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Image courtesy Yonn Tanner

News outlets have few details about a reported ‘active shooter’ situation developing at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. Arapahoe HS is about five miles as the crow flies from Columbine High School, a detail which I’m sure will not be overlooked by some who will try to exploit this news for political gain.¬†Two people are reported wounded at the 2,200-student high school, one of them critically. According to Fox 31-Denver, the shooter is believed to be inside the school and a fire has been started. No one was in custody as of 1:25 Mountain standard time. Check back for more details as they develop.

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  1. Colorado makes some great headway with the recalls and now this…

    Cannot wait for further details on this one. Surely a “military style high powered assault rifle” will come into play.

      • 2 weren’t killed. So far one serious injury and one minor injury. Only death so far is the shooter, who was a student at the school, self inflicted.

        • And I REALLY hope that when more information is available, the resource officer was able to intervene in a meaningful way before the shooter killed himself. THAT would be the only thing the POTG are going to have on their side in the forthcoming conversation….

  2. I thought Colorado solved the gun violence problem with their recent limitation on magazine capacity and universal background checks.

    You’re saying that didn’t do jack shit to prevent this? Weird…

  3. If the reports that a Molotov cocktail was used turn out to be true, I suppose we will
    see bans on glass bottles and gasoline…

  4. This is about 5 miles from where I am sitting currently… My first thought was I hope no kids got hurt by the gunman, my second thought was here go my gun rights……

  5. Here comes the push for more gun control and the subsequent run on guns and ammo again. Just when prices started to level out.

    What is wrong with our country that kids keeps pulling this crap?

    • Push for more GC, yes. Run on guns and ammo? Doubt it. The market is fatigued from it right now. Saturated.

      But MDA is dancing in the streets at this event, waiting and hoping that it’s an “assault weapon”. Unfortunately, due to the timing, it probably will be.

    • “What is wrong with our country that kids keeps pulling this crap?”

      Interesting question, but I suspect it is mostly because we do not hear from MSM about the problems with young people in other countries. Britain has a significant problem with vicious criminal punks. In Russian the word “hooligan” exists as a result, no doubt, of the need for it. I doubt we are alone in having dangerous and unbalanced kids in our midst.

      And historically, what abut Billy the Kid? And one of the associates of Bonnie and Clyde was only 16 when he shot his first two victims. This is hardly a new phenomenon.

  6. One student with minor injuries, “unsure if it’s even a gunshot wound”, one student with serious injuries transported to the hospital. Shooter, a student, dead due to self inflicted gunshot wound.

    Weapon appears that it may have been a shotgun or handgun.


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