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How Democrats cynically abandoned all principle on guns – “Democrats will almost certainly lose these votes, but they are still important in what they signal about the developing Democratic thinking on gun policy — and the results are not encouraging. The background check expansion is fine (if fairly small beer), but the creation of yet another extremely broad terrorist watch list indicates a disturbing willingness to throw principle and quality policy over the side in favor of posturing and symbolism.” Legislate in haste, repent at leisure…usually over years or decades.

It’s nice to dream.


Toomey’s trouble isn’t guns – “After mass shootings here, gun sales go up, Congress continues to ban research dollars into gun violence as a public health issue and politicians seek to grab political gain from the suffering of others. So expect noise; at least for a while. But, for three reasons, guns won’t topple Toomey.” figures he’s OK because the anti-gun furies always die down, his bromance with Joe Manchin was enough to show he’s “reasonable” on guns. But Trump might do him in.


Will County sheriff’s deputy wins national rifle competition – “Will County Sheriff’s Deputy Kim Heath won the National Patrol Rifle Competition earlier this month in Detroit – beating out more than 130 law enforcement officers from across the country. ‘The department is very fortunate to have a nationally ranked firearms instructor on staff,’ Deputy Chief Tom Budde said. Heath had no experience with firearms before becoming a sheriff’s deputy 12 years ago because it ‘seemed like an exciting job.’”

The Problems With Using The Terrorist Watch List To Ban Gun Sales – “But civil liberties and gun rights groups are critical of the list. The American Civil Liberties Union is still studying the proposed legislation and would not comment for this story. But the ACLU, citing secret documents released by the journalism site The Intercept, was critical in 2014 of the growing numbers of people on the watch list, saying there are no clear standards by which to determine who is placed in a database that can be used for religious and racial profiling. The rights of American citizens to contest their possible inclusion on the list is infringed because of the list’s secrecy, the ACLU said.” Ya think?

Hornaday shipping container (courtesy

Explosion at Hornady Manufacturing causes no injuries – “A shipping container used for storage exploded at the Hornady Manufacturing plant early Sunday morning. The blackened container was visible on Claude Road, where it landed and blocked both lanes of traffic just south of Old Potash Highway.” Whoa.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: CA FOAD? Another Media Straw Purchase and the Rest of the Anti-Gun Agitprop Parade">Previous Post
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    • The Democrats never had principles. Barely two generations ago the Democrats were active supporters of the KKK. Even “the great” FDR didn’t sign an anti-lynching bill because he thought it would upset southern Democrats, which he needed for political support.

      • And they just love to talk about David Duke, who was disavowed by the Republicans, but they will never talk about Robert Byrd.

    • Democrats had principles from 1789 until around 1912.
      During that period, they were the party that supported states’ rights, opposed central banking and tariffs, and opposed unitary executives.

      Although there were a few standouts, like Calvin Coolidge and Robert A. Taft, the republican party didn’t become the party of limited government until the 1970s, and even then it’s mostly just rhetoric for many of them.

  1. That shotgun as was a little dramatic.I thought I was watching a batman trailer for a second.

  2. I know we give the keyboard commandos grief for knowing what the most operationally operative thing to do is in any operation, but seriously guys, I gotta know: What the f*** do you do when a motherf***ing shipping container comes screaming across the road on fire at you?!?!?

    I’m gonna call that one a code brown lol.

    • There’s a well defined procedure:

      1) Bend over.
      2) Grab your ankles.
      3) Kiss your ass goodbye.

      Steps 1 and 2 repeat whenever a Democrat says “compromise,” though step 3 varies slightly.

      • With the direction the Dems are taking the country we may as well dig a hole, climb in, and pull the dirt in after us.

    • “What the f*** do you do when a motherf***ing shipping container comes screaming across the road on fire at you?!?!?”

      In the article, Hornady states that it was a fire, not an explosion.

      Something about out-of-spec ammunition or components caught fire and turned that shipping container into a 40 foot long bottle rocket that rocketed away from the main building.

      I bet it made a neat noise…

      • This would make sense, especially from a PR perspective. In the HazMat handbook gunpowder is officially classified as “flammable”, not as an Explosive.

  3. I moved to Nevada two years ago for numerous reasons. Among those reasons, though not a really high priority, was the opportunity to vote against Harry Reid in the upcoming 2016 elections. I was sorely disappointed when he decided not to run for re-election, but console myself with the possibility that he heard about my arrival and that played a role in his decision.

    Oh well, at least I can vote against whatever moron the Dems put up in his place.

    • That would be Catherine Cortez Masto.

      Have you asked Joe Heck where he stand on repealing the National Firearms Act?

  4. It is an election year for Toomey. Here is hoping the PA PoTG send him packing. Ditto for Manchin — lets hope they both go. I have more faith in WV since Manchin has done nothing to help the coal industry or help workers get retraining in other industries.

    • Toomey is the worse case scenario just like Mark Kirk is in my home area. There’s likely not a good alternative that will respect second amendment issues so you’re boned for at least 4 years. Vote Democrat against RINOs and kick em out. Maybe they’ll stick to what they need to then. Remember if a Republican votes with the likes of Feinstein they are more dangerous than having a Democrat in there.

      • EXCEPT electing a democrat helps install democratic majority/leadership. For all the (often justified) complaining about McConnell and GOP leaders, they ARE much better than the alternative.
        Schumer as majority leader ain’t a pretty picture. Pair it with a Hillary administration and I predict widespread domestic unrest.

  5. The fact that New Yorkers continue to vote chucky schumer in office since 1981 tells me they have a strong affinity to rulers and being ruled over.

    • I would say that in business a known bad may be better than an unknown because the unknown may be worse. And being a politician, the chances of being able to bribe them are pretty good.

    • When I was 7, I had a chance to trip him when he was walking down a flight of stairs. If only I knew then what I know now…

  6. Good to see a gal beat a bunch of guys(?) Never thought being a Will County mountie was exciting though. Good to see the ACLU being on the RIGHT side for a change…hell I even agree with Bill Maher(arg).

    • The ACLU is only on the right side of this issue extremely reluctantly. The fact that they are “still studying the proposed legislation and would not comment” tells you all you need to know. If it was about religion or speech or the right to associate, they would have finished their “study” and released a statement in less than fifteen minutes. But since it’s guns, they’re gonna hem and haw and half-ass it and hope it all blows over before they have to actually take a side.

      • ACLU has always been on the right side, where the rights that they care about (which explicitly do not include 2A) are involved somehow. In this case it’s 4A, so their position is entirely natural and expected. They have previously defended 2A in other similar contexts.

    • Are you sure? Kim is a man’s name too. I guess I am old school and would rather see lipstick on a woman rather than tattoos. Had to revisit the Guerini add to check out the hot blond.

  7. LAUS DEO ! ! ! Hornady, may all your guardian angels be restored and may you briefly offer coupons for your automatic case feeders in celebration. : )

    I don’t buy the Senate “vote” one bit, they didn’t ‘go-quietly’ I wonder what pound of flesh they took in trade. I bet we’re going to see some concessions on Federal funding for gun-control research, cause the evil (D) needs to spread some walk-around $$$ before the election.

    In the meantime, I’m going to consider starting a tour bus company.
    Seems that some of Ohole’s jihadi imports in Detroit “Rock City”, MI, and Minneapolis, MN are holed up in comparatively cold (not at all like home) climes and Ohole is attempting to get them all on welfare. Well, if they can somehow convert their script for U.S. Dollars somewhere, they might want to take a ~ nice-ish bus ride to. . . Chicago! Chicago is beautiful in late summer / early fall. Chicago is the 2nd [err] 3rd? “hometown” of the president, and they might to go visit it, since he was gracious enough to invite them, and the people of Chicago, and Illanoying are big liberal one-world types that need to be assimilated by a culture that isn’t.

    • It’s called trying to bank political capital for the November election. The Dems knew quite well that there was absolutely no chance that they had enough votes to pass a bill, but that was not what they were after. All they wanted was the ability to loudly proclaim that it was the Republicans in the Senate who blocked “common sense” gun law reform. This would have worked out pretty well except for the fact that the Republicans offered their own (NRA) version of the no fly no buy bill, with at least some modicum of due process, which the Democrats quickly voted down. I think the sheer audacity of the Dems’ power grab and disrespect of fundamental constitutional rights backfired on them, especially when the ACLU did not back them.

  8. Once upon a time I helped to investigate an explosion at another prominent ammunition factory. Coupla tons ‘o powder ain’t no joke!

  9. With those farmer’s hands, the motorcyclist tats, and her win, Kim Heath is more of a man than Gersh Kuntzman will ever be.

    • The fact that she can apparently get out of bed in the morning without writing an article on the topic of how traumatic it is having to leave her lilac scented crying pillow could be a good indication she is more of a man than Kuntzman.

  10. Leftists desire masters to rule over them. Rightists desire freedom. So long as that stark dichotomy exists, we’ll never be one nation and rightists will always be on the defensive as the left tries to enslave them.

    • Unless they’re religious rightists, then they desperately want their master to rule them.

      • Nice try.

        I guess you missed the part of Christian theology and a number of other modern religions that emphasize “free will.”

        Dogma’s gotta dogma, though, I guess.

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