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“You’ve described the alt-right and white supremacist movements as a very small group of people… Yeah, a couple hundred thousand. So why should we be worried about them right now? They have a lot of guns.” – Senior analyst at Political Research Associates Chip Berlet in ‘As a White Nationalist, What Do You Do?’ [via]

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    • My response to the original article…

      I hate to break this to you, but the alt-right exists for a reason. Middle class white men have been demonized or ignored by the mainstream politicians in this country for decades. Our rights are non-existent, issues are ignored, we are accused of being racist, sexist, “homophobic” etc…

      What you lefties failed to realize is that you can only verbally abuse somebody for so long before they stop caring. Once that happens, you get people who look to their interests and realize that they are the majority in this country, they do most of the work, and if the rest won’t shut up and fall in line, they will be beaten into line.

      Congratulations geniuses, you created us. What’s more hilarious, every time you open your mouths, you give us more power. Thanks, we’ll make America great again. If it takes a little Zyklon B to get the dirt out, so be it. We don’t care about what you think of us anymore… and as you mentioned, we’re the ones with the guns.

      • What’s this “we” shit you crazy ass russian? You got a mouse in your pocket?

        You start raving about gas and you cross the line at light speed.

        • I see the paid trolls like DDAY and PWRSERGE from the dcn and soro funded NGO’s are on here trying to make the alt right look like Nazis . this is straight out of Saul alinski’s “ruels for radicals” .
          ALT right is mainly the part of the GOP that has had enough of the BUSH/Rove Democrat supporting banor /McConnel political machine.
          Like all large groups , I’m sure there and a few dozen nut cases on the extreme edges. The mainstream media will get a little film of these kooks, or plants, and say that those few dozen people represent all 10 million people.
          Well funded leftwing organizations have people on staff who troll the web and try to smear the group.

          kind of like the press covering a gun show. 10000 nice people there and the one person they interview is the lone nutcase who talks about how the government is all izard men.

        • Yeah… Way to ignore the actual point…

          Though the fact that you think I’m a paid troll is adorable.

        • Paid trolls? You wish. They are smack in the middle of the Trump voting base.Right along with much of the rest of the readership of this website.

          You may not like it, you may wish it weren’t so, even to the point of fantasizing that Soros is behind it, but the fact is Trump encourage the KKK and the Christian Nationalist Skinheads to be proud and join in and here they are, smack in the middle of your party, eating all the canapés.

        • but the fact is Trump encourage the KKK and the Christian Nationalist Skinheads to be proud and join in and here they are…

          *Citation Needed

      • ” If it takes a little Zyklon B to get the dirt out, so be it.”
        Step one, open the bag. Step two, put your head in. Step 3, take a big, deep breath.

        • Yeah… Please keep ignoring how the left is relying on demographic replacement and genocide to stay in power. These are the same clowns that starved 20 million Ukrainians so that they didn’t have to deal with them anymore. Quite frankly, I think a gas chamber is too kind a fate for somebody willing to destroy their own country.

        • “to stay in power”- What power? Is Trump a leftist now? Are the majority of the governors leftist? The majority of the House, the Senate? All the Republicans elected to majorities are leftists? Demographic replacement? Do you mean the demographic that sat out this election and refused to vote for Clinton and most of the other Democrat politicians? These are not the clowns that have ever been anywhere near the Ukraine. They have not heard of the Ukraine. They do not care about the Ukraine. This is America. You live in America now. Uh. Mer. Eh. Kuh.

        • You think the Demokkkrats would be able to elect a dog catcher without importing millions of new government dependent voters? Please, it’s how the socialists always operate. If the native population of their new socialist utopia doesn’t buy their bullshit, they simply exterminate them and import people who do. Go look up the holodomor and tell me how demographic replacement is not genocide.

        • He’s a paid troll for some left wing organization. don’t let him get you worked up. he’s Just doing what he’s paid to do.

        • Sergei may many things, but a “paid troll” stretches the boundaries of incredulity.

          Like most of our current crop of legal imports from Eastern Europe (I don’t know if he is one), he is aware of how oppressive regimes work, and can see the signs of them coming. One can most assuredly raise an army of former Russians and Ukrainians who actually care about our great nation not turning into the sh1tholes they left.

          As for the gassing thing, I hate to break it to you, but Hillary and her ilk would be more than happy to gas all of us ‘deplorables’ in furtherance of the globalist agenda.

        • Got it in one. Legal import from the Ukrainian Socialist Repiblic. Grandson of a Kuban Cossack, a Crimean Tatar raised in a Jewish household due to her family (and most of theirs) dying out in the holodomor and the great-grandson of an “enemy of the people” (aka kulak). Quite frankly, you will find few people that hate leftists more than me.

        • Serge, Had a feeling (I know a ‘few’ ex-pats). People with families who have a only been here a few generations have gotten comfortable, but don’t really “get it” the way those who either helped start this project, or those who have come here understanding living with oppression means, really do.

          I’ve met a hundred or so former Ukrainians, and they all demonstrate the core beliefs of our great nation.

      • Really. Your reply is a reference to the murder of Jews as an answer to our society’s woes?

        You should have never been allowed to emigrate from whatever hellhole you were spawned from.

        • I was thinking communists, actually… But hey, I wouldn’t expect somebody who ignores history to understand that the only solution to dealing with people trying to genocide you, is to genocide them first.

        • Speaking of ignorance of history, it should be noted that Hitler considered communism to be a Jewish philosophy. Karl Marx was Jewish, Lenin had a Jewish grandfather and Trotsky’s real name was Bronstein.

        • Yeah… I’m sure that was very comforting to the million plus Ukrainian Jews that Stalin literally starved to death.

        • You’re missing the point. Hitler used communism to demonize the Jews which facilitated the genocide. The fact that one million out of seven million that Stalin starved to death in Ukraine happened to be Jewish never factored into Nazi politics.

        • It might interest you to know that when the communists took over in Russia, only Christian Orthodox churches were destroyed or “repurposed”. Not a single synagogue was touched or disturbed. This one (inconvenient) fact shows who the inventors, promoters and supporters of communism were (and still are).
          As to WW2 and German incursion into eastern Europe, much of the local non-communist population welcomed the Germans, as anything was preferable to living under the boot heel of their communist commissars. In fact, according to my relatives, the Germans were very polite to the local population, requesting that they stay in their houses while the Germans were passing through. There were many small acts of kindness rendered to the local populaces by German soldiers while the communists were tracked and hunted down. In fact, many of the troubles in Germany before WW2 WERE a result of communist insurrection…

        • I remember even in the 1970’s there were Russians who had very large houses, Benzes, and lived a luxe life. Interestingly they were not Politburo insiders, they were merely ‘Members of the Tribe’, and rather proud of it as I recall the interviews.

          To be fair, Stalin killed almost all of the intellectuals, the survivors were the Jews who were the architects of the scheme to begin with.

      • Sure, Serge, you were referring to the “communists”.

        Maybe you should have just stayed in your native homeland and fought repression and totalitarianism there rather than come to our country and attempt to infect it with your animus.

        Easy for you to say that I or others ignore history without a single shred of evidence to support your claim. The truth however is that I and we have taken up arms against the enemies of our country. Your zyklon-b comment makes you one of them in my opinion. You’ll never be an American regardless of any paperwork our country foolishly granted you.

        • Hey John, fun question… What was the most widely persecuted group, in terms of body count, in Europe between 1930 and 1945?

        • The hilarious that you throw that bullshit at somebody who qualifies for the right of return under Israeli law…

        • > Maybe you should have just stayed in your native homeland and fought repression and totalitarianism there

          Fighting repression and totalitarianism in his Ukrainian homeland would mean fighting the invading Russian troops, and the puppet “people’s republics” that they have established, the leadership of which is openly reminiscing about how awesome the USSR was, and one of which is using blatant Soviet symbolism for their coat of arms (

          Instead, this guy supports these people. So yeah, he hates some “leftists” – just not the ones that actually invade and occupy countries.

          Make your conclusions.

      • If that’s the case and you “qualify under Israeli law for the right of return” then shame on you for not picking a better metaphor as you’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know what that image conjures up…especially for those whose families or relatives experienced it firsthand. And regardless, pogroms, mass executions and genocide are not the answer.


        “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

        BTW, I voted with the alt-right. FWIW. Good luck to you. I hope you choose your words and metaphors more carefully in future. Out.

        • The point is that if you call somebody a Nazi long enough, soon enough they stop caring about ACTING like a Nazi.

          – What is the punishment for being late for duty?
          – Death.
          – What’s the punishment for rebellion?
          – Death.
          – Well, in that case, we might as well rebel.

        • “The point is that if you call somebody a Nazi long enough, soon enough they stop caring about ACTING like a Nazi.”

          Uh, no. If you wanted to use language from the American Revolution, you could have. But you didn’t, instead you’re using the language of a genocidal regime that we fought against in WWII.

          You may be one of those twits that gives the nazi salute at little rallies but stop with the ‘we’ crap.

        • Sorry Barka, people have no better angels. If you treat them as the worst scum imaginable for long enough, sooner or later they will realize that there is no downside to acting that way.

        • DDay, If “Hail Trump” is evidence that they are NAZIs, we should probably stop using “Hail to the Chief” as the official anthem of the President of the United States. While we’re at it, no more “Hail to the Redskins” in DC when they score a touchdown.

          As for the NAZI salutes, I watched the video, and Spencer didn’t do it. He raised a drink in his hand. There were 4 or 5 guys tops that did the salute, although footage has been shown shot from two different angles (of the same guys) edited to make it appear it was more than that. I’ve heard arguments that it was a Roman salute, in emulation of the scene in the painting The Oath of the Horatii (1786), by Jacques-Louis David. The painting illustrates a Roman legend about patriotism and has been featured prominently as artwork in Alt-Right publications for years.

          On the other hand, maybe there were a few actual neo-nazis that bought tickets to the NPI event. Or maybe they were just trollish individuals screwing around to shock people for fun, or agent provocateurs working for the opposition. In any case, the incident was used by the media to paint the entire movement as guilty by association.

      • The alt right is one thing, but thanks for illustrating that Nazis still exist. It reminds us to be more vigilant with regard to you guys. We have dealt with you before, and we will do it again.


      • Simply put, you can’t behave like the bad guys and consider yourself a good guy.
        The Founders understood this, wrote governmental limitations into the law and left a legacy of holding the government accountable. That is the ONLY way forward. IF a crime was committed, we MUST prosecute and imprison. If the penalty for the crime is execution, then the LAW must have its blood. Otherwise, the LAW must have its rule. Any other suggestion puts you outside the bounds of Liberty.

        • At some point, the gloves have to come off. When the objective of the opposition is the outright extermination of you and your way of life, you have few other options. The reality is that the left has long ago realized that they lost the battle of ideas. That’s why they are so obsessed with “welcoming” “refugees” and “immigrants” who don’t assimilate into American or European society. They know that the only way they will ever hold on to power is to breed their political opponents out of existence.

          The sad fact is that when one side of the political spectrum commits to and widely implements a policy of demographic replacement, that’s when you get genocide, one way or the other. There simply is no other outcome. For a recent European example, go look at the Balkan wars in the 1990s. What happened there was the slavic natives found themselves a demographic minority in their own country. Lacking any other options, they resorted to a civil war.

          Fortunately, in the US and most of Europe, we are still decades aways from this being the only likely outcome. The alt-right can read the writing on the wall, if we don’t turn around inside the next couple of decades, you’re going to see ethnic civil wars breaking out all over the western world. Given the historical precedent, that’s an inevitability for a “multi-cultural” society. The point of the comment is that when you call somebody a Nazi for wanting to defend their way of life while deriding their legitimate concerns, sooner or later you’re going to get actual Nazis.

        • I’m not sure what you’re getting at. The most valuable thing about this country is the principle of limited government. It is more valuable than every single person in this country put together because it’s the only thing that makes us different than Mexico or Russia.

          There is at least one political party in the US that is actively attempting to destroy that foundation.

          I think you’re misunderstanding Pwrsurge. I think he’s advocating doing anything necessary and killing as many as is necessary to prevent the leftists (basically communists) from getting into the position where they set the stage for an American Stalin.

          I don’t think Bernie Sanders would be Stalin, but he would help lay the necessary groundwork for one.

          You’re putting words in his mouth here because you’re automatically implying that he would support a dictator or government who promises the “solution” to our non-producer problem. I don’t think he is. All that he’s said so far is he advocates using violence to subdue the power base of the America Stalin.

          An intelligent question would be “How do you propose undertaking such a large project without creating your own dictator of sorts? And, consequently how do you keep him to the promise of calling a convention and forcing through a constitution that clarifies intent and puts teeth into enforcement of liberties?

          In my book, the “good guys” Are the ones willing to fight, kill, and risk death for a noble cause. The “why” is what makes the good guys good. Not the “what.” By the end both sides will kill anyway.

        • Don’t get me wrong, Serge. I’m prepared to use force to defend my culture and nation. I will apply that force as judiciously as possible to restore the rule of law. I’m glad you admitted that the zyklon-b comment was bad. It was worse than bad, it was heinous. I would go so far as to say it was un-American. I can’t think of any more damning comment to one who claims to have such furor for patriotism. The problem is not that there are average citizens out there making stupid choices. the problem is that there are not enough Americans showing up at state assemblies, fully armed, prepared to tar and feather(literally or figuratively) any and all officials who aren’t adhering to the letter of the constitution. The writings of the founders make it plain that that was there intended program. We all need a little history lesson. Look up “The Battle of Athens”. This is how Americans should deal with corruption in government.
          The moment James Comey said he wasn’t going to prosecute, there should have been 100,000 militia men at the door, demanding HIS arrest and immediate replacement with one who had the will to prosecute appropriately. Under no circumstances is threatening to wipe out a bunch of folks who disagree with you via chemical warfare a defensible statement to any American. Liberals aren’t really the problem. We are to blame for not telling them to sit down and shut up sooner.

      • BTW, Serge, outside of the zyklon-b and genocide references, I felt it only fair to state that I am in agreement with several of your other points.

        I voted for Trump, a man I find odious in most respects, because both Clinton herself and the agenda of the Democratic party: BLM (to the exclusion of, or overriding all lives mattering); white shaming; the police and law enforcement always being “wrong” despite evidence and judicial proceedings to the contrary; the rule of law only applying in certain communities; LBGTQ rights being trumpeted and force fed as somehow more worthy of protection than the rights of those holding “traditional values” etc…left me no choice. Not to mention their disregard for the 2nd Amendment and my fears for the future of the Supreme Court.

        So, it’s not that we are entirely in disagreement. I just reject the notion of wholesale slaughter. As a retired LEO, I prefer to have evidence of intent and crime before sentencing and carrying out appropriate punishment. I am not against capital punishment where warranted.

        • The Zyklon B comment was a poorly worded implication of the inevitable result of their current course. When you marginalize and deride a large portion of the population who have legitimate concerns, you get actual Nazis in short order. See my reply to Burly above…

          I’ll admit, it was in poor taste, but given the nature of the topic at hand, I couldn’t resist using the leftist’s own dog whistles agains them.

        • On a side note, I refuse to apologize for my hatred of communists and Islam. My family history gives me plenty of valid reasons to despise both groups. Neither opinion is bigoted because both conditions are CHOICES that people made. … and yes, I think the world would be a far better place if every single communist was either beaten into sanity or stood up against a wall and shot.

        • So in other words, you actually did mean your Zyklon B comment exactly as worded, it’s just that you want to gas leftists and communists, rather than Jews.

      • Fair enough. I appreciate your recognition that your points could have been made more effectively without resorting to that image. I think, in the main, we are in agreement as to why the average “John Doe American” finally stood up and said “enough”.

        Perhaps someday the Democrats and those supporting their agenda will realize that.

        While Wikileaks and foreign interests may have fueled some of the fire, the fact remains that this was a homegrown uprising by ordinary, mainstream Americans who finally decided they had had “enough”. Not racists, not homophobes, not anti-semites…though, no doubt, as with any group, they too were present within the body of voters which led to Clinton’s and the Democratic Party’s downfall.

      • You’re barely above troll status and a poor reflection on us all. While I agree with a few of your points you made them in a childish and insensitive way. Furthermore it is silly to claim that we middle class white men have no rights. Last I checked I’ve got all of mine. I don’t know where you put yours but you should start looking for them; I’d start under that massive pile of Nazi propaganda over there in the corner.

        p.s. you suck

        • P.P.S.: Go find yourself a safe space, pwinky. Do you always pee your pants about a few words in the comment section in one tiny little space in the Internets? Read past some of pwrserge’s more blatant bluster and the guy actually says some things worth pondering.

        • Pwinky, Sure you do, sure you do….

          Let’s talk about divorce, child custody, prison sentences, getting hired for a job, getting into a college, just for starters.

          EVERY. SINGLE. CASE. The white male is not only not ‘advantaged’, but actively discriminated against.

        • Again, my reproductive rights and parental rights leave nothing to be desired. I’ve made children when & where I desired, and have 100% access to those children. Being a white male hasn’t altered that at all.

          “Let’s talk about divorce, child custody, prison sentences, getting hired for a job, getting into a college, just for starters.” OK, but again I’ve not had any issues. Never experienced divorce and I don’t plan on it so that’s not a problem. So obviously child custody isn’t a problem either. Never been arrested so I’m not worrying too much about prison sentences. I’ve been offered a job literally 100% of the time I’ve interviewed so no complaints there either. I got into every college I applied to and attended on a full scholarship plus a stipend so, once again, I noticed no discrimination or loss of rights.

          So I’ve not had any of the same experiences you’re referencing, and I know of a bunch of other white guys just like me who can say the same. I’m not begging for a safe space; I’m simply calling out an asshole for being an asshole. I agree he makes some interesting points sometimes; he could continue doing so without referencing Zyklon B but that would be beyond his powers of self-restraint.

        • Pwinky, Just because you’ve been somehow fantastically fortunate, the reality of institutional discrimination against white males is solidly borne out by stats from accepted government sources. Especially custody arrangements, employment preference, and college admission.

      • It’s one thing to reject identity politics. It’s another to go full Nazi. Luckily we normal people have guns too, and I’m willing to bet we outnumber you. Never again.

        • :”Never again”

          Thanks, wondering when a jewish-American would pop up in the discussion to chastise goyim who aren’t willing to be put out to pasture. You guys have never seemed to eschew identity politics when it suited you. And if you wanted to ensure “never again,” perhaps you shouldn’t have done to America what you did in Weimar Germany. We’re awash in degeneracy and our industries are destroyed just like theirs were and people have once again correctly pinpointed the culprit.

          If you could see how many retired veterans (infantry, not POGUE) are on the Alt-Right or worse, you’d be more nervous. Should have made sure your veterans got good healthcare and opportunities and not sent them off into quite so many pointless wars, Shlomo. Jewish supremacists will have nobody but themselves to blame when the first nuke hits Tel Aviv.

        • Alt-right is not about rejecting identity politics. Quite the opposite, they’re all about identity politics – white identity politics.

          You might have heard of that guy, Richard B. Spencer. He’s the one in that video shouting “Heil Trump” while doing a Nazi salute, and then mentioning the Lügenpresse. He’s also the one that came up with the term “alt-right”, specifically to describe what he and his followers were doing.

          Well, one journalist asked him how he would respond to the accusation that his group was practicing identity politics in the manner of blacks and Hispanics. He replied, “I’d say you’re right”.

      • And you felt so proud of this little gem that you dashed over here to re-post it? What? You couldn’t just climb the basement stairs from your “apartment” and tape a hard copy of this to your Mom’s refrigerator?

      • The Alt Right is just the right wing version of the SJW. Whinging on and on about how they are victims and oppressed. Getting offended and triggered about Star Wars and differing opinions. It’s all identitarian politics.

        • Tons, I see it on Twitter and youtube everyday. It’s identity politics. No one cares about us white, western Europeans and our culture, wah!

          Unless you’re counting the autistic 4 channers posting funny memes. Those guys are alright

          There’s no difference between #dumptrump and #dumpstarwars, it’s an emotional reaction to something they don’t like. They get just as offended as SJWs, and recently have started using the same tactics the SJWs use. They even use cuck the same way a SJW uses racist or sexist, or whatever ist. They can’t dispute an argument, so they use an insult to try and shut someone down instead of shutting their argument down.

        • Ok… Let me educate you then…

          1. White Western Europeans are the only people who’s culture is constantly attacked as “offensive” in the mainstream media. Central African genital mutilation? Not a peep. Some guys in Wales do their traditional folk dance (several hundred years old) that involves people’s faces covered in soot? RACIST. So, yes, it’s a legitimate concern.

          2. #DumpStarWars is a legitimate response to a studio rewriting an existing and outstanding franchise to fit their social justice warrior bullshit. It was wrong when they did it with Ghost Busters, it is wrong when they did it with the new Star Wars movie. Perhaps it will take a couple of Ghost Busters sized flops for them to get the message.

          3. The reason we use cuck, is because it’s an accurate description of many of our opponents. They are so bent over backwards to not see “mean” that they forget to act in their own interests and will often act directly against them. While the term is overused, I like to think I use it sparingly.

        • and so you do admit to acting like a social justice warrior? Just different issues, same tactics, same behavior.

          The Alt Right is also for big government like a social justice warrior
          They are collectivists just like social justice warriors
          They engage in harassment campaigns like social justice warriors
          They are easily triggered by nothing more than rumors (nothing in Star Wars Rogue One was anti Trump, in fact there is a whole scene of the main character arguing she needs a blaster IE gun to protect herself)
          They resist all evidence that doesn’t fit their narrative like SJWs.

          It’s all the same because its all collectivism.

        • Richard Spencer openly admitted that alt-right is white identity politics in an interview.

          “I don’t think this was just an unusual election with an unusual candidate. I think this really was a paradigmatic shift. The new paradigm that Donald Trump brought into the world was identity politics and in particular white identity politics.”

          This is the guy who literally defined what alt-right is.

        • “Zyklon B” was used as a disinfectant and insecticide as a precaution against lice–nothing more. The famous pictures of the camp inmates’ emaciated bodies were due to typhus–nothing more.
          I’ve been to Auschwitz and noticed the inconsistencies in the claims that the various rooms were used as “gas chambers”. Of course, out of deference, I was forced to “bite my tongue” and refrain from asking questions that really need to be asked. As an engineer, I noticed that the so-called “gas chambers” did not have gas tight doors, which would have been required to keep the operators from gassing themselves. In fact, there is no ventilation system to exhaust the gas at a safe level. There is a chimney that is not connected to anything…
          In my research, I learned that many of these buildings were constructed AFTER WW2 by the Soviet Union for propaganda purposes.
          As to the crematoria, there are claims that THOUSANDS of bodies per day were turned to ashes. That is an impossibility as it takes HOURS to cremate one body, let alone thousands. The Germans were excellent engineers, and would not have made those glaring engineering errors… Many of the inconsistencies in the buildings and “holocaust ™” claims would have been unthinkable and not a result of German engineering.
          If a country were hell-bent on genocide, WHY WOULD THEY KEEP RECORDS?? WHY would they build “camps” hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away with railroads and other transportation, sanitary facilities, housing, recreational, medical and other ancillary facilities. Would it not have been easier to just “eliminate” them without going through all of this trouble? The communist Bolsheviks did just that with the non-communist civilian populations of the conquered countries in the communist orbit.
          There are many “holocaust ™” inconsistencies that are in dire need of honest research. However, in many European countries and Canada, honest research into “holocaust ™” is actively discouraged and will result in prosecution, fines and incarceration. It seems that certain “interests” have something to hide…”Holocaustianity ™” has been deemed a “religion” in which no deviation from orthodoxy is allowed…

      • You’re not the only one with the guns, asshole. And I’ll make sure that there will be more of us still, by the time that matters. Enough to meet you alt-right Nazi scum with force.

        And if it comes down to Zyklon B, I’m pretty sure that a lot of other people with the guns here, who are pretty far to the right, but who will still be overjoyed to put a bullet through your head. So, alas, I may not even get that opportunity.

    • Oy vey guy don’t you understand six million people were gassed by an authoritarian government? This is why we need to ban assault rifles. Never again!

      • For the record, that was not an anti-Jew thing. I honestly couldn’t care less. It was a point that genocide is the inevitable outcome of the Balkanization the left is encouraging. The point is that when it comes to that the Europeans aren’t the ones who are going to get genocided. We’re a nasty bunch. For crying out loud, we nailed our God to a stick.

        • “WE” didn’t “nail our God to a stick”…the Biblical passage is “May his blood be upon us and that of our descendants”…Blood libel? I think not…When Christ was rejected, the old covenant became “null and void”…

  1. This whole alt-right thing has been confusing me for quite a while.

    It’s supposed to be all racist and anti-gay and whatnot but then people like Milo and Steve Bannon are described as alt-right and supposedly racist when Milo is gay and only fucks black dudes while Bannon actually flew to London specifically to ensure Breitbart hired (as opposed to another organization) a brown dude with an orthodox Muslim family background.

    So, as far as I can tell “alt-right” is basically whoever the Left doesn’t like and wishes to smear as being a bigot.

    • It’s just a vague label to rally the troops toward an enemy. Is that enemy racist or homophobic? Doesn’t matter.
      Whip up the useful idiots into hysteria. Maybe even pass some laws and regulations.

      Dupers and dupees is all it is. People like Berlet are dupers (could be a dupee, depends on how much of his own tripe he actually believes) and his audience dupees. Every side does it. It’s the easiest way to convince a mass of people to help make you rich and powerful. The difference between “everybody just send me a dollar” and “everybody send me a dollar so we can fight X”

    • The alt-right is basically an group of cultural nationalists. As a general rule, we don’t mind anybody who is willing to assimilate into our societies on our terms. What pisses off the alt-right is the concerted effort by the left to breed Europeans out of existence and import millions of people from the third world to maintain their political power. Destroy the culture and balance of our society as a result. Basically, we are a group who has stopped caring about being called “racist”, “sexist”, “islamophobic”, etc… We realized that if we let the current status-quo stand we’ll have a balkanization of the entirety of Europe and the US which is not something our societies can recover from.

      • Cultural nationalists? What does that mean? My Polish wife thinks you Ukies are a bunch of dumbass, illiterate peasants and she is right when it comes to you. There is no such thing as a single common European culture. That is why the EU is a failure.

        • Pretty sure I never implied that all cultural nationalists have the same culture. German culture is different from British culture, is different from Serbian culture, etc… However, the overriding commonality in these movements is that these cultures deserve to have their own states that don’t seek to destroy the very culture that created them.

        • We have one culture here and anybody can be a part of it. If you areally representative of the typical Ukrainian back in the old country then I say let Putin have it. At least he isn’t an anti-Semite.

        • Really? So there is no difference between the culture in the various enclaves (such as Hamtramck, MI) and mainstream American culture?

        • There is little difference between Hamtramck today and Chicagi’s Wicker Park neighborhoos in the 1950s. The long term difference is not found in the community but our own culture that no longer requires assimilation.

          You really aren’t any different than the multicults. You share a common set of assumptions about immigrants. I think you would feel more comfortable back in Ukraine. Please go back and defend your heritage from Russian Impetialism. Both the US and Ukraine would be better off

        • That’s interesting, I don’t seem to recall stories of muslim calls to prayer being pumped out all over Wicker Park. The key difference is that the poles assimilated. These days, the only way to tell them apart from other Americans is by their family names. Islam is not interested in assimilation. What’s going on here is a form of Jihad.

        • If anybody can assimilate, how is it that blacks and native Americans have failed to do so despite being here longer than 2nd and 3rd generation European immigrants who seem to have no problems functioning in America?

        • Steve that’s a fascinating bit of propaganda that you’ve bought into. The actual fact is than whites make less than Asians, Indians, Malaysians and a bunch of others. More importantly, the fact is that Nigerians and Guyanains make more than whites. The reality is is that there is no institutional racism, but there is a cultural issue issue with American Blacks.

          ‘Black Culture’ is the problem for blacks. There are no barriers that they haven’t created themselves.

        • LOL Ukrainians are all illiterate peasants as said by a Pole. That’s cute. If the Slavs weren’t always throwing their vodka bottles at each other and mumbling a slurred “no, you’re dumbest!” then the civilized Europeans would miss out on tons of cheap comedy and cheap labor.
          Also now Pwrserg is the bigot?

        • Yes… Because clearly one out of context case of the Roman salute… Dear god man, do you even hear yourself? The Daily Stormer is not the alt-right.

        • “The Daily Stormer is not the alt-right.”

          It is however good for a laugh. But not the “laughing with you” kind.

        • I find real Nazis far more amusing that real communists. Real Nazis are comical because they are basically an irrelevant freak show on the sidelines. Real communists, however, are far more dangerous. When was the last time you saw Nazis show up and pull shit like this?

      • In the 50s you could walk around Wicker Park and not hear word of English. Go back to Ukraine where you belong.

        • But miraculously, everyone there COULD speak English. 80% of “migrants” aren’t literate in their own native language. You expect them to be able to learn a second one?

    • “So, as far as I can tell “alt-right” is basically whoever the Left doesn’t like and wishes to smear as being a bigot.”

      I agree. Basically, at this point, it’s a macro saying “hate on this person/group/thing because.”

      • Alt-Right is just the left’s latest fake news bullshit label attempting to demonize another demographic.

        I just call them the Ctrl-Left in return.

      • No, you are wrong. The alt right are neo nazi’s, nothing more. They want to purge minorities from the US and have the US a white european culture. They are not interested in limited immigration or securing the border, they are racists who want only white people here. They are not conservatives, not trump supporters. They latched onto trump for their own goals but trump & his nominees certainly find the alt right vile racists.

        • The “alt-right” invention is simply the latest left divide and conquer. Look at all the infighting going on around here. Fortunately, the relative success of the alt-right meme is limited due the lefty clowns being powerless to watch Trump being sworn in.

        • So wanting to enforce immigration laws/ limit immigration insure we are not displaced and out voted=”Nazis”? Not buying it anymore.

    • Milo and Bannon are only labeled Alt-Right. They’re not. Milo has said as much. The only reason most of the media has lumped them together is that Milo/Breitbart is about the only news source that actually gives them a fair hearing without all the hand wringing.

      From my own personal perspective, there’s a lot of the Alt-right with which I agree. There is a line there, somewhere, that I haven’t been able to get across to actually call myself Alt-right. While I don’t agree with ALL of their rhetoric, I find myself agreeing with their blanket statement that white men built the greatest civilizations that the world has ever known, because they kind of have….

      • +1 A big part of alt-right theory (as I perceive it) is the concept of “tribalism”, which is basically saying “people of a certain culture tend to like being around others of that same culture.” In my opinion, culture trumps race, sex, and just about everything else. Religion is a bit harder to separate out, because in some cultures, religion IS the culture. Bottom line: it’s not a good idea to mash disparately different cultures together, for the utopian sake of diversity/multiculturalism, because historically-speaking, that leads to all sorts of bad stuff. Like wars, genocide, and other large-scale calamities. This isn’t overt racism, sexism, or any other ism: it’s just human history, whether you like it or not.

        Alt-Right Definition. The alt-right prides itself on being a loosely-defined set of take-what-you-want ideas, but here is one well-known person’s attempt at it:

        • I’ve read Vox, and that post in particular. A couple of times.

          There is an undertone that white, Western Europeans are a superior race. I’m not sure if that’s intended, or if that’s just how I read it. Assuming that’s actually what he meant I don’t necessarily agree. I don’t really think there is one objectively superior race.

          I do, however, live in the United States of America and believe in the historical fact that this nation became great because it was founded on white, Western European ideas. So, in our case, those ideas are an important part of our nation that ought not to be pissed on.

          It’s a fine line between the two…

        • “I’ve read Vox…”

          Jesus. Why not just drink a pint of wood alcohol and hit yourself in the head real hard with a 16oz hammer 20 or 30 times?

          The result would be the same and the process more pleasant.

        • “I don’t really think there is one objectively superior race.”

          I agree completely. However, I believe there is an entire ladder of objectively better and worse cultures.

    • “So, as far as I can tell “alt-right” is basically whoever the Left doesn’t like and wishes to smear as being a bigot.”

      Yup, consider them the ‘non-adorable deplorables’…

    • I’m gonna hit a few points here real quick and not in any particular order.

      First it’s not vague and generic it’s a way to mobilize people to hate and potentially violence against specific people who are labeled. It’s straight out Alinsky: isolate, marginalize, destroy. Jobs have been lost and lives ruined simply over holding the “wrong” opinion.

      Secondly, Serge is right to a point. The Left weaponized race, sex and sexuality. They made this monster. La Raza, the CNC etc. They’re all far Left groups pushing a far Left agenda and they use race to include and exclude people from the goodies they promise.

      Finally, like it or not demographics are a weapon at this point. The Muslims have figured that out. Truth be told those minorities we’ve struggled so hard to bring to parity with the Western world hate many of us based not on religion but on skin color. This is as true of certain Islamic sects as it is of Farrakhan himself.

      Oh and one last thing. How come Black Nationalism is fine and dandy but White Nationalism isn’t? Seems kinda racist to me.

      • Addressing your last point, I would posit that white nationalism is so scary because there is actually some potential force behind it. Not that black and brown people don’t have some grievances, but in America anyway, I think it is known that if their nationalist sentiments ever became wide-scale and were acted upon, it could be shut down pretty quickly.

        Like it or not, whites still have the power in this country. Of course, “whites” are in so many different factions politically, socially and culturally (as are other races too) that a truly large-scale, actionable white nationalist movement isn’t very plausible (despite what progressives would have us think).

        But is scary to think about if roughly 3/4 of the population banded together under the “white” umbrella for nationalist purposes. So the left continually stirs that pot and is “OK” with black nationalism, because they know that A) blacks are as diverse a group as whites and therefore unlikely to truly unite and B) if they did, it’s only like, what, 12% of the entire country. But better to keep them riled up about it so they continue to support an agenda.

        • While you have an interesting hypothesis that certainly holds merit for some generally speaking I don’t think progressives think through things as much as you have.

          Black Nationalists vote a certain way and that’s all that matters. As much derision as the Left throws at people about racism they’d be perfectly happy to take some KKK votes if it meant they won an election. Quite frankly, I’d argue that most of them do a poor job of covering up their own racism. Who’s more racist? The guy saying black people should get an education (something the Left denies them), work hard and succeed or the guy saying blacks can’t succeed?

          I’d argue it’s the latter. Saying “You can’t succeed unless white people in government help you” is basically the same thing as saying “Here you dumbass n*****, take these foodstamps because you’re too fucking stupid to actually get a job. I have no faith in you so I’ll do all the work for you”.

          To me, the latter is fucking disgusting and I don’t understand why black people put up with that kind of condescension from liberals.

        • I don’t understand why black people put up with that kind of condescension from liberals.

          “I’ll have those n****** voting Democrat for 200 years.” – Lyndon Johnson

          To steal a line from one of the great characters in American literature: Johnson was the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice.

        • Strych- I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. The overt racism of keeping an entire group of people dependent on gov’t need was one of the major factors in my awakening as a teen.

          Unfortunately, to me it seems, gov’t-dependent black people have bought the idea that they are owed these handouts due to historical injustices, and that without them they’ll never get ahead. They haven’t thought about the implications for them as a people. Same paternalism, different plantation.

        • “They haven’t thought about the implications for them as a people.”

          In fact:

          They have been told not to think about it.
          They have been taught not to think about it.
          Most of them who have thought about it and come to the correct conclusion have been shamed and ostracized.
          Most of them who have thought about it and come to the incorrect conclusion have been immensely rewarded.

          The result: Cultural brainwashing. A shared delusion.

        • Charles Paine (sp?) of Fox news has described how he was shamed and ostracized as a kid for exactly that, but he persevered and is a very respected man today, as well as having a net worth around 275 million after being raised in poverty. It is not race, it is culture.

      • The alt right bigots are the same as the black panther bigots. Just call out all the racists, anti semites, etc. Don’t justify the alt right by saying there are black bigots too. All of them are vile.

    • Calling others racists and whateverphobic is just the 21st century equivalent of calling your enemies cannibals and baby-killers. It dehumanizes them so your base doesn’t feel bad about destroying them

  2. Why is it that anyone on the right side of the political and social spectrum is called an “extremist,” when the most lunatic, anti-American, racist left fringe of society and politics is called “progressive?”

    • Because the right side of the politico-social spectrum ceded control of much of the educational system and media, and thus the language, some time back.

    • Because that’s how totalitarians and their state run main stream media try to manipulate the low information voters. Demonize and vilify your opposition then claim offense and hatred if those you’ve been vilifying factually say the totalitarianism hate a large segment of the public.

  3. “The alt-right believes in racially separate nation-states…”

    There’s nothing wrong with that idea, it is a morally neutral concept. That idea isn’t isolated to the Alt-Right, but it includes Korea, Japan, Israel, among many other nations on Earth.

    “Part of the coalition is relatively angry people with guns…”

    You’d be angry too if you realized your own government has sold you, your future, and your children down the river.

      • “Israel is 20.8% Arab”

        Yes it is, and while Israel has no problems with Arab Christians and Druze, Israel is none too pleased about the huge Sunni population. But there’s not much that can be done about them.

    • See, that;s part of the “alt-right platform” I don’t agree with. I don’t agree with the idea of racially separate nations. I do, however, agree with the idea that everyone within the nation should take notice of how that nation came to be in the first place and take steps that they continue to behave that way.

      In our case the U.S. was founded on and became great because of white, (old school) Western European ideals.To suddenly deny that historical fact and attack those ideals is kind of guaranteeing failure as a nation.

      • “To suddenly deny that historical fact and attack those ideals is kind of guaranteeing failure as a nation.”

        That’s exactly the point, as you probably know. Academics who have intellectual roots in the Frankfurt School of Marxism (that is, most of them, particularly those in the “liberal” arts and social sciences) call it “critical theory.” Which has always been nothing more than a euphemism for corrosive anti-Western propaganda.

      • They want to focus on all that was wrong with the Founding Generation and early Republic. While we should never whitewash our history, you should be able to separate the good from the bad and recognize that our early leaders were human and therefore capable of human imperfectness.

        Instead, progs view historic people, events, movements etc from a 21st century lens. I do have a history degree (which was very fulfilling personally but rather useless in my post-grad job search) and our professors did not like us holding historic figures to our modern values.

        • I disagree that leftists merely apply 21st century standards to our forefathers from the 18th century. They refuse to apply those same standards to 20th century leftist leaders (Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot to name just three) who were guilty of crimes against humanity.

        • They don’t see them as guilty as crimes against humanity. They see them as crimes against individuals, and individuals don’t matter so long as the collective is improved.

          My God, that hurt to type.

        • Kendahl- I think you and I are on the same page. I didn’t mean to imply that liberals hold that standard for all historic figures. They usually only do that for figures who are representative of the ideals of American exceptionalism and European identity. Except for Lincoln, whose views on race and black people in America were pretty standard in their time, but extreme by today’s standards.

      • “I don’t agree with the idea of racially separate nations.”..Why not?

        It works, its produces peace, prosperity, and a great future..

        If you want a multicultural hellscape, move to South Africa, do not move it here.

        • I don’t want multicultralism. Quite the opposite. Migrants to a country need to assimilate, that’s the only way for a nation to actually be a nation.

          Maybe that DOES mean it needs to be racially segregated in order for that to occur, but I’m not sure of that.

    • Even if we accept that it’s morally neutral to believe in such a thing I don’t think there is any moral neutrality left when you start to discuss how to get there from here.

  4. The alt-right is the left’s new boogieman. Just like they demonize the NRA because they know they can’t sell demonizing 100+ million gun owners, they know that they can’t demonize every farmer in Kansas so they have to invent a new demon to explain why HRC lost and to rally the troops against.

  5. I’m confused. First, the progs tell us that it is delusional to think that individuals with arms can serve as any kind of deterrent to tyranny, even if there are millions of them. Then, they tell us they are worried because a couple hundred thousand (I don’t know where he got that number) people hostile to his viewpoint are armed.

    • Just like they’ll tell you that Mexicans flooding into America wont change it while also telling you that America will change because of Mexicans and you can’t do anything to stop it.

      Everything the modern left says is a lie aimed at the destruction of your civilization

  6. The Alt-right is the “left”, Alt right isn’t Conservatism, and you cannot do conservatism “too far” as then that becomes not conservative.

    I call out the left as liberal_progressive_communist_globalist [&] (D) and rino, and I am not the only one who thinks/does so. They are all a fing scourge worthy of a civil war, and this is their attempt to throw the same type of label back on us.

    F that, F them, and all those who don’t agree or are sitting on the fence.

    • “Great baby boomer memes of history”

      Redefining everybody to your right as being to your left. Conservative means you’re conserving the traditions and practices of a civilization instead of introducing radical change to it. Except the mainstream conservatives keep trying to explain why the progressivism of the last generation is actually conservative. The plight of the hair-brained pseudo-conservatism today is to justify George Washington’s views with no-fault divorce, racial egalitarianism and the violence integration is responsible for, and the demonization of whites in a nation we built.

      If George Washington were alive today, he’d be Alt-Right and he’d want you and yours hanged as cowards and co-conspirators with progressives in the destruction of this country. Don’t feel bad. He’d have done the same to Reagan.

  7. The Alt Right are nationalist not white nationalist. Just like the Tea Party the monster called the Mainstream Media seek to destroy any nationalist movement that rises by calling it racist, And we do have a lot of guns. 😉

    • Not true at all. Look up Richard spencer, the founder of the alt right movement. He’s a racist and wants a white america and to purge the minorities. They are not nationalists, they are neo nazi white nationalists.

      This is what the true alt right is about. They are vile racists and anti semites.

      Don’t compare conservatives, trump or his base with the alt right. The alt right are modern neo nazi’s, they are not conservative, they are not part of trumps base, etc. They are just relabeled nazi’s.

      • Blacks should be in charge of Black homelands = unquestionably virtuous.

        Whites should be in control of White homelands = unquestionably evil.

        You’re just anti-White, and more Whites realize this every day.

    • The tea party was taking its cues from the founding fathers and American revolutionaries.

      The Alt-Right leaders are taking their cues from Nazism.

      The two movements are not equal.

  8. When the cultural Marxists in this country openly and gleefully call for the eradication of white men, it just might create a bit of a pushback. White nationalism and white supremacy groups were pretty much non existent by George W’s presidency.

    The Marxist left needs an enemy they can point at in order to get votes. A Black guy is president, gay marriage is legal, and the majority of women don’t believe in feminism anymore. The “racist/homophobe/sexist” arguments have lost their punch so an enemy needs to be created to rally the troops. Division politics at its apex.

  9. The Left thrives on divisiveness. Before the Election they called Donald Trump a fascist, racist, misogynist and homophobe. Now, ostensibly in light of the “Russia hacked the Presidential Election” meme, they call Donald Trump a communist and Russia collaborator (as well as racist, misogynist and homophobe). White Men have been a long-time favorite whipping boy for the divisive invective of the Left.
    Now, they’re shocked and surprised to discover all that effort has created the “Alt Right”, which supports Trump’s “Make America Great Again” theme?

    The Left is devious, perverse, deceitful and fascist in their intention to destroy the American Constitutional Republic and turn it into a Marxist/Socialist totalitarian dystopia ruled by a small group of elitists. The Election of Donald Trump is a backlash by middle America (predominately composed of White People! ) who may be actually starting to wake-up to what the Left has been up to over the past 60+ years. The “Alt Right” is both a creation of the Far Left and a reactive symptom of the damage already done to America

  10. phhhhht. The modern republican is the liberal of decades ago. The modern liberal is a straight up freedom hating socialist. They are racist against non minorities (support affirmative action, homogeneous racial groups like BLM, etc) and are sexist and support the rape culture (disarm, keep women disarmed, pay women more than men, etc). They are also phobes. They are phobic against freedom loving gun owners and republicans. They want to register them all and disarm them. It’s like xenophobia or islamophobia except towards flyover folks.

  11. Damn right the leftards should be sceered…but not ’cause whitey suddenly went all Klan on you. As mentioned the progtards demonized groups like The Tea Party because “white”. Same deal…I’m not condemning serge. Got the black wife-brown kids.

  12. There aren’t enough real alt-right members to fill Wrigley Field. The term is just used to smear people who deviate from the lefts’ agenda.

    I also agree that those described as Alt-Right are for the most part leftwing heretics. The traditional mainstream left can be described as believing in the socialism of class whereas the alt-left believes in the socialism of race. However, today’s mainstream left is really what the Russians call the Red-Brown coalition . Under the influence of the Belgian Nazi Paul de Man they have merged the socialism of class with the socialism of race. That is why they are as anti-Semitic as the Nazis. They just have a new rationale for murdering Jews.

    Unfortunately, some of the loudest voices in the TTAG commentariat are representative of that tiny group. They are over represented here.

  13. The Alt Left is much more worrying to me, because they are extremist ideologues that control most of the media, most of the democrat party and have several billionares who like to buy legislation and fund propaganda.

  14. the left still hasnt figured out that the “alt right” are just a bunch of 4chan /pol/-tier shitposters trolling them all the time, because they are too stupid to figure it out

    it’s been an amusing year watching it all play out to say the least

    • There are people that are ‘in’ the movement that are true-believers.

      The guy going into that pizza parlor was a true-believer, even if he was following the stupidest conspiracy theory ever that did indeed get made up on 4-chan.

      • yeah

        thankfully the “true believers” realistically haven’t changed and kind of always been there, so any real stupidity other than 4chan trolling buzzfeed and huffpost journos 24/7 is actually not really going to change in the long run

  15. The implication here is that the alt right has proportionately more guns than any other group. I doubt that.

    Walk down any rural, small town, or suburban road in any part of the United States that does not touch the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. How many doors do you think you’ll knock on before you find a home with a Ruger 10/22? How many people keep a revolver in the night stand? How about a truck gun? Most of these folks are not alt right. Conservatives, moderates, and even liberals.

    Speaking of liberals, has anyone noticed the uptick in participation with groups like Pink Pistols? In states that allow concealed carry, swing by the next permit class. Maybe it’s different in your state, but in my neck of the woods we’re seeing lots of liberal-type folks suddenly attending these classes. I suspect the furor from this past election has given many of them a new appreciation for the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

    The attempt is to tie gun ownership to the alt right, thereby making gun ownership evil by association (sorry, alt right folks…but you know the press and the liberals are trying to paint y’all as pure evil…but that’s another discussion). But a quick check of the logic proves that to be a heaping, steaming pile of manure. It’s just another desperate move from the gun control playbook.

      • Taking the point you’re making…and I see it as a tangent, but let’s take the tangent…it’s the alt right’s willingness to act with those guns that makes the lack of gun control a bad thing? Not seeing the cause and effect relationship there.

  16. ‘Alt right’ is just a term coined by the left to denigrate anyone who has the audacity to have any smattering of conservative beliefs. Blanket labeling (deplorable!!) anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100% was one of the reasons they lost back on November 8th, and why they will continue losing. Rather than taking a look in the mirror, understanding the truth and learning from it, the Democrats will (hopefully!!!) remain in the political wilderness for some time. Instead, they are throwing temper tantrums, blaming their defeat on anyone but themselves and doubling down on their identity politics ‘strategy’. Almost sounds like the behavior of a toddler who doesn’t get a cookie!!

  17. So, Chip, you’ve noticed that the Alt-right is armed, and you’re not.

    Sucks to be you, I guess. I have no sympathy for those who choose to go through life without skills or the basic tools of survival. If you decide to live in your progressive fantasyland where the government provides for your every need and keeps you safe, if that’s the bed you’ve made, then you’re going to have to lie in it.

  18. You should be more worried about minorities with guns. You should be worried about minorities burning down cities and committing disproportionately more crime. The alt-right isn’t your enemy. They don’t want you dead but marxist inspired and directed inner city scum do.

  19. The term “racism” was invented by communists, and is used to destroy cultures and defuse (and render impotent) those with differing points-of-view on “racial” issues.

    That being said . . .
    True “racism” is desirable as it merely cements cultural and social bonds that are necessary for a society to function and flourish.

    True “racism” merely denotes commonality of purpose and advancement within each respective racial group.

    Blacks have the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanics have La Raza and Mecha, Jews have the $PLC, ACLU and ADL. These are all “racist” organizations that serve to promote the interests (and political power) of their respective races.

    It is only whites who are castigated and threatened for attempting to show any signs of racial solidarity.

    Let’s look at what us “evil, privileged” whites have done for Western society and the world:

    1. “Civil-rights (for some)” laws (that effectively destroy “freedom of association” for whites, but not for other races) and do not apply to whites–only “people of color” are covered by these so-called “civil-rights (for some)” protections, (Ask “Attorney General” Loretta Lynch about that).

    2. “Affirmative action” policies (that push better qualified whites out of positions and jobs that they would ordinarily qualify for) in favor of lesser-qualified minorities. In fact, “affirmative action” policies actually damage those minorities who are quite capable of “making it on their own” because they get “lumped in” with the groups that cannot make it on their own without “help”,

    3. “Contract set-asides” (that are specifically targeted for minorities (that white people are prohibited from bidding on) and immigration policies (that specifically exclude whites, most of who have skills that would benefit the USA) in favor of those from the third-world (with no marketable skills).

    4. Scholarships that specify particular ethnic groups are looked upon favorably by most people, save one–scholarships that are intended for whites only are looked upon as being “racist”, and therefore impermissible and improper in today’s racially-charged climate of “political correctness”.

    NO OTHER RACE (BUT WHITES) HAS BENT OVER BACKWARDS to assure that all non-white races receive a “fair shake” in being a part of American life, even to the detriment and social well-being of “our own kind” (whites).

    Whites are imbued with an externalized altruism possessed by no other race. This externalized altruism that “looks out for the other guy” will be the demise of the white race. This altruism needs to be internalized and focused inward, just as other races have done. There is NO SHAME in looking out for one’s own kind.

    “Multiculturalism” and “diversity” are code-words for white genocide.

    Since whites comprise approximately 6% of the world’s population, it is whites who are the true minority, on a worldwide basis. Being a true minority on a worldwide basis, it is whites who should be the most cherished and protected of minorities.

    • “Racist”/”Racism” = terms coined by Leon Trotsky, look at how THEY, “the Left”, “rewarded” HIM, a claw hammer to the head in Mexico.

      Sen Joseph McCarthy was correct 70 years ago, so was the Dies Committee and HUAC. What we need now is a Red Hunt Resurrection, Leftists/Leftism/Communism/Socialism/Cultural Marxism must be eradicated from all our institutions ie. academia, science, media, entertainment, news, government agencies, and political parties if our nation is to survive.

  20. Last thing we want is for Whites to be able to defend themselves. How will we have thousands of young White girls raped by Muslim invaders every year if Whites can use the second amendment for its intended purpose? Listen, we have to destroy White civilization, and if the people we want to destroy can fight back, that’s just not fun. This is why the founding ideals of America are evil: because they actually serve to protect Whites instead of enslave of slaughter them.

    Black pride good.
    Black riots good.
    White self-defense evil.

  21. Why doesn’t israel take in refugees? Because immigration would change the character of their nation. And….because refugees would kill them.

    No the alt-right makes the same assertion for the US but that is evil because. …..russia….or simrthing.

  22. Plenty of people have guns, the reason why the Alt-Right is so worrying is that they’ve got a president on the way in who is appointing former generals to the cabinet.

  23. So true white european rule is the greatest achiement of humanity? If so we should make trump the monarch correct? Brilliant

  24. “You’ve described the alt-right and white supremacist movements as a very small group of people… Yeah, a couple hundred thousand. So why should we be worried about them right now? They have a lot of guns.”

    I see a lot of race baiting in this thread, so lets bring it back to realville– As of 2016, Fortune Magazine estimates the number of gun owners in the United States to be 55 MILLION. Let’s do some quick math: What percentage of fifty-five million is “a couple hundred thousand” again? The only correct answer is realizing just how rhetorical that question is. It also puts not only the analyst comment in it’s proper perspective, but highlights just how much this thread is freaking out over nothing. America isn’t dominated by race-hating neo-Nazi gun owning freaks of nature in any way, shape or form. What a revelation.

  25. How can anyone claim “Western Society” ie. “White Culture” is NOT “superior” to the blacks of Africa and browns of Central/South America? Just look at the Dark Continent, scientists claim it’s where humanity originated yet it’s a craphole of epic proportions where many still live in mud huts. If it wasn’t for Whites a majority of Africans would still be “clicking” with their mouths/tongues and using drums to communicate (instead of ripping us off with internet lottery/gold mine/oil well scams) add to that by driving out White farmers communities are now starving. Central/South America is no better, though they had some accomplishments ie. Inca’s etc. all has been lost due to their savagery against each other. Yep we “Whites” have nothing to be proud about (sarc).

    So yeah I’m “White” and “proud” I’ve have every right to be.


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