being in a movie, that makes a lot of sense.
    At least wear a clean T-shirt when presenting a “Lemming Award”.

    There are actually other firearms out there.

    • The popular choice is seldom the objectively best choice. But there is wisdom in crowds, and as Buckley noted decades ago – I ‘d rather entrust the government to the first 400 names in the Boston phone book, than to the entire faculty of Harvard.

  4. Oh boy, after long hours with personal trainers Keanu Reeves can handle guns pretty well. That does NOT make him a friend of the 2nd Amendment or a Conservative or even a Republican. The guy keeps his politics generally undisclosed, but suffice to say he hails from socialist Canada, and supports the phony leftist “global warming” crusade (he appeared in “The Great Warming” a ridiculous “documentary” about how the polar bears are going to die because of all the gas being burned by the jets and limos the Hollyweird freaks ride around in.)

    Guess which other “gun stars” hate the 2nd Amendment? Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yup.

    Just because these overpaid play actors wield cool guns in their bloody gore fest movies doesnt mean they think YOU should have guns. When you buy tickets to their movies you support their leftist causes. Its just that simple.

    • Sorry, but pro 2nd Amendment does not equal global warming skeptic. At least the weather was nice up north this past January.

      • Sorry, but the “global warming” BS is a fabrication to control every aspect of human industry. Part of the Degrowth movement (google it.) The entire debate was drummed up by LEFTISTS who see it as the vehicle for their Communist agenda.

        No respect for global warming moron leftists and their cult of flat earth weirdos. Science, it aint. The SUN determines the climate, not my SUV or Keanu Reeves jet plane. Just as I dont begrudge his fleet of collector cars and motorcycles, he should not be pushing the claptrap of global warming which wants to impose onerous taxes and regulations on the things I enjoy. But the guy dates trannys, so there you go.

        Anybody, ANYBODY who gives any consideration to this LEFTIST (by definition) “global warming, cooling, climate change” scam is a liar, a thief, or a moron. What be ye?

        • Tin foil hat? I would like to respectfully request that you spare us your ad hominem BS and speak to the matter with useful information based on factual evidence if you have something to say. Otherwise take that trolling sh*t to Infowars…

          Carry on…

        • The rant about global warming BS was initiated by the John Wick/Keeno Reeves article. These leftists are the only ones wearing tinfoil pussyhats.

          Keeno Reeves is the type of leftist who slides under the radar because he is a play actor who makes movies waving cool guns around and is relatively tight lipped about his leftism. He isnt ranting in the streets like the deranged Shia LaBeouf, who happens to have shared movie credits with Keeno in “Constantine,” waving guns around in his own right. But they are leftists, cut from the same cloth.

          Leftists like Keeno and Shia and the majority of Hollyweird want to abolish the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment. Their catchall “global warming” crusade is intended to destroy capitalism, which is the enemy of their Communist agenda. Of course their goals would appear to fly in the face of their lavish lifestyles, but then again, the Inner Party elites of the Russian Federation and Venezuela live extremely well too, while telling the “proletariat” how to live on crumbs.

          As such, this is extremely topical for TTAG, and your plaintive whining about “tinfoil hats” speaks volumes about where you stand in the scheme of things. Typical tool of the LEFTISTS, denounce, divide, destroy. Not anymore, not with Trump and a new non PC wave of Nationalism finally lifting the veil of the Obama Effect.

  5. Glock follows FN ( FNX-45T ) with factory milled slides and wins an award? Ruger released the Mk IV, more of a new design than milling the slide on existing models.

    • I’m pretty sure the Ruger Mark 4 won some sort of award from TTAG. And I think the FNX-45T may have won an award when it was new as well. Less certain about that one though.

  6. This article shows 2 Clock pistols. The 1st one is as ugly a pistol that I have ever laid eyes on. It looks like a combination of something from a Star Wars movies and a designers bad dream. There is nothing appealing about it, it is to large to carry concealed and the author failed to even give any specs on it. The 2nd pistol is just another run of the mill example of a Glock compact that has been around for years. As you guessed by now I am not and have never been a Glock enthusiast. I thought awards were given for innovation or design. I guess to get an award all you have to do is take a soup can and put the Glock logo on it and you win the award.

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