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Stoeger with 90 degree red dot and picatinny mounted knife

Received this recently from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia: “Hi. I’m looking to buy knifes that would suit my Stoeger Shotgun please see attachments for details. Do you sell them and if so what price are they and do you ship to Newcastle area and I will pay all cost.” I (nicely) informed her we don’t sell knives, in fact don’t sell anything, and asked her permission to show you the photos, which she gave. Here ya go. Click for the full size glory, and make the jump for the other photo…

Stoeger with dual picatinny mounted knives and light

Yes, friends, that first photo has a 90 degree mounted forward grip and red dot sight. If you needed a photographic representation of awesome, there it is.

What happens when the knockout game goes wrong for the punk? Well, it doesn’t have to involve gunfire. In this idiot’s case, he tried to knock out a woman in a shopping mall in Vegas, with video brought to us courtesy of one of his friends, who can be heard saying “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” at the open of the video. Unfortunately for him, the woman didn’t get knocked out, but wheeled around on him, and he ended up bleeding out of his face on the ground. Extra points for the guy who comes in about five seconds in with a flying kick to the guy’s face. Click the link above for the video. Volume and language warning.

The NSSF has filed suit (pdf) against the city of Sunnyvale, California to prevent the enforcement of an ordinance passed back in November. The ordinance would require that ammunition retailers keep ammunition sales logs and personal information on their customers and expands and duplicates an existing reporting requirement for lost or stolen guns. The NSSF (in partnership with a local retailer) argues the ordinance violates and is preempted by state and federal law and imposes an onerous regulatory burden on firearms retailers. “It is unjust to ask retailers within the Sunnyvale city limits to collect sensitive personal information from customers who easily can drive a few miles to a store in another city where such information is not required.”

From – Hornady Manufacturing, an industry leader in bullet and ammunition technology, announces a comprehensive lineup of new products for 2014. Items featured include both rifle ammo and shotgun slugs from Hornady’s Custom Lite line, which offers recoil reduction of 25-40% over standard loads for kids, women, and every shooter looking to keep recoil to a minimum, as well as Hornady’s American Whitetail™ shotgun slugs designed for fully rifled barrels, and the newest addition to the Critical Duty line of ammunition is the 357 Sig featuring a 135gr Flexlock bullet. Full info, including promo videos, available at the above link.

Jack wrote in about a recent range experience: Took a trip to the range over the holiday weekend. It was so crowded that I had to wait around 10 minutes for a bay. While I was sitting there, I was annoyed at the crowd. (It’s bad enough that I live in antigun Seattle and have to drive all the way to Bellevue for range practice.) Then I took a closer look at the people who composed that crowd, and my outlook changed. There were lots of women and obvious noobs. Young ladies in tight-fitting clothes tried to contain their giggles. [My favorite range customers. -Matt] The average age was probably early 30s. A good half of the people were nonwhite. And very few were OFWGs. A crowded range is a hopeful sign that an understanding of the right to keep and bear arms is spreading, despite the efforts of gun prohibitionists to paint gun enthusiasts as a dying breed of “bitter clingers.” What are the rest of you seeing? Variety like Jack, or same old song and dance?

Richard Ryan goes all Tech Assassin on an LG G Flex smartphone, and man, this guy is a scary shot. Shooting things edge on and plowing a path down the middle of them is tough enough, but since the G Flex has a “self healing” back to prevent abrasions, he wants to see how it stands up to being scratched by a bullet. So he pulls out his AR-15 chambered in AAC 300 BLK, and grazes the back of the phone with the bullet.

Let’s Bring ‘Em Home continues to crank out tickets for holiday travel for service men and women — up to 97 now — but donations have not kept pace with requests, and they’re running about $13,000 behind. Meanwhile, requests continue to roll in, and they don’t want to turn anyone down if they can help it. Please click the link above or the banner below for more info. If you have questions, you can ask here and I’ll answer what I can.

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  1. Good Lord! How many times did that idiot hit her fist with the back of his head before he figured out it wasn’t working?
    Something tells me he WONT be reporting this to the PD.

  2. Yes yes, that’s all well and good. But where’s this mythical range full of young ladies in tight clothing?

    Or pictures of it.

  3. FYI, every girl I have ever dated since I’ve been on since living in Texas, I have taken to a gun range; it is by far the best place to take a girl. They love it.

    • Amended bad grammar:

      Every girl I have ever dated since I’ve been living in Texas, I have taken to a gun range; it is by far the best place to take a date. They always have fun. Plus, all chicks love masculine men and it’s quite the aphrodisiac.

  4. There is so much tacticool wannabe crap on that double barrel my eyes are bleeding!Should have saved that image for the weekend photo contest.

    • This blog created that monstrosity for its review last year. I linked to it in an above comment if you want to see its full glory!

        • I get the joke this morning ( I had one too many beers last night) but if 2 rounds was all you had maybe a bayonet would be practical.

        • Jeff: we totally intended it as a joke, but oddly enough: once we had the two bayonets on there, we did have to admit that they looked very intimidating, and added virtually no noticeable weight. On the one hand, it screams “mall ninja,” but one the other hand I would not be trying to reach out and grab that barrel, either.

  5. Nothing personal with LBEH but I made a sizeable donation recently and sent the guy an email asking a question, then sent it again a week later and never heard back to either email… That’s a good way to kill future donations. It’s all about customer service, even for a charity.

  6. That was instantaneous justice if I’ve ever seen it. Serves him right. He should be counting his lucky stars he didn’t get bombed on more than he did.

  7. Where I’m at, if you go to just about any range on a Saturday or a Sunday, its gonna be crowded. That goes double for indoor ranges and outdoor ranges on a nice day. If you go in the afternoon, you can expect to wait for a bay.

  8. Oh, you poor dear, you had to wait 10 whole minutes for a booth at the range? That sounds just awful…

    That kick was very satisfying…guy got rocked.

  9. Regarding the new breed of bitter clingers… in two recent NRA classes, basic pistol and CHL, the majority of students did not fit the stereotype. They were middle aged women, non white men; middle class suburbanites mostly. Maybe 20% ofwg. And this is in Columbus OH.

  10. Re: knockout: got me thinking how to handle this. I think they nailed it. Leave him bleeding on the floor and split before the legal nametakers…err..I mean..the cops… get there.

  11. I live in NOVA. Most of my shooting is done at a local indoor range on Friday mornings, as I have alternating Fridays off. Shooting handguns is generally pretty easy unless the local cops or DHS/ICE unit is using the range for quals, then it gets kinda crowded, but the range has 15 lanes for handguns. And the beepers and crap the LEO set up give you a good timer for practicing your draw and target acquisition. You know, On the mark, three rounds, two in the chest one in the head, BEEEEP! So that can be fun. The rifle side has 15 lanes and you can shoot up to .308, I think, but the range is only 25yds. There a couple of 100yd outdoor ranges within driving distance and one 1,000yd range in W. Virginia thats not too far if you really want to shoot distance. I think I’ve got it pretty good when it comes to shooting around here.

    • kicking the perp to death end the threat.

      Now, with recidivism rates being what they are there may only be one way to truly end the threat…..

    • Let me ask you something. What the heck are you talking about? Your question doesn’t seem germane to any of the topics discussed in this post.

        • Anybody else out there smoking whatever this guy’s on that could maybe translate for me?

          (And yes, I’m aware they’re movie quotes. It’s just that usually when someone quotes from a movie, there’s some applicability to the conversation.)


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