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A truly special snowflake at Loyola University in New Orleans saw a fellow classmate in a full police uniform and became “uncomfortable” at the sight of the officer’s sidearm. That’s right: the sight of Josh Collins, a sheriff’s sergeant in uniform with his sidearm, caused a delicate little flower to complain to the professor. What did the professor of the Law and Morality class do? He called the police!

The cognitive dissonance on display boggles the mind. The professor called police – officers armed with guns – to respond to a police officer lawfully carrying a sidearm. Where are the adults who supposedly run Loyola?

Sheriff’s Sergeant Josh Collins.

What’s worse, this wasn’t exactly the first day of class. In fact the semester is almost over, so Sgt. Collins’ should have been a familiar face.

Here’s a post he put up at Facebook, captured by the UK Daily Mail:

From the Daily Mail’s story:

A police sergeant and part-time student was told to leave his law and morality class because he was dressed in his full police uniform.

Josh Collins, a sheriff’s sergeant in New Orleans, attends the classes at the city’s Loyola University.

In a Facebook post he explained how he arrived at class this week in his uniform as he didn’t have time to change.

However a fellow classmate complained to the professor of being ‘uncomfortable’ at having an armed police officer in the room.

The University’s response: Oops!

In response the university claimed the incident had been a misunderstanding.

A spokesman said: ‘A student in the class saw another student with a firearm, and during a class break said something to the teacher. The teacher contacted campus security to determine university policy.

‘Campus security directed the teacher to confirm that the student with the firearm works in law enforcement. The teacher confirmed that the student worked in law enforcement and the class resumed at the end of the break.’

The teacher/professor didn’t already know university’s policy on police officers on campus? C’mon. To quote Hillary Clinton, the University’s statement requires a ‘willing suspension of disbelief’.

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  1. “‘…A student in the class saw another student with a firearm…”

    And, perhaps, wearing a costume (or uniform) commonly associated with the open carry of a sidearm.

    Where is the rock under which this snowflake has been living?

      • Makes me think of the classic comeback to the accusation that teaching kids to use guns will make them be killers — women are equipped to be prostitutes, but that doesn’t mean they all are.

    • Not living under a rock, this SJW just wanted to make someone’s life harder b/c they had a gun on them. He/She/Xe/It knew what *insert pronoun here* was doing, and that’s the bad part. The willful maliciousness is what aggravates me.

      • I refuse to acknowledge the letters “xe” or “ze” as applying to human beings. OTOH, “It” works just fine for me.

  2. That’s maybe one reason Loyola University is nicknamed Crayola University
    What kind of young adults will be running the country in 10+ years.
    No real men or women left – just snowflakes.

    • Our country is in deep sheep dip as far as the future is concerned. The millennials are a profoundly stupid generation and as my old Pop use to say…”You can’t fix stupid”.

      • Yes. Unfortunately, I believe Trump is just a temporary band-aid holding up for a. Hirt time the rapid decline of American exceptionalism. THE snowflakes will win the longer war.

      • Then plow through them. I’m a millennial, and to be perfectly honest with you, it’s going to be a lot easier to take what I want in life when my competition are these pussies as opposed to Iwo Jima veterans.

        There are lots of good, strong millennials, but you won’t find them on Twitter or in gender studies classes. They typically are quiet too, so you can’t hear the whining and crying when you stop walking and listen.

      • Stating “millennials are a profoundly stupid generation” is incorrect. They are no more or less intelligent as any other generation.How many millennials are serving in the armed forces? are police officers? are they excused from that statement?

        The real error is what they have been spoon fed growing up. Be their friend not an authority figure and all that nonsense. I had to hide my love of shooting for my entire school career including college from idiot teachers like that.

        If you tell a child its entire life to act a certain way, don’t take responsibility for your actions, don’t be an individual follow the group, always look to the authority for problem solving, you are never the problem, people must conform to what makes you comfortable, no amount of negativity is acceptable. you keep reinforcing and encouraging this stupid lemming and child like behavior from young adults what do you think will happen when they actually become adults? Indoctrination is easy on children, what do you expect. I am not excusing their actions just trying to give you perspective.

        Every generation has difficulties to over come. Perhaps one for millennials will be overcoming the PC SJW nonsense that has been created and encouraged.

  3. It may be a crime, but some people just need a good slap across the face. I’m talking about a slap that only a pimp with at least 15 years in the trade can deliver.

    I’m not one to need safe spaces, but damn I feel like I need to lie down after reading that.

  4. Just playing Devil’s Advocate:

    Did the professor or any other student have prior knowledge that Josh Collins is an actual Law Enforcement Officer and not a random civilian wearing a costume with associated gear?

    How does one determine based on visual inspection alone that someone wearing a police uniform really is a police officer?

    Calling the police to verify that Josh Collins is a real officer should not be an issue. Pulling the officer out of the classroom after verifying the fact doesn’t make as much sense.

      • Josh Collins says in his own post: “This is the first time after having six previous classes that anyone became aware of my profession.”

        Yes, he is not a new student to the university. That does not necessarily imply that his classmates or instructors should have known that he is a legitimate police officer prior to some kind of verification.

        The uniform implies legitimacy but does not by itself guarantee it.

        • Actually that depends if the uniform itself is defined in state and / or city law Penal / municipal code. I’d say also common sense, but that seems to have left this particular college campus.

        • Well, they had no way of knowing the gun was real, either, but had no trouble ass-uming that! The conversations we keep hearing about are not even real. Fruitcakes are dreaming shit up to claim their 15 minutes of fame.

    • I am a fan of solving problems at the lowest possible level. That is the student who is concerned addressing the student who is sitting politely looking at the board. Assuming that level is too much to ask, the professor addressing the police officer is the next step. A person who wants to shoot up a classroom won’t open carry for the duration of the class. Common sense tells us that even if something is wrong, it’s not immediate and can be addressed as adults. “Hey, I’ve never seen you in uniform before. At least one of the students is uncomfortable with your gun, in the future, I’d rather have you change and be late than armed.” seems a completely acceptable response.

  5. To be fair, after 40 years of the police waging war against all non-government employees, only an idiot doesn’t get nervous / on edge at the sight of a cop. You never know when they might decide to “serve and protect” you into a coma or the morgue.

    • You must hang on every word the left leaning media broadcasts.

      Law Enforcement has not been at war with all non-government people. That is wayyyyyy to broad a statement. This is not to say that there are not some agencies who may act that way, but they are actually in the minority. All it takes is one bad apple giving one person a bad impression, and that one person tells all their friends what happened. However, in many cases, the friends do not get the whole story or even close to the truth. I know first hand having been investigated on citizen complaints. Fortunately, I had a tape recorder which put the lie to the entire complaint.

      It is also true that in the vast majority of cases, the citizen has actually done something wrong, whether it’s a traffic violation or something worse. They also are the people who from first contact display zero respect for all police officers. In my 20+ year career, everyone I had contact with had my respect until the showed they didn’t deserve it.

      The people who complain the most are most often people who have never had an issue from contact with law enforcement. Indeed, a great many have never even had contact. They are instigators who just want to cause trouble. Look at peaceful demonstrations which suddenly turn ugly. The original demonstrators found themselves caught in the middle between the police and the instigators.

      Finally, In a nation wide poll of officers at all levels, ranks, years of service, size of department, size of community, etc., the rank and file stand in support of the 2nd Amendment and against gun controls which do nothing. These are the same people who are most apt to have to deal with armed criminals and still they stand for the citizens rights. Those who supported gun controls are, for the most part, those who owe their jobs to political support.

      If law enforcement was at war with the public for the past 40 years, it makes no sense that they would support the public possessing firearms which those officers might have to face.

      Yes, we need to weed out the rotten apples, and we do, regardless of what the public perceives. The process of weeding them out begins with the hiring process, which includes lie detectors, psychological evaluation, and physical evaluation. Then comes the academy where future police officers are placed under stress and if they can’t handle it, they are eliminated. Then comes a probationary period. It’s not that easy to become a police officer in most jurisdictions. We may wear a uniform and carry a firearm, but we are still members of the community we serve. We are still citizens and neighbors. To be at war with the people we live among is like General Custer telling his men not to take any prisoners.

      • Whether it’s reality or just a perception, the militarization of police departments is a major reason that people feel the police are at war with the civilian population. Even police departments themselves are beginning to question the extensive reliance on special ops, SWAT and strike command forces. This has nothing to do with whether police officers, either individually or as department policy, do or don’t support the Second the Second Amendment.
        Senior Gun Owner 1950

    • There’s reality, then there’s what you’ve written here. Let me know when the shuttle lands, space cadet. I’ve literally never been worried that a police officer is going to do what you’ve suggested. Ever.

  6. Oi. As a police Sergeant, I can relate. I’ve had some schools and private businesses ask me to disarm. I can’t disarm on duty – that’s against policy. I’ve explained to more than a few snowflakes that my attendance to an event or presentation comes with me being armed. Should an emergency happen, I need immediate access to my firearm (which applies to all responsible, non-incarcerated US citizens, really).

    I carry my license and work ID on duty, which is also a requirement. Requests to “hold” my license or ID at the local security booth have also been denied.

    I think I’d enjoy a drink with this Josh Collins guy.

  7. What happens in Utah when a student, in civilian clothes, openly and legally carries a firearm that the college cannot ban?

  8. Ignatius Loyola, for whom the university is named, would be ashamed. He was a soldier who became a priest and founded the Jesuits after being hit the legs with a cannon ball! (After many surgeries, one leg was shorter than the other and his military career ended). Heck, he killed people (some in duels). One wonders if the students could be comfortable with him in their class!

    • “Ignatius Loyola, for whom the university is named, would be ashamed. He was a soldier who became a priest and founded the Jesuits after being hit the legs with a cannon ball!”

      Yeah, kinda odd.

      I thought a Jesuit education was one of the better ones out of the whole.

      That this took place in New Orleans (‘Nawlins) was a bit odd.

      It’s not like guns in ‘Nawlins are a rare thing, for cripes sake!

      The ‘Snowflake’ was reacting exactly how she was trained to react.

      This is why it is *critical* we get mandatory gun safety taught in school, starting in pre-school.

      The very act of being exposed to guns (and in highschool, safe handling), will break the irrational spell they have that guns are evil. We will be on our way to guns being normalized.

      They are *terrified* of that happening.

      We *must* get that passed. The antis will fight that to the bitter end, but we have the discussion-ending logical trump (so to speak) card.

      It will be actual gun safety, not fantasy.

      How are the antis going to object to children being specifically taught to *not* touch a gun? We hit them back by forcing them to explain why they don’t want kids being taught something that can actually save their lives.

      If they object to the law, we must demand they explain to the voters why *they* are the ones who want children to die…

      • Maybe the Second Amendment Caucus can get funding for high school shooting ranges included in the next Dept. of Education budget.

  9. Had a group of four cops show up at one of the local markets Saturday and they appeared nearly identical to a group of bikers. Matching leather vests covered in patches, slogans, etc. I would have never guessed they were police due to the cloud arrogance and superiority that followed them around until I looked closer at the individual patches.

    I really don’t give a hoot who open or concealed carries but they seemed like the type to start something if their toes got stepped on or had any kind of disagreement. With all the dogs being shot, I was a little concerned for people who brought or were walking theirs.

    One was half & half carrying, holster and muzzle sticking out of the bottom of his skin tight vest, seemed like it was more an intimidating fashion statement than functionally usable because it would be nearly impossible to draw with any speed in that kind of outfit.

    Believe it or not, government and LEO are pretty much the only two groups that cause me to be concerned because they can ruin your life on a whim. The only other group is seedy loitering people outside of Wal-mart but you can at least defend yourself against them.

    This college kid however is a special snowflake, one in a big snow-cone of thousands of other frosty little snowflakes. There is a big difference between showing up to class in FULL UNIFORM with identification, badge, full open carry, etc, and poking around town with a half concealed weapon while playing clubhouse dress up. Sgt. Collins conduct and dress is perfectly acceptable even if it were a routine thing.

    • So, where WAS this market where these biker/cops were? Just wondering so I NEVER go to THAT town/area by mistake while on vacation or a road trip. I avoid stupid places, filled with stupid people (no offence Arc, you’re obviously not one of “THEM”), doing stupid things….and it has served me very well through out my life. Most of the DGU’s written about here, could be avoided by not being in an area, full of ne’er do wells and Aholes.

      • In an area several counties wide surrounding Houston/Harris county, pretty much all you need to know.

        *None of them were actively disrespectful to anyone*, but the attitude of superiority none the less followed them like a bad vibe. I know the type fairly well, had plenty of them in 3/3 (my old unit in Hawaii) (0311). Usually have a big ego you can pander to if you must interact with them. Best avoid if at all possible.

        Its been my experience that if they notice you actively avoided them, like turning away at a road block/checkpoint (ultra rare), they will follow you. -.- Had it happen before and eventually he jumped over into the on-coming lane and zoomed on ahead not wanting to go grandma speed on a back road. Every small town was crawling that day, not sure what they were looking for.

  10. Snowflake doesn’t begin to do justice to THIS. Does this young “lady” get twitterpatted when she see’s cops on the street? Wet herself? Vomit in terror? I’d love to mess with her.LOL

  11. Well, in the snowflake’s defense, statistically speaking you’re less safe in the presence of an armed Deputy Sergeant than in the presence of, for example, an armed concealed pistol license holder.

  12. So a cop/student shows up at school with his uni and a gun and the teacher and a snowflake freak out.

    But if Sgt. Collins had showed up wearing a tutu, nobody would complain if he used the girls room.

    It’s a strange, strange world we live in.

  13. Poor child would have had a major melt down in my law school class. Maybe 25% of the class were in law enforcement. Some in full uniform and some, like myself, in plain clothes. Never had anyone comment on my sidearm during 4 years (nights) in law school. Snowfllakes back then were anti-Vietnam war and anti soldier. I guess armed LE among them just flew under the radar.
    Senior Gun Owner 1950


    Yeah, this about sums up the derp at college presently. Had a teacher this last week make a statement about Trump, Clinton, guns, fake news, conspiracy theories, and other such liberal chestnuts in class, I told her to blow it out her, well….. area, we don’t want to start a stampede in here do we; had a nice little chat with her after class, where I told her at what angle and velocity to blow it out at.
    Explained simply that I respect her right to free speech, but moralizing admonitions were only going to guarantee another liberal loss in 2020; which is cool with me, I most definitely can handle it and want it, but that she obviously couldn’t and doesn’t.

  15. Just close the school or at least the department. With the kind of intellect roaming their hallways, the degrees can’t be worth much anyway.

  16. He should pretend to be a stripper and deliver a stripper gram to the hottest chick in the class. Then they can call him That Guy that did the cop routine in class

  17. This story details some outrageous stupidity on the parts of the unnamed student and the instructor.

    That said, the 500lb gorilla in the room is that anyone who’s not LE would have been arrested and could have done six months for the first offence. Students can’t even wear or possess any type of body armor in Louisiana without breaking the GFZ laws.

    Those special backpacks for the kiddies that have a SAPI insert in case of a school shooting are illegal in the “great” state of Louisiana and make little Sally or Bobby a criminal along with the parents who gave it to them. In fact, according to 14 §95.9 subsection B even having it in a car that is used in connection with a school activity (a student’s car) is illegal.

  18. “As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.”

    Bzzt, wrong, Josh.
    If you want a fair education, what you need to do is get the heck out of Loyola Indoctrination Center and attend an educational institution instead. It’s obvious that your professor took great pains to demonstrate this to you last week, you should thank him for it.

  19. Government employment should not give special rights. If citizens are barred from carry in a classroom, then a government employee who is a student should be barred from carry in the classroom.

    Citizens should be armed, not government employees.

  20. Tried to share on Facebook using the “Share” button, kept getting a Page Not Found.
    How soon do these posts disappear?

    • Well that leaves out the progressives. If they were grown up they would recognize the idiocy of what they say.

  21. Why did this ass wipe wear his uniform to class?? To show off, to brag, to be the bully. One law for all or one law for none.

    • He wore it because he was late for class, did you read the post? We complain about these “special snowflakes” decrying guns but how many on this site are “special snowflakes” when it comes to cops? yes these people are government employees, but endorsed and paid for by us the citizen. Stop crying about how evil they are.

    • Says right in the article that he was running late to class and didn’t have time to change.

      Having to work past the end of your shift is a common occurrence. (Time and Manpower studies have shown that for each accident investigated, 3 to 5 hours of paperwork is required.) Also, many officers attend classes on a part time basis. That is, they are not full time students, but attend one or maybe two classes per semester depending on their work schedule. That is no different than many civilians already in the working world who go back to school as time permits to work on degrees whether it is their first or the are working higher up the educational ladder.

      Finally, depending on the jurisdiction, an officer in uniform is required to be armed and is considered on duty. In some jurisdictions, officers are considered on duty 24/7 and required to be armed whether in uniform or not.

      To make blanket statements without knowledge is unfair to all the good officers across the nation who do a job risk so many people would not accept. The same is true about military service. A large portion of our citizens don’t mind if a cop or soldier risks their lives, but are quick to judge all who perform what society requires to avoid chaos.

  22. Ultra socialist buttercups – Professor included. They probably hate the constitution too. I think if you hate the constitution, you should pack your shit and leave. Air drop them over Iraq.

  23. What was the fragile snowflake doing in the class anyway? It looks like the snowflake needs to change majors and take classes that are not as “dangerous” to their mental health.

    • You never know who (or what) you will find in a law enforcement class. In one class, our professor went through the entire class asking each student why they were there. It was going smoothly until one young man said, “I want to learn how to legally kill someone.” The professor, who was the head of the department, “invited” that student to leave and never return. That, in turn, pleased one of the several students standing outside the door hoping for an opening in the class they could fill. Other comments heard were, “My parents gave me a choice… college or get a job.”, “My parents are paying for my college.” “I just graduated high school and didn’t know what I wanted to do.” “My father is a cop.” In my case it was “I was a cop in the military and I’m using my GI Bill to become a civilian cop.”

  24. If I was still in school and some special flower did that, I would make immediate counteraccusations to whatever board runs that kind of stuff. I would be sooooo offended that some special flower was offended.

  25. My take is that the school tossed the student under the bus. The first reports were written as the student telling the professor who then called police. This morphed into the professor calling campus security IAW school policy. Now it’s happening during a break? Been to college. Never got breaks in classes.
    What impressed me is that the student is likely the class tattletale. Remember the kid that was always running to the teacher to inform them of student transgressions?

    • Class met six times in six weeks.
      Sounds like a night school seminar, three hours one night a week.
      Those tend to have breaks.

  26. Oh? Is that the rule? Anyone who’s running late to class can just saunter in open carrying? No?

    Ohhhh……..that’s only for the chosen few police officers? Yoy know, the highly elite who take at least 8 years to earn a degree.

    Is it beyond stupid for the professor and student to have freaked out? Yes. So what?

    The more chosen ones among the government who get a taste of that lunacy, the better.

  27. I don’t think this was a case of a fragile snowflake offended at the site of a firearm;
    more like a leftist prick figuring “hey, I can legally fuck with a cop by complaining anonymously!”

  28. I’m ashamed of my Alba Mater. I actually graduated and went on to serve in Vietnam. As a result of my composite experience in school, at home and in the Army, I survived the rigors of battle and life (so far). Come on, Loyola, square up these poorly equipped misanthropes. Do your job!

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