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United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

President Obama has about one month left in office and he’s throwing lots of pooh against the wall to see if he can get something to stick.  The latest handful of smelly excrement?  America’s Greatest Gun Salesman ever (even CNN agrees) has sent the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to the U.S. Senate for one final (desperate) effort at securing its ratification.  Of course, the incoming administration will flush it down the commode for good if Obama fails.

The UN’s ATT includes, per the NRA:

Notably, the ATT includes “small arms and light weapons” within its scope, which covers firearms owned by law-abiding citizens. Further, the treaty urges recordkeeping of end users, directing importing countries to provide information to an exporting country regarding arms transfers, including “end use or end user documentation” for a “minimum of ten years.” Each country is to “take measures, pursuant to its national laws, to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms.” Data kept on the end users of imported firearms is a de-facto registry of law-abiding firearms owners, which is a violation of federal law. Even worse, the ATT could be construed to require such a registry to be made available to foreign governments.

The “courageous” medal tossing Democrat Secretary of State John Kerry signed the abomination on September 25, 2013 but its ratification has been held up as Democrats could only muster 46 votes for passage the last time someone counted.

Its passage looks doubtful this time as well, but it’s something we all should watch and if necessary, start making calls to our respective State Senators if it looks as though it might come up for a vote.

Breitbart News reported:

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) released a statement on Obama’s new attempt at ratification, saying:

Since 2012, many senators, including myself, have expressed opposition to the small arms treaty, citing an array of concerns with Second Amendment rights. Nothing has changed over the last four years to suggest the treaty is in our national interest, and it will remain dead in the water. I reiterate my strong opposition and will work with my colleagues to protect the rights of Americans.

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    • Probably not, but it probably doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is ratification by the Senate, without which it is a nullity.

    • Leave it to the PREX; SCROTUS; LOUSE; AND CRAMMIT push for something that will ask us (U.S.) to pay to protect foreign nationals and nations FROM US.


      This needs to get shut down and every tentacle of the UN’s “Sustainability Agenda” needs to be lopped off and cauterized before the UN is finally ejected from the U.S. by the end of 2017.

      Call your reps on that, or else we’ll be slow-boiling the frog until it’s poached.

    • “Unsign it”? No.

      But as nations have the right to withdraw from treaties, the Senate could pass a resolution repudiating the signature and forward that to the U.N.

    • There’s no need to un-sign anything. The 2nd Amendment states clearly that this globalist bullshit need not apply to free men. Bam bam can suck a lemon and go back to his commie grandparents for a lesson on hope, change, and slandering the American people.

    • I’m not a constitutional scholar but I don’t remember any time frame requirement for ratification. If the perfect political storm happens again (think 2/3 senate, 51% house, presidency) all in one groups hands, this could be dusted off and ratified in the senate with a presidential signature. The fact that it infringes on the 2nd is perfectly fine because we all know that “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means unless there are “reasons”.

      • I am not 100% sure, but I remember hearing that the United States signed the International Treaty on Human Rights, but to this day hasn’t ratified it. So there is no time frame I’m aware of for ratification.

    • That will be the effect of the name “Kerry” being gone and forgotten by everyone in the world, a total failure and doofus extraordinaire. “Who was this guy?” “Nobody important.”

    • Yes, I will be forever reminding who the NeverTrumpers were that were all over TTAG this past election season.

      Jwt, barn, Tipton, etc.

      • Definitely. TTAG had NeverTrumpers like Tipton, and many others. There were also many who thought Obama ’12 wouldn’t go after guns. And of course there are the “pro gun Democrats” that allegedly exist. Sheriff Clarke is the only meaningful pro-gun “Democrat” I can think of, although he’s incredibly right wing.

        There was no argument at least that Hillary would not be ludicrously anti-gun. I’m so glad she lost, and that Petraus did not get appointed. I don’t want any anti-gunners appointed, especially to SCOTUS.

        I’m still enthusiastically Pro-Trump, but I’m keeping an eye out for missteps and signing petitions against anti-gunners like Petraus.

        • “I’m so glad she lost, and that Petraus did not get appointed. I don’t want any anti-gunners appointed, especially to SCOTUS.

          I’m still enthusiastically Pro-Trump, but I’m keeping an eye out for missteps and signing petitions against anti-gunners like Petraus.”

          Exactly. Right there with you.

        • I wrote Senator Cornyn about opposing Petraeus. I mentioned ITAR. The response I got started “[t]hank you for contacting me regarding the State Department’s proposed changes to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this important issue.” I’m glad Trump didn’t nominate Petraeus because apparently no one reads the letters you write to your congressmen.

          At least someone in his office has a firm understanding of why ITAR should be opposed based on the rest of the letter.

      • “I will be forever reminding who the NeverTrumpers were”

        I gotta admit, I like what I see so far. But weren’t the Obama voters just as giddy back in 2008, when they finally threw off eight years of “W”? Yet there were a lot of counties that went wholeheartedly for Obama in 2008 and 2012, who got so fed up they flipped entirely to Trump this time.

        Will we be the same? Might want to hold off on the “I told you so’s” until, well, we actually have something to judge. I think Trump’s making some excellent moves, but he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. Heck, technically, he hasn’t even been elected yet; that happens on Dec. 19th when the Electoral College meets.

        Heaven knows I’m giddy; I don’t know how old you folks are but I can honestly say I haven’t felt this optimistic since Reagan defeated Carter. And that was a long, long time ago. 36 years ago.

        I think we’ll know a lot more when the first 100 days are up. Right now I’m feeling a bit of Reagan’s famous quote: “Trust, but verify.” I’m taking it as “Hope, but verify.”

      • I was not a Never Trumper. I was very clearly a Trump-If. I even wrote an article about how Never Trump was as stupid as Anybody But Hillary. And I still stand by all that, and no, I didn’t vote for him.

  1. Pooh aint the word.
    Throw this crap treaty back at him and hope he chokes on it.
    One ot the crappiest treaties ever written.
    You want Lower Slobovia dictating what we can do with our “small” arms??
    I never will.

        • Carter at least had the courtesy of LEAVING DC. The POS Kenyan Eunich will NEVER LEAVE. Thinks he and the MSM can continue as a shadow gov’t until Trump is gone. Then the anointed (progtards) can resume their rightful place.

        • I think Carter has done a wonderful job since leaving office. I don’t believe there is the slightest chance Osama will accomplish anything at all, because I am convinced he is a moron who speaks well.

  2. I TRIED to do something sensible about GUN VIOLENCE but those obstructionist Republican Senators stood in the way of progress…

      • I think its all but inevitable. The UN works against the interests of the United States. Its really a welfare family of lesser countries sucking at the teat of the American tax payer.

        • It’s time to seriously consider what benefit we derive from the existence of the U.N. (and make no mistake, it wouldn’t exist without our $3B a year). Our contribution consists of roughly 30% of their defense budget and 22% of their operating budget (they are separate) and is rising. The oil-producing nations in the middle east combined only pay about 1/10th of our contribution at $360M. This system is seriously broken.

        • Mack, I agree completely. And we have enough folks right here in the US deciding how to spend other people’s money, we don’t need someone from Uganda or whatever, stealing from us while living the good life on our dime.

  3. This clown is unreal. Will go down in history as the lamest duck of all lame duck presidency.
    January can’t come fast enough.

  4. There are at least 41 votes against. Dirty Harry didn’t kill the filibuster for treaties. A non-story.

  5. “Even worse, the [United Nations Arms Trade Treaty] could be construed to require … a registry [of law-abiding firearms owners] to be made available to foreign governments.”

    Such information is absolutely strategic in nature since all of us law-abiding firearms owners are part of our overall national defense umbrella. Our nation should no more share such information than we should share the number and location of our submarines that carry nuclear warheads. In other words disseminating the exact identity and location of arms (in the hands of the unorganized militia) is providing aid to our enemies … a.k.a. treason.

    Why isn’t our Congress prosecuting Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama for treason?!?!?!?

    • Because congress doesn’t prosecute people. That’s Trump’s AG’s job. With #pizzagate and the old hag’s private slush fund, he has bigger fish to fry.

      • Pwrserge,

        Congress most certainly does prosecute the President of the United States. In fact Congress has the sole authority to prosecute the President of the United States: refer to the impeachment references in the United States Constitution.

        As for prosecuting the Secretary of State, I don’t recall any explicit Constitutional provision for that. Needless to say, if the Secretary of State and President have conspired together in the same act of treason, there is no way that we can count on the President’s Attorney General to prosecute the President … who would give a direct order to the Attorney General to NOT prosecute him/herself — and immediately terminate the employment of the Attorney General who failed to heed that order.

        Perhaps the only rock-solid way to prosecute the United States Secretary of State is to first impeach the President and find him/her guilty and thus remove him/her from office, then help install a new President, and finally wait for that President to order the Attorney General to prosecute the Secretary of State.

        It sure gets messy, doesn’t it?

    • Again, the Senate could pass a resolution, indeed make it legislation, defining all able-bodied citizens and legal residents as members of the militia and thus of the military, and state that the names of the members of our military, either standing or militia, shall not be revealed to foreign powers.

      It’s about time to update the militia definition anyway; as it stands it’s a bit sexist. Were I writing such a law, it would include a $350 tax credit for the purchase of one’s first militia-suitable weapon.

  6. Good luck Bury Soetoro. And whoever votes for THIS should get the mark of Cain. Sorry Boch-like you my senator’s are Dick Durbin and lame duck Kirk. I expect nothing good from either POS…anyone else bombard your senators.

    • I’ve got Roy Blunt and Claire (bear) McCaskill. One is a maybe to support us, the other, no way in hell do they support us, you figure out which is which. We should have voted in Todd Akin, warts and all.

  7. “Obama Sends UN’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) To Senate for Rejection”


    The final insult. Poor Barry. I almost feel bad for him. This is what he must have meant when he said that the US hasn’t gotten over slavery yet.

  8. The senate is not gong to ratify this abortion of a treaty.

    This is just posturing on the part of Barry Hussein Soteroe Obama

  9. Great points made by all here, with that being said, if Cankles with the help of Barry and Co induce enough faithless electors to block President Trump’s election to office, what is the reaction? I don’t see us gathering into safe space screaming rooms or pissy temper tantrums on air, or walking into oncoming traffic the way the left has.
    I for one will hate the left in a way that I never have in my life if their obstruction to our US Constitution, our way of life, our President’s election, succeeds. I see Barry, Hag Face and Co constantly producing falsity in all areas of public matters, the false economic numbers, the lie that all is well, when it isn’t, so my concern is, do they push us so far that they get the reaction they dearly want so that Barry is “forced” to stay in office until things die down? Cause that’s some bull that I won’t put up with. Perhaps I’m chicken little screaming that the sky is falling, but as a pessimist, I see the writing on the wall and I worry that the treasonous left is working hard to bring regime change to our streets and they are nearing success, ahhh maybe I’m just all razzle dazzled. Goodbye Barry, can’t wait to forget you.

    • If enough faithless electorates switch sides to put Hillary in office, it will be the death of the Democrat party as we know it. Straight ticket voting is putting these smaller states’ Senators in Republican favor. Gerrymandering in the House has kept the House Republican and will. Throw in a completely rigged election where Hillary (who’s Clinton Foundation is still under investigation) guts the FBI to stop that, presides over the ACA breaking down, presides over a recession (the economy is cyclical and the next one might be really big if the ACA collapses) where she can’t share credit with the last president and the next couple elections will be wave elections so big it’d break the Democrat party’s back.

      The only thing that keeps me from wishing she actually manages to overturn the election is the Supreme Court seat. That’d be a terrible loss

    • I hear you, but I already have plenty of ammo, I’ll just wait and see what happens, other than a few like Pelosi’s dumbass daughter I can’t believe they would be so stupid. I suspect that if they are, we’ll need a revote in a month, since all electors would have been replaced. And maybe a candidate.

  10. Have to say, casting an “implied” dispersion on John Kerry’s military service is below the belt. The man served well, and then protested a BS war.
    It is his recent actions as a rich and connected politician that merit criticism.

    • What implied aspersion, putting courageous in quotes or mentioning his phony medal toss?

      Kerry served. He killed a few VC and avoided messing up badly enough to get his own men killed, which puts his service above some other young lieutenants.

      BUT, his military service, like the rest of his public life, was stained by the “what’s in it for me?” ethos exemplified by most everybody who winds up in the US Senate:

      “My arm’s bleeding, I want a Purple Heart”
      “I have three Purple Hearts, I want to be transferred stateside”
      “I cannot support this war with a clear conscience. I want to resign my commission, form a protest group, and screw rich donors”
      “Mrs Heinz, I can’t stop admiring your beautiful bank bal-, er, backside”
      “Theresa, do you really think John’s old supporters can get me elected?”

      • Wow, is my memory off today.
        John Heinz died in 1991, 20 years after John Kerry and Theresa Heinz were involved in the Vietnam War protest movement. Kerry was married to his first wife from 1970-1988, living with her until about 1982.
        He did not use John Heinz’ money to become a politician in 1972.

        Here’s a good one for you: John Kerry requested an annulment of his marriage to the mother of his children, choosing to make his daughters bastards in exchange for securing the Roman Catholic Church’s blessing of his marriage to Theresa Heinz.

  11. Senators take an oath of office that says they will defend the constitution, including the second amendment.
    This treaty would conflict with the second amendment, thus any senator who voted to ratify it would be liable to actions for failing to keep to his oath of office.
    At the very least, a failure to re-elect should occur. Violating one’s oath of office should be a very serious affair, even though our current president has done it several times with impunity.

  12. The passage through the Senate? Just isn’t going to happen. There’s not even a plurality, much less a 2/3s majority, that will support this treaty. Just a last-minute “Hail Mary” play from a very frustrated, lame-duck President.

  13. The United States should scrape the U.N. off the bottom of our shoe and move on as if they never existed. Remove their privileged existence from our soil and stop funding them for their anti American activities.

  14. I guess the DNC , Hillary “AOL” Clinton, and Barack “The Kenya resident” Obama are all still ” Spirit Cooking” together….

  15. Could someone please explain why the provisions of the ITAR treaty are being enforced on US citizens when it has yet to be ratified by the Senate? I recently purchased a thermal imaging scope and had to provide documentation that I was the end user and would not export same. It’s ludicrous this idiotic treaty has force of law even though unratified.


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